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  1. Fleet Report for 06-13-2019 ms Amsterdam Hubbard Glacier (Ala United States 14:00 - 18:00 ms Eurodam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 07:00 - 13:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Koningsdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Maasdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 11:00 - 19:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Nieuw Statendam Molde Norway 08:00-18:00 ms Noordam Skagway (Alaska) United States 07:00-21:00 ms Oosterdam Sitka (Alaska) United States 08:00-16:00 Web Cam https://www.sitka.net/sitka-live-web-cams Web Cam http://www.lynden.com/aml/webcams/aml-sitka-cam.html ms Prinsendam Foynes Ireland 08:00-18:00 ms Rotterdam Oslofjord -- - -- ms Rotterdam Oslo 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM ms Veendam Naples Italy 08:00-18:00 ms Volendam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Westerdam Juneau (Alaska) United States 08:00-18:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Zaandam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Zuiderdam Alesund Norway 08:00-17:00
  2. DRY DOCKS Amsterdam : 12 May 2020 – 26 May 2020 (?) TBC Noordam : 29 September 2019 – 13 October 2019 : Dry Dock, Victoria Shipyards, B.C. Rotterdam : 12 April 2020 – 22 April 2020 : (?) TBC Volendam : 18 – 31 October 2019, Drydock, Freeport, Bahamas. Zaandam : 07 April 2020 – 21 April 2020 : (?) TBC Zuiderdam : 01 – 09 December 2019, Drydock, Freeport, Bahamas. LAST COMPLETED DRY DOCK Amsterdam 28 April 2018 – 10 May 2018 Eurodam 08 April 2018 - 17 April 2018 Koningsdam 02 December 2018 - 09 December 2018 Maasdam 31 August 2018 - 08 September 2018 Nieuw Amsterdam 07 December 2017 - 19 December 2017 Noordam 10 April 2015 - 19 April 2015 Oosterdam 21 March 2018 - 02 April 2018 Prinsendam 07 December 2018 – 15 December 2018 Rotterdam 26 October 2017 - 03 November 2017 Veendam 06 April 2019 – 14 April 2019 (28 March 2016 - 08 April 2016) Volendam 24 November 2017 - 05 December 2017 Westerdam 14 April 2017 - 26 April 2017 Zaandam 02 April 2018 - 13 April 2018 Zuiderdam 23 October 2017 – 04 November 2017 CHARTERS (i.e. full ship charters) Amsterdam: 01 July 2019 – 08 July 2019 : Alaska : Olivia Charter Eurodam: 20 July 2019 – 27 July 2019 : Gaither Homecoming Charter 26 October 2019 – 02 November 2019 : Mexican Riviera : Legendary R & B Cruise 25 July 2020 – 01 August 2020 : Alaska : Gaither Homecoming Cruise Koningsdam: 26 September 2020 – 03 October 2020 : Pacific seaboard : Possible Charter/Dry Dock ? Nieuw Amsterdam: 18 January 2020 – 25 January 2020 : Caribbean : Soul Train Cruise 25 January 2020 – 01 February 2020: Caribbean : Country Music Cruise 07 March 2020 – 14 March 2020 : Caribbean : JoCo Cruise Nieuw Statendam: 19 January 2020 – 26 January 2020 : LRBC Blues Cruise 09 February 2020 – 16 February 2020 : RSVP Charter 22 March 2020 – 29 March 2020 : Inspiration Cruises Charter Noordam: 12 March 2020 – 19 March 2020 : New Zealand : ??? Oosterdam: 14 July 2019 – 21 July 2019 : Alaska : RSVP Charter 22 February 2020 – 29 February 2020 : Mexican Riviera : All Star Irish Cruise
  3. DH and I were given a complimentary dinner in Canaletto on our Zuiderdam Transatlantic cruise in April/May. We'd not been impressed with the venue when we'd tried it a couple of years prior, but since this one was free, we decided to give it a go. We did not enjoy it. The flavors of the food were only okay, but our shared sea bass entrée (large plate to share) was so miniscule that it would have easily passed for an appetizer for one in the MD. The fish was dry, and I can say that it was NOT sea bass. We felt like this "dinner" would have passed better as tapas. We ate early, at 6 PM. When 9 PM rolled around, we were both hungry again and ordered sandwiches from room service. If HAL gives us another one of these complimentary dinners, well - No, thank you.
  4. Did some rough calculations based on Zuiderdam's plant, and the original itinerary to go the 162 nm from Kiel to Copenhagen at 10 knots (16 hours, 2pm to 6am?) and the actual steaming of 16 knots (10 hours, 10pm to 8am). The difference in fuel consumption is about 14mt ($4200), or an increase of 12% in consumption.
  5. A big thanks for your first hand account of this most recent incident. As someone who was on that earlier Zuiderdam cruise with you (as you know), I am starting to think you must be the jinx. 🤣 Seriously, I was glad to read from your post how well HAL handled the issue and made things as convenient as possible for disembarking passengers who needed to make new arrangements, catch tight flights, etc. It was very different on that earlier cruise -- no offer of phone or internet access for passengers who had to rearrange things from the middle of the North Atlantic, and apparently no notification to the necessary folks on the ground of our un-scheduled docking in Brooklyn, which meant no taxis and created a total mess that morning. So yes, we were a couple of disembarking guests with those "headaches" you mentioned, and I'm glad HAL did a better job this time around!
  6. An irony in this--I suppose they will chalk it up to a loss for a greater good--I wonder how much extra fuel Zuiderdam used making up 6 of the 8 hours they were detained on the way to Copenhagen. Roy
  7. There is a long discussion on the HAL board about the Zuiderdam being blocked in Kiel.
  8. Go to Roll Calls on the main board, then Holland America and then Zuiderdam. You will end up here. Just press the blue button that says “Start New Topic” (exactly as you did here to ask the question) and you are off to the races.
  9. Fleet Report for 06-12-2019 ms Amsterdam Kodiak (Alaska) United States 07:00 - 14:00 ms Eurodam Sitka (Alaska) United States 08:00-17:00 Web Cam https://www.sitka.net/sitka-live-web-cams Web Cam http://www.lynden.com/aml/webcams/aml-sitka-cam.html ms Koningsdam Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy 07:00-17:00 ms Maasdam Wrangell (Alaska) United States 07:00-15:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Nieuw Statendam Bergen Norway 08:00-17:00 ms Noordam Juneau (Alaska) United States 10:00-22:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Oosterdam Hubbard Glacier (Ala United States 14:00 - 18:00 ms Prinsendam Killybegs Ireland 08:00-17:00 ms Rotterdam Kristiansand 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM ms Veendam Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy 07:00-19:00 ms Volendam Vancouver Canada 07:00 - 16:30 Web Cam http://www.northvancouver.com/webcams/cruisecam/ Web Cam http://www.visioncritical.com/the-view-from-here ms Westerdam Haines (Alaska) United States 06:30 - 21:00 ms Zaandam Charlottetown (Princ Canada 08:00-18:00 ms Zuiderdam Bergen Norway 08:00-17:00
  10. The Zuiderdam has two lovely itineraries for this day and our CC friends are bound to enjoy some wonderful sights with Iceland & Norway on the schedule and, for those staying on longer, the Baltics await. Whichever itinerary our CC friends have chosen, we hope they have a memorable time and, of course, we wish them safe travels, fair winds and smooth seas. Bon Voyage to Zuiderdam - 14 day Northern Isle Cruise: mjcruise101 AnnieBelle Bon Voyage to Zuiderdam - 26 day Northern Isles & Jewels of the Baltics: Stratheden Bon Voyage everyone!!!!!! Have a great cruise and a WONDERFUL time!!!!!
  11. It has been a few years since we have sailed on HAL. We love the smaller ships, however for the Mediterranean there appears to be two options that I am seeing for spring 2020 - Niew Amsterdam and Zuiderdam. I am looking at three different 24 day itineraries. Each double up their visit to ports we have been to previously with the B2B co-mingled. I think that our preferred itinerary may be sailed by Zuiderdam. I realize NA is the newest ship and that is attractive. That said, all three itineraries have bonus ports for us. Several we have visited and several we have not. We most likely will book a Verandah and all three are super limited on availability, therefore we need to decide quickly. Particularly with the latest promotion. Suites are just as limited in availability on all three. I would really appreciate some some input on these two ships - we don’t care about casinos, art auctions, photos, shopping, and honestly the entertainment is not huge although we typically enjoy a few shows. Food & restaurants, wine selections, our stateroom, our deck, outside promenade for walking are more important to us. Any insights or feedback would sure be appreciated. Thank you so much for assistance
  12. Warning: Public transport strike Netherlands May 28th effecting Zuiderdam visit to Amsterdam! A Public transport strike is planned for May 28th in the Netherlands. There will be 24 hours strike effecting all trains and also all city public transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Strike could be spreading to other sectors, they are related to the pension age, so affecting all working sectors in the Netherlands. If you do a ships tour, these most probably won’t be effected, but if you plan to go on your own, do not expect any public transport within the mentioned city’s, nor trains in the whole country. Also expect an increase in road traffic, due to the absence of public transport, more people will have to use cars, that normally would travel by public transport. News media in Dutch, but you can use google translate; https://www.nu.nl/economie/5881119/grote-staking-ns-en-stadsvervoer-in-drie-grootste-steden-op-28-mei.html https://www.ad.nl/binnenland/treinverkeer-en-ov-grote-steden-plat-op-28-mei~a8530fd4/
  13. Yes it was an interesting cruise, but not at the same "interesting" level as our Zuiderdam cruise last fall.🙂 Hopefully, I can start a post-cruise photo review of the cruise on this site fairly soon.
  14. Does anyone know if there are Mah Jongg game on board the Zuiderdam? Thanks.
  15. We will be on the Zuiderdam October 20 for a 10-day Panama Canal Sunfarer Cruise. Looking forward to it!
  16. I do not agree with everyting the Green party want´s - say´s or is doing- but calling them ill- or whatever is a bit to much! I am glad they are around since more than 30 years- they acted as eye opener for many people- and not just Germans. Our current goverment is on it´s last legs- with the election not too far away. I would really like to see the Green party with a bit influence- even in colation to built a new goverment! A litte bit of a " Green" influcene would be beneficial for many a state I could name..! That flag with the scull to eliminate cruising alltogether they used in sundays protests is nonsense- they should have done their homework a bit better- there are options for cruise lines to minimize the dirt they blow out into the sky´s ! They should just use them. If those activists will help to push the cruise lines out of their confort zone and force them to act - all the better! For those who mentioned they should have stopped a German ship- well for that matter- i guess the Zuiderdam was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! Either ship would have served their purpose!
  17. Fleet Report for 06-11-2019 ms Amsterdam Homer (Alaska) United States 08:00-18:00 ms Eurodam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Koningsdam Naples Italy 07:00-19:00 ms Maasdam Kake (Alaska) United States 08:00-17:00 ms Nieuw Amsterdam Skagway (Alaska) United States 07:00-21:00 ms Nieuw Statendam Eidfjord Norway 08:00-18:00 ms Noordam Ketchikan (Alaska) United States 07:00-15:00 Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view/ Web Cam https://webcamketchikan.com/mega-view-cam-7/ ms Oosterdam Juneau (Alaska) United States 13:00 - 21:00 Web Cam https://www.juneauharborwebcam.com/ Web Cam http://webcams.thesnowcloud.com/ ms Prinsendam Belfast (Northern Ir United Kingdom 08:00-18:00 ms Rotterdam Stavanger 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM ms Veendam Livorno (Florence/Pi Italy 07:00-19:00 ms Volendam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Westerdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59 ms Zaandam Sydney (Nova Scotia) Canada 10:00-18:00 ms Zuiderdam At Sea Intl. Waters 00:00-23:59
  18. On our cruise fromMontreal to NY several years ago, I had lobster in every port. No lobster rolls, just large fresh lobster. I'm planning to do the same on my upcoming Zuiderdam cruise.
  19. Is waiting until people get hurt or killed really the criteria for action ? An ounce of prevention is better . Why aren't these protesters protesting at an AIDA or Mein Schiff ship or at the Naval shipyard across from Zuiderdam building ships in Kiel ?
  20. Zuiderdam in March '19 this year, Neptune Suite, we got the flimsy dark blue nonwoven poly bags.
  21. We are on HAL Zuiderdam with an overnight stop in Reykjavik in July. It is my understanding that we will be docked someplace about 2 miles from the downtown area. Do any of you know if either HAL or the city will provide a shuttle to the downtown area? If so, will it be free? If not a shuttle, which other transportation may be available? Any information is welcome. Thank you.
  22. Will be taking my C-PAP machine on a 17 night Zuiderdam cruise. Are there electric outlets close to the bed? Do I need to bring an extension chord? It is a verandah cabin.
  23. Why ? It to restrict peoples freedom to travel or own a car ? That is the stated goal of the cruise protesters - to eliminate cruise ships and cruising . No more cruising no more cruise critic and the workers that they claim to be helping have no more jobs . https://tkkg.noblogs.org/post/2019/06/09/kreuzfahrtschiff-zuiderdam-in-kiel-blockiert-fuer-urlaub-ohne-ausbeutung-und-umweltzerstoerung
  24. We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this, you need to post your details here to allow sufficient time to be on the updated Future Cruise Listing. It’s better to post earlier than later but if it is later please post THREE weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We would also be interested to know if this is your first cruise, your first HAL cruise or if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and difficult for others to read. While this list is a lot of fun, please don't mistake it for a Roll Call thread. You can go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic and find your cruise to sign up there too. That's where your Meet & Greet planning, tour sharing, and other activities specific to your cruise will be happening. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours). Please NOTE - the listing will not be updated every week for part of April & May so please give plenty of notice for your cruises to receive a Bon Voyage. APRIL 2019 Eurodam - 13-Apr-19 - 16 day Circle Hawaii saturn93 Eurodam - 13-Apr-19 - 20 day Hawaii - San Diego - VCR sambamama - celebrating birthday N Amsterdam - 14-Apr-19 - 7 day Mexican Riviera fyree39 - first HAL cruise azrose Westerdam - 14-Apr-19 - 14 day Japan & Russia GarySuzy bennybear Westerdam – 14-Apr-19 – 29 Day Japan, Russia & N Pacific Crossing Collectors eswn – B2B following Mar. 17th N Statendam - 14-Apr-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean ASIWISH Maasdam - 15-Apr-19 - 24 day Polynesian (Auckland to San Fran) aliaschief & DWAliaschief Amsterdam - 18-Apr-19 - 28 day final 2 segments of World cruise RuthC N Statendam - 21-Apr-19 - 14 day Transatlantic Azores & Normandy cayman09 rafinmd - B2B2B with Queen Victoria May 9 and QM2 May 12 N Statendam- 21-Apr-19 - 21 day Transatlantic Azores, Normandy, Amsterdam & Norwegian Fjords Traveling Dot Zuiderdam – 21-Apr-19 – 16 days Azores & Normandy Expedition crystalspin – & dr’spin Taters Prinsendam - 24-Apr-19 - 12 day European River Explorer gwilli Prinsendam – 24-Apr-19 – 26 day European River and Celtic Explorer StLouisCruisers N Amsterdam - 28-Apr-19 - 6 day Pacific Coastal Roz - B2B with May 4th Canadianbear jhannah Westerdam - 28-Apr-19 - Yokohoma to VCR LoveHal - 1st time on Westerdam & 3rd Transpacific Chickadee910 Koningsdam – 29-Apr-19 – 11 night Ancient Empires vinonme2 – getaway for her and daughter in law Eurodam - 29-Apr-19 - 4 night Pacific Coastal Clarabella_Baby MAY 2019 N Amsterdam - 04-May-19 - 7 day Alaska Inside Passage Roz - B2B following Apr. 28th Veendam - 05-May-19 - 10 day Adriatic Dream (Venice to Civi) Portofrome Maasdam – 07-May-19 – 21 day Ultimate Alaska & Pacific Northwest Adventure RetiredNow Queen Victoria - 9-May-19 -3 Night Kiel To Southampton. rafinmd - B2B2B following Nieuw Statendam Apr 21 & with QM2 May 12 Eurodam – 11-May-19 – Alaskan Explorer gknep – 1st HAL cruise Zaandam - 11-May-19 - 14 day Canada & NE Discovery DocJohnB Sedband Mom Queen Mary 2 - 12-May-19 12-night Bruges & Guernsey [ to New York rafinmd - B2B2B following Nieuw Statendam Apr 21 and Queen Victoria May 9 Oosterdam - 19-May-19 - 7 day Alaska slymkinzer - Tom & Julie - Party of 11 Koningsdam - 20-May-19 - 12 day Mediterranean Legends trub - early summer culture trip DC1979- celebrating birthday, 1st trip to the Med Volendam - 22-May-19 - 7 day Alaska Inside Passage sppunk Rotterdam - 25-May-19 - 14 night North Cape Veenendaal6 Maasdam - 28-May-19 - 21 day Ultimate Alaska & Pacific Northwest Adventurer (R/T San Fran) kplady & CPLBill joekerstef TampaMike Jaspersmycat JUNE 2019 Koningsdam - 01-Jun-19 - 11 day Ancient Empires simplyrubies N Statendam - 02-Jun-19 - 7 night Viking Saga qoap24 Celebrity Reflection - 03-Jun-19 - 11 night Ireland and Iceland AZNative2000 Eurodam - 08-Jun-19 - 7 day Alaskan Inside Passage Nattyg1723 -first ever cruise N Statendam - 09-Jun-19 - 14 day Voyage of the Midnight Sun TylerRose PotatoTrousers Zuiderdam – 10-Jun-19 – 14 day Northern Isle Cruise mjcruise101 AnnieBelle Zuiderdam – 10-Jun-19 – 26 day Northern Isles & Jewels of the Baltics Stratheden N Amsterdam – 12-Jun-19 – 11 day Yukon & Double Denali Lucie73821 – B2B with June 23rd on Noordam, travelling with family & celebrating Lucie’s 10th anniversary, in law’s 50th anniversary as aunt & uncle’s 50th anniversary N Amsterdam - 15-Jun-19 - 7 day Alaska R/T Vcr Italy52 Himself- B2B with June 22nd Prinsendam – 17-Jun-19 – 14 day North Cape & Pearls of Norway – Prinsendam’s Final & Farewell Cruise samsonmo Maasdam – 18-Jun-19 – 21 day Great Alaskan & Pacific Northwest Explorer Scluvsrain RuthC BumperII&Terry Westerdam - 23-Jun-19 - 12 day Double Denali 4Wegirls- land portion begins June 20th, 1st cruise ever & 5th anniversary N Amsterdam - 22-Jun-19 - Alaska R/T VCR Himself - B2B following June 15th Emerald Princess – 22-Jun-19 – 14 day Adriatic & Western Mediterranean Medley StLouisCruisers – early 50th anniversary celebration, children and grandchildren joining in on the cruise and celebration Oosterdam - 23-Jun-19 - 7 day Alaska luvteaching - celebrating the end of the schoolyear Noordam – 23-Jun-19 – 7 day Glacier Discovery Southbound Lucie73821 – B2B following June 12th on N Amsterdam, travelling with family & celebrating Lucie’s 10th anniversary, in law’s 50th anniversary as aunt & uncle’s 50th anniversary N Statendam- 23-Jun-19 - 7 night Norse Legends mtown - 1st cruise ever & 2 college grad celebrations Zuiderdam - 24-Jun-19 - 12 day Jewels of the Baltic TheEmerson - DD's graduation present holacanada Koningsdam - 24-Jun-19 - 13 day Mediterrean Legends suspaul - first HAL cruise N Amsterdam - 29-Jun-19 - 7 day Alaskan Inside Passage Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana JULY 2019 Zuiderdam - 02-Jul-19 - 24 day Northern Isles & Jewels of the Baltic Lucie73821 Rotterdam – 06-Jul-19 – 24 day Copenhagen to Boston mauimacho Amsterdam - 15-Jul-19 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer highfields - 55th Wedding Anniversary and attaining 4-Star Mariner Oceania Regatta- 09-Jul-19 - 7 day Alaska ArtsyCraftsy -birthday cruise Noordam - 21-Jul-19 - 11 day Double Denali cruise terrydtx - 1st suite with HAL & DW & Grandson, (land portion after) Amsterdam - 29-Jul-19 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer puli Zuiderdam – 30-Jul-19 – 35 day Voyage of the Vikings (R/T Boston) scluvsrain RetiredMustang AUGUST 2019 Scenic Gem - 07-Aug-19 - 11 day Normandy & Gems of the Seine- 1of4 - flying to Paris a week early of Aug. 7th sailing to celebrate DD's 18th birthday Eurodam - 03-Aug-19- 7 day Alaska grsnovi - 4th Alaska cruise - taking kids & grand kids N Statendam - 04-Aug-19 - 14 day Northern Isles we're sailing away..... - B2B2B2B2B2B with Aug. 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th Oosterdam - 04-Aug-19 - 7 day Alaska beaming90 - First HAL cruise & first time to Alaska, 2 friends celebrating 75th birthday Rotterdam - 04-Aug-19 - 14 day British Isles bigjohn42 - celebrating 30th anniversary Veendam - 07-Aug-19 - 12 day Adriatic Dream (Venice -Bcn) Kittie Ladie - 2nd cruise with HAL, DH's first N Amsterdam - 10-Aug-19 - Alaska Inside Passage kscarpetta2 -1st HAL cruise, celebrating 54th b'day & parents 55th anniversary Koningsdam - 10-Aug-19 - 11 day Mediterranean Ancient Empires. Sailingdutchy - celebrating 50th anniversary & travelling with daughter, SIL & 2 grandsons who are on their first cruise Celebrity Summit – 11-Aug-19 – 7 day Vacaya inaugural Provincetown cruise Boytjie Amsterdam - 12-Aug-19 - 14 day Alaska luvteaching - achieving 4* on this cruise LynnObie Rotterdam – 18-Aug-19 – 20 day Icelandic Fjords & Greenland Explorer dfish N Statendam - 18-Aug-19 - 7 day Viking Sagas we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th & with Aug. 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th N Statendam - 25-Aug-19 - 14 day Jewels of the Baltic asebastian we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th & 25th & with Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th N Statendam – 25-Aug-19 – 53 days - ? we’re sailing away…. Veendam - 26-Aug-19 – 12 day Voyage of the Explorers JR42 Amsterdam – 26-Aug-19 – 14 day R/T Seattle StLouisCruisers – celebrating 50th wedding anniversary on board N Amsterdam - 31-Aug-19 - 7 day Alaskan Inside Passage crunchii & Zarmengar SEPTEMBER 2019 Zuiderdam - 03-Sep-19- 12 day Colors of Canada & New England vms & majormomma- mother - daughter trip Oosterdam – 08-Sep-19 – 7 night Alaska Explorer razzinger – 1st time on HAL & to Alaska, 9th cruise overall N Statendam - 08-Sep-19 - 7 day Norse Legends we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th & with Sept. 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th Amsterdam - 09-Sep-19 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer IrishSmileyM3 - 3rd HAL cruise, 1st Alaska, celebrating 12.5th anniversary N Statendam – 15-Sep-19 – 12 day Iberian Adventure travelqueen101 - celebrating 60th birthday we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th and with Sept. 27th & Oct. 7th Zuiderdam – 15-Sep-19 – 12 day Quebec to NYC mamaofami – 60th anniversary trip Amsterdam - 23-Sep-19 - 35 day Incan Empires ArtsyCraftsy woodworker & knitter N Statendam - 27-Sep-19 - 10 day Mediterranean Mosaic we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th & with Oct. 7th Eurodam - 29-Sep-19 - 16 day collector R/T Vancouver - Hawaii & Pacific, Mexico pizzadog -celebrating 54th wedding anniversary Westerdam – 29-Sep-19 – 13 day North Pacific CrossingK rwams – with granddaughter OCTOBER 2019 Rotterdam – 05-Oct-19 – 14 day European River Explorer doncarlos & Fishbabe N Statendam - 07-Oct-19 - 10 day Mediterranean Dream I like vacation - celebrating an anniversary & achieving 3* status we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th Koningsdam - 31-Oct-19 - 13 day Passage to America vinonme2 -with sister, DS's 1st cruise, pre-cruise stay in Lake Como & Tuscany for 2 weeks Eurodam - 15-Oct-19 - 4 night Pacific Coastal msmayor - B2B with 7 night Mexican Riviera Koningsdam – 18-Oct-19 – 13 day Mediterranean Legend we’re sailing away…..- B2B2B with Oct. 31st & Nov. 13th Koningsdam – 18-Oct-19 – 26 day Mediterranean Legend & Passage to America Sailingdutchy Vict0riann Queen Mary 2 - 18-Oct-19 - 7-night Eastbound Transatlantic rafinmd - B2B2B with Crystal Bach Oct 25 and Crystal Serenity Nov 5 Eurodam - 19-Oct-19 - 7 night Mexican Riviera msmayor - B2B following 4 night Pacific coastal N Amsterdam – 19-Oct-19 – 14 day Eastern/Tropical Caribbean saturn93 Rotterdam – 19-Oct-19 – 32 day Holy Land and Passage to America aliaschief & DWaliaschief Oosterdam - 20-Oct-19 - 17 day Circle Hawaii cat shepard AMA Amacerto - 27-Oct-19 - 7 day Legendary Danube (Nuremburg - Budapest AZNATIVE2000 - visiting Prague Oct. 21st precruise Crystal Bach 25-Oct-19 - 10-night Enchanting Moselle rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18 & with Crystal Serenity Nov5 Amsterdam - 28-Oct-19 - 51 day Tales of the South Pacific Traveling Dot FlorenceItaly Koningsdam - 31-Oct-19 - 13 day Passage to America we're sailing away.....- B2B2B following Oct. 18th & with Nov. 13th NOVEMBER 2019 Rotterdam - 02-Nov-19 – 18 day Journey to the New World Overhead Fred – 1st Rotterdam cruise Crystal Serenity - 5-Nov-19 - 19-night Explorer Combination - Barcelona to FTL rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18, Crystal Bach Oct 25 and with Symphony Nov 24 N Statendam - 10-Nov-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean Crazy For Cats the2ofus- B2B with Nov. 17th Judyrem - first HAL cruise, 70th birthday celebration Koningsdam - 13-Nov-19 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer we're sailing away.... - B2B2B following Oct. 18th & Oct. 31st Celebrity Silhouette - 14-Nov-19 - 8 Day Southern Caribbean Cruisinetta N Statendam - 17-Nov-19 - 14 day Western/Tropical Caribbean taxmantoo the2ofus- B2B following Nov. 10th Volendam – 20-Nov-19 – 30 Night Amazon Explorer Loreto – celebrating 50th wedding anniversary Chergs N Statendam - 24-Nov-19 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean HELENPSL - annual Thanksgiving cruise with Angelo N Statendam - 24-Nov-19 - 14 day Tropical/Eastern Caribbean oldpharmguy Koningsdam - 24-Nov-19 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer wdw 1972 Crystal Serenity -24-Nov-19 - 7-night Caribbean Cornucopia from Miami rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18, Crystal Bach Oct 25 & Crystal Serenity Nov 5 DECEMBER 2019 N. Statendam - 01-Dec-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean deliver42 Zuiderdam - 09-Dec-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Mr and Mrs CIQ -retirement cruise Veendam – 11-Dec-19 – 7 night Authentic Cuba madera1 Rotterdam - 06-Dec-19 - 15 day Panama Canal sambamama - 1st time on Rotterdam & West to East Panama Veendam – 18-Dec-19 – 10 day Cuban Explorer Holiday Crazy For Cats Westerdam - 21-Dec-19 - 14 day Far East Discovery TN Fem Oosterdam - 28-Dec-19 - 7 day Mexican Riviera LynnObie - 50th wedding anniversary with 3 daughters, spouses & 2 grandchildren JANUARY 2020 Amsterdam – 04-Jan-20 - Grand World Voyage we’re sailing away…. mame42 scluvsrain Scrapnana DeepWaterMariner – 2nd World Voyage N Amsterdam - 04-Jan-20 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean kcohleffel - 1st HAL cruise Volendam – 05-Jan-20 – 77 day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage Oak Hill Cruisers travellersrest TBcruiserguy Zaandam - 09-Jan-20 - 22 day South America& Antarctica 0bnxshs & Missy's Mom – birthday celebration on board & achieving 5* Westerdam - 16-Jan-20 - 30 day Far East Discovery Collector pictonite Crystal Serenity - 22-Jan-20 - 40-day World Cruise Segment Los Angeles to Sydney rafinmd - B2B with QM2 March 5 Regent Seven Seas Mariner - 24-Jan-20 - 131 day World Cruise ArtsyCraftsy - first World Cruise FEBRUARY 2020 N Statendam - 9-Feb-20 - 14 day Tropical Caribbean Typhoon1 Eurodam - 16-Feb-20 - 14 day Panama Canal (FLL - SD) RetiredMustang Koningsdam - 23-Feb-20 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer esimon - Robert, Ellen, Lynn and Will Ohio MARCH 2020 Queen Mary 2 - 06-Mar-20 - 50-day World Cruise Segment Sydney to New York rafinmd - B2B with Crystal Serenity January 22 Zaandam – 07-Mar-20 – 31 day South America, Inca & Panama Canal Discovery kazu Rotterdam – 11-Mar-20 – Panama Canal San D to FLL DeeniEncinitas - B2B with Oceania Riviera – March 30th Oosterdam - 14-Mar-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera KroozNut Koningsdam – 15-Mar-20 – 44 day Voyage of the Americas – (FLL – SD) Overhead Fred – longest cruise ever Maasdam - 15-Mar-20 - 19 day South Pacific madera1 Eurodam – 18-Mar-20 – 18 day Circle Hawaii lakeside42 jeda -celebrating 40th anniversary - B2B with Pacific Coastal Apr. 5th Oceania Riviera – 30- Mar-20 – TA Miami to Rome DeeniEncinitas – B2B following Rotterdam March 11th APRIL 2020 Eurodam - 05-Apr-20 - 6 day Pacific Coastal jeda - B2B following Mar. 18th Rotterdam - 07-Apr-20 - 7 day Western Caribbean TomAndJane Queen Elizabeth - 11-Apr-20 - 9 night Southern Japan AZNative2000 - 45th anniversary cruise Oceania Riviera - 19-Apr-20 - 10 day Monte Carlo - BCN DeeniEncinitas - Christmas present from DH Westerdam - 25-Apr-20 - 16 day North Pacific Crossing Taters MAY 2020 N Statendam - 10-May-20 - 14 day Jewels of the Baltic rwams Maasdam - 18-May-20 - 14 day Great Alaska Explorer Italy52 TomAndJane woodworker & knitter JUNE 2020 N Amsterdam - 03-Jun-20 - 24 day Mediterranean Empires/Adriatic Dream taxmantoo JULY 2020 N. Statendam- 19-Jul-20 - 7 day Norwegian fjord Bramcruiser AUGUST 2020 Viking Orion - 04-Aug-20 - 68 day Grand Cape Horn Adventure ArtsyCraftsy Zuiderdam - 09-Aug-20 - 10 day Jewels of the Baltic shudie- B2B with Aug. 19th Zuiderdam - 19-Aug-20 - 19 day Viking Passage I like vacation Vict0riann - big birthday on board shudie- B2B with Aug. 9th Queen Mary 2 - 21-Aug-20 - 7-night Eastbound Transatlantic rafinmd - B2B2B with Crystal Serenity 30 Aug and Zuiderdam Sept 17th Crystal Serenity - 30-Aug-20 - 13 day TA Discovery (BCN - Que) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and with Zuiderdam Sept. 17th SEPTEMBER 2020 Zuiderdam - 07-Sep-20 - 10 day Colors of Canada & New England crunchii & Zarmengar - 3rd HAL cruise Zuiderdam - 17-Sep-20 - 10 day Colors of Canada & New England (Que - NY) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and Crystal Serenity Aug. 30th Viking Sea - 21-Sep-20 - 10 days Empire of the Mediterranean (Venice to Athens) terrydtx - 1st Viking Ocean cruise, celebrating50th anniversary OCTOBER 2020 Viking Tir – 01-Oct-20 – 14 day Grand European River Cruise (Budapest to Amsterdam) aliaschief & DWaliaschief - 1st Grand river cruise Rotterdam - 15-Oct-20 - 15 day Transatlantic (BCN - FLL) sambamama- 1st time to Africa NOVEMBER 2020 Zuiderdam - 29-Nov-20 - Southern Caribbean Cruisinetta DECEMBER 2020 N Statendam - 02-12-20 - 11 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer wdw1972 N Statendam - 02-12-20 - 21 day Caribbean (B2B Dec. 2-23) cate54 - mother & daughter cruise MARCH 2021 N Statendam - 21-Mar-21 - 10 day cruise doone - Friends & Family cruise HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Roy (For Jacqui)
  25. The last time we decided to visit Canaletto was when we were on the Zuiderdam for a few weeks. We had no problem getting a reservation and when we arrived at the dedicated part of the Lido we were surprised to find that there were only about 3 tables of diners. We sat down and the waiter immediately came over to explain the menu. We asked for the wine steward and said we did not want any food until we had our wine (we do this from experience). At that point we waited over 20 minutes until the wine steward finally arrived (he was working in the nearby Lido). We ordered one of the medium priced Italian wines and were quickly told there was none aboard. We then ordered a 2nd Italian wine and the wine steward said they had none of that aboard. We tired a third wine which also was not aboard. At that point we asked the steward what he did have and he mentioned a couple of typical low priced wines (think Robert Mondavi)! This was early in a long cruise and we were not happy that HAL gave us a faux wine list (most of the wines on the list were not on the ship). So we politely thanked the wine steward and got up from our table. At that point the Maitre'd approached us and asked if we had a problem and we explained that we were in an "Italian venue" that had no Italian wines on the menu. We asked him to cancel our reservation and took the elevator down to the MDR where we went for the normal Anytime dinner. We cruise many different lines and HAL has the saddest alternative restaurants in the industry (Princess is close). Lines like Celebrity now charge over $50 for some of their alternative restaurants and get plenty of customers. HAL has relatively low priced alternative restaurants (we get a 50% discount) and they are not even worth the low price! That being said, we still like our lunches in the Pinnacle...although dinner is not impressive. Hank
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