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  1. I don't see it posted yet, but some might be interested: https://www.smh.com.au/national/vanuatu-denies-entry-to-cruise-ship-following-influenza-diagnoses-20200229-p545kv.html This is becoming a thing now with crew or passengers coming down with flu causing cruise ships to be rejected by ports. Can't blame either side, but no one wins out of this. Cruisers lose a port, local businesses lose tourism. Covid-19 economic side effects.
  2. My husband and I are booked on Voyager out of Singapore on a 5 night cruise. We're not new to cruising, but this will be our first non US departure. What should we expect onboard as far as languages spoken, culture, etc? Will the announcements be in multiple languages? Thanks for anyone's input - we're excited to see a bit of Asia.
  3. Hey folks! Heading on the voyager for the first time after its been amped, feb 25th leaving sydney. One of our favourite bits is the diamond lounge but noticed its been moved to that room in the star lounge foyer. Anyone have any pics? Or thoughts/reviews? I've poked my head in before out of curiousity (before the amp) and cant imagine it'll hold everyone.. especially when happy hours roll around. It was crazy crowded up in the old diamond lounge last time we cruised, made it quite unpleasant, but it was in the middle of december so wondering if a feb cruise would be more quiet for that. Thoughts? Also, are they still running the diamond breakfast in the MDR? Thanks in advance x
  4. Has anyone been on the Voyager recently since they've moved the gym to the rear of the ship? Just wondering if there is still a sauna/steam room in the locker rooms or if they have been removed. Thanks
  5. Hi, I was thinking of booking either a JR suite or balcony above the bridge on deck 11, and wondering if anyone on here has any experience to share about these rooms. Would love a picture of the balcony, to see what it would look like, and what the view would be like. Thanks!
  6. anyone else booked on the above repositioning april 19th really concerned as to what's going to happen in light of coronavirus? I cannot see it going to Singapore now, will the ship pull out of asia altogether? where's it going to go instead? My final balance is due in a weeks time, at the moment I cannot book flights or accommodation as don't know if the ship will even go to Singapore...
  7. Gidday fellow cruisers! I understand that Johnny Rockets is no longer on VOTS due to the recently questionable amping Voyager underwent. Are the JR products, specifically the Apple Pie and the Milkshakes available elsewhere on the ship? Thank you. TraceyG😀
  8. I don't think this has been mentioned yet... The Eagle has landed! (Project Eagle) Voyager of the Seas' inaugural voyage was 20 years ago this week out of Miami. Several photos of her entering Miami here: https://voyager-class.com/pictures/exterior/inaugural/gallery.html Notwithstanding both Empress (transferred and brought back) & Majesty (announced transfer cancelled) whom under different circumstances/economies/etc both ships could've been gone from the fleet already, Sovereign, Monarch, Legend, Splendour are gone... Grandeur coming up shortly.... all gone at that approx 25 years of age plateau. I believe this birthday is very significant with so many more Oasis Class, Quantum Class and Icon ships on the books coming up this decade.
  9. Gidday fellow cruisers 😀 Just got asked about the fabulous Peek A Boo Bridge area. Can't find it on plans, more cabins. Gym down to almost a quarter of what it was, no Johnny Rockets, Hibachi, Jamies, Playmakers or Tiki bar. Beginning to wonder what the AMP in amped was all about... TraceyG😜
  10. Back from our 5 days cruise on Voyager of the Seas sailing to Penang, Malacca and Phuket. This was our second time with Royal Caribbean as we usually sail with NCL. We stayed in the Holiday Inn Atrium which is a nice hotel though out if the way from all of Singapore attractions. Breakfast was ample with lots of choices. For some reason our private transfer to the cruise was at 08:30. Far too early so I went to the foyer and told the driver we weren't going to use him so as not to keep him waiting any longer than he had to. We took a taxi around 11 to the pier. Reasonable fare of about £5. Once at the pier there were people collecting the luggages and then we proceeded through security. Once inside we noticed the huge queue at check in. Staff directed us upstair to another check in point. Here we got lucky as a male staff member noticed we were gold (from that one and only time we cruised RC) and directed us to the loyalty queue that said Platinum and above. There was no queue there at all. After checking in we were giving boarding card 1 and heading straight to the ship via immigration. In all it was the fastest time we ever got from pier to ship. About 20 mins. Our cabin wasn't ready so we headed to the buffet. It was alright. As lunchtime came, it got busier and by the time we left, people were struggling to find seats. Our cabin for this cruise was a spacious ocean view. Pretty big with a sofa and plenty of room between the bed and window for all our luggage on the floor. Our sea passes were in the notch at the door. Apparently RC are doing this now instead of receiving them in the pier. We met our stateroom attendant Xin who was very attentive and friendly. Saw him throughout the cruise was good. I come from a customer service background so I like to chat to crew members who make my holiday even better. The muster drill was ok. They scan our cards to show we attended. Then they shouted out those who hadn't scanned. First time I seen this practice and tbh I felt it wasted more time on those who took the time to attend. Here I noticed what mix of people we had. I tend to get up earlier than my partner so I had my breakfast at the café promenade whilst after she gets up we both go the buffet. Several times when it was busy, they opened Chops for extra seating at breakfast time. We ate at Windjammer, cafe promenade and Chops. When the buffet is busy it gets crazy. Chops was good. Better than Cagney in NCL. On the first night we attended a veterans memorial service. Thanks to RC for hosting this. Whilst I haven't served, it still has a place in my heart and mind. We did a lot of trivia. Met a lot of people. And the one shore excursion we did, it was actually good. Now the couple of issues we had. We pre-book the zoom and soft drink package. Given a cup for the soft drink. But no vending machine. We found out later the machine is broken and to go to any bar and get a drink. However it is limited. Coke, 7up, tonic water, soda water and maybe Fanta. We also discovered a day into the cruise you don't need the cup to show you purchase the package but just show your sea pass. Jing Jing from guest service give us a bottle of wine as the package isn't the same we signed up for. She also had to listen to my complain of no cold water running from the tap in the sink. First the maintenance changed my shower. Not the problem. So our shower now ran colder than before. Then someone ran the tap for 10 mins or so and said 35c is normal. No it's not. I did several other guests and discover that some were the same as me whilst other had cold water. It all depended on which deck you were. Anyway I still felt I wanted cold water so we were giving bottle water and $50 OBC. Also in our future cruise we will get 20% of what we paid for on this cruise to be put towards it That's I think are my thoughts and ramblings. If I remember anything else I will post.
  11. I am booked in JS 1154. Since this is a newly created cabin since the amplification, I was wondering if anyone has stayed there and has any pictures. In videos from Navigator, this suite has a humongous balcony, but small closet space and no bathtub. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  12. We had booked this cruise. I called tonight about paying for an upgrade from Balcony to Suite. Was told the ship is sold out. Then called another well known web travel site. They said that the cruise has been changed to smaller 4 night cruises, not out of Hong Kong. Is/Was/When RCCL going to call and let me know? We had already purchased our airline tickets, and subsequently, trip insurance from another site. I find it interesting that the reservation line for RCCL will tell me that it's sold out, rather than telling me it was cancelled or changed.
  13. I’ve just booked on Voyager, sailing in January (68 days to go!) and I had to book Traditional Dining as MTD was available for booking anymore. I’ve been on two previous cruises with Royal Caribbean and have always been on MTD but we did end up eating at the same time every night anyway so had the same table and waiters. I have a couple of questions about traditional dining: 1. We are a family of three, can we have our own table in traditional dining or are the tables all larger than for three people which means we have to share? 2. Is traditional dining still on deck 3 and deck 4 with MTD on deck 5? The Royal Caribbean app shows deck 3 as MTD....🤫 3. Are there tables for three people along the balcony on deck 4? I’m thinking that would be a nice location so we can look down to the grand stairs when there’s entertainment. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance 😊
  14. Gidday fellow cruisers! Just wondering if Hibatchi is available in Izumi on Voyager of the Seas post refit? Have checked cruise planner and just the usual offerings in the dining section. Thank you. TraceyG😀
  15. Does anyone know if on the newly refurbished Voyager (just completed) have they kept the sauna/steam in the fitness center/spa area. Thanks !
  16. This photo from her refurbishment in Singapore shows her with the light blue hull first used on the Oasis-class ships. Originally it was only to be a special color for that class, but then Quantum debuted with it too. Some of us wondered if RCI would use it fleet-wide. Now we know. It should be interesting to see this rollouts on other classes in the years ahead. Do you like the new look?
  17. Hi, there we are thinking of booking the explorer of the seas next year. We’ve only ever stayed in internal cabins but want to treat ourselves to a balcony. There will be 3 of us in a cabin and my question is which part of the ship do I book for a sunny balcony. Currently looking at aft 7388/7688 or 1688 do these balcony’s get a good amount of sun or are they shaded by the over hang or should I go midship on the hump? Thanks in advance for your advice 😊
  18. Can any one tell me the name of the ports for when we dock in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Are they in town or a distance out. The actual port name is what looking for. TIA.
  19. Hi all, would anyone have any information on the new deck 11 balconies at the front of the Voyager of the seas? It is showing new balcony cabins available at the front of the ship, but they where originally windows from the spa area. Has anyone stayed in these balcony cabins on other refurbished Voyager class ships? Do you have any photos you could share?
  20. I know this may be a long shot, but I figured this would be my only chance. Im looking for a blank key card, or any type of card, from Voyager of the Seas. I’m making a display with all of my key cards, but somehow lost my key card from my very first cruise, which was on Voyager of the Seas. So I’m looking for something to use as s placeholder in its place. Thank you all!!
  21. Just booked one of the few Panoramic Oceanview Suites on Voyager of the Seas. The cruise is only a 4 day, departing Singapore for Malaysia and Thailand next year. Still, I thought $600+ for a full suite with panoramic ceiling to floor windows at the front of the ship in both the living room and bedroom didn't seem bad. I'd miss the balcony, but the unique qualities of this cabin might make up for it? Agree or not? The highest category we've done on RCL before was a family junior suite on Quantum of the Seas. Are there many extra benefits with a full suite? Finally, I've been reading pretty mixed to poor reviews about Voyager. Several called her an old "rust bucket". Looks like there will be a dry dock soon, so maybe that will improve? Would you have any concerns about an older ship like Voyager? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  22. I admit I love the big bright shiny new ships 😆 I notice the voyager is having lots money spent on an upgrade For frequent cruisers DO YOU think they will renovate the whole ship so it looks like new? I know they are adding slide/spa etc but what about the interior etc Thank you
  23. Hey all, Is anyone else sailing on the Voyager of the Seas on August 2, 2020 out of Tokyo? Feeling a little panicky as there are no hotels showing as available within a two hour radius of Tokyo and anything that is available is like an apartment for over 2,000 a night!! or more.
  24. For those of you that have sailed in this cabin category, did you experience any noise from the gym below? I know from past use of the gym, the music in there is pretty loud with a lot of bass and wonder if that sound carries up to this cabin area. I have a chance to book one of these cabins on Mariner but am concerned about the possible noise. Thanks.
  25. Back home off the Voyager of the Seas 9 day Asian cruise. Have submitted a rather long review which will be up once it is approved I guess, but if anyone has any questions or concerns about the ship I may be able to answer them.
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