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Found 118 results

  1. Good Day, We will be sailing on The Rotterdam in October. I was looking to pre-order some wine and noticed the online pricing seems very high - and when compared to alcohol it seem ridiculous. The cheapest wine is $45-$50 per bottle, while a Litre of Vodka or Rum is $40! Beer is $42 a 6 pack for American Beer, which we don't drink. My question is - are the prices for wine any better while onboard? And is there a better selection? Are they other beers available besides American flavours? I understand we are able to bring a bottle of wine on at Embarkation. Can we also purchase a bottle while in Ports? or will they confiscate? Thank you for any input.
  2. Cruising on Ms Rotterdam out of Rotterdam in May 2020 BEWARE!!! Just announced, in May 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held from May 12 2020 until May 16 2020 in the city of Rotterdam. Since this is a huge international event and this will certainly have an immense impact on the availability and price of hotel rooms, leading up to and during this event, with thousands of international guests, spectators and press settling down in Rotterdam and surroundings, for the duration of the event. The event has just been announced today, so sadly, this will be instantly noticeable in hotel pricing and availability! The event will be held from May 12 2020 until May 16 2020, with possible effect on hotel availability starting earlier. Just a friendly warning.
  3. Can anyone give me an approximate cost of thermal suite n Rotterdam ship for 30-32 days? Also if anyone has recent wine pkg prices - I seem to have “lst” all this tidbit info I keep as reference. thanks Carol
  4. Hello...I am sure this has been answered somewhere, but cannot find it when searching. What are the laundry options on the Rotterdam? Thank you.
  5. I've read several reviews of the Rotterdam this year that mention that the ship is not in great condition. Broken windows, rust in the bathrooms, etc., generally an old, worn ship. True? Does anyone know when she is due for a refurbish? Thanks!
  6. We have always sailed RCI and love to have a late night (midnight) snack/light meal before heading to bed. Yes, I know eating this late is bad for you. But what are the options on the Rotterdam? Anywhere to grab pizza or sandwiches this late at night that isn't room service?
  7. Good Day Wondering about the Specialty Restaurants on the Rotterdam. Recommendations? Some are VERY Pricey so I am wondering if they are worth it? Thank you! LeslieW
  8. We will be flying from the US to Amsterdam Schiphol, but cruising out of Rotterdam. We will be staying in a Rotterdam hotel (not yet selected), for 2 or 3 days before our Oct 3, 2020 cruise on the Rotterdam for 29 days. What is the best transportation from Schiphol to a downtown Rotterdam hotel ? There will be 4 of us. We are considering staying in the SS Rotterdam Hotel, which is the old HAL cruise ship which is now a museum and hotel. But the main concern is decent transportation from Schiphol to Rotterdam.
  9. Good Day, just wondering if any one has opinions on the AA Rear Facing Balcony cabins on the Rotterdam? We are looking at the 7th Floor Navigation Deck. Is there issues with people above looking down on the balcony? 6th Floor looks better but it is sold out... Any other thoughts or opinions? The other choice would be a B or AA on the side.... Thanks for any input. LeslieW
  10. After doing about 30 cruises, I had to take a break from cruising (work and family) and I haven't been on a ship since 2013. But I'm back! I will be accompanying a group on the Rotterdam on June 27, 2020. My last cruise on the Rotterdam was in 2005... so 15 years later, I'm sure much has changed! I know the ship was refurbished in 2017, but 3 years can be long for a ship - is the Rotterdam still in good shape? What are the new 'must see, must do'?
  11. Hi, we know there is no movie streaming on Rotterdam cabins, but rather a dvd-player. One can borrow dvd at the guest desk. So far so good. If we bring our own dvds (German ones in our case) would it be possible to play those or will a country code restriction block this? Any experience? regards MouseBerry
  12. There are some concerns expressed in the Ship Reviews under the header Research. Has anyone who has been onboard recently heard about or noticed problems with the ship. Rust would not bother me, but plumbing, AC and heat issues would keep me from booking if they were widespread.
  13. The SS Rotterdam V is about to celebrate her 60th birthday on September 3rd. She serves as a hotel on the water in Rotterdam and IF I could be in Rotterdam I would love to be there. Nice to see a ship that is 60 years old (and she was a beautiful ship) still preserved and loved ❤️ a bit of history - https://ssrotterdam.com/who-are-we/history/ and here is the celebration: On Tuesday 3 September 2019 we celebrate the Maiden Voyage from the ss Rotterdam to New York, exactly 60 years ago. You are invited for a special gala dinner, an unforgettable foyer dansant and, if you want, one overnight stay on board La Grande Dame. Dress Code: black tie. ARRANGEMENT Do you want to enjoy the festive evening until the last snack and drink? For € 195.90 per person it is possible to enjoy the entire evening carefree. Do you like to stay the night afterwards and enjoy the next morning a delicious cruise breakfast? Then we offer this combination for € 250,- per person. HOW TO BOOK From Monday 29 July 2019 you can book your Maiden Voyage Gala 2019 arrangement: • website www.ssrotterdam.nl • e-mail reserveringen@ssrotterdam.nl • telephone +31102973097 If you can be there - go and enjoy. It’s still a beautiful ship and the pride of Rotterdam. 🙂
  14. In the mail today I received a promotion booklet from HAL for holiday cruises that talks about a musical group "Postmodern Jukebox On Deck" and states they are currently on the Rotterdam. It stated that "they are bringing the excitement and glamour of their show to sea with two unique performances created exclusively for HAL". Just wondering if anyone has witnessed these shows and what you thought. We will be on the Rotterdam in October so they may have moved on by then.
  15. Hi everyone, Is there someone on the Rotterdam right now to help me? We are sailing on her at the end of July and wondered if you can tell me who is playing in the Piano Bar? And who is playing in the Ocean Trio? Many thanks, we love the smaller ships and those two Bars. Happy Sailing. Richard
  16. Hi, I read a few reports on cruise critic about quite recent MS Rotterdam cruises where some ports are missed because of not funtional tender service. From the writting I got the impression that the non functional service was quite consistent. Apparently it lasted several days thus multiple ports are missed. And apparently all of the tender boats were not functional at the same time. I‘m now quite concerned as our upcoming cruise early August has 4 tender ports. I was quite shocked how HAL had handled the situation on board, if actually that happened what has been reported in the reviews. But if HAL knows the situation now and does not inform passengers of upcoming cruises properly I would consider this as very bad business behaviour. Still hope HAL is able to solve the problem. Does anybody have info if this problem has been solved? Or if the problem actually existed at all? You know about this faked reviews which goes in both directions. The good and bad one. regards MBerry
  17. Hi, on our last cruise on MS Koningsdam it was no problem to find a free lounger somewhere. Even on sunny sea days no problem at all. But to find a lounger in the shade was a big problem sometimes. We plan our next cruise on MS Rotterdam. I saw some pictures of the lower promenade deck with loungers. There is shade. Are these loungers dedicated to the Lanai cabins or can they be used by all guests? Maybe the ones directly in front of Lanai cabins should be dedicated as this is more or less their balcony, but maybe some extra loungers are available to all guests. What are the rules here? cheers MBerry
  18. Does the Rotterdam have on-demand movies available on the stateroom televisions or are DVD players still used?
  19. Have Rotterdam Cabin B7067 for Panama Canal Cruise in Feb 2020. Is this an oversized balcony that wraps around. Any comments about this cabin?
  20. We would be new to HA and are considering an itinerary for next year that has many sea days. Is there a 2nd pool on the very top deck and if so, is it open to all guests? What activities or entertainment are available on the Rotterdam to keep busy on multiple sea days? Thank you!
  21. We are going on the Rotterdam next month from Amsterdam, up the coast and fjords of Norway and above the Arctic Circle and over to stops in Iceland back to Amsterdam where we stay for the 2nd segment around the British Isles. Probably would have been easier to have looked up the title of the cruise. Never been on the Rotterdam before nor the 2 other couples going with us. So the question is: which bars ot lounges have pre dinner drink specials? Buffalo Man
  22. We r considering a 32 day Hawaii/So Pacific Rotterdam Cruise. First time on HAL but have been on many other cruise lines. A couple of questions: Is there a self service laundry? Is there a piano bar? Are gratuities billed daily or paid individually at end of cruise? Does dinning have traditional and anytime dinning offered? And last but not least, does the ship pretty much close down early? Like 10ish? TIA
  23. Has any one had an oceanview room midship on Deck One on the Rotterdam? Was it noisy? What could you see?
  24. The ship. It had been two years since we sailed ms Rotterdam and the ship's inside public places were extensively done over in a very nice way. New carpets, new upholstery and a general new feel when walking around deck 4 and 5. Inside our verandah cabin the couch was new, not leathery this time, and the cabin was clean with no defects. Airconditioning worked fine the whole two weeks. The washroom however was not updated. Everything worked, hot/cold water, flush, but the general condition of the bath, although clean, was bad. Apparently the area around the bath faucets was and had been leaking with a lot of rust as a result. This was painted over, but rust was already apparent again. This fortunately did not lesson the enjoyment of the cruise, but is something HAL should attend to as they will keep ships like Rotterdam for another ten years as told by the hotel director on the ship. Dining. Admittedly a subjective subject, we think the choice and quality of the meals in the mdr has improved greatly. I liked every course I selected, which has not always been the case, and it was never a problem to order seconds. There is no charge for a second main course. The lido was used for breakfast and lunch. Quality is good with lots of choices, italian corner, far lands (asian) corner, sushi corner, salad bar, fixed sandwiches etc. On the aft deck you can order made to order pizza, we did that once and it was good and in the covered pool was a snackbar with hamburgers and fries, also good. I sometime read about bad attendance by lido waiters but that is not the case here. Tables were cleaned in record time and they came around for water/koffie etc very often. It seemed like a full house and that reflected in a very busy lido, so to have a table of choice you would have to come early. We did not do pinnacle or canalletto. Crew. They were fabulous as ever. From cabin stewards, dining stewards, in fact everybody you met, it was all smiles and helpfullness. Itinerary. Due to strong winds the harbour of Warnemunde closed and it was not safe anyway to dock there. This was to be the start of Berlin tours and was a great dissapointment for passengers who had embarked on the previous cuise and had stayed on for this one, they had already missed two ports and this would be the third. So another seaday, but the captain announced already at noon that the next day's scheduled sea day would be replaced with an impromptu port stop at Riga and that turned out to be a great one! Rotterdam had never been there before, in fact only Prinsendam had. Every other, scheduled, stop was in general early to arrive and on time to leave. Overall. It was a great cruise, despite the unusual cold weather for the baltic.
  25. We will be on the Rotterdam in October for 42 days. Has the audio/visual systems been upgraded to include the flat screen TVs and does it have the ability of streaming movies like the new ships or does it still have a DVD player?
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