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  1. My 2020 booking of the Amazon Explorer cruise on the Volendam was cancelled by the virus from China. Now that HAL has opened the same itinerary for bookings on the Volendam for 2022, I'm ready to try again. My only other HAL cruise was a transatlantic on the Eurodam several years ago. Any Volendam cruisers out there with tips on the ship or this particular cruise?
  2. I know it difficult to compare ships in post-Covid times, especially for a ship that has never carried a passenger. Nevertheless we are planning a Spring, 2022 transatlantic. We are 4* Mariners and have done five transatlantics. We are booked on the Rotterdam for the October 20, 2021 east to west crossing. Currently the Volendam is scheduled to leave for Rotterdam on April 16 while the Rotterdam is scheduled to leave on April 17. Both will arrive in Holland on May 1. The Volendam is the oldest and smallest ship in HAL's fleet, while the Rotterdam is the newest and largest. The Volendam offers Lanai cabins (which we dislike based on experiences on the Zaandam) and Vista Suites. The least inexpensive Vista Suite on the Volendam is $3,199 p/p and there are no Veranda class cabins. The Rotterdam has Veranda cabins on the 6th deck at a cost of $1,829 per person. The Rotterdam cruise is one day shorter than the Volendam. Is there anything from a passenger perspective that would justify a pricier cruise on an older ship? Maybe HAL will start to discount the Volendam. I heard the Volendam is on the block for possible sale, but it looks like the Volendam is scheduled for cruises into 2023. Volendam vs. Rotterdam seems like a no brainer. Am I missing something?
  3. Just notified our November 25th Panama Canal cruise on the Volendam is cancelled and moved to a B2B cruise. We did not book a B2B and do not want this substitute. In just moving us, it looks like we loose all the onboard credits, etc. Had discounts on Excursions as well that we will not have available to us. No perks offered, no compensation at all. Just "were moving you to another cruise, we'll let you know the details by July 7th. What the heck is going on? Looks like the Volendam might be headed for the scrap yard. Do not see her scheduled anywhere after these cancellations. Just how many times do they think that can cancel us and expect us to stay loyal. This makes number 5 so far.......
  4. We are booked on Volendam's 20 day cruise starting December 15th. With Volendam's TA cancelled this November what will happen to the following cruises? Its fine to say for passengers to just wait and see, but how do you make plans when there may not be a ship waiting at the dock? If we are moved to another ship will we get our same cabin and location? Will the trip be the same dates? Should we start looking for another cruise? I know it seems early, but we are talking over both the Christmas and New Year's holidays!!! Any thoughts??? Any ideas???
  5. With HAL’s recent announcement that the N Statendam and Volendam sailings were being cancelled, I have removed all those sailings from the Future Cruise Listing. I realize everyone is being offered an alternate cruise on the Eurodam. If you have opted to take this offer of sailing on the Eurodam and would like to receive your Bon Voyage before you cruise, please post your sailing details on the Future Cruise Listing thread - so I can make sure you are added and receive your well deserved Bon Voyage. Thank you. 🙂
  6. Looking at a cruise on Holland America. I see one I am interested in to the Greek Islands but it is on the Volendam. Took a cruise in Asia 3 years ago on the Volendam and it was terrible. The ship had just come out of dry dock where it was "refurbished" Despite very hot temperatures the air conditioning throughout the ship was not functional. At times the main dining room temperature got above 30 making dining extremely uncomfortable. Same was true for the staterooms. The toilets throughout the ship were also out of service the majority of the time. I often had to go back to the stateroom since none were open on decks. Numerous other problems including the ship being very dirty. I would be willing to "try again" but wondering if someone has been on the Volendam recently. I use that term recently "loosely" since obviously no one has been cruising in the past year.
  7. I've been reading of new environmental restrictions in the fjords in regards to cruise ships. Can anyone tell me if the Volendam meets the requirements to visit Flam and Geiranger? Thanks!
  8. Despite switching from the Zuiderdam to the Volendam, the decision makers in our group have decided to stick with our later-June Med cruise. The interesting port stops more than offset the lack of bells and whistles on board the ship. If the young uns' whine, they'll be reminded that there are others much less fortunate during these times, and that the purpose of the trip is to learn about the world and culture, not just to play and party. Anyways, I was on the sister ship Zaandam many moons ago and it had a few laundry rooms. Is that still the case with the Volendam?
  9. Hey gang. I'm thinking about trying this ship later in the year, and my cabin choices are Main Deck, and LP Deck. I know about the obstructed views and so on, but I'm curious about the glare from the deck lights that are left on all night. Anyone stay in those cabins experience anything intrusive with the lights? Thanks for your input.
  10. Hi all, We are considering one of these cabins for a South American cruise. There are only 4 cabins in this category all the way forward on Deck 1. I'm wondering about any noise, does it have a sofa/ sitting area, etc? Has anyone had any experience with them? Thank you!
  11. The 2022, 74 day round trip Ft Lauderdale Grand South America cruise on the Volendam became publicly available for booking today (they had been working on re-accommodating those affected by the cancellation of the 2021 sailing). It is also bookable in 2 shorter segments of 40 days from Ft Lauderdale to Buenos Aires and 34 days from Buenos Aires to Ft Lauderdale. The 2022 cruise will transit west via the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South America, offer scenic cruising of Antarctica, come up the east coast, travel up the Amazon, then continue back to Ft. Lauderdale. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise.html#{!tag=destinationTag}destinationIds=W&{!tag=departTag}departDate=2022-01-01T00:00:00Z,2022-02-01T00:00:00Z&{!tag=durationTag}duration=&{!tag=embarkTag}embarkPortCode=&sort=departDate asc,price_USD_anonymous asc&group.sort=departDate asc,price_USD_anonymous asc&{!tag=regionTag}regions=WS&soldOut=false
  12. We received a free Verandah cabin offer from Club 21 on HAL and one of the ships it lists is the Volendam. Only thing is, there are no Verandah cabins listed for the Volendam. Has anyone experienced this offer? Will they place us in a Vista cabin, or perhaps a Lanai?
  13. We are considering a cruise on the Volendam which would be in Spain and Portugal during August 2022. I read reviews from prior to the shutdown that indicated some issues with A/C and plumbing. I am wondering if these concerns are still apt to be an issue due to the age of the ship. The A/C at that time of the year in these countries could be a problem.
  14. I was just getting ready to book a TA on the Volendam and realized they don't have the B.B. King lounge. I love that lounge and am now wondering if any of the bars have any musicians that play in the evenings. I am not sure about Billboards style music. Thanks for any help.
  15. Carnival today reported that they intend to sell 4 more ships bringing their total disposals to 19. I suppose that some the older AIDa ships may be in the frame but Volendam and Zaandam must be vulnerable - they are more or less the same age and capacity as the Rotterdam and Amsterdam . It would be a shame.
  16. Specifically looking for info (and pictures if anyone has them) re: Vista Suites on Volendam after the 2019 drydock. Do they now have the flat panel TV on the wall? Are the bathrooms still the old peach color or have those been refreshed? Glass coffee table? Anything else new? Thanks!
  17. The Zuiderdams entire Summer/fall 2021 schedule from April 18th through December 23rd has been removed from the HAL agent booking system (POLAR) and is no longer viewable/bookable. This includes her Spring and Fall transatlantic sailings and entire Mediterranean season. These sailings still appear on the consumer website but attempting a booking on any of them results in the “oops something went wrong” error message. Smells like a redeployment to me - question is to where?....... Summer Caribbean or Mexican Riviera? Or a change to shorter 7nt round trip European sailings maybe from either Rome or Barcelona (similar to what Princess did with Enchanted’s itinerary). As they say - WATCH THIS SPACE!! EDIT !!!! - Volendam summer 2021 Alaska Schedule has also disappeared. She has a blank in her schedule now from April 21st to January 4th 2022. Maybe she’ll be replacing Zuiderdam in Europe and Zuiderdam replacing her in Alaska.???
  18. I follow a boat reviewer Aquaholic on YouTube and he is out for a ride in Tor Bay and circles around several ships - notably Westerdam, Volendam and Zaandam (QM2 and two P&O ships earlier). One thing's for sure - these blue-hull beauties need paint stat. The Volendam's white around the 3/4 aft name area is badly oxidized! YouTube link starting at the Westerdam ...
  19. Does anyone know why Volendam is going into dry dock in oct 2019
  20. Has anyone had one of these cabins? If so, we would be interested in any comments you might be willing to share.
  21. Someone posted today that their cruise for early 2022 on the Volendam was just cancelled. I heard a rumor of this also, so perhaps it is the next to leave the group??? Would be a shame, as we have sailed on her 3 times and really loved that ship.
  22. I'm trying to book a cabin on the Volendam for a January, 2022 cruise. When I get to the # of people in the cabin & click continue, the page just reloads.... any ideas how to get past this page?
  23. According to today's "Daily" (thanks Rich), Volendam is headed over 5,000 miles to Durban, South Africa, to arrive 15 August. Her next scheduled cruise is 17 October - just over two months from today - out of San Diego, so I am wondering the purpose of this voyage. Any idea if it is headed to Durban for maintenance or drydock? Due to the distance and arrival date, it appears Volendam will not be traveling at a much reduced speed as one would expect in these non-cruising times - she would have to average over 13 knots for the trip. Full disclosure: We are booked on the 17 October sailing so naturally we are interested in this ship's movements...
  24. I haven't cancelled yet, but I sent this to Holland America: "I know Holland America is monitoring the Covd-19 pandemic, but are you watching the situation in Brazil? The Volendam is scheduled to sail there in November, 2020. The government in Brazil is not supporting testing, physical distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment. A vaccine for Covid-19 is 12-18 months away from availability. Do you really want to take a shipload of people to Brazil in the absence of a vaccine and with conditions in Brazil that are getting worse by the day? Please consider conceling this cruise and redeploying the ship to a safer venue."
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