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  1. We’re pretty loyal to RCL but do cruise on Ncl occasionally. Doing the Gem for 14 nights soon. We loved Ncl second city comedy but it’s now gone. The pub has hot wings and comfort food many hours. The entertainment is similar. Sometimes many fellow passengers are very happy with their so called free drink package and watching them is free entertainment. We’re elite on Celebrity and diamond on RCL. RCL activities and perks for loyalty are very nice. In the past the singers and comedy and shows were quite nice. MDR can be excellent as it was on Spirit a few years ago. Food was decent on the Dawn and Epic. White hot party at back of ship on Epic was fantastic.
  2. Hello Cruisers! We recently returned from a 12 day NCL cruise to Norway on the Spirit. We had an amazing time in such a beautiful country. I'm going to give you a detailed trip report. I have dozens of pictures, menus, food porn and more. I go into a lot of detail in my reviews. Some people like all the details, while others think I am too nitpicky. I don't consider myself either a cheerleader or a critic of any cruise line. I'm just sharing my observations which may or may not be relevant for you. I hope you'll find some useful information here. This was our seventh cruise. We have cruised with Carnival four times, once with Celebrity, and once in Tahiti on the Paul Gauguin. We looked forward to trying NCL to see how it compared to the other lines, particularly Carnival since that is the one we had the most experience with. I'll make some observations about how I think they compared. We started planning this trip many months in advance. We booked the trip in August 2018. We soon joined our roll call where we had an exceptionally good leader. John created a spreadsheet where he kept track of all the people who joined the roll call along with all the excursions we were planning. This roll call really enhanced our trip so much and we were very grateful to John for all the work he put into making it happen. I am a big planner, so I spent the next months making plans for our time pre and post cruise in London. We booked air travel, hotels, and transfers. We purchased travel insurance. Excursion planning was a big deal. I'll spend a lot of time talking about this here. Our roll call was very helpful with this and we planned a number of excursions with our fellow cruise critic members. At the time we booked our cruise, and for several months after, NCL did not have any excursions listed for our cruise. When they did finally list some excursions, we found the prices to be extremely high. We did not book any excursions through NCL. We had a $50 per port excursion credit included as one of our perks but even with that credit, the NCL excursions were exorbitantly priced and we did better making our own plans.
  3. I am platinum on NCL and having been cruising with them for over 30 years with the same home phone number. I booked directly with NCL. They have no problem reaching out to me everyday by email.What I wanted from customer service is to know what department was responsible for notifying me of the delay. As so many have said it was hit or miss with the notification and I want to know why and how to make sure I will be notified the next time. When you do the on line check in you are asked if you are flying to the port and the cruise line does have your address. I did not opt out or block NCL and we all had cell phone numbers listed when we did the check in. I have a March cruise booked out of NYC and the weather could be good or snowing. I never want to get to the port before the ship does again, especially if it’s a planned delay. If customer service told me which department is responsible and gave me a contact email or phone number I could make sure that department has all the correct information for all 5 of us. I was a loyal NCL cruiser until a Hawaii cruise went bad when NCL pulled Pride of Hawaii out of that market and left us scrambling to get a booking on Pride of America. The wasted hours on hold with NCL and terrible customer service took a long time to get over and we switched to other cruise lines. We came back in 2015 because of traveling with friends and family who book NCL. Since then we have sailed The Breakaway three times. Twice out of NYC and then we did The Baltic cruise from Copenhagen. In July we did the Greek Isles on The Pearl. In addition to the March cruise we are booked on The Star in July to do Norway, British Isles, Iceland (the ports that The Spirit had problems with this week hopefully it’s better weather in the summer.) I feel that when I sent my email to customer service I should have been given a response to what was in my email and not a letter that was being sent out to people complaining about the delay.
  4. We were on the Spirit Sept 1 cruise and fyi about the interenet as well as tv reception....once we got in the North Atlantic internet service was spotty as was tv. There were times when no internet was available for at least a few yours. No it was not a NCL conspiracy plot, and yes we had two nights on the ship where we couldn't get much sleep due to the waves and rocking of the ship. We were lucky not to miss any ports but last year on a NCL British Isles cruise, we missed Edinburgh due to high wind. I feel sorry for the crew and the officers aboard this ship who were dealing with a lot and also had to put up with some shockingly bad behavior from the passengers.
  5. I was on the Spirit many years ago, when she did the Boston to Bermuda cruise. She was a lovely little ship with an Asian decor back then. My Ocean View cabin was weensie, but cozy. I must say that I did enjoy my cruise, and found the food and entertainment to be good. Having an itinerary change would not bother me too much, or just having a sea day, as long as any money I paid for NCL ship trips were reimbursed. One of my excursions was cancelled by NCL, and the money was refunded as OBC. I want the Captain of any ship to make decisions with safety of the passengers, crew, and vessel in mind. Anyone who stages a riot because of these decisions ------------shame on them.
  6. I upgraded too, and agree with you. The Spirit made me feel very uneasy...I was waiting for a public apology from NCL for at least the internal issues (bathroom, etc...) and they have not. Worrying.
  7. Yes, I agree! I canceled my bid. I bought the cabin I wanted. However, the waiting on NCL to respond felt uneasy. I’m happy where I am. Given the nastiness I encountered when all my dining disappeared, I’m just cutting my losses and staying put. Additionally, hearing about the passengers on the NCL Spirit left me feeling uneasy.
  8. The Norwegian Spirit has returned to Southhampton. Many passengers are talking legal action to extract a refund from NCL. While others are hailing the crew as performing admirably in the face of adverse weather. CB
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2019/10/09/certain-point-you-just-lose-it-passengers-revolt-riot-aboard-norwegian-spirit-cruise-ship/
  10. When younger and poorer, we aways cruised in the fall. Why? Because cruising was much cheaper in the fall and we could afford it. We sailed the older ships too because they were cheaper. I've even sailed on the spirit in hurricane season and remember liking the ship. It's not huge but it's no rowboat either. We always knew we could run into weather and took the discount and rolled the dice and usually got lucky. These guys rolled the dice and lost.
  11. We were on the Spirit in June and are platinum and were traveling with 2 other couples who were platinum. We tried to book specialty dining before sailing and were told just to go to the specialty dining desk. We did that as soon as we boarded. The only time that was available on this 12 day cruise was 5:30 at Cagneys. We took it. Since there isn't a Moderno or LaCucina on this ship we were told we could book LaTrattoria. NO reservations available any of the 12 days. We kept checking each day for cancellations but no. Went to customer service but they referred us back to the specialty dining table. We tried the food service manager, but never got any reservation. What a waste of a platinum perk. We even tried getting tables of 2 instead of 6 but none were available. I hope this isn't the wave of the future. Headed on a 2b2 on the Jewel next August (only the 2 of us) and we have platinum dinners plus 3 SDP dinners. Hopefully we will get to use them. The OP may have had another problem, but ours was too many people for available spots.
  12. are you reading the full reports that have been posted about the conditions on the ship due to the seas? I don't think many were enjoying food or shows or anything. The ship's contract with passengers provides for missing ports etc. but I have to say this most recent voyage on the Spirit demands some compensation.
  13. I would have agreed with you a 14 day cruise on the Spirit with just a few spaced out ports might be too much, but the original cruise had only 2 sea days with 3 overnight stays ( Amsterdam , Reykjavik and Dublin) that is different prospect.
  14. I crafted a piece on the passenger unhappiness and received some feedback from those on board which does in fact confirm that seas were heavy, that port changes happen when mother nature imposes their will and that they were still enjoying the cruise. Of course experiences vary for each of us. Norwegian Spirit Passengers Protest at Sea via Securely Travel
  15. Apparently Spirit passengers have other problems ! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/cruise-passengers-chant-get-ship-20541529
  16. I wonder how much of this rage filled activity was fueled by alcohol. The man who is chanting and shouting in the officer's face is way out of control, and just making a fool of himself for example. I hope that security took him away before it got physical. Weather is not something within the ship's or the officer's control, neither are the currents adding to the weather problem. Passage through the North Sea is never calm waters, and with the weather situaion rocky days were to be expected. We were on the Sept 1 cruise on the Spirit and experienced a few nights of pretty rough waves....well we just took our bonine and didn't get much sleep those nights. We were fortunate not to have missed ports, but sailing later in the season it was to be expected.
  17. First of all, I am presently on this cruise, so I will give you my perspective. On departure day from Southampton, it was so windy that it took two strong tugs and the ship’s thrusters almost 45 minutes to just pull out from the dock. We were told that there were gale force winds in Amsterdam so they were substituting LeHavre, France for that port. All excursions were changed and we sailed into what I would say were gale force winds out in the Channel later that night. As we approached the port of LeHavre, the winds continued and it was deemed too dangerous to dock. So we sailed NE towards Norway for the ports of Bergen, Flam and Geiranger. It was announced that Iceland was going to receiving bad weather with high seas and Ireland & England were being hit, so for safety reasons, Iceland was cancelled. Instead, we also went to Hellesylt and Alesund, Norway (loved the ports!). We were also going to Greenock, Scotland after 2 sea days. Weather conditions deteriorated inside the harbor for Greenock while we were waiting for the Naval Vessel to be repaired and move from our assigned dock. Conditions became bad enough to abort our docking for safety reasons. This put some, but certainly I did not see hundreds of people, rioting. People sat and blocked the steps, grabbed any piece of paper they could find, and wrote their protest notes and put them on the floor for all to see. I was at the Shorex desk trying to ask an excursion question from personnel when an older man came over quite distraught because he apparently stepped on a piece of paper and slipped, almost falling over. He was calling for security to get the papers off the floor. Some people were loudly protesting and calling out insults about the captain, cruiseline & Hotel Manager at almost deafening levels. Security was present in the lobby but just kept a careful watch over the events which, I thought, was done in a respectful manner. I heard a rumor that a couple of passengers were put in the brig earlier in the riot, but I wasn’t there then so can’t confirm it. The Captain came down to try to speak with the protesters, but he couldn’t speak over their shouting. Another crew member also made an attempt to speak to them, with the same results. Honestly, I think the Captain made decisions for everyone’s safety. I have had no problems with overflowing toilets (first I’m hearing about this) or bad food. I have enjoyed plenty of great meals, wonderful service, and give great credit to all the crew for their professionalism. I’ll admit I was disappointed by the ports missed but wouldn’t want to risk my life trying to get into a port with extreme weather conditions. People have the right to protest, but we all need to mind our manners. The protests could have been made in a more peaceful manner, including non-heated conversations with the Captain and management. It was like a lot of toddlers having a hissy fit. But with close to 2000 passengers on board, the rioters were just a small fraction of them. Many of the passengers I came into contact with just stayed away and shook their heads about the bad behavior in the lobby. I was very satisfied with the 25% off the next cruise booking given to all passengers. All shore excursions missed were completely refunded. They did their best to make things right. I am already booked for another NCL Cruise and have no fear of a repeat experience. As for those with I’ll feelings, go on another cruiseline or don’t cruise at all! Thank you for the patience of all the crew of the Spirit through a difficult time!
  18. Wow! It's a mini mutiny on the NCL Spirit. Never seen anything like that.
  19. We just got off the Spirit, and there are a few rumours around about what will be happening when it goes into dry dock in January. I thought I would quickly summarise what I have found out. Firstly, it is openly being stated that they are adding a couple of Teppanyaki tables, to take it up to three. I believe they will be using the room at the back of Shogun. On one occasion when we were told this, they said they were adding 3 tables, but I think this was a misunderstanding. The other changes will apparently be significant, but the senior officer we were talking to wouldn’t tell us anything specific and said that things can still change. There is a lot of speculation that Champagne Charlie’s will be turned into an o’Sheehans type place, which makes sense due to its location. I didn’t hear anything to confirm this, and I assume the shops on that level would need to be moved. It is my guess (and I have no confirmation) that something like this will happen. There were quite a few people onboard in ports who were walking around the ship with what looked like plans. I’d have loved to have seen what was on those plans. Two specific places we saw them were Raffles Terrace and Blue Lagoon/Shanghai. I think that it is agreed by many that something needs doing with Blue Lagoon, and if they add an o’Sheehans then it isn’t necessary. I suspect that the whole block containing Blue Lagoon, Shanghai, Henry’s Pub and maybe Le Bistro and the arcade will be stripped out and started again from scratch. The presence of people looking around the area suggests that this may be correct. Finally, we were told by a staff member about plans for Raffles Terrace. I have no idea if this is correct (and he wasn’t necessarily someone who you would expect to know detailed plans), but he said that the kids pool was going and a big screen being added to create a Spice H2O type area. Also they will be building back from the buffet, at least on one side, to create a better La Trattoria (or other restaurant), rather than it being part of the buffet. Whilst the source of this may not be that reliable, I think it all sounds likely.
  20. It sure looked like rough seas on this voyage all around ... but the en masse protest I've never seen before, so I wrote it up for Securely Travel - https://securelytravel.com/travel/norwegian-spirit-passengers-protest-at-sea/ and ask two questions: Do the passengers have a beef, or are they acting in a truculent manner? Norwegian is offering all aboard 25 percent credit toward a future cruise, is that enough given that mother nature and prudence dictated the at sea changes? The cruise will be back on the 11th ... no doubt with a lot of detailed perspective. Safe Sailing, CB
  21. I will be on the NCL Spirit out of Stockholm this weekend. Does anyone know if the IPhone internal communicator is available on this ship? It was available on most others, costs about $10.00 for the trip. Much thanks - Steve
  22. I'm least fond of the Spirit due to the lack of a thermal suite, and would only sail if I had a balcony or above - but she has a nice observation lounge, and Raffles Terrace is also good. I actively seek out the Jade, because I had my best cruise on her and she has most of the key features without being too crowded. I imagine the rest of the Jewel Class would be as good. Getaway was okay, and the Waterfront was a nice feature, but I'd pick the Epic over her due to less crowding whenever I've been on.
  23. Question for those that have taken NCL to Japan. We just cancelled our RCL cruise to Japan for a much better and now more affordable NCL Japan cruise (13 nights to all the places my kiddo really wants to see). A big box travel agent told my friend who is also going with one of her friends) that NCL doesn't let you off the ship until 2 hours after arrival and then you have to be back on the ship 2 hours before departure from ports. I've never heard that before, but granted, I've *only* cruised Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, and the Med--the more "mainstream" places to go. They didn't say you always lose those four hours, but then they suggested a land tour instead (which I won't do--my kid, as much as I love her, even though she is turning 16 during the cruise will definitely not survive a land tour, too much doing everyday, she would hate it). They also said we'd be spending about 2k in excursions per person, which is insane. Is this all true, or is this a big box travel agency's ploy to get a better commission on a land tour? (I would ask my TA... but she has had a death in the family, and I refuse to bother her right now).
  24. On the Spirit this summer, we did the Platinum tour twice, and the garbage room was the highlight! I know you are on Spirit again this year - go on the tour!!
  25. Airlines aren't as regulated as people think. Some of the budget lines (Spirit, Allegiant, Frontier) will /have cancelled flight for various reasons not always weather related. And you play hell getting on another flight. Not to mention the initial out of pocket expense . ( Eventually you do get reimbursed some). Heck airlines allow you to book illegal connecting flights ( I believe less than 45 minutes). Baggage handlers ARE the responsibility of the local port authority , not the cruiselines. Sure it's contracted , but very little they can do. Cruiselines are at at the mercy of the port authority while in port.
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