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Found 208 results

  1. We left MIA on Monday , May, 27th flying on a British Air 747-400 for our first transatlantic flight on BA . A train runs out from beneath the lounge to the gate . We were flying Business Class on the upper deck which seats only 20 passengers It has an unusual seating arrangement where one rides forward and the next seat backward facing each other . My seat facing my wife's seat and my foot rest Seat instructions
  2. Anyone know if Zuiderdam casino has a craps table.
  3. We will be on the Zuiderdam on Wednesday for repo cruise from Quebec City to ft. Lauderdale. Never done this itinerary or been on this ship so any hints, suggestions would certainly be appreciated. (QC, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Portland, Boston, Newport, NYC). Flying into Quebec day before so planning on site seeing here as well. Thanks
  4. Does the forward elevator on the Zuiderdam take you all the way to the Retreat on deck 11 or do you have to get off the elevator at deck 10 and walk up stairs?
  5. Let me start off by saying this is our 3rd H A cruise and we really do love the line. Our first 2 cruises with them were flawless and we really loved it. This one "NOT SO MUCH". Here's my problem with them anymore in no special order: They use to have an actual "Internet Room" with about 15 to 20 computers-No More. They now have 3 computers and the guy in charge of it said "Oh everybody brings their own devices now". My smartphone does not have that big of a screen so this made me very UNHAPPY. Plus it was incredibly SLOW and down about 40% of the time. 2. The TV channels were once again "HORRENDOUS". I think we got 3 news channels and 3 other worthless channels. Quite frustrating on a 13 day cruise. 3. The DRINK PACKAGE---ITS A RIPOFF--HERE ME OUT-- No one told us that the dollar limit is $11 per drink. My wife and myself like Moscato wine and the only Moscato was priced at $12 a glass. I asked the Head Wine Stewart if I could just pay the one dollar difference and he said NO SIR as he would have to charge me the full $12 for a glass on that. Iam going to write a nice letter to Orlando on this as its simply RIDICULOUS. 4. We prefer on almost all occasions to have lunch and dinner up on the Lido Deck #9 and just go to the Bistro. Now this proved to be another frustrating experience. Here's what happens almost all the time. We would get in line and work our way around from the bread to the cheese to the soup and finally the place where they offer the 5 or 6 entrees. But here's the problem, you are "patiently" waiting in line thinking that your turn is just about upon you when the old geezers just walk up the the 6 entrees and crowd their way into the line and order what they want. In other words "NO MANNERS and NO ORGANIZATION" from H.A. either. This happened "daily" and I got into a couple of arguments with some of these people "continually crowding" their way in front of the line. It was quite DISGUSTING. Like "Pigs at the Trough". Then about half way thru the cruise it was reported that about 25 people had come down with the "flu". So the last 4 or 5 days everybody was "hacking, coughing, weezing, and blowing their snoz". I thought I was going to escape the situation but when we got home friday night I was stuffy and had a really bad cold. One last thing, my wife and myself decided that we are still "Too Young" for H.A. cruises. We are in the mid 60's and I would just guess that the average age of this cruise was between 75 and 80 years of age. It was like a "GERIATRIC WOODSTOCK"--I have never seen so many scooters, walkers, canes, poles, and wheel chairs in my life. We have decided to "Take a Break" and not cruise with H.A. for atleast 3 or 4 years. Enough is enough. One last thing, we signed up and took 9 shore excursions with the ship. Nothing like 30% of the 52 occupants coughing and hacking for your 5 hour tour and then taking 20 minutes or longer to get everybody on and off the bus at every stop. Just need a break and won't cruise with H.A. for a few years. We were on the Sept. 15th "Colors of Canada" cruise just for the record. Beautiful sites and I will say the food was great as it always is. Service from H.A. is always outstanding.
  6. We will have a rare New York HAL visit on Friday. Zuiderdam is arriving from Quebec at 7 am and is due to leave at 8 pm. She will be going on a 12 day "Colors of Canada and New England" cruise before returning to NYC on October 17 and then going to FLL (arriving on October 20) and Caribbean sailings. We should be able to see her docked on the https://www.portnywebcam.com/ PTZtv webcam and sailing in and out of the harbor on the https://www.nyharborwebcam.com/ webcam. Next up: Volendam will be in Aruba on October 13.
  7. Boarded yesterday. Off to a good start. sS cabin beautiful. Food good so far and room service breakfast perfect. Docked in Quebec till tonight. The ship looks beautiful. Last on her before renovations.
  8. As Club Orange rolls out, does anyone know if it’s on Zuiderdam yet?
  9. Our 37 day cruise begins next Tuesday, July 30th in Boston! I'll be posting updates and a few photos, mostly of ports. I'm encouraging other Roll Call members to also post interesting information about the ship, as well as cruise and port highlights. You are all welcome to come along with us! And please post any questions or comments you might have.
  10. I have decided to do a live blog from the Zuiderdam for the 2109 Voyage of the Vikings. I am aware that sansterre has started a live blog of the cruise as well, and I initially had thought to post on that one. But, as I was preparing to post about the first day or so, I discovered that the files I had compiled were numerous, and I did not want to clobber sansterre’s blogs with a very large number of my postings. So, I am doing another blog, as a complementary one to sansterre’s. We no doubt have different writing styles and different interests, and probably will do different things ashore. I used to do live blogs for years, but recently shifted to after-cruise reviews, primarily because of the difficulty and time needed to upload images to photoshop and then import to CC. But, I learned that the new iteration of CC allows me to upload and post directly (once I finally figured out how). So, I will try a live blog again. I found on three previous Viking Passage cruises that the internet connectivity was surprisingly good throughout the cruise, and hope for the same this time. I will catch up if I fall behind at some point. This is a bucket list cruise for us – we have been working our way through our list since I retired in 2016. We, like a lot of us onboard now, originally booked the Rotterdam cruises round-trip Boston that included Greenland and Iceland, but nothing in Europe. When Prinsendam was sold and HAL rearranged the cruise schedules, we were offered a cabin on the Zuiderdam for the VoV, and we leapt at the chance. Here is a map of our itinerary: We, like a lot of us onboard, originally booked the Rotterdam cruises round-trip Boston that included Greenland and Iceland, but nothing in Europe. When Prinsendam was sold and HAL rearranged the cruise schedules, we were offered a cabin on the Zuiderdam for the VoV, and leapt at the chance. More later, Dave
  11. I see two different configurations for a Zuiderdam inside cabin. One online picture shows a small sofa in addition to the bed, and another site shows a diagram indicating only a chair in the cabin - no sofa. Do you know what the ship’s inside cabin actually looks like?
  12. In the Pinnacle Suite on the Zuiderdam, is there an electrical outlet beside the bed? I know there are many outlets throughout the suite, but I am mostly interested in one by the bed. Thanks.
  13. We have an inside cabin on deck 7 aft booked for an upcoming Zuiderdam cruise. Due to price changes, it may be possible to "upgrade" to an obstructed OV on deck 4 at no additional fare. Outside of the obvious lifeboat view and some daylight, are there any advantages or disadvantages to the OV? Some questions that I am pondering. 1. Obstructed OVs are mid ship. Inside is toward the aft. We don't usually feel movement in aft cabins, but we do avoid forward cabins for movement and noise. 2. Cabin layout. It looks like the cabins are the same square footage, but the layouts may be different. The IS looks like a more "square" layout while the OV has the longer hallway entry. We have never sailed with the "square" layout. Opinions on the layout difference are much appreciated. 3. The OV is above a public deck. Has anyone had noise issues? Thanks
  14. We are booking the Zuiderdam 10-Day Panama Canal Sunfarer in a SS Signature Suite for October. Usually Celebrity cruisers but this cruise worked for us. Most of the other lines offer free gratuities, free drinks, internet etc, but we're only getting $150PP SBC as we don't need air. What suite goodies does HAL give?
  15. Last sailed Zuiderdam 2010. Doing 10 day next month. What are those really good tips from those that know her inside and out. Last time we had 3 lovely ladies at the table that knew the MDR staff very well. Every night the chef sent us something special, and most prepared table side. How about the after dinner scene, we like craps in the casino, or lively bar scenes. And is there anything similar to the Solarium pools on Celebrity?
  16. Just got back from Copenhagen to Boston VOV cruise! Did not miss one port and weather was beautiful! Did have a few misty days but never any hard rain! Ship was old but nice! Crew was great! Food was sometimes good and sometimes bad!
  17. Hello we booked aft cabin 6162 on Zuiderdam. Any feedback and photos would be greatly appreciated hoping it is nice. Thank you 😊
  18. I will be in a Neptune Suite on the Zuiderdam in a couple of months. Are there electrical outlets next to each side of the bed? I am familiar with the location of the other outlets in the Neptunes, but I was not sure if the Zuiderdam was outfitted with the bedside outlets during the last dry dock. Thank you!
  19. Does anyone have a recent plan of the dining room on Zuiderdam? Thanks.
  20. I guess my title said it all! Does anyone know which dock the Zuiderdam will be using on October 17? Thank you!
  21. Does anyone have a clue to this mystery? First, last week the disembarkation port of the 8/19-9/07 CPH-NYC was changed from NYC to Boston. Then, all Zuiderdam cruises--including the above and after, up until her October 7 Quebec CIty-FLL--disappeared.... Charters? Soft-furnishing upgrades? ⁉️ "Curiouser & curiouser...." Thanks, Mary-Lou 😎
  22. I just booked the June 20, 2020 European Splendor Cruise on Zuiderdam. This will be our 25th anniversary cruise and after cruising on a few different cruise lines, I am looking forward to getting back on board a HAL Ship!
  23. The Zuiderdam will dry dock in early December. Does anyone know what is planned? We will be on the first cruise after the dry dock. Just wondering what to expect.
  24. Just trying to connect with any nice folks who are doing the cruise out of Quebec City on Sept. 15 to Sept. 27th. Iam getting excited and hoping for lots of fun and good experiences. How much Canadian money should I take for the days on the shore excursions??? Iam thinking I won't need a huge amount of money but would love your opinion. Any words of advice or wisdom on the "Do's and Don'ts" will be appreciated.
  25. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to see a list of the wines on the packages that are offered on HAL's Zuiderdam. I am interested in the 4 bottle packages, and there are three different types. I'd love to see the wines offered on all the lists. Does anyone have this information? I did a search on this forum and did not see anything. Thank you!
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