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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all - first time Disney cruiser! We have sailed Celebrity, Norwegian and Carnival previously. My in-laws have generously purchased this trip to celebrate our neice's 8th birthday. It will be mother/father-in-law, brother/sister-in-law with niece, DH and me. We just received the reservation confirmation from my mother-in-law and found we are in Cabin 6588. From what l have been able to find - this room is hot and across from the 24 hour laundry facility. (Have not been on a ship that had a laundry facility for guests to use - guessing it would be similar to laundry facilities at college but nicer.) However, all the reviews are quite old - has anyone sailed recently and been in this cabin or near it? Just wondering if I need to graciously/tactfully ask to change our cabin - I do not tolerate heat well at all. DH and I were willing to pay for our trip but in-laws insisted on paying/organizing...Any information is helpful! Please let me know if there is a section on cabin reviews - I couldn't find one -hence the post. Thank you!
  2. We just booked a short cruise in San Diego. The Bibbity Boo makeovers are only available after 7 pm, too late for our kiddos. I’ll keep checking on line, but I’m wondering if it will be possible to book a better time once we’re on board? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Lynda
  3. We will be on a 4-night cruise in November 2020 with two sea days and one port day at Cozumel. My husband and I have been to Cozumel before and are ok staying on the ship. My son and family - kids ages 7 and 8 - may want to go to a beach - either on their own or with a Port Adventure. If they decide to stay on the ship, are characters available? Dining room open? I know we can get food somewhere. Anything else child-oriented that would make the ship even more enjoyable while others are on excursions?
  4. I have 2 cabins on hold for a 4-night cruise over Thanksgiving 2020 on Wonder. I chose the "entry level" concierge cabins which are the same size as family verandah cabins from what I have read. I have read numerous blogs and opinions as to the "value" of concierge perks. I know only we can decide if it's "worth it" but before my 24-hour hold expires at midnight, I wanted to be sure I have the facts to make my decision. This cruise does not go to Coco Cay so no help needed in securing a cabana. The only port is Cozumel and we will plan our own outing. We are not likely to eat at a specialty restaurant, preferring main dining with the kids. Of course the included drinks are handy, but no way will 4 adults drink enough to offset the upcharge. And it concerns me that the concierge lounge is two decks up from deck 8 where all the concierge cabins are. How often are we likely to go up there just for a better cup of coffee? The biggest plus I had read about was getting early access to make reservations for character meets (as well as character visits in the lounge). But if I am prompt can't I make my own character meet reservations online? Or maybe I misunderstood something. Is there a special breakfast with characters that the concierge staff could reserve for me that I can't do on my own if non-concierge? I know there is also some pampering...first in line to board and disembark. But we are looking at a $3000 difference for the two cabins between concierge and non-concierge so I might rather enjoy an additional vacation somewhere for that $3000! I am really good at getting online exactly when needed to make dining and Fast Pass reservations at WDW so I' trying to wrap my mind around needing or having the luxury of someone doing this for me. Help clarify if you can - thanks! The clock is ticking LOL!
  5. I have booked cabins 8040 and 8042 which are next to each other but not connecting. Can the balcony dividers be removed?
  6. Hi all! It’s me again! I’ve been away for a while but decided it’s time to write about our winter vacation. Now you may ask...why now?..How will you remember everything? Don't worry, this has been written for months and I just haven't had a chance to post it over here. If it's too long ago to be of interest of you...then this report is not for you. For those that don’t know me, I’m Jen. I am not going to do the long intro as many who are reading probably have read one of my former reports. If you don’t,you can go ahead and find one of my old reports. If you don't care...fine! hahaha! I like to give details of my trips and I tend to post a lot of pictures. I know this is not for everyone and that is fine. If you don't like it, then you can just move on. I tell the good and the bad. Sometimes I complain. I like some things that others don't and I dislike some things that others like. I can't make everyone happy all of the time. Some people love my writing style and some don't. That's OK! I write my reports for me! I like to have the memories....but I do hope it helps answer some questions others may have or help give them visuals of different things. I will be changing some people’s names or referring to them with an initial to keep their privacy and some events will not be detailed for some of the same reasons….but for the most part, I tell it like it is to the best of my memory. This trip took place Jan 25-Feb. 4, 2019. We sailed the Disney Wonder, which was our Grand Slam cruise. If you have read any of my former reports, you probably know we usually have a hiccup or 2 each trip. I always say if someone says they had a perfect trip they are lying! Well maybe that is because we usually have at least one issue, and I can’t imagine anyone could have everything go perfectly. Or maybe we just have that kind of luck? This trip did not disappoint and we had a few hiccups and one major hiccup, which all worked out in the end. I will start by giving some background info and some of the “players” in this report. The background part can be a little boring, but it will set the stage for all about to come later in the actual report part. There will be a lot of writing in the first couple updates, but once we get going there will be lots of pictures too! I will start by introducing my family. There is me. I am lucky enough to work from home and I have my dream job! That being said, there are days I want to scream and I can put in long hours and then there are days where I don’t do anything. Because of the nature of the business, you can’t always predict your hours or level of business. I will say that once I plan a vacation, I tend to get slammed with business and the week leading up usually is crazy. One of the trade-offs for my crazy business is that when you reach a certain level in the business you can sometimes get perks and/or discounts. These are similar to Florida Resident Rates, Military Rates, Cast Member rates, Interline rates…..you get the idea. These are not always available, so it’s not something to count on, but I check from time to time to see if anything might be available for a time I would like to vacation. Next up is Claire, my 14 year old daughter. She usually travels with me if I am not traveling for business. She loves to travel and knows she is spoiled rotten. This cruise was her 7th Disney cruise I believe. Then my husband, Skip. Skip is a farmer. He has been a dairy farmer his whole life and last year they sold the dairy cows and has made the transition to beef cows. He doesn’t vacation with us often and this was going to be our first family vacation in many years….our last one being an Alaskan Cruise on Norwegian. We also had some friends join us this sailing….friends I have sailed with before and was delighted to have the chance to sail with them again. J, who I have sailed my last 2 cruises with (our last being in July of 2018) and her new boyfriend MK. Then PT (who J and I also sailed with in June/July of 2017) and her husband F and one of their sons, Z. And then T and her new husband D. I met T last summer after our cruise. She is a friend of J’s and she was already on this sailing long before we booked. Now you know the basic players….or do you? Wahhhahhhhahhhh!!!!!!
  7. Has anyone booked the excursion The Day of the Dead in Ensenada? Wondering if good excursion and if fun for Children? Please give us your review!
  8. Hi All, Taking my first DCL Cruise later this month and couldn’t be more excited. The only bummer is that it’s only a 2 night cruise and I know I won’t get to see everything. Does anyone know what shows and other entertainment they usually have on the 2 night Wonder cruises? I’m sure my experience could be different, but just wondering :) Thanks!
  9. Considering the Disney Wonder from Galveston this December. Itinerary consists of 2 sea days, Nassau, Castaway cay, Key West, Sea Day. Looking for some input on: Weather in the 3 ports that time of year Weather on the sea days that time of year Galveston to Nassau and back Are the pools on the Wonder heated during the winter? Any help would be appreciated
  10. DH and I were on the 12/7 - 12/14 cruise on the Wonder out of Galveston. I usually have big plans of doing a full on review, get started with it, and then real life gets in the way and I never finish the review. So, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to try to answer them. This is our 3rd year in a row of doing this cruise, basically the same week. We love being able to drive to the port, and the Wonder is our favorite ship, although we have only been on the two classic ships. Disney bucket list is to book one of the big ships, in the next couple of years. We were Concierge, in room 8546. We were to have 3 ports on this cruise (Nassau, Key West, and Castaway Cay), however due to weather we missed Castaway Cay. The Captain tried twice to dock, but mother nature and safety won out. Despite the missed port, we had a fantastic cruise and will be back again next year! :) Clair
  11. We have been on six Disney cruises (out of 26 total cruises). The last five Disney ones were on the Wonder, and the wife and I, being Disney fans, love it. So when I suggested we take a quick three day trip in February on the Wonder to get out of town, the wife said no. Her complaint, and I can’t fault her, is that they have the same old menus as they have had for years. We know them by heart, and to be honest they aren’t that great. Yes I know we could eat at Palos or Remy, but we really like going to the themed dining rooms and being with the same waiters each night. So come on Disney, change the menu lineup up after a decade so I can get back on board.
  12. We're platinum and booked the westbound Port Canaveral on the Wonder. My TA booked us early on Monday. We wanted a category 7A, but she told us they were sold out. I got curious about that, since it seemed off that they would book so quickly. In researching it, it sounds like there are no 7A categories available on any Wonder itinerary in 2020. Some thought it might be that these rooms are being put aside for concierge, but then I read that concierge room were going to be on deck 8. Has anybody heard anything more concrete?
  13. Does anyone know if that room includes a Murphy style bed pull down from the wall but it touches the floor .?
  14. I realize I haven't sailed yet, so technically, I can't be writing a trip report yet. But I'm so excited I have to share our preparations! And I will hopefully have the details of our cruise to share in a week! This trip started as I idly looked at weekend cruises leaving from CA ports and discovered a 2 night Disney cruise, that was actually over a weekend and not weekdays. The price seemed high, but I’ve always wanted to sail on DCL and week long cruises are really pricey! Living in CA, we generally would have to fly anywhere to take one, plus the price of the cruise itself. We also have three kids, which meant more expense! But, we are essentially empty nesters now (one young adult moved home for a year long internship, but we'e not responsible for her anymore) and our youngest is in his final year of college. So we are cruising a lot more now. I suggested we sail for dh’s birthday and his response was that the cruise seemed pricey and why didn't we just go to DL for the weekend and stay at the Grand Californian? I looked at hotel rooms at the Grand Californian as well as passes and it was almost double the cost of the cruise! And that didn’t include food! Epic fail for his suggestion!!!! That meant, yes, we were sailing on Disney!! Our fare was $518 per person for a double inside cabin, category GTY for 11C, which means we will be given a stateroom chosen by Disney. Basically 11C is the very cheapest inside cabin. I figured for 2 nights, we could handle anything and I wanted to keep the costs to a minimum. Taxes, fees and port expenses are $198.64 for the two of us. I tried very hard not to anticipate what would be the absolutely worst room on the ship, in terms of location and noise, because you know that’s what we’ll get. (I’m the person that gets into the shortest line at the grocery store and end up standing there forever, because the person in front of me is paying in pennies, or they’re arguing the price of ice cream or other such things) After I booked I was telling a girlfriend about the trip and she decided to come along. She’s been on three Disney cruises and even married recently on a Disney cruise! She’s flying to San Diego on Wednesday to have an extra day before the cruise. My dh and I are flying in early TH evening and we have a 1pm boarding time for the ship on Friday. I took the first time available to me, because I want it to seem like a longer trip! I considered just staying on the ship on Saturday, but we had an amazing wine tour in Ensenada over Christmas so I wanted to go again. So we can have a leisurely breakfast and then get off the ship. Disney offers a tour for $41 per person, for 4-5 hours. It goes to L.A. Cetto Winery and Casa Doña Lupe and then drops you off for some shopping. This is the same tour that Carnival offers (and I’m sure other cruise lines as well). Shore Excursions Group also offers the tour for $39 per person (a sale, price per their website...normally $49). However, typically when we cruise we plan our own tours and this trip is no exception. We booked with The Wine Route (wineroutebaja.com). Eugenie and Luigi are the guides. They will customize a tour for you. At Christmas we had a crazy eclectic group and they managed to come up with a great itinerary, as well as including wineries I wanted to try. For this trip I requested Misiones de California and Entre Santos Bodegas de Santo Tomás and requested a surprise for the third winery. I also requested a simple easy place for lunch, because with less time I didn't want to be spending too much time on a meal. Our time in port is shorter than our 4 night Carnival Cruise, so we will visit three wineries this time. We have been assigned cabin 2011, so deck 2 at the far end of the ship. It appears we might be right below O’Gills Pub, so I am hoping it isn’t too noisy. But as I said above, we went as cheap as we could and our expectations are super low in terms of our room. We are flying Southwest Airlines for San Diego and staying in Old Town on Thursday night. We plan to Uber over to the cruise pier Friday morning. I was told that there will be a Pirate Night on Friday night and a Halloween Party on Saturday night. We ordered matching t-shirts for our group of 4 from Etsy for Friday. I will admit it’s a little cheesy but we are “all in” for this cruise and plan to enjoy ourselves. They are from FunCreationsWorld and the total for the 4 shirts plus shipping was $61.80. There were many choices on Etsy, but many had a week or two lead time before shipping (if not more). This seller can have items ready to ship in 1-3 days. We ordered on a Monday and received our order Friday. I was pleased with their promptness! For Saturday, we are dressing up as well. We tried to find something that could be a group of four, but didn’t find anything we’d be happy with it. So my girlfriend and her husband are Captain Hook and Peter Pan and my husband and I are Bert and Mary Poppins. I ordered a costume from Amazon and my husband’s was a DIY. My costume was quite wrinkled and I’ve been steaming it to get them out. I’m not sure how to get it to San Diego unwrinkled. I don’t feel I can iron it at the hotel and I know I can’t carry on a steamer, even a small travel size. I’m hoping by steaming it well at home, packing it with tissue and then maybe spraying it with wrinkle release will work well enough, Despite costumes, I’m a “travel light” kind of gal, so am not bringing much. I am using my Travelpro carry on, rather than a lightweight tote, but only because I plan to ship wine home in my suitcase and need a sturdier bag. I utilize a packing strategy called "Base 5". Basically you start with 5 pieces: 2 bottoms, 2 tops and a sweater/jacket. Then for every day of travel, add one item, up to 10 days worth. Then I give myself an extra item or two if the trip has special circumstances (like multiple events, or in this case, packing costumes!). No swimsuit, because I don’t think we’ll have enough time to bother. I wear sketchers much of the time as they are comfortable and look a little nicer than sneakers. Since we'll be dressing up and have gotten "Photo Pass" on varied trip to WDW or DL, I looked into photo packages. But the package to get all the digital photos on an USB stick was $195!! Keep in mind we're not even on the ship 48 hours!! Ten digital images are $150. Needless to say, we're not doing either. I can’t wait until Thursday!
  15. I will be on the Disney Wonder in November. I have tmobile and I was wondering if anyone is able to connect to the internet and use WIFI calling to call back home. If so, does it still count as roaming or just uses your regular minutes?
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