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  1. Hi Cruise Gurus, Advice needed, we're wanting to book a RCCL cruise for next year (2020) and the current sale with 50% of 2nd passenger and up the $1200 OBC is certainly not what it seems, it really is just "click bait". Someone has suggested that there may be an Australia Day sale which is a genuine sale similar to the boxing day sale that we missed out on. Does anyone know if historically this is true.
  2. soccer2010

    Royal Caribbean Tours

    Anyone that recently went on a tour in Havana or Cienfuegos thru RCCL, what tour companies did RCCL use?
  3. Hi everyone. I am a single gay man traveling alone on the above cruise and doing a B2B also on the cruise from Hawaii to Sydney Australia. I would love to hear from any other GBLT on the same cruise (s)...
  4. We have been on several Royal Caribbean cruises and love this line. Now that we have grandkids I see the ads for Norwegian offering the perks of kids cruise free and free beverage packages. We would love to take our kids and grandkids on a cruise. Norwegian would make this dream more affordable, but I do not want to be miserable for a week on a cruise. How does RCCL compare to Norwegian? How does the food, entertainment, organization, staff, and amenities compare? Thank you for your honest opinion.
  5. Leann1980

    Royal Caribbean

    When on your cruise do you pay for tips during your cruise or on your way off the boat? I have been told by my sister and father that in order to get off the boat you have to make these payments. Does anyone have any insight on this to clear my worries about how this works beforehand. Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  6. Sunny AZ Girl

    Royal Caribbean Naturalist?

    Just wondering if there is a Naturalist onboard the Royal Caribbean ships in Alaska?
  7. Started to plan February cruise and see this note on many independent tour operators.. Same excursion usually available on the RCL website, but price is much higher.. Is it something new in cruising? I have not been on RCL ships in years and never seen it with NCL any ways to work it around?
  8. Hi CC! I really wanted to start a thread on tips and tricks for RCCL. They can be general for the line as a whole, specific to a ship class, specific to a ship, specific to a venue, about dining, really anything you want. I hope this thread becomes helpful! Thank you in advance!
  9. As was mentioned in the Casino Program Changes thread, some of us are not receiving promotional offers from Club Royale, and in that thread, those who had received offers were sharing the offer details with the rest of us so that we could find out whether we qualified for them as well. I don't receive promotional emails from Royal Caribbean for some reason, but I do receive USPS mailings, so I found out about this offer.
  10. Have cruised in Europe and Alaska then this past year went with my 30 something kids on a western caribbean Carnival cruise everyone had a blast and the energy was much different on this cruise vs the other 3 I had been on. Wondering if it was the location stops or the cruise ship. They want to go again this year and wondered if we should try another line, So the question is: Royal Caribbean vs Carnival heading to Western Caribbean? Thanks for your input!
  11. Hello. I think it's important to buy trip insurance in case you have to cancel the cruise due to illness or if you get sick on the cruise. Has anyone had any experience buying the insurance through Royal Caribbean? How does their insurance compare to third party companies like Travel Guard (which I have always used in the past) or Generali Global? Thanks in advance. Justin
  12. I cruised on Royal Caribbean last year to the eastern Caribbean and loved it. Now I'm thinking of going on a Royal Caribbean European cruise. It leaves from Barcelona and goes to these ports of call: Palma de Mallorca, Spain | Provence (Marseilles), France | Florence/Pisa (La Spezia), Italy | Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy | Naples (Capri), Italy Here is why I am posting here. I have been to Europe three times. (My previous trips to Europe were land trips with no cruise involved.) If I remember correctly we spent two or three days in major cities to fully see everything. When I was on the Caribbean cruise on Harmony, the ship was excellent. However I rate the shore excursions as mediocre to good. Has anyone sailed to these ports? Do the shore excursions that the cruise line offers do the cities justice? Do you feel like you see a lot of stuff? If I spend the money to for the flight to Europe (which costs more than the cruise) and deal with the red eye flight from Atlanta, would it be worth it? Thanks in advance for replies. The people on this forum are so helpful. Justin
  13. hi guys we were looking forward to our cruise from southampton to usa and down to miami on 5th november, then on 3rd november RC changed the itinerary to europe and on to miami. we booked almost 1 year before and were devastated. we were offered compensation if did the cruise but nothing but our money back if we cancelled. it took RC 6 weeks to send us a cheque with no compensation. our insurers wouldnt help and we had paid for hotel in miami, flights,hotel in southampton and parking - all lost!!!!! RC kept apologising but dont compensate at all. we had over £1500 of extras lost. they were no help. we ever regretted booking them and although cruised with them before wont do it again. they have a customer charter but broke every 1. we emailed a complaint with no reply and to get my money back was on the phone to miami many times, they find it hard to phone you!!!
  14. For Royal Caribbean cruises, are birth certificates required even if you have a passport??
  15. Hello, I've just booked our very first cruise for my daughter and myself and now I'm trawling through all the bits and pieces that I need to get sorted out. I was reading the confirmation invoice and one of the notes reads: Service Charge Service Charge for dining and stateroom attendants are included in your voyage fare. Spa & Bar services a service charge is not included. For your convenience, an 18% service charge will be added to your onboard folio for spa & bar services. Could you please tell me if service charges are the same as gratuities or are gratuities payable on top of this? I've read in multiple places that gratuities are charged to your cabin account on a daily basis and you're supposed to pay that invoice before you get off the ship at the end of the cruise? We are booked on the Royal Caribbean South Pacific cruise departing 10 January 2020 from Sydney. Thanks!
  16. I feel like I need to get my story out because I am fuming right now. Excuse the rant. I went on Serenade of the sea on nov 19th for my honeymoon with my wife. We were trying to stay active on the ship and on the 2nd or 3rd day of going to the gym and sauna, I was sexually assalted in the showers. Running out I mention in detail what had happened and the name of the perpetrator to spa staff, and what had happened. In a fluster I head back to my room to relax and try and cope with what had happened. Expecting a call to my room I hung about for a while longer and nothing. No call no follow up. End of the cruise rolls around and I mention it in my follow up survey. Royal Caribbean does an “investigation” and informs me that they cannot do anything because “spa staff did not tell guest services staff.” Noreen (the wonderfully helpless surveyor) also let me know that they will make sure that they remind staff to report these kind of things. So my honeymoon was fair to say ruined, and you will make sure to remind staff....... thanks that solved everything I suddenly feel better. #sarcasm. I will never sail with Royal caribbean again.
  17. I am wondering if there are fewer people here on the Royal forum than in the past. Back in 2013 when I did a Panama Canal cruise live report it had over 100,000 views. Last month I did the same cruise report and got 20,000 views. Fewer people? Or maybe less interest in live reports? Or maybe they just don't like me.
  18. I'm a solo cruiser cruising for the first time. I'm not really clear how dining would work as a solo diner. Would they place me with people at another table in the main dining room or would I be seated myself? Would it be better to get the fixed seating time or does it matter? I decided to get an internet package so I can surf the net but would rather talk to people. Thanks, Christina
  19. I want to put in a good word for the Customer Service Representatives who work the telephones at Royal Caribbean. They sometimes get bad press and some of it may be well deserved. All I can do is express my personal experiences. During September last year my wife and I got the “we gotta cruise” bug again so we went shopping on the various main stream cruise companies web sites. We have been every other year or so cruisers since 2002. Mostly we have booked our trips personally on line. Our prior cruises have been with Norwegian and Princess. We found a date and location we thought would be good and we booked a 1 Bedroom Grand Suite on the Serenade of the Seas for a 10 day Caribbean cruise departing Ft Lauderdale on 31 January 2020. Our excitement began to build – only a year and a half to go! Then our situation changed and suddenly January 2010 was not a good time. What to do? We had made a very substantial down payment which we may have had to forfeit. One call to RCCL later and we were booked into a “Spacious Ocean View Balcony” room on the 10 September 2019 sailing of the Radiance of the Seas from Vancouver, B.C. to Hawaii. We had to pay a $200 change for Ship and Sail Date charge which was part and parcel of the deal we agreed to. We made final payment and were happy with our new itinerary. Final payments usually signal an end to bargaining. Last week we noticed that Royal Caribbean was offering substantial savings listed as BOGO60NRD (-$3041.00) SAVINGS NRC (-$150.00) and RESIDENT NRD (-$810.00) on reservations for a Junior Suite for that itinerary. After doing the math we realized that for a little more than the price of the Balcony we could have the JS. Another call the RCCL (this time they answered my call by saying my name) and were booked into the bigger room, purchased “The Key”, and selected and paid for excursions at all four stops in the Hawaiian Islands. All our dealing with Customer Service at Royal Caribbean was an absolute pleasure. Kudos to RCCL!
  20. TheTravelCouple

    Royal Caribbean Wedding

    Hello everyone, My fiancé and I are looking at having our wedding on a cruise ship (preferably on an oasis class ship). We would like to know.... How much did you pay for your wedding? Did you have your wedding on the ship or on an island? How much was a photographer/pictures? Did you pay for a reception or did you just go to dinner with your guests after the ceremony? And tips/suggestions? Please post pictures if you have any!!! Thank You!
  21. Caribbean explorer gals

    Royal Caribbean

    Hi does anyone recommend jewel of the seas or freedom of the seas for any reason? There are two similar itineraries I’m decking between? We are both middle aged and no kids. Thank you.
  22. Hi everyone! I have a question (I apologize because it is a silly question) about online check in. I know you can check in 90 before your sail date but what time is the check in process open on that 90 days prior? Is it open to check in at midnight? Is it open at 9 am? I am traveling with a few other and we would like to try to get close to the same check in times at the port. Thank you in advance! Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  23. Well, after a few years away from cruising, I'm finally back in the fold. I've tried to catch up on a lot of the updates and changes, but to an extent the amount of material to cover is overwhelming. There are so many avid cruisers on this board, and you all are so knowledgeable about the details of cruising. What I'm trying to do is figure out how best to get cheap(ish) drinks on board Royal Caribbean. Here's what I've come up with so far: I'm not going to sneak anything on board. I'm reformed. Besides, I know where those threads are. This isn't one of them. I'm also not going to purchase the unlimited drink package. I'm sailing with my wife and two kids. It's not THAT kind of cruise for me. It looks like I can get a 375 mL bottle of rum delivered to my room, in the Cruise Planner. But it also says my ship (Independence) is not eligible. I'm confused. Is this a case of RCI's website being incorrect? It looks like this may only apply to Texas-based sailings. Do RCI bars ever do BOGO drinks? I saw a thread somewhere that indicated as much, but it was one of the more secluded bars, only at a certain time. Do these BOGOs get advertised in the cruise compass? Or do you just have to know? I'm a pretty consistent table games gambler in the casino, albeit at very low stakes. I get that they don't want to give free drinks away to hit-and-run gamblers. But has anyone ever had success getting drinks comped in the casino? I'm a Platinum level on Crown and Anchor, if that matters. I know Diamond has this as a perk. Are there any other tips or tricks that I'm missing? Thanks in advance, especially if you have read this far. I really appreciate you!
  24. Hi, are there any LGBTQ travelers on this cruise? I am also in the other roll call but I was hoping to find like minded folks here too!