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  1. FulltimeRVer

    Eurodam Televisions

    I understand that the Eurodam now has wall-mounted TVs in the cabins. This morning we booked into a VB cabin for the Hawaii cruise out of San Diego in February. My wife uses wireless headsets to hear the TV. Does anybody know if the TV our cabin will have an accessible headset jack? Thanks.
  2. Playin Pickleball

    Pickleball on the Eurodam?

    Heading out on the Eurodam from San Diego on Feb. 3. I think I heard there's pickleball on the ship. Anybody know for sure?
  3. There seems to be different offerings for internet plans depending on the ship and/or itinerary. Can anyone tell me what plans are being offered on the Eurodam for her Alaska cruises this summer? Thanks!
  4. Chrisfromco

    Vow Renewal Eurodam

    Hi everyone! I was able to purchase a vow renewal package through our online account on HAL. This will be for the December 9th Mexico sailing. Does anyone know if I should contact HAL to arrange any other details, or is it just a set time that the ship determines? The package states that it includes dinner at the Pinnacle Grill and a photo with the Captain. It was surprisingly inexpensive. Anything else I should be aware of? It's just the two of us celebrating. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello, I sent an email inquiry about prices for 10 day cruise on Eurodam. I am a solo cruiser. This was the quote I received. Lido - $299/full voyage Retreat - $499/full voyage Does that seem high? They also stated they rent by the cabana not how many people using cabana.

    Eurodam Mexico Cruise

    7 day Mexico cruise 1-27-2019 San Diego to the Mexican Riviera
  7. Can anyone recently off the Eurodam tell me if there are USB charge ports in the cabins? Heard she has recently came out of refurbishment. I came off the Rotterdam last Jan '17 just after refurbishment and she had 2 charge ports in the lamp in our room.
  8. djg541

    Happy hour-Eurodam

    It seems some ships,maybe all ,no longer hold happy hour at the Crows Nest but at Billboard. Is this the case? Im thinking the 4 o'clock hour specifically aboard the Eurodam. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, DJG541
  9. Jen1000

    Just off the Eurodam

    We just sailed the Eurodam from 1/6/19 to 1/13/19. Background- 12 in our group from 16 to 82 of extended family, 5 cabins. This is my 9th cruise but first on HAL. I have been on Carnival, Celebrity and RCL. 8 of us live in SoCal, 2 in SF and 2 in Oregon. Most of us are well traveled. Internet- My SIL bought middle tier on embarkation Sunday it was $99.99 for the entire cruise. I bought the middle tier just after midnight at about 1 AM Monday and it was $89.99 for the duration of cruise. For the most part the internet worked well all over the ship but at times it would be spotty or stop working for a bit. Checking in water- We checked in 3 flats of water, no problem. They were delivered to our cabins. One flat was still intact at the end of the cruise and my brother checked it as luggage for debarkation. The water was delivered in tact with our luggage on arrival and at baggage claim on debarkation. Entertainment- BB King- Great band, very talented musicians, especially the trumpet player. The female was ill and only sang the last night. Billboard- Fun piano bar duo, the male had just got on board when we did. Lincoln Center- Again great musicians Stage Shows- Enjoyed 1000 Steps, not so crazy about One World. 4 in our group left One World after about 3 minutes. Comedian excellent. Really enjoyed the BBC Earth with live orchestra. I did not see the magician or the show the final night that was the comedian and magician with new material. Activities- Really enjoyed the Mexican ambassadors. Great entertainment with the folkloric shows. Not much of interest to our group in the AM on sea days. No morning trivia like all other lines I have been on. It seemed that all of the activities we would enjoy were lumped at the same time in the afternoon. This is one area this ship could be improved. Food- Loved that at the buffet the staff serves the majority of the food. I dislike using the same serving utensils as hundreds as other people so this was a biggie to us. We all agreed that the food was great in both the Lido and the MDR. Great fries at Dive In. Tried a piece of pizza and it was OK. Compared to Carnival, Celebrity and RCL, we all agreed this was the best food we have had. Liked that there was a legitimate late night buffet each night from 10:30 to 11:30. Staff- Incredibly friendly and accommodating. Top end of what we have experienced on other lines. I have no complaints about the staff, they were really amazing. Other guests- I was expecting an older crowd but it was actually skewed more to middle age, with some younger and some older. There were about 1/3 the number of kids on the ship per our waiter vs. the holiday weeks prior to ours. Kids running around at the pool was a bit dangerous and no one said anything. Ship- nice small size and in very good shape. No smoking indoors!!!! Cabins- I was in an obstructed OV. The view was mostly of one of the shorter life boats so we could see light and some things over the life boat. The cabin seemed smaller than other ships but the bathroom was much better with a tub, room to actually move around some. Lots of cabinets and storage, we did not even need it all. TV- I did not watch much but there was a very good selection of live TV, movies, America's Test Kitchen, etc. plus the dinner menu. I was on one ship with so little TV it became a joke that I kept watching the same episode of Big Bank Theory over and over in various languages! Question, please ask...... Jen
  10. Hi, Newby here trying to decide between Eurodam and N. Amsterdam out of San Diego. These ships have identical Mexican Riviera iteneraries. One leaves on Saturday and the other leaves Sunday? Any opinions on which ship to choose or does it really not matter?
  11. Crusinsusan2

    Eurodam cabin 4178

    Booked this cabin for our upcoming Sea of Cortez. Can't seem find any info on the balcony size or what type of patio furniture will be provided. Thanks much for any information you could provide. Susan
  12. ScottC4746

    Eurodam MDR Question

    We are set up for my choice dining simply because early is too early and late is too late. It is only the two of us. Because of our schedules, me being a full time student and DH having hours all over the place being in the airline industry, we just don't get to sit down for meals together very often. One reason we are doing a cruise. A couple of questions: Dinner in the Main Dining Room: With my choice dining, what are the chances we can get a two top table and about what hours are the best for that? Breakfast and Lunch in the Main Dining Room vs. Lido: If we wanted up "upgraded" breakfast or lunch and decide on the main dining room, would we also be able to get a possible two top table? And is breakfast and lunch really upgraded that much over the Lido. Lido vs. MDR for dinner If nothing on the menu in the MDR jumps out at us (or we don't want to dress up), how is the Lido for dinner compared to Lido for breakfast and lunch. Note this is our first time on HAL.
  13. Jen1000

    Eurodam San Diego

    Does anyone know when check in and boarding starts in San Diego? My documents say 1 PM but I would expect it is earlier. We were planning to arrive about 11 but I am wondering if that is too early. Thanks, Jen
  14. FrostyMan

    Anyone on Eurodam?

    wondered about mexican cruise!
  15. Buck Turgidson

    Hydro pool fees on EURODAM

    Anyone know the fees for the hydro pool on the Eurodam, I'm mainly looking for a day or half day fee, not the whole cruise. Thanks
  16. We are considering booking an aft-wrap on the Eurodam for a Mexico 7 day cruise. There are several aft-wraps available (on different decks of course), so I was wondering which deck to select. We have sailing on the Vista ships deck 5 huge aft-wraps and loved them, but I understand that the Eurodam is different, so any guidance is appreciated.
  17. `I've just made the newbie mistake of seeing a deal, and booking it, without research - 17 night circle Hawaii, Eurodam, departing San Diego Feb 20. Great price through a well known travel agent discounter. I signed up Monday. Instead of 100% single supplement? I'm taking a friend, along, as my guest. And, all those sea days? Those will be amazing. But, I didn't give a thought to shore excursions before booking. How hard could it be? I'm an eejit. This isn't the Caribbean. I'm visiting a US state, well known for its high cost of living. The islands are much larger than the islands in the Caribbean. I know I could get a discount excursion package with Roberts Hawaii, much the same tours as HAL offers, but for less money. But, I'd rather be in a small group rather than on a bus. And, the tours they offer are pretty bland. I also know many, many cruise pax rent cars. But, both of us are women, and neither loves the challenge of unknown mountain roads in an unfamiliar vehicle. Maybe it's a genetic XX gene thing? Plus, I've also tried searching the Hawaii board without much luck. For example, Valley Isle offers Road to Hana abbreviated tours to Pride of America pax, but not for Eurodam. So, do any of you have fond memories of cruise excursions, and/or names of tour guides you'd like to share? And, to cap it off? That BLASTED discount agency estimates it won't have our booking number to book HAL excursions for another 2 weeks! The best may be sold out by then! HELP! Thanks in advance to everyone. I am going to LOVE this cruise for all those sea days, but I promised my friend Hawaii.
  18. taosjellybean

    Eurodam cabin VB 6036 Quad

    I have been assigned VB cabin 6036 Eurodam Quad I am a single traveler in a quad room. Question: Does the fourth bed that pulls out from the wall retract back into the wall or is it permanently visible and not able to disappear. I would prefer that it retracts so I do not have to see it. Hopefully someone who has been in a quad veranda can provide me this information. Thanks Jo Ann
  19. We are on the eurodam for a16 day Hawaiian cruise Just wondering how much the laundry services is and it per person or per room. and any other info related to the subject. Thank you .
  20. JCBAY4

    VF 8160 Eurodam

    Has anyone stayed in this room? Thanks!
  21. We're long-time HAL cruisers. We prefer their smaller ships, but we're just now considering the Eurodam or Celebrity Solstice Alaska cruise. Both are RT out of Seattle (makes it very convenient for us to drive to the port). What ship would you recommend for someone who will be utilizing a wheelchair or lightweight Travelscoot. In my brief research, I get the feeling the Solstice is more enclosed (not as much outdoor space). Is this correct?
  22. 57redbird

    Eurodam cabin 8118

    This may have already been mentioned but---- looking at the deck plans, it appears that 8118 is NOT under the uncarpeted area of the Lido deck....however it IS under an uncarpeted area of the dining area of the Lido Marketplace....every night between around 9:30 & 10:30, there is a lot of chair scraping!!! BEWARE! --- I don't know if the same is true for the cabin on the starboard side of the ship
  23. Hi all, We're looking to book the 11/16 Panama Canal cruise on the Eurodam for our 20th anniversary celebration. Do you all find using a travel agent the best way to go to get OBC? Or if OBC is offered, it's the same no matter how you book (online by yourself, etc?) We do not have a TA and are open to using one especially since this cruise sails out of San Diego and into Fort Lauderdale. I've seen stuff on HAL website about Flight Ease and/ or $1000 credit for airfare or something. I don't really understand that. Just look for some good advice here.
  24. We disembarked the Eurodam this morning after a glorious 7 day cruise to Alaska and I wanted to write a review as it is still fresh in my mind. The long and short of it is that we absolutely loved this ship. In order to not feel melancholy yesterday, our last day, I spent some time researching our next cruise, and it will also be on the Eurodam, to the Mexico Riviera out of San Diego. Almost everything about this ship was perfect for us...perfect size, perfect entertainment (except for their seating capacity, but more on that later), perfect service, perfect layout...yup, we loved it. It certainly helped that we had perfectly clear and sunny days the entire cruise with temperatures in the mid 70s. Even in notoriously rainy ports, we had golden sunshine. Thank you Universe! We arrived at the Seattle port around 11:00 after having booked Seattle Express' round trip service, from our Seatac Airport hotel to the pier, and then from the pier to the airport at the end of the cruise. Seattle Express performed flawlessly and the cost was $30 per person round trip. As we walked from the shuttle drop off area toward the terminal, I was surprised at the lack of porters, not shortage, but actual lack, as in there simply weren’t any. We continued into the terminal where we were directed to deliver our own “checked” bags deep into the terminal where they were taken by what appeared to be security personnel. We then retraced our steps back where we then entered the checking-in process area at the front of the terminal. In multiple Florida ports, at Baltimore's port, and at Galveston's port, there have always been a multitude of porters ready to take your “checked” luggage. This did not pose a big problem for us as we were physically able to roll our large suitcase in one hand, our carry on in the other, and our tote over our shoulders. For those less physically capable, this might pose a problem. It was the first time we've ever had to deliver our “checked” bag deep into the terminal. Maybe we were too early at 11:00? Once entering the check-in area we moved smoothly though security, then pretty much walked right up to an agent who checked us in and provided us with our stateroom key cards that also act as your onboard “charge cards” with all onboard purchases being put onto your account after presenting this card. The agent also gave us a boarding group card which assigns you to a group with which to board. We were given Group J and our friend with whom we were traveling was given Group I. We were told to board as a group using the lower Group I card as there are not a number of passengers assigned to the group card. Surprisingly, the waiting area was already completely full, standing room only. They started boarding shortly after we arrived to the waiting area and even with Group I (I wasn’t really listening to who they boarded before Group A) we were only in the waiting area for maybe 15-20 minutes before boarding. There was no backup on the entry ramp as you so often find, instead a smooth and steady walk right onto the ship. There are people to welcome you aboard and direct you to the center elevators. Our cabins were just forward of the aft elevators, on decks 5 and 6, so we politely veered to the left. We proceeded to the aft elevators and immediately caught an elevator and were in our cabins moments later by 11:45. Definitely one of the smoother embarkations I’ve been a part of. Our cabin was a Signature Suite, #6106, which is one of 2 category SZ cabins, and not so easy to come across as they can run a few hundred less than other Signature Suites, maybe because the cabins just aft of them have the balconies that jut out and can look onto the SZ balconies. Don’t know for sure, but I saw no reason to not book one if you come across it being offered. The cabin was absolutely gorgeous. The bathroom like a high end hotel. Look at the YouTube video of “Eurodam Signature Suite in English and in Spanish” I think is how they named it. That is the starboard SZ Signature Suite oposite our port side one. Our cabin stewards were pleasant, efficient, and thorough. I’ve noticed in the past few years that the relationship one could develop with the stewards has been effected as the number of cabins they are responsible for has increased. They seem to have less time for pleasantries, although always pleasant. And they look so tired. I try to not disrupt their work, but always offer a friendly hello and am greeted back by name. I was shocked at just how far forward of our cabin I found our steward working. But I always returned to our cabin in the afternoon with it having been pristinely cleaned and in the evening with it having been turned down, refreshed, and decorated with a towel animal. We had coffee delivered every morning at either 6:00 or 7:00. The delivery was punctual, pleasant, and was always followed up with a call 15 minutes or so later asking if everything was okay. Nice touch. I did follow others' advice and wrote in next to the coffee order “Carafe please, brew STRONG”. I also wrote next to the area I marked for half and half “Cream please, NOT milk”. The first morning they did in fact bring milk instead of half and half, and this was corrected after I mentioned it during their follow up call. I was assured it would not happen again, and it didn't. This morning, debarkation morning, was the only morning we ordered breakfast to the room. It arrived hot, on time, and delicious. We did not order any other meals with room service. Lunch was ordered through our cabana steward by the Lido Pool. I will talk more about the cabana later. But our cabana steward would print out the Lido buffet menu every day around 11:00 and bring us whatever we chose from the Lido Buffet menu, from the Dive In Burger/Hot Dog place, or the Pizza Place when we were ready to order. We then ate in our cabana. The one day we chose to walk through the buffet line and find a table in the Lido dining room, we did experience a shortage of tables and had to wait for one to empty and be cleaned. The food at the Lido buffet ranged from average to great (Indonesian Nasi Goreng and Chicken Sate were some of the best I’ve ever had, thank you Indonesian chefs!). Dinner in the Main Dining Room, 8:00 seating upstairs, was how I remember cruise ship dining from 15 years ago. And by that I mean elegant, with great service, tasty choices, and served hot. Unfortunately my reference over the past 15 years has steadily gone downhill as Carnival and Royal Caribbean have lowered their standard year after year until it has become the Golden Corral of the Seas. I have cruised Carnival and Royal Caribbean as they offer cruises leaving from Galveston which is a 3 hour drive for us. That convenience has kept us loyal to them, but no longer. I will now pay the airfare for Holland America cruises. I forgot how much I Ioved cruising until falling back in love aboard the Eurodam. I was surprised at how much I did NOT enjoy Tamarind and Pinnacle Grill. I had consistently read great reviews for both but eating at both actually made me miss our Main Dining Room experiences. Our Tamarind reservation was late, at 9:00, as we made it for the evening we were in Juneau with a 10:00PM sail away. We wanted to stay ashore later, so we made reservations later. My entree, the sea bass, was served room temperature, and my side dish of stir fried cucumber/veggies was also cold, and it was meant to be a hot dish, I asked. The other dishes were not memorable. I know I'm in the minority here, but I just did not enjoy the food, and I’m a huge fan of all Asian foods. Good to know I can save that money next time. As for Pinnacle Grill, the steaks, my rib eye and my husband's porterhouse were simply not good cuts of meat. My husband could not work through his, the gristle was overwhelming. Mine had a weird mushy texture....meat tenderizer? Our meal at the Pinnacle Grill was included with our Explore 4 promotion, so there was nothing for them to adjust, and they apologized profusely, but we just weren’t hungry for what they had to offer after this experience. Again, I know I’m in the minority here, but, we did not like like the Pinnacle Grill at all. Lesson learned for us. Stick with the Main Dining Room where the food and service were consistently top notch. We enjoyed pre-dinner cocktails in the Ocean Bar listening to the sounds of the solo piano player. Lovely way to start our evening. As for after dinner entertainment, the musicians and singers at B.B. King were outstanding, I mean really really good. As were the players/singers at the Billboard Onboard Dueling Pianos. Unfortunately I only got to enjoy them while standing in the back of the room or in the hallway outside the venues. We would go after dinner wanting to enjoy the great music and there was never a seat to be had. Never. One night my husband waited for one to be available and after 20 minutes he was able to score a single seat. This was my main disappointment on this cruise. I never got to sit down, have a cocktail, and enjoy these excellent musicians. I just wasn’t willing to arrive at the venues 45 minutes early to gain seats for 3. The Main Stage Productions were good. Lots of energy and talent. A pleasant way to spend some time. I almost don’t want to say it, because I want them to be available when I cruise, but the best buy of the cruise was the $200 we spent for a Lido poolside cabana for 7 days. It was comfy, cozy, had great service, cold water bottles, fruit, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine served mid afternoon, and lunch orders taken and served in the cabana. It was a great place for the 3 of us to meet up, take in the views, and generally just chill out. Absolutely warm enough even in Alaska with the roof closed. If you can spare the money, spend it. Disembarkation was super smooth. We used the Port Valet service offered aboard the Eurodam. You fill out the paperwork they provide you in the cabin one day and the day before debarkation you get an envelope with your airline boarding pass, a luggage tag if you have checked baggage, and an early debarkation Group, ours was for 7:45. You put the luggage tags on your checked luggage, leave your checked luggage outside your cabin before midnight, and it gets checked all the way to your final destination! No more searching for your bags among the hundreds in the terminal, no more lugging your own huge suitcase off the ship, and it costs nothing! The $25 baggage fee associated with 1st checked bag with Alaska Air was charged to our ship's account. Our luggage was on the baggage claim carousel at our final destination so this service was an outstanding option. What did I miss? Oh yeah, excursions. If anybody has any specific questions about what we did where, just ask. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I didn’t expect perfect, and yes the music venues are too small, and the paid restaurants disappointed us, but I have my next cruise already picked out, and it’s on the same ship. So yeah, I loved it.
  25. Sadly, the Eurodam currently at sea is running into bad weather. Our first stop in Hawaii (Kona) has been canceled for this Saturday. We're making it up Monday, but that means skipping the previously-planned stop in Nawiliwili. Shame. We'd have preferred to stick with Nawiliwili if it was a choice between one and the other just to be able to see another island. I must point out this is one reason HAL's EXC program is an advantage vs local booking on your own. I was able to cancel my Nawiliwili bookings for full refunds, thank goodness, but my Kona booking has past their less generous refund window. We can reschedule, but currently don't have the numbers for the flight to still happen on the new day. (If anyone happens to be on board, we'd love to have you join us on Big Island Air for an airplane tour of the big island -- much cheaper and longer than helicopter tours with more generous weight restrictions.) So please pay careful attention to your cancelation policies for private excursions and if you can't afford to lose out in case of a rescheduled port, EXC is the way to go. The extra price booking through the ship is best thought of as insurance. That's not usually worth it to us, but I bet this flip-flop is throwing a wrench in a lot of private arrangements!