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Found 116 results

  1. Can you please let me know the email address of the Maitre D for the Victory?
  2. Hi i am sailing on the Carnival Victory in December 2019...I just booked cabin 9299...looked on you tube...and saw the actual cabin....only thing that puzzles me, is that it looks like a smaller cabin basically for one person and the category i am in is a 4J....Was hoping i could get some information on this cabin, if someone has sailed in this cabin before...like is there a lot of noise from lido deck....is this cabin the usual 185 feet cabin like all the other interior cabins....reason why i picked this cabin, as it is right near to the pool and buffet area....and i dont have to constantly ride up and down the elevator.....any information would be greatly appreciated.... you can email me at catfin7atgmaildotcom....
  3. first time traveling on carnival, there is 4 adults in the room, but only 1 is a drinker, what are my options, as i can't just order one drink package but instead have to spend $980 for 3 people who don't drink at all and 1 who does, Can i just purchase all soda packages instead and purchase the bar fun cash for the one who does drink???? My husband and I and my mom are diabetics so we can't drink alcohol so wondering what i should do
  4. This will be the my daughters first cruise (21years old) and will be the first time my wife and I have had a third person in the cabin with us. Has anyone slept on the sofa sleeper? We were wondering if it’s reasonably comfortable or if we should bring some kind of pad. TIA.
  5. I'm certain that this topic has been discussed before but this new search format is less than desirable and before the CC hounds pounce me, please forgive my repeat question as I can not find the topic! So a friend just off Victory discovered two $25 chips in his pocket when he got home. Can the chips be used on Horizon? If yes, I will trade him $50. for the chips and make him whole!
  6. Back from my third trip on Victory. Many hits, few misses. Hits: Embarkation - 10 minutes from car to onboard Debarkation - 15 minutes from leaving cabin to car On/Off at ports - Painless, no waits at either port Food - Tried most of the included venues and all were good. Dining room food particularly good, IMO. Deli, Chopsticks great. Guys good; maybe a bit overhyped but liked it. Iguana burrito bar had a great breakfast but did not try it later. Carnival includes a lot of options that others charge for or don't have at all, and frankly, I think carnivals food is good. It's definitely better than Royal Caribbean by a long shot in terms of quality. Strangely; Shows - live show band, great singers and dancers, entertaining Comedians - Did not attend all the shows, but two solid comics. Orlando Baxter and Percy Crews II. Carnival does a good job with comedy shows Condition of ship - My third cruise on this particular ship and it appeared to be in cleanest/best shape out of the 3 cruises. Dining room staff - had excellent waitstaff. No shortcomings in service, orders all quick and correct; friendly attitudes. Other guests - Met some nice people Tea Time - This is really relaxing on a sea day and a change of pace. You don't get this on RCI, MSC, or NCL. Pixels Update to Photo Gallery - Made seeing/ordering photos very easy Carnival HUB App - This works pretty flawlessly and shows the dinner menu as well. Great info at a glance, maps, check your account Cruise Director and Staff that ran the games- They do a good job; not too over the top or in your face. Gets people involved in trivia, danceoffs, sing alongs, etc. I think they did great with that. Guest Services - Saw long lines here, but the one time I needed to stop by there was 5 agents working and we got to speak to someone in less than 5 minutes. I sort of consider needing to go to GS on a cruise to be a negative, but give points here because the issue was handled promptly and efficiently. Dive in Movies - Really nice blankets and popcorn, good to sit out on deck and enjoy the big screen. Beverages - Always had coffee, juices, water, etc. available and easy to get to. Stations were kept clean, everything in working order. Decor: I like it. There, I said it. I hope they don't fill that soaring atrium with cabins. I love the nautical themes and names of venues around the ship. Room - First balcony room I've had on a Carnival ship. Balcony was clean; did not use it much. Think I like the additional square footage inside the oceanview rooms. Room had nice new softgoods, enough storage space for 4 people on a 2 week cruise (maybe not, but seriously, a ton of storage) and an absolute A++++ motion sensor LED footpath light built into the cabinets that worked perfect at night. Bonus: Hallways for cabins are WIDE and dead straight. This is NOT the case on all ships and definitely not the case on something like NCL Escape where you almost have to shimmy past a cleaning cart in the hallway and follow bends and curves. Infrastructure, and something that won't change in the future. Library / Game Room - Seriously; saw this room used a lot for games. I was able to get 2 very recent books; decently stocked with books. I, and others, appreciate this little hidden gem and I hope it survives when ship becomes Radiance. Misses: Room Steward- Subpar is a nice understatement. Never came first day; we had a shower drain back up when getting ready for dinner w grey water and maintenance cleaned it up with our towels and left dirty wet towels on floor, including the pool towels. Had to call for room steward but someone else answered. They replaced the towels (not pool towels). No room steward day two. Again called number. It went to housekeeping main line and they brought ice and towels, and glasses (which were not in room). Never got VIFP gift, robes, etc. nothing. Had to call for each thing we wanted. Finally mid-afternoon day 3 met room steward; he was going to check on glasses, ice, etc....never saw or heard from him again rest of cruise; but there was a stack of towels left in our room. We wrote out our thank yous and cash envelopes the 4th morning and put his on our mirror. Still there at night, looked for him in hallway 5th morning, didn't see him. Mom and I joked that the next people in the room would get our cash...It was just weird...I mean someone would answer when we called and fulfill the request, but it was just a pain in the ass and truly awful service. Throughout our time onboard we would find random items in the room left over from prior guests. Tried to have fun with it by leaving luggage mat in middle of room; and the runners were on the bed the entire cruise. Never got put away. It was weird....like not having a room steward at all. Dive in Movies - Didn't I just say this was a hit? What gives? Underutilized. One day they had a single movie at 7pm, nothing after that. The food venues adjacent to Dive in Movies are closed in evening also. Just a few tweeks could really enhance the experience, just my opinion. We had poor weather final sea day and pools were closed but many people were out on deck. I thought they'd add some movies or at least repeat ones but nothing at all. Ship Layout - There are numerous bottlenecks and tight spots around the ship. I do not think dry dock / renaming Radiance will address this as they add more cabins and reduce public spaces. These are infrastructure issues Buffet - Repetitive selections, awful layout. Always a long line at the buffet. When they turn this ship into radiance they should take a wrecking ball to entire buffet, chopsticks, deli area. Hugely congested always. Food on buffet uninspired and did not change much. This is an area where MSC, RCI, and NCL completely blow Carnival away. Now, on the other hand you DO get the pizza place, deli, guys, chopsticks, blue iguana and since there is no charge maybe you consider that the buffet, but I am talking about the buffet itself, the limited selections, and long lines. In fact if I could only change ONE thing on this ship it would be to just erase the buffet and start over. Serenity - If you've ever been in any RCI Solarium you know that Serenity on Victory is a joke. Limited shade, still LOUD from Lido. Wanted to have a quite, not too sunny area to relax but there is very limited space up here. This is an area I think dry-dock can / will improve on. It actually ended up that the aft pool was quieter, more shade, and a nice breeze. Maybe there is a chance they can do the waterworks where Serenity is, and somehow make the aft pool the adults area/pool/bar after dry dock? (In my vision they'd move the pizza place and seafood place also because they'd level the buffet...) Announcements - Ryan Rose - I like you, but I don't need 6-8 announcements from 8am - 10pm. Ease up on those 10PM loud announcements which brings me to... Noise - Yes, I know I am on the Fun Ship, but absolutely everything seems to be about how much noise you can make, except they must be hard of hearing because they can't hear you, so they want even more noise. There's party and festive, but then there's just like....constant yelling to yell. Would I go on the Victory again? Yes. Did I have a good time? Yes. Would I recommend the ship? With a few caveats, yes. You are likely to get a good value for your vacation dollar. If you go where the crowds aren't at, you won't have much in way of lines. The food is very good and most service staff do a nice job. You'll get a spacious, comfortable , modern room. You won't get fancy Broadway shows, fly in Headliners; but you will get good entertainment, live music, and comedy shows. I think the latest updates to Victory were mostly positive. I don't know if I'll feel as enthusiasts after they "Sunshine" this ship. Get it while it's good; I'd bet dollars to donuts you get a better room steward. Maybe bring ear plugs. 7 out of 10 funnels.
  7. We will be on the Victory out of Miami, going to Miami then Cozumel. Itinerary says 12:00 to 10:00. I've been checking the port schedule, and they list Victory as 1:30 to 10:00. For anyone who's been on this itinerary, what time has the ship been getting there? Seems like most of the island shuts down at 4:00 or 5:00, so getting there at 1:30 would be REALLY disappointing. http://m.puertamaya.com/Port-Schedule.aspx
  8. As I was headed to dinner I saw the victory still in port and thought she is getting a late start. This was about 5. Headed back around 7:30 and she was still there. You could see the that the dive on movie was playing. Is this normal or are they having a problem?
  9. Would anyone be willing to sell, or purchase for us, a Carnival Victory ship magnet. It was our first cruise on Carnival. My husband collects the ship magnets, and we have all of the ones we have sailed except the Victory. We thought we would sail on her again one day, but since she is being renamed, that won't be possible. We have PayPal, or could mail you a check, or however you prefer. If anyone can assist with this, we would be very grateful. Our email is mchjch@live.com if you want to send us a message. We appreciate any help or suggestions. Have tried ebay, no luck. Jo & Mark
  10. Anyone know which dining room they use for ATD on the Victory? I think we were in the Pacific (aft) dining room when we had a set dining time last year, but didn't pay any attention to where ATD was. Thanks for any info.
  11. Anyone have any updates on the Victory? I read that they had to change their itinerary due to mechanical issues and not being able to hit max speed. Instead of Key West and Cozumel, they are now docking in Nassau and Princess Cays. Just seeing if anyone has more details.
  12. From a press release on john heald facebook page: more info at https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-radiance.aspx
  13. Hello! Not sure if many will be interested in a Carnival Victory Review but I’ll start and we’ll see how this goes…. Itinerary: Day 1 – Leave out of Miami Day 2 – Sea Day Day 3 – Half Moon Cay Day 4 – Nassau, Bahamas Day 5 – Disembark in Miami The cruise left October 1st and returned October 5th. This was a four-night, five-day cruise with a good itinerary and a good mix of cruisers. I thought we had around 2,700 passengers onboard but during Bingo they announced 3,500 passengers so I don’t really know. I think I’ll just try to cover some basics of the cruise each day. I do have the Fun Times and all the daily mail they give you but I’m not posting them so feel free to ask questions if you want me to look-up something. A bit about us… my husband and I travel internationally every year and this year we are remodeling our home and had not planned to travel. We got an email from Carnival on a Friday night after a long week at work and we booked this cruise less than 30 days out. We booked a balcony room on Deck 7 (Empress Deck) for $310 per person. We did get a discount because we are previous cruisers. We stayed one night pre-cruise in Miami. We are in our mid-40s, from the Midwest, we don’t normally travel to warm areas or do Caribbean cruises but we both have laid-back attitudes about most things…. like, pretty much any cruise is a good cruise. This was not our favorite cruise but it was fine for what we paid. I’ll try to do a daily detail of what we encountered and post plenty of pictures. Anyone interested?
  14. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what s in the blank space on deck three between the lobby and the dining room on this deck plan. I think we are under it, and I am concerned about noise. We have an interior cabin on deck 2. Thanks. The link would help... https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/~/media/Images/Ships/VI/DeckPlans/carnival-victory-accessible-cruising-deck-plan-pdf.ashx
  15. Hi! Looking for a recent Fun Times for the 3 day Bahamas cruise on the Carnival Victory. Thanks and happy cruising!
  16. Hubby and I are looking into a Dec cruise. Which ship would you choose and why. Both ships have the same itinerary, Key West and Cozumel and price is close to one another. The only Sensation cruise I had was a shortened hurricane cruise, so it was really messed up.
  17. I did my first solo cruise on the Victory from September 10-14 and had a great time! A more detailed review follows. DAY 1 Embarkation in Miami I flew in same day from Philadelphia. Best part was being able to check in for the cruise right in the airport! Quick and easy; took less than 10 minutes and I was waiting for the shuttle to the port. That took a while. The airport had enhanced security in place that day, so every bus and van was being searched and inspected by dogs before being released to pick anyone up. Once we boarded, it was a short 15 minute hop to the pier. After surrendering my suitcase to a porter, we were ushered right into the terminal, bypassing the long lines. Right to the carry-on scanner then on board. There were dedicated elevators to take you right to the Lido Deck. I was sitting in the sun enjoying Blue Iguana tacos by 1:10pm. When cabins were ready, I headed off to find 8231...inside cabin. Fantastic location and lovely cabin. My steward introduced himself and I requested 2x daily service and to please keep my ice bucket filled. I was unpacking my carryon when a knock on the door indicted my suitcase had already arrived! That is the fasted I have ever gotten my bags. Unpacked and went out to explore a little bit. I was tired after an already long day (up at 3am to make my flight!), so I napped before dinner. Once arriving in the Pacific Aft DR on Deck 3, I was seated at a table for single cruisers. Now, this was kind of the part that made me a bit nervous in this experience, but there were only 3 of us at a table for 6 and it stayed that was until our final night. We had great conversation each night and it worked out great. Dinner that night was a grilled mahi mahi that was delicious. I had melting cake for dessert. Had to stop and enjoy a drink at Alchemy after dinner...the Antioxidant was refreshing. Alchemy bartenders were not as friendly as those we had on the Pride in January, but the drinks were still good. Enjoyed the Dive in Movie on deck then went to the Welcome Aboard show with Felipe the CD. He was a blast the entire trip.
  18. The only information I have found is from pre-upgrade to the Victory. Are the HDMI ports on the TV's working or are they disabled? Would love to bring my SNES mini along for when I'm a little lit at night and want to relax with some Mario Kart.
  19. Did a quick 3 day cruise on Victory this weekend. Unfortunately like I expected, college football games on the major networks were not available. Specifically the Washington-Auburn game and Miami-LSU game were not available on the ship. For most of Saturday they had the following 4 channels on in the sports bar: ESPN, ESPN 2, FS 1 and the SEC Network. According to one of the bartenders in the sports bar Carnival is working on obtaining access rights to more colllege football games and is supposed to be getting access to Sunday Ticket this year. However, he did state those decisions are made at a much higher level and he usually doesn’t know for certain what sports are actually available until the day of the game(s).
  20. Hi All, Can guests who have not paid for a spa treatment use the sauna (specifically men's sauna) on the Carnival Victory? Is it free for public use or only with purchase of a spa treatment? Thanks!
  21. Wondering if anyone can tell me what the differences are between the Victory and Sensation? As far as ice rink, movie theaters, etc
  22. Does anyone know what fitness classes are offered on the Victory? Also, how is the fitness center? Is there a good selection of dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls? Thanks in advance. Really trying hard to continue my workouts while on vacation.
  23. Minor rant/question: Why does Victory get into Cozumel so late? Mr Sanchos closes at 5, and Chank closes at 4. With the crowd of people getting off the ship and into taxis, we probably wouldn't get to either place until 1:00. Seems like it would be hard to be able to do something there (dolphins or sea lions) and enjoy the beach time with being so rushed. Are there other beach clubs open later than 5:00?
  24. Hello , This is first 3 day cruise First time out of Miami , what’s the earliest check in time for Victory , also is there Elegant Night on this 3 day cruise , also could someone tell me where I might find the Dining Menu for this cruise , Thank You so Much
  25. I am staying in South Beach pre-cruise and took this video of the Carnival Victory leaving the Port of Miami on Friday August 10, 2018 29lrkSTWu_s
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