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Found 641 results

  1. I searched and could not find any Victory Fun Times copies for the 4 day itinerary (Key West and Cozumel). Anybody have those or a link?
  2. Any recent Carnival Victory experiences here on the boards? It's been almost 5 years since we've been on a cruise (twin boys will do that to ya) & we just want to grab a balcony on a quick cruise. I've seen a mixed bag on reviews. Thanks in advance! *BTW, I did try to search the forums for Victory topics, buts it's been a while & I couldn't dig anything up.
  3. Anyone know if the Victory has USB ports for charging phones or bringing a mini USB plug in fan?
  4. Looking to meet some new cruise buddies on our next cruise on January 13th, 2020 leaving from port Miami.
  5. Concluding thoughts Well, the cruise is now in the proverbial rearview mirror, and fading. But I'm so glad I took it! I said it before, and I'll say it again: the onboard atmosphere was very solo-friendly, even if the pricing wasn't. No one gave me any heat for being solo. Most people were as nonchalant about it as about my hair color. A few even enthusiastically complimented me for it. Waiters made sure I wasn't neglected, and served me as promptly as they served couples and families. I don't know if cruising in general is becoming more solo-friendly, or if I got better at taking initiative socially as I got older, but it made for a very good solo cruise. I'm sure being strategic about which ship and itinerary I picked didn't hurt, either. Although, the main reason I picked a West Coast itinerary was to avoid hurricanes. Unlike on the last two times, I sailed during the hurricane season. Ironically, the itinerary I almost picked (Key West and Cozumel on Victory) got rerouted and cut in half, due to hurricane Dorian moving in. Another close contender (don't remember which one, I think Liberty) got canceled altogether. Which makes me even more glad I picked Inspiration instead. Plus, I got to see a whole different ocean (Pacific instead of the Atlantic/Caribbean). At this point, I exhausted all 4-day itineraries Carnival offers: Key West and Cozumel, Freeport and Nassau, and Catalina and Ensenada, all with a sea day added in. I searched around, and found that I can switch up the ships or switch up the embarkation ports, but the destination ports are the same or at least overlap by one. I don't know if I'll be OK with graduating to a 7-day solo cruise: too expensive, and therefore out of my budget. Plus, those tend to be more sedate, and the lively atmosphere was what made my cruises solo-friendly. And there was no mayhem, just drunken goofiness: more "Three Stooges" than "Fight Club". We knew where to stop. So, where to next? Repeat the ports I've been to before, since it'll be at least a year before I do another cruise? Take different excursions on the same itinerary? Try out a different ship? Or even a whole different cruise line? Do tell. I'm flexible on all accounts except budget and solo-friendliness.
  6. The price is per stateroom, so only one guest needs to purchase Faster to the Fun and all occupants in the stateroom receive the benefits. Prices are subject to change and may vary by ship. Faster to the Fun is subject to availability. Prices Starting From Per Stateroom 2019 Cruises 2020 Cruises $39.95 USD 2 day cruises 2 day cruises $39.95 USD 3 day cruises (excluding Carnival Liberty) 3 day cruises (excluding Carnival Liberty) $59.95 USD 3 day cruises on Carnival Liberty 3 day cruises on Carnival Liberty $49.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation 4 day cruises on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation $59.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Victory 4 day cruises on Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Victory, Carnival Conquest $69.95 USD 4 day cruises on Carnival Conquest, Carnival Dream, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista 4 day cruises on Carnival Elation, Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Paradise, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Valor and Carnival Vista $59.95 USD 5 day cruises on Carnival Sensation 5 day cruises on Carnival Sensation $79.95 USD 5 day cruises (excluding Carnival Sensation) 5 day cruises (excluding Carnival Sensation) $89.95 USD 6 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) 6 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) $109.95 USD 6 day cruises on Carnival Horizon 6 day cruises on Carnival Horizon $89.95 USD 7 day cruises (excluding Carnival Horizon) 7 day cruises (excluding Carnival Panorama) $109.95 USD N/A 7 day cruises on Carnival Panorama $99.95 USD 8 day and longer cruises (excluding Carnival Journeys departures and Carnival Horizon) 8 day and longer cruises* (excluding Carnival Horizon) $119.95 USD 8 day cruises on Carnival Horizon 8 day cruises on Carnival Horizon *Faster to the Fun is not offered on Carnival Journeys and Europe cruises. Faster to the Fun is not offered in the following home ports: Honolulu, Norfolk, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco. Faster to the Fun will be offered on the Carnival Panorama, starting with departures in February 2020, Carnival Radiance, starting with departures in January 2021 and Mardi Gras, starting in 2021 (date to be determined).
  7. Has anyone recently sailed on the Victory and know who are the current bartenders at the Alchemy?
  8. Just wondering if our toddler will be able to use the splash pad if wearing a swim diaper? Will be on Carnival Victory.
  9. Do you still need Victory 4 day Funtimes or you've already sailed? I have recent ones from Sep 9-13 ready to post. Let me know.
  10. Destiny, Triumph and Victory in that order. Victory doesn’t change to Radiance until next year.
  11. Hi. True the pub was packed... We found service was better when we grabbed a booth out front. Waiter was attentive. I too thought these drinks were sweet but strong. We got a bit tipsy. Luckily Guys Bbq is open at embarkation right outside on the deck near RFP on Magic. I brought us back a couple plates of food so we could down a second drink. I think they said the special was only until 2:30 but seems like they may have gone past that time. Also note we saw A LOT of people ordering the fish Bowl but carrying them out to other areas of the ship. I'm booked on a short Victory cruise in November; it has a RFP and hoping they have this special.
  12. We had a great time on the Victory in February of 2018. I don't think much has changed as that sailing was just a couple weeks after her last major Dry Dock. We really liked the ship and crew and had a great cruise. We did have an issue while docked at Amber Cove a main water pipe in the ship failed. They had 2 tractor-trailers and about 2 dozen workers at the pier to complete repairs. We ended up leaving that port an hour late and did not have water in the cabins for an additional hour as they brought the plumbing system back up. I was impressed by how much effort they put into getting things fixed so quickly!
  13. We were on the Victory last October as well. Great ship, great crew. I would sail on her again.
  14. Has anyone had or been to a wedding on the carnival victory? I am getting married on embarkation day in October. I would love some advice.
  15. Enjoy, Jeff! I hope your debark is as smooth. Our debark in Brooklyn on QM2 was awful. Not the ship's fault, it was CBP. We just booked Radiance today for the 8/10/20 Journeys cruise. Overnight in Bermuda, HMC, and Nassau. (Originally it was supposed to be a Cuba cruise.) We sailed Sunrise last month. There are definitely things I don't care for - the buffet and the Liquid Lounge in particular. However, there are other options for breakfast and lunch, and the only times I visited the Liquid Lounge was for the muster drill and Chris Williams' one-man show. Victory was our first cruise in 2004, the one that got us hooked. We're returning to the scene of the crime.😀
  16. It's a rough day at work, and I would like to see something nice. We booked 2 inside cabins at 499 days out - Wife and I in one, eldest daughter and her husband next door. Here we sit at 216 Days, and it's since changed to add our youngest daughter and her BF - and we're now all in Lido Balconies. The excitement is still there, even though the cruise is 7 months away. I've run out of browsing material, so I'd love to know if you have any positive experiences aboard Carnival Victory that you would like to share. Please feel free! Also note: I'm absolutely not looking for "old, needs work" type of stuff. I can get enough of that from "reviews." You can play nice, can't you? I knew you could. Mr. Rogers would be so proud.
  17. Looks like she is being changed to "carnival radiance" in March of 2020. The ship link is here: https://www.carnival.com/itinerary/3-day-the-bahamas-cruise/miami/victory/3-days/baf?Military=N&PastGuest=N&Senior=N&abCode=&itinportcode=mia&numGuests=2&offerCode=&promoCode=&rateCode=&roomType=IS&sailDate=12132019
  18. We were on the Victory last October and had a wonderful time. We have her booked for this October as well. Great crew and stayff. You won't be disappointed! Pat
  19. I didn't see the Victory mentioned in Carnival's current Ship Class Guide. Maybe she has a new name. https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/4358798/1551907450/redirect/1/filename/Ship Class Guide 030619.pdf
  20. I've been on the Victory. May have to check out the "new" Radiance 🙂
  21. Thanks for this info. We are on Victory's Oct. 11th sailing
  22. Just wondering where you find the Milk Shakes on Carnival Victory? Thanks!
  23. My “Your Mileage May Vary” Section This is the section where I give my thoughts about the ship, the itinerary, the entertainment, and passengers. As I said above, your mileage may vary. The ship: We never sailed on Triumph, but we sailed on Victory four times. There were vestiges of the old Triumph “World” theme: globes on the stairway railings, on the glass doors, and in the atrium high up. I have hopes for Victory’s seahorses, at least in a few places. I’m not sure how I feel about Carnival’s “cookie cutter” approach to interior ship design. Every new ship or re-designed ship gets Liquid Lounge, Limelight Lounge, Red Frog, Alchemy, etc. While I always looked at some of Joe Farcus’ designs and wondered “What was Farcus thinking?” I always appreciated the unique designs and themes he used. I’m going to miss Victory’s “seven seas” theme. However, the new designs are fresh and we never lacked for comfortable lounges someplace. As with Sunshine, the main theater is now a two-deck Liquid Lounge, with movable seating on deck 4 and balcony seating on deck 5. I didn’t like it on Vista or Horizon and don’t like it on Sunrise – chairs too close together and no tables for drinks. But that’s okay – the only times we went to the Liquid Lounge on this trip were for the muster drill and Chris Williams’ evening show. No Playlist Productions. We just find other, more comfortable, places to go. What was once the cigar bar is now the Limelight Lounge. All things considered (read: no cigar smoking inside anymore), this is a good use of what was terribly underutilized space. When we sailed on Glory, this space was empty and sad. Again, though, movable chairs and no tables for drinks unless you sit near the bar. We didn’t have a problem getting seas for the early show. Red Frog/Alchemy: I’m putting these together because they really share space on deck 5, across from each other on the main walkway. Red Frog is a very comfortable lounge, with lots of seating, games, and a stage. This was the main daytime trivia location (a couple of earlier trivia games were in the atrium) and also hosted a band in the evening. Unfortunately, it was also the location for karaoke. If you were sitting in Alchemy in the early evening, you'd end up listening to it. Some of these folks sounded like our Manx cat sounded when we had to give him a flea bath.😀 I’d much prefer that they schedule karaoke in an enclosed lounge, where those who like it can attend and the rest of us can avoid it. Aside from karaoke, we liked Alchemy a lot and gravitated there at other times. Okay, on to the drinks in these bars. Red Frog now has three of Carnival’s brews on tap: Thirsty Frog, an IPA, and Farmhouse Amber. I like all of them, but I’m rather partial to Farmhouse. At Alchemy, I opted for the Spicy Chipotle Martini – yum. Cabin: Deck 9 balcony. The cabin was very nicely redone and added USB ports. Nice cabin – the one thing I noticed was noise from people coming In from Lido. We’ve had a Deck 9 cabin before, even closer to the Lido entrance, and didn’t have noise. I just attribute it to this being a four-day cruise with more of a party atmosphere than a longer cruise. Our cabin steward, Francis, took great care of us; we opted for twice a day service with an ice bucket. DH needed to ice down his foot periodically, and Francis offered to bring ice packs for him – but the ice bucket was fine. Francis took great care of us. Food: A subjective subject. Overall, I was happy with both the selection and the quality. For breakfast, we went with the buffet, despite the lines. DH likes omelets, so he just went to the omelet line which moved well. I don’t eat much for breakfast, so two days I opted for the “express” line where I could get some fruit and one day I stood in the long main line so I could get cereal. Hated the coffee on Lido (and at brunch, for that matter) - but since we had Cheers, we could get coffee from the coffee bar at no extra charge, and we frequented Java Blue often. We varied lunch. Two days I had a Guy’s Burger. My choice is a Plain Jane with cheese and mushrooms from the toppings bar. Another day we went to brunch in the dining room; DH had huevos rancheros and I had a chicken Caesar salad. We both tried Lucky Bowl and liked it a lot. And DH had the clam chowder from the Seafood Shack. Overall, Carnival has really good lunch choices – we didn’t even get to Bonsai, Cucina, or Pizza. I liked lunch on Sunrise better than the buffet lunch on QM2. Dinner each night was early seating in Reflections. It had the usual menu items, which we’ve always enjoyed. The one thing I didn’t like was the last night’s dessert gave a choice of only Baked Alaska or Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. DH usually gets the low-sugar dessert, but that wasn’t offered (he went with the cheese plate instead). One thing I noted is that we were never offered coffee with dessert – but then again, we never asked. We just went to the coffee bar. Entertainment: The only shows DH and I went to were Chris’ “Flying Scotsman” show and one comedy show. No Playlist Productions shows – overall, I’ve never been crazy about them, although we saw one on Horizon that I really liked. The music venues available were good and we like listening to music. With a four-day cruise it’s a little hard to evaluate all the available offerings.
  24. Eleven Carnival cruises and I can only remember the name of one. Sailed on the Destiny in 1999 and the Victory in 2001. Corey Schmidt was the CD on both. He told the same corny jokes word for word on both ships.
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