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  1. I've had mixed experiences. On the Horizon in April we had no problems with made to order. They were happily doing it for everyone. Just got off the Victory a couple weeks ago & while in line to get my son a hotdog I heard them turning down several people asking for no cheese, no mayo, etc. I didn't even bother trying to order. Disappointing because I really like the deli just minus one ingredient.
  2. Carnival seems to have soured on the Magrodomes - since Dream, they haven't found a home on Carnival ships and, as you noted, have been eliminated on Sunshine, Sunrise, and soon-to-be-Radiance. If I had to guess, they don't like the room they take up and the extra deck work it takes to open and close them. However, one of my favorite memories is from our first cruise on Victory in 2004, when we met our oldest son, then 13, at the aft pool with his Camp Carnival group having a party under the dome. He was in his bathing suit, dripping wet, with a slice of pizza in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other, exclaiming "this is great!".😀
  3. I will be sailing on Victory 4 weeks from today. How was the food? Do you happen to have copies of the funtimes? I was curious how extensive the nightlife was. Do you know if the roulette table had the dreaded extra "fun space"(can't remember exactly what it was called.) Also wondering what the table minimums were for blackjack and craps. Thanks!
  4. DH and I just got back from a very short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on Victory. I thought I would share a quick few thoughts. We had FTTF and were in our cabin, #7416, by 11am. It had one of those "bowling alley" balconies. The weather was perfect, food was good and the service fabulous. We were randomly selected for a complimentary Galley tour and Tasting. It was very interesting. We went to several of the Comedy shows. This is the second cruise we have seen the Comedian Manny Oliveira. He is completely inappropriate and we LOVE his shows! We spent some time in the casino and I had fun. I didn't hit any jackpots but I came home with some of the my gambling funds. This was the first time we had the Cheers package and I found it convenient. I think we came close to breaking even (each of us had 5-7 drinks a day, many were $10) But I probably won't buy it again. I'm too old to drinking that much! 😁 Next cruise we'll buy liquor for our cabin from the fun shop, carry on soda and wine. The only thing that really bothered me was the public restrooms. It didn't matter which one I used, there was usually only one or two sinks working. Makes it hard for passengers to wash their hands to prevent illness. Debarkation was smooth. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them! Teri
  5. I hope Freedom goes to a port in Florida. I am bummed they are moving both Breeze and Victory (Radiance) from Florida. Florida already has enough Fantasy class ships. Hopefully Carnival will keep both Horizon and Magic in Florida, even after both new ships (Mardi Gras) come here. Over the last several years it has been great having so many Carnival ships to choose from in Florida. I would hate to see that change in the future. Of course this is my biased hope based on living in Florida. I am positive Carnival knows what they are doing and has numbers/statistics to back up decisions on where to home port their ships.
  6. Conquest class ships also have an indoor pool ( the aft pool). Victory and Triumph also have/had an inside pool (also the aft pool). I don’t know if they kept (or will keep) the option to close the roof on the aft pool on Sunrise and Radiance. Hopefully someone who has been on Sunrise will provide the answer.
  7. We love the southern itinerary, but do not want to do it on the Fascination again. I miss the Dive in Movies on deck and other things from the bigger ships. We went a few times when Victory was in San Juan and it was great. My favorite ship. I like the medium size ships best.
  8. The common space that is lost to new cabins are in 2 main locations: - Deck 3 Main Theater - The new theater will only be 2 decks. All of the seating that is under the balcony level of Deck 4 is gone. The new bottom floor will be deck 4 and have about 1/2 the main floor seating of the old Deck 3. However it is a flat floor with movable seating, so it can be used for multiple functions not just a theater. - Deck 5 aft. All of the public space behind deck 5 rear elevators is turned into cabins. On the current victory, that holds a lounge used mainly for Karaoke, the comedy club and the piano bar. All of these areas will be squeezed into the existing deck 4 hallways and Ionian room. They will be smaller venues on the radiance than on the victory. It is not a lot of lost space, but it does reduce the cabin to public space ratio. I have not sailed on the Sunrise, but I have been on both the Sunshine and the Victory. I noticed on the sunshine the comedy club filled fast creating long lines waiting for the doors to open. The end of the line seldom were able to get a seat and were turned away. The good seats in the main theater filled quickly since there were less of them. The piano bar often filled. There were usually people standing around the edges waiting for a seat. We often found a seat after a short wait, but we only needed 2 or 3 seats. Larger groups never seemed to get a seat and left for other venues. Over all the changes don't ruin things, but they do cause you to plan ahead and not go to venues last minute. I love the Victory, sailed in numerous times, so I would like to sail it as the Radiance and get a real comparison of the same ship before and after.
  9. Thanks for the comprehensive review! I took this class on Victory and it was identical to what you described so it must be pretty standard. I loved it as well, and would definitely do this class again on another cruise. EAT FIRST!!
  10. Two questions for those in the know: 1. Does the Hub App reservations work on The Victory? 2. We are signed up for YTD on our next cruise. This is our first time. My husband is wheelchair bound. How will they know we need wheelchair accessible seating (there are not a lot in the crowded dining rooms). Love these "in the know" threads.
  11. We sailed on Victory four times - in fact, she was our first cruise, and got us hooked. We're booked on Radiance for a 9-day sailing next year, and we did a short (4-day) cruise on Sunrise this past August. I do find problems with Sunrise's buffet line and fully expect that those problems will carry over to Radiance - but the problems are the result of the original buffet design of the class of ship, not the overhaul (which does add passengers). Victory has two main buffet lines (Conquest-class ships have four) - and from what I can see on the deck plans, she will still have two main buffet lines as Radiance, same as Sunrise. The main buffet lines are long; they do try to open up "express" lines at breakfast, but there are some items you can get only in the main lines. At lunch there will be more options - the deli, Seafood Shack, Big Chicken, Pizza, Cucina, Guy's, Blue Iguana and BBQ. We're prepared for the lines - the only truly bad one on Sunrise was the deli. DH gave up after standing in line for 10 minutes without moving. As for seating - we never had a problem finding seats on Sunrise's Lido for either breakfast or lunch, and we eat at prime time. The only ship on which we couldn't find seating at lunch and brought our food back to our cabin was one day on Carnival Miracle out of NYC for an 8-day cruise in 2009. We docked in Freeport and back-on-board time was 1:00, sailing at 1:30. Of course, everyone waited to eat lunch until back on board, and the dining room wasn't open for lunch since it was a port day. Lido seating was not happening on that one, but that was an unusual occurrence. We're looking forward to Radiance. I just hope there are some vestiges of Victory left.
  12. Haven't been on the Legend since 2005. Since then, I've been on the Pride 3 times, Victory 2x, Princess 3x, and Celebrity 1x. Karen
  13. that is amusing to me. I have sailed on the victory, and just disembarked the Sunrise today. I have experience on both these ships. I never had to stand, and haven’t found these ships crowded.
  14. The Radiance will come out in the springtime as they make her over from the Victory. She will be the third and final ship of this class that has been totally redone. We have sailed on both the other ships and will be on the Radiance for her TA to New York this coming June. As mentioned, they are adding some cabins, but we found the other two ships no more crowded than any other ships, we also found that most who speak negatively have not been on any of them (go figure). She will be completely redone when she comes out and will have some unique things that other Carnival ships have. We are very much looking forward to sailing on her.
  15. Carnival's maitre d's e-mail address is tied to the ship, not their personal name. Whoever is serving as the maitre d' will reply to you and sign off with their name, but their e-mail address is shared. The e-mail is in this format: XXmaitred(AT)carnival.com, where XX is the two-letter ship name abbreviation. Here is a mostly-complete list: FA = Fantasy FS = Fascination EC = Ecstasy SE = Sensation IS = Inspiration IM = Imagination EL = Elation PA = Paradise SP = Spirit PR = Pride LE = Legend MI= Miracle DE = Destiny TI = Triumph VI = Victory CQ = Conquest GL = Glory LI = Liberty VA = Valor FD = Freedom SL = Splendor DR = Dream MC = Magic BR = Breeze SH = Sunshine So, for example, Freedom's maitre d's e-mail would be: fdmaitred(AT)carnival.com
  16. We just got off the Victory yesterday. We were given the 12:30-1:00 timeslot for FTTF. We showed up at the terminal at 10:30 and were on the ship at 11. Room was ready. Big doors were closed but go through, your your room should be ready.
  17. I'm sailing on the Radiance in December while it's still known as the Victory, and I've sailed on Allure (Oasis-class ship), and even though I cannot wait to have a blast on Victory, I know there's no comparison between the two. There's so much to do on Oasis class ships, and everything is so spread out, you never really feel overwhelmed by crowds, EXCEPT trying to get lunch on embarkation day (the ship is overwhelming in general when you first board), and the first show in the aqua theater. Good luck in whichever you choose!
  18. Thank you for the correction. I was actually thinking of the Valor and wrote "Victory".
  19. If I am reading everything right, it won't be a problem! Victory is the ONLY Carnival ship in Miami Friday morning. Your driver should be able to get you there by sight - just follow the Whale Tail.
  20. Maybe this is a silly question but I asked this on the Florida Departure Board but have no response yet. So I'll try here. How do I know which terminal at Port of Miami Carnival Victory will be docked at? I don't see anything on my boarding pass that indicates a specific terminal. Is there just one main Carnival building? Do I just tell the taxi or uber driver I'm sailing on Carnival and they all know where to take me? I sail in 2 days. Thanks!
  21. Just an FYI, Victory and Liberty are not sister ships. Victory is (or was) a Destiny class ship. Liberty is a Conquest class ship. While the layouts are similar, Conquest class ships are roughly 10,000 GT bigger.
  22. Does Victory have the second coffee bar? Where can we get "good" coffee after the main coffee bar closes at 3PM?
  23. I have seen Caribbean Wheat on tap on Horizon, Victory, Liberty and Breeze. They also had it in cans on these ships.
  24. It's located next to the Jardin Cafe on the Promenade deck between the Alchemy Bar and the Casino. The Liberty and Victory are "sister" ships. On the Liberty this past August, there was also another coffee bar, AFT, Starboard, inside of the Lido Restaurant, Deck 9. Maybe they will also have this on the Victory.
  25. Good Morning! Its been quiet a few years since we have cruised. We have been on the Destiny, Victory, and the Liberty 2x not our favorite ship...We have been to the Western Caribbean 3 times and looking to do either Eastern or Southern for Either January or February of 2020 Thank You
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