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  1. I hate to disagree, but we were on Maasdam for three weeks in May, in cabin 583 (deck 5, midship, starboard side), and I managed to get quite seasick (to the point of missing the all-day Port Alberni shore excursion, plus another day). Low decks help, midship helps, but take your anti-seasickness meds or wear the patch (I wore mine from before we left San Francisco on day one), but be aware you may well get ill, and there's only so much you can do to mitigate that. I was also on last fall's Viking Passage on Zuiderdam, which encountered some nasty weather, and also got sick (although our cabin was on deck 4). It's not going to stop me from being on ships and enjoying the rest of the voyage. Happy travels!
  2. Bolding is mine and I totally agree with you. Prinsendam was unbelievable to cross the pond in. And I agree on the combination of cut and ship size 100%. I’d be more confident to cross on an R class ship than a big mega ship that has high stories. I guess we will find out next year on the Zuiderdam 😉
  3. The cabin TV's on the Zuiderdam (and all updated ships) are mounted very close to the wall at the foot of your bed. The wall mounting bracket is not movable, nor can you angle the TV out from the wall. The HDMI jacks on those TV's are on the back, but are side mounted. You would need a VERY skinny hand to be able to get an HDMI cable plugged into one of the jacks. The normal input to those TV's is an ethernet cable (RJ-45). So, if you were able to get your HDMI cable plugged into the TV, you still have the problem of switching the TV's input over to the HDMI input. The remotes that HAL provides are special and do not allow input switching. You would have to bring along a universal remote and program it for the codes for the particular TV in your cabin. People have done it, but please remember to switch the TV back to ethernet before you disembark. Or, much simpler, go and have a few drinks and forget about your personal movies. HAL provides hundreds of titles that I'm sure you could find a few you will enjoy.
  4. Carnival Corp should have had plenty of internal information from HAL and the issues they had with the ABB Azipods on the Zuiderdam, Oesterdam, Westerdam and Norddam to figure out a proactive maintenance schedule.
  5. Agree. One of the reasons I liked the P’dam PG is it had it’s own kitchen. No problem to order “fresh” eggs (that was the term for eggs in the shell and not the goop on our last cruise). I hope the Zuiderdam works out for you.
  6. At least the Koningsdam has cooking facilities which provide hot, fresh waffles, french toast, and pancakes. We love the PG for breakfast but if I'm in the mood for those items I will go to the Lido, as much as I dislike it, and insist on made to order. If Zuiderdam doesnt use this opportunity to do it right and just offers priority MDR with PG menu for NS I will be disappointed.
  7. I see that the Zuiderdam will be in dry dock December 1-9. Maybe the CO renovations will be completed then. We cruise her starting December 10.
  8. Will be on the Zuiderdam 10/20/19 in a Neptune Suite. Will report back.
  9. ms Amsterdam At Sea ms Eurodam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Koningsdam Corfu Greece 08:00-18:00 ms Maasdam Kake (Alaska) United States 08:00-17:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Skagway (Alaska) United States 07:00-21:00 Web Cam https://wpyr.com/sights-sounds/webcams/ ms Nieuw Statendam Oslo Norway 08:00-17:00 ms Noordam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Oosterdam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 07:00 - 13:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Rotterdam Cruising -- - -- ms Veendam Rome/Civitavecchia -- - 06:00 PM ms Volendam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Westerdam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 07:00-15:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Zaandam Charlottetown (Princ Canada 08:00-17:00 ms Zuiderdam at Sea
  10. Hello! I searched back quite a few pages and tried the search but came up short. On the Zuiderdam - is it possible to stream from my laptop through the TV? There are a few shows Id like to stream that Ive downloaded. I cant recall if its possible from my last trip thanks.
  11. I am pretty sure that when I did the partial Canal on Zuiderdam, only ship excursions were possible. Those folks at our table that opted for ship’s excursions commented on what a long day it was and how hot they were. I did this trip in April, 2018. i stayed on the ship and enjoyed seeing the traffic thru the locks. Also, we could reach out and touch the sides when going thru the locks. This was my bucket list cruise, and I look forward to doing it again!
  12. Something that we missed this time from our previous visit to Tallin was a balloon ride We had hoped to get a balloon cam shot of the Zuiderdam . Will you settle for the Eclipse ?
  13. We have Zuiderdam 5191 booked for December. We love the aft corner NS , especially on Verandah deck. The cabin and verandah are enough for us to book a NS. The other perks that come with it like PG breakfast certainly enhance our experience, and the switch to the CO might be a disappointment but not reason for us not to book another NS. I'm sure HAL knows that many suite guests like the PG breakfast very much. I'd like to think they would not lower the standard with the Club Orange. Having said that, I hope they are behind schedule and the PG is still operational for breakfast in December.
  14. Thanks. We are booked on the Zuiderdam in December. All I could find was conversion will be completed in 2019 for all ships in the fleet, so I'd have to guess the 'Z' has a high likelihood of being converted for our cruise if schedules are being met.
  15. The view was worth the wait You can see the Zuiderdam in the center of the photo A hole in the wall It's still not right only allowing some photos but not others .
  16. Happy Canada Day! ms Amsterdam Seattle ms Eurodam Juneau (Alaska) United States 13:00-22:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Koningsdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Maasdam Haines (Alaska) United States 08:00-22:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Juneau (Alaska) United States 13:00-22:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Nieuw Statendam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Noordam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Oosterdam Sitka (Alaska) United States 08:00-16:00 Web Cam https://www.sitka.net/sitka-live-web-cams Web Cam http://www.lynden.com/aml/webcams/aml-sitka-cam.html ms Prinsendam Amsterdam Holland 07:00-17:00 ms Rotterdam Amsterdam -- - 05:00 PM ms Veendam Naples Italy 08:00-18:00 ms Volendam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 10:00-18:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Westerdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Zaandam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Zuiderdam Stockholm Sweden 08:00 � 17:00
  17. I just came across this thread and say it ain't so! We've been fortunate to have Brett as our lecturer (not sure the official title) on two cruises, and I was hoping we'd hit the jackpot and he'd be with us on our next one. We're doing the Viking Saga/Viking Passage cruise in July on the Zuiderdam. I was looking forward to the talks on this new to us part of the world.
  18. I’ve been on several cruises where the split has not been just by level - I’m pretty sure most recently was on Zuiderdam from Quebec to New York a couple of years ago when the same level was split. Of course, no matter what the ship does, there will be snags if people keep changing their minds about when/where to eat.
  19. Zuiderdam will pass thru the Atlantic Locks into Gatun Lake. At this point those people who wave booked excursions thru Holland America will be tendered ashore to begin their excursion. No private vendors are allowed. Those who are on excursions are taken to the port in Colon, to rejoin the ship. There is a limited opportunity to leave the ship in Colon. At that point you could arrange for a local vendor but the time available is rather short and some would say Colon is not much to visit.
  20. (1) What Mary said and also HAL is doing a thing where all available cabins are not displayed (!). When you see cabin(s) you are interested in, there is a place on a screen after "Chose my own cabin" where you can put in a cabin number -- then it will either display the deck plan with that cabin highlighted OR come up footnoted that the cabin is not available. But as Mary said, not available today is not necessarily booked by someone else; it could be on hold by a large travel agency. (1a) You could also call HAL (the operator that answers or ask to be assigned a Personal Cruise Consultant) and see if they can give you some 3-4 person cabins; have a deck plan in front of you. They may or may not be able to list them readily; I knew there were two connecting cabins available on a 21-day HAL cruise because they were showing on the two 10 and 11 day cruises it was also sold as, but not showing for the long cruise; my PCC had to call "Inventory" on her other line to confirm that! (2) Teens have their own hang-out (Club HAL) on HA ships. As long as it's during common school break periods, there should be some in the age group to pal with. (3) No reservations in the Lido, and you can also opt for As You Wish dining, which really does mean no reservation necessary on HAL. You just show up at the correct dining room and indicate whether you are open to sharing a larger table with others or ask for a table to yourselves. You may have to wait for a table for two, but usually not long at all. (4) In terms of how they treat you, HAL is a cut above NCL (our experience) and I think Carnival (based on their own marketing and reports on CC). We found RCI quite comparable in service and amenities, just a little different "flavor" (a bit more energy less sedate-ness in performers, for instance). I've been told Princess (which we're booked to try) and Celebrity will be more alike than different. (4a) Now, in terms of trampolines and flow-riders, HAL is not even trying to keep up. TG. So if lots of different on board activities is your interest, may not find it on HAL. Our last cruise was on the Zuiderdam and we -- a couple over 60 -- found her just the right size and the crew living up to HAL high standards.
  21. What do you mean you "only get one bag?" Unlimited for the cruise means what it says. We just got off Zuiderdam and on some days sent in multiple bags....no problem.
  22. I agree. Tried it first in 2005 on the Maasdam and loved it. A few years later on the Zuiderdam and Oosterdam it was not nearly as good. I tried it again on the Oosterdam earlier this month in Alaska hoping it would be as good as the first time but it was a big disappointment.
  23. I am new to HAL, was looking into June 2020 Europe 12-day cruise on Zuiderdam (Rome to Copenhagen), and was surprised to see that most of cabins were almost booked a year in advance! A few questions for you HAL experts here: 1) is this a glitch, or most people really do book a year in advance in HAL? HAL website actually had Nothing across the board for 3 or 4 passenger cabin, but Costco website still has a few cabins, I am surprised and confused. 2) would teenagers feel out of place in HAL? 3) can you eat at the Lido buffet most of the time without a reservation? We cruised with Norwegian in Europe last 3 years and enjoyed their freestyle cruising, now looking into HAL because of the really interesting itineraries. We don't enjoy sit down restaurants and formalities. 4) How would you place HAL compared to other cruise lines? I noticed the price was on par with Norwegian and Carnival and RCI, and much cheaper compared with Celebrity. Thanks in advance!
  24. You only get one bag so I think this might be difficult. We just got off Zuiderdam and was very pleased with the unlimited laundry service. We had no problems with anything. At home I only dry part way so things don’t shrink but we had no shrinkage or fading on any item. They may automatically adjust the laundry wash/dry. It was the best thing and I miss the service at home.
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