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Found 866 results

  1. Cruise Suzy

    Notes on Koningsdam?

    In his 12/4 post, Captain Albert showed the Notes area of Nieuw Statendam being a whisky tasting venue. (Deck 2 between Billboard Onboard and Rolling Stone Rock Room) Today Vict0riann showed the Notes whisky tasting in When & Where. (post #275 on page 7) Could someone on a K-dam post-drydock cruise report if this was added? The space is identical on both ships. This would appeal to DH. TIA.
  2. teacherman

    Koningsdam Questions

    We have previously sailed on HAL 3 times, but that was several years ago and on some of their "smaller" ships. Since then, we have sailed only on RCCL and Celebrity, which we have enjoyed, especially the Diamond Lounge cocktail hours, as we have access to those. We are now considering an 11 night cruise on the Koningsdam for next spring, as we like the itinerary. We have tried to do research on the ship, but it seems to offer some conflicting opinions. So, if some of you that have been on it could please answer some questions, it would be most appreciated. 1. I have heard that there are very few public areas that offer views of the ocean. Is this true, as we enjoy a view.? (We will have a balcony, but do not want to spend the whole cruise on it). 2. There is a daily "happy hour" offered with reduced drinks. Is this true and if so, what time is it offered? 3. The balconies on the fore and aft of deck 4 are larger, but have steel railings rather than plexi-glass. Is this true? 4. For "My Time Dining", or whatever it is called, there are very few tables for 2 available. Is this true? 5. There is very little shaded area available near to the pools. And HAL offers more smoking areas than other cruise lines. Is this true? This may seem somewhat "picky" but we enjoy certain things while on a cruise and we are just trying to see what we might get to experience. Any advice/information on these topics is welcome. Thank you.
  3. I entered this request for feedback in the "search" box, but didn't get any information about them. Has anyone been in one of these cabins & could give feedback about their experience? Thanks.
  4. I have not been able to find any mention of how many power outlets there are in the cabins. Are there USB ports available for charging things too?
  5. Atlantic Canada

    Caribbean on Koningsdam Nov.

    We have decided to fly to Florida a couple of days before our cruise. Can anyone suggest a good hotel that is reasonable in price but has good quality
  6. InTheWASide

    Koningsdam Public Rooms

    Some of the pictures I took around the ship. Retreat
  7. niceguyneastbay

    Koningsdam Vista Suite

    Has anyone had 4 people 2 adults and 2 kids in a Vista Suite? I would do Signature or Neptune but that is not available for 4 guest at this time. Hoping things will change.
  8. So, can anyone on board now, tell us about the changes within the ship now it’s back afloat again. Assume a great Rolling Stone Rock Room is now in operation, but have they made the casino Non Smoking, like so many requested? This is the one thing which causes me grief at the tables. I have no problem with people having a cigarette on the ship, but when one is so close at the tables it really does get on your chest and in your clothes, which is not pleasant. Maybe a room within the casino where smokers could pop into for a swift ciggie if they need to, would work? Look forward to any news from the ship before we join her in 2019 Cheers everyone 😎
  9. Cruising on the Koningsdam this coming week. Very excited but have a couple questions. Does anyone know current internet options - has ship been upgraded to three tier ? Also, need advice on what is best way to watch or "stream" a college football game (rivalry week)? Thank you in advance for you help and advice.
  10. 123Funcruiser456

    Koningsdam to S. Caribbean

    Does anyone happen to have copies of recent "dailies"--the news sheets or daily guides for Koningsdam to the S. Caribbean? It would be so helpful to see the list of things to do for daily planning, ie. when to schedule massages, do wine tastings/culinary class, et cetera! Thanks for any help here! C/B
  11. I've searched and seen a few, but I wondered if anyone had information on the Cabanas on Kdam. Some people say that they are separated by curtains only, but I've also read that there is a wall behind the curtain and the curtain is just decorative. I've also read and seen photos that there are only loungers in the Cabanas. Are guests supposed to eat outside of the cabana? Are they still serving lunch there? Afternoon champagne and strawberries? Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Liz54

    Koningsdam Solo

    Considering going solo with friends in another cabin. Not loving the single supplement however. Looking for slight good news. Can I take 2 bottles of wine aboard? Will I get credit for two cruises? Any insight?
  13. We normally cruise on Princess. Found Good itineraries on Koningsdam. Have a few questions. Does this ship offer a buffet similar to Royal or Regal Princess with numerous food station options? Do they offer in cabin On Demand tv? Movies Under the Stars is fun, does Koningsdam have outdoor evening Movies? Thank you
  14. I cruised Koningsdam for 24 days from 10/18/2018 to 11/11/2018. She is about 2 years old and appears to be in very good physical condition and is well maintained. That said, Koningsdam is a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly...in this writer's experienced opinion. THE GOOD By all appearances, the ship is being kept very clean. Wear and tear has not yet begun to show too much. Not much rust in sight. The theater (World Stage) is the best in the HAL fleet, and maybe in most fleets. Sight lines are excellent and there is hardly a bad seat in the house. Seating capacity is relatively generous and can fit about a third of the passengers at any one time (close to 800). That said, there were many occasions when the theater was totally filled and people were standing and/or sitting in the aisles (safety hazard?). The hi-tech stage uses a 270 degree computer controlled LCD screen as the backdrop and is the main apparatus of the otherwise sparse set decoration. Lincoln Center Stage is an outstanding plus for HAL. Koningsdam's venue for the very talented quintet is larger than other ships in the fleet and offers comfortable seating. Public seating is excellent and comfortable throughout the ship. The staterooms are a bit smaller on than most of HALs ships, but they are reasonable equipped. Electric and USB plugs are abundant and storage/closet space is good. THE BAD While Koningsdam is new and bright, HAL has done nothing to change the nickel-and-dime operation and product they offer. EVERYTHING they do is designed to get passengers to spend more money. Most of the daily on-board programs offered are for revenue and income production. Venues throughout the ship are too small for the large number of passengers, often filling an hour or more prior to a presentation. The Culinary Arts Center is the showcase venue for America's Test Kitchen, and it is very ill-suited for the purpose...very poor seating and sight angles. They also utilize this room for extra-cost dinning in the evening (much more suitable). The Mariners Program on Koningsdam appears to be treated more as necessary nuisance than as the customer building program it was originally designed to be. There does not appear to be a suitable venue on Koningsdam for a Mariners Reception, so only medallion recipients are invited, no matter how many medallions one has or how many cruise days you've logged. The multi-Star Mariners cocktail party is held in part of the Lido Pool area, while other people are in hot tubs on the other side. It's very clear that HAL management wants to change the demographic of its customers. They are looking for new, free spending blood. Staterooms are noisier than one would expect for a "new" ship. Even in slight seas there is creaking, rattling and banging...especially at night when you are trying to sleep. Fit and finish is not all that it could be. As an example, stateroom have a recessed "frame" for the wall mounted large screen TV. In my stateroom the TV was mounted well out of the center of the frame and lop-sided (one side higher than the other). The Main Dining Room is very noisy, especially on the lower deck (Deck2). There is little or no sound-absorbing material to soak up noise. There is no replay of the excursion or enrichment talks available on Koningsdam's closed circuit TV system or on stateroom TVs. You can, however, book extra cost dining, spa and excursion options via the interactive TV system. What little "art" there is on the ship is far removed from traditional seafaring art. All is very contemporary and the artwork appears to be photo-shopped pictures. There is NO art in stateroom passageways. Passage fore and aft on public decks 2 and 3 is restricted to one side of the ship, ensuring exposure to every selling station onboard. Traffic flow is poor, especially outside elevator locations where they have planted large modern sculptures (?), creating bottlenecks. The Promenade Deck is quite narrow and there are no deck chairs thereupon. The walking gets very bottlenecked at the stern end of the ship, so if one is walking behind slow walkers or encountering walkers who insist on walking upstream, it slows everyone down. Not important enough to write Congress about...just a mention. THE UGLY Whoever designed the toilets in the staterooms should be fired immediately. One cannot sit "on the throne" straightaway. You have to sit sideways because the glass shower enclosure is in the way, and you can't get your knees to squeeze in...unless you're 2 or 3 years old. Very awkward and uncomfortable. DINING This is a very subjective area and not all tastes are alike. So offering comments about the food and service aboard the Koningsdam is treading on very dangerous ground. That said, HAL has put together a fine group of chefs in what they call the Chef's Counsel, to help Chef Rudy design a dining program for the ship's various venues. They have created offerings that, in their test kitchen, appeal to all the senses. Great food requires great ingredients skillfully assembled by craftsmen who love their work. Unfortunately, the Chef's Counsel is not on board to supervise the final product. HALs logistics program is complex and mainly designed to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies. They do not take advantage of the terrific local products as they cruise from place to place. So freshness of ingredients is sacrificed in favor of program convenience. They claim there are reasons (or excuses) for this, but others seem to be able to take advantage of local fresh product availability. That's all I have to say about this topic. Everyone has to judge for themselves.
  15. In September HAL announced they are adding the Rock Room to the Koningsdam in December but the HAL website doesn't list it as a venue on that ship Only mentions it is on New Statendam Anyone know what's up with that??
  16. Have done Princess Sanctuary once before. Can you tell me about the experience on HAL and current prices if known. We will be on the 9 night cruise departing January 4th. Thanks in advance.
  17. We will be sailing on the Koningsdam for the first time next month. I always enjoy finding a quiet place to lay out in the sun on the highest deck on the ship. On deck 12 the Observation deck there is the "Retreat" off of the "Crows Nest". I know there's a charge for the "Retreat" but is there another area on that deck with regular places to lay out? thx
  18. Are these places free? And I heard there is a Dutch Cafe where the drinks cost, but the sweets are free. Is that true?
  19. Petronillus

    Koningsdam BC6001

    We have just put a deposit on Koningsdam cabin 6001. Its the forwardmost cabin portside on the Mozart deck. Per the deck plan it seems to have a slightly truncated verandah but also appears to be a bit larger than the usual vista suite. And yet I realize that the deck plans are not drawn precisely to scale. We were in a forward cabin on Osterdam awhile back (maybe 3 cabins back) and were perfectly comfortable, so I have no concerns about being so far forward. Can anyone out there in CruiseCritic land opine on cabin 6001 from firsthand experience?
  20. TexasHikers

    Koningsdam Cabins

    We are looking at sailing on the Koningsdam in March, 2018. In the past, we have selected guarantee cabins and have been very fortunate with upgrades and final cabin assignments. However, this year, we are looking at some of the Verandas -- more specifically with what looks like large balconies and selecting our own cabin rather than a guarantee. Would like opinions of what you think would be a good choice. Cabin VH4044 or VH 4043. Cabin V5096 or V5113, V5141, Cabin V6128 or V6143. We sailed on the Nieu Amsterdam a few years ago and our guarantee ended up in one of the cabins with a balcony that they classified as obstructed because the life boat was to the side of it, but this was a fantastic cabin for us. The balcony was deep enough for two loungers and then two chairs and a table toward the front. We just loved the cabin, so thought that the above looked like they might have the deep balconies. Also, wanted your thinking on the VH 4044 or VH 4043 since these rooms are wider -- but the balconies look large, but not necessarily deep. Was hoping some of you had stayed in one of these or had more experience with deck plans to determine size. In advance, thanks so much for your help! This will be celebrating our 45th anniversary.
  21. Thanks to CC, I have just discovered the ability to reserve cabanas on HAL. I have sent an inquiry to HAL requesting more details as I was unable to find any information about cabanas on their website. Do you need to reserve Cabana space for the entire cruise? Can you just reserve for a day or two? Can you wait until you are on board to reserve the cabanas? Are they worth the expense? We were on Regal Princess two years ago and found out about renting cabanas by accident. The ship was very crowded and it was almost impossible to secure deck space. We were able to rent for just the sea days and it was wonderful to not worry about where we would be sitting. The experience reminded us of when we first started cruising and were assigned deck chairs by the pool attendant.
  22. I'm a first time cruiser and I have celiac's disease and therefore must eat gluten free. I'm concerned I will be sick. Anyone with experience on this ship?
  23. [ Tue 11-Dec-2018 ] One word: F A N T A S T I C Wow. Incredible. Awesome. Dynamic. Fun. The band rocked the room, the crowd rocked the ship! Do you like to watch, listen, sit, stand, clap, shake, bounce &/or dance? In the immortal words of Nike, just do it! Congratulations to HAL, they hit it out of the park with this one. A Grand Slam home run! For this entertainment venue alone Mrs. Dogstar & I would definitely return to the K'dam, & her sister Nieuw Statendam, again & again. Roll it out across the HAL fleet asap, please. R O C K O N ! ! ! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 *** Posting this from beachside bar in Anse Mitan (Martinique) so wifi is slow. Will share more photos & video later. For now it's back to the beach, ocean & bevvies! ***
  24. We have had several aft facing balconies on other cruise lines, but are new to HAL. The ones we've enjoyed were "wrap around" balconies on the corners of ships. The one time we had an aft facing balcony that wasn't on a corner, it would get very hot on our balcony with very little air movement making it too uncomfortable to sit out for more than a few minutes. There are some aft facing category VS rooms still available on our upcoming Koningsdam cruise, but they are not on a corner because those rooms are suites. We were wondering if anyone has stayed in one of these VS category rooms and could comment about whether the balcony was enjoyable, or too hot and stuffy like we experienced on another cruise line?
  25. Atlantic Canada

    Saining on Koningsdam

    Doing the Caribbean in November. Haven't been on Holland for awhile and we were wondering: 1. Can you go to the dining room for lunch on embarkation day? We have sailed Princess a lot in the last few years and having a nice lunch in the dining room versus the chaotic Lido is a nice relaxing way to start the cruise. 2. Read somewhere that Holland is hosting a cocktail party at the time of embarkation. Is that correct? If so how do you find out where and when it is happening. 3. We are 3 star mariner members and wondered if there is a special check-in line for us in Ft Lauderdale? Thanks