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  1. An excellent observation, I think. America's Test Kitchen failed in part because of a lack of creativity of programming. (How many times does one need to learn to prepare salmon?) The cooking demos and those who participated always got good reviews. For many of the attempted "advances" in onboard offerings, there seems to have been a lack of thought about "what happens after we introduce this new concept?". The butchering of the aft decks of the Veendam and the Rotterdam to change the pool area: was there a "programming" idea behind this? Or was it just a financial decision
  2. Details sketchy but it appears ex Veendam has problems following storm. https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/31553/ex-veendam-cruise-ship-grounded-storm-corinth-gree/
  3. We did the 11d day land/sea on the Noordam in a wrap around Neptune in July/Aug 2019. We were in 8140. The deck allowed lots of views of the wonderful Alaskan scenery. We are glass 3/4 full folks and did not notice any wear on the ship. We had a great time. The 3 nights in Denali were great also. It was our first time in Denali and our only negative was the hotel at their lodge because the temps (and daylight, 22 hours) were very hot and needed the windows open and fan in the window. If my only complaint was too hot in Denali, I guess the trip was wonderful. Our only other cruise to Ala
  4. A few years ago while on a cruise we had chapter and verse from a fellow cruiser who was a long time HAL customer. He owned up to 4 or 5 stars. Let's just say he did not exactly wax poetic about his two then most recent trips on Veendam. Quite the opposite- to the point where I thought he was exaggerating about his cabin challenges with the abundance of water and the scarcity A/C.
  5. The Veendam was no beauty with her added cabins. Have all the uglified ships been sold off now so that HAL fans can throw stones?
  6. The Veendam, the fourth ship of the "S" class, sailed from Tampa during the winter season for quite a few years in the 2000's. I did 3 cruises on her: Canada/New England and then to Bermuda Cuban Explorer Carnival and Amazon Explorer All 3 of these itineraries consisted of ports or channels that were size restricted, which necessitated a ship Veendam's size or smaller. Docking on Front St in Hamilton was the best example. Entering the passage to Ceinfuegos, Cuba was another.
  7. Hope you're right.....see what happens tomorrow! By the way, I noticed this in your signature: 2002-08-17 HAL Zaandam, Alaska Inside Passage, Vancouver - 35th Anniversary We went to Alaska with HAL in 2006 (for 25th anniversary) on the Veendam. Great trip. On yours, did you also do a land tour? Figuring we may not get up that way again, decided to take the longest itinerary that HAL offered - it was the 7-day cruise (did it northbound) and then 12-day land tour that included the Yukon. We gave up our day in Anchorage to fly up to Barrow for the day - one
  8. ===== Spreadsheet from Scott. Listed here for convenience. Scott hope you are o.k. with this. CANCELLED VOYAGES AS OF JUNE 11, 2020 ITINERARY SHIP SAIL DATE VOYAGE FROM/TO PORT 14-DAY TROPICAL / WESTERN CARIBBEAN NIEUW AMSTERDAM 3/14/2020 I027A FLL-FLL 7-DAY TROPICAL CARIBBEAN NIEUW AMSTERDAM 3/14/2020 I027 FLL-FLL 7-DAY MEXICAN RIVIERA OOSTERDAM 3/14/2020
  9. This was forwarded to me this afternoon. It appears the new owner is SeaJets, a new entity that is entering the cruise market http://crew-center.com/seajets-new-owner-two-former-hal-ships
  10. Started off this morning with an early morning call from my 91 year old Sister (I hate it when the phone rings at before 7). She called to tell me that my niece's husband has tested positive for Covid-19. They were at her house about a week ago she is probably going to get tested. He started showing symptoms on Tuesday after their Sunday visit to bring groceries and got the results back today. He is high risk, so she is worried about him..... I am worried about her. They are in Maryland. I sit on the far edge of Colorado and worry. Here is Durango we have moved to Orange level....
  11. From Liam Cusack on FB a quote from a Greek newspaper: "Veendam has been in the port of Katakolo since Monday, where its renovation works continue. The ship, according to its data in Marine Traffic, will be renamed Aegean Majesty while, despite the intense rumors, its new company is still unknown.Of course, in the coming months we will know the new owners and the program of the ship." Makes sense as Maasdam is also in Greece
  12. Seajets, a Greek cruise line, has acquired 6 cruise ships recently. The once Holiday(most recently CMV's Magellan), plus HAL's Veendam & Maasdam, P&O's Pacific Aria & Oceana and CMV's Columbus. Seajets previously only operated Ferry services throughout Greece & Cyprus.
  13. Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful! I don’t think I could ever do that but DH has done it many times. Most notable was in Alaska with his father in 2000 (I can’t remember the ship) and St Kitts (I think that was 1999 on the Veendam). And he may have done it in Hawaii back in 1983 when we were on vacation. I’ll have to ask him. I might just have to plan a Hawaii cruise instead of the New England/Canadian one I’ve been wanting to do.
  14. So many fond memories of all our trips on the Veendam. May she always be safe.
  15. No matter how many names she has she will always be OUR VEENDAM.
  16. It was announced today that both these ships have been sold to an unnamed buyer. Both ships are in the Red Sea right now. I cannot believe that Holland and other cruise lines are continuing to sell cruises for ships that they have earmarked to sell either announced privately or behind corporate doors. And then if you cancel after full deposit is paid you only get a FCC. Just doesn’t seem right or ethical. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  17. With the loss of the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maasdam & Veendam, I have removed all sailings on the future cruise listing for anyone sailing on the 4 sold ships. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anything 🙏🏻). It’s entirely possible that HAL might transfer some of these sailings to other ships that are remaining in the fleet. If that is the case for you, please repost your cruise details on the Future Cruise Listing just as you did originally. Here is the link for this week’s listing - Thank you 🙂
  18. I have no doubt that you saw sheets of water coming down the windows of the Crows Nest on the Veendam - but If that had been the result of the Veendam plowing through a wave - with solid sea water needing to come down from that upper deck , rather than the quite possible heavy spray, I very much doubt you would be talking about it now. Such heavy seas breaking above the Crows Nest would have meant many feet of solid water over the Promenade Deck, for one example.
  19. I see on another site, Pacific Aria (former Ryndam) was sold for less than $10 M to Sea Jets and delivered to the new owners in Piraus. There was speculation that the new owner may hold all three of the former S class ships until after cruising resumes, with the promise of reselling them. As we have discussed on this board, these under 1300 guest capacity ships, 720 feet/220 meters long, will be able to dock at the increasing number of smaller ports with more restrictions. See the new Key West post. Holland America did spend considerable on Maasdam and Veendam in the last few years
  20. On the HAL board there is talk that Veendam is one of the ships which might /could be leaving. If she is, wonder which ship will replace her? We live in interesting times.
  21. Just checking Marine Traffic and it shows both Maasdam and Veendam heading to the Suez Canal. Currently Maasdam is doing 8.8 kn and Veendam is 11.9kn. Any idea where they are heading too?
  22. I'm happy to see so much interest in the Key West story. Holland America has cruised from Tampa, until now, since the 1980's and Key West was the first port of call for most of the sailings. If a guest missed the ship in Tampa, it was possible for them to meet and board it the next day in Key West! Originally, it was the Nieuw Amsterdam and Noordam "N" class, followed by the Veendam and Ryndam "S" class, all of which were just under the new 1300 guest limit. They were a great size for Key West's channel and port and city.
  23. Me, too. I stopped there on the Veendam one time, and would love to get back there. Looks like it won't be happening after all.
  24. There have been a lot of good comments here. Most of my days aboard have been on the S and R class ships. We tried to overlook some of the problems that came with the older ships because we did, as several of you said, enjoyed the advantages of a smaller ship. I was curious about the Koningsdam, so we did an 11 day Caribbean cruise. The ship was overwhelming at first, but beautiful in many ways. K'dam's MDR lacked any individual attention for the most part. The walk around deck without deck chairs was sad. We were dazzled by the theater. Everything worked and nothing leaked. Our on
  25. Good news. Still hope for me and our refund. Only been waiting 18 weeks for a refund on a cruise HAL cancelled as they sold the Veendam.
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