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Found 70 results

  1. Just like the Veendam, the Maasdam now has a new Greek name. Translated: Maasdam after 5 days located in the port of Piraeus, started broadcasting under its new name. Aegean Myth will now be named while there is still no official announcement from the ship-owning company whether it will manage it itself or whether it will be chartered with its little brother, Aegean Majesty (ex Veendam) or separately. https://arxipelagos.gr/aegean-myth-%cf%84%ce%bf-%ce%bd%ce%ad%ce%bf-%cf%8c%ce%bd%ce%bf%ce%bc%ce%b1-%cf%84%ce%bf%cf%85-maasdam/?fbclid=IwAR1quYoDZxY6CiPSlcxF6j35CNaFGryjzEiv-QYF2kKZ6ywZbkKCPsYdJ1Y Also on Instagram, crew member ckoonstra has posted some pictures of Maasdam's last days as Maasdam.
  2. This was forwarded to me this afternoon. It appears the new owner is SeaJets, a new entity that is entering the cruise market http://crew-center.com/seajets-new-owner-two-former-hal-ships
  3. It was announced today that both these ships have been sold to an unnamed buyer. Both ships are in the Red Sea right now. I cannot believe that Holland and other cruise lines are continuing to sell cruises for ships that they have earmarked to sell either announced privately or behind corporate doors. And then if you cancel after full deposit is paid you only get a FCC. Just doesn’t seem right or ethical. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. With the loss of the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maasdam & Veendam, I have removed all sailings on the future cruise listing for anyone sailing on the 4 sold ships. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anything 🙏🏻). It’s entirely possible that HAL might transfer some of these sailings to other ships that are remaining in the fleet. If that is the case for you, please repost your cruise details on the Future Cruise Listing just as you did originally. Here is the link for this week’s listing - Thank you 🙂
  5. Just checking Marine Traffic and it shows both Maasdam and Veendam heading to the Suez Canal. Currently Maasdam is doing 8.8 kn and Veendam is 11.9kn. Any idea where they are heading too?
  6. As I keep dreaming of booking the next cruise, I came across this trans-pac that includes a significant stopover in Hawaii. I know HAL has cancelled their other Circle Hawaii cruises for the year but this one still remains. I was wondering if anyone has been notified of a change of ports, for example Mexico or Central America in lieu of the Hawaiin Islands? Additionally, has anyone ever done a partial cruise within a transoceanic? For example, would HAL permit you to travel from San Diego to Papeete at a reduced rate? While I would love to do the full cruise, work is still in my future, so my time is limited. Thanks
  7. We boarded the Maasdam in August in Tokyo for a scheduled 97 day cruise. About 70 days in we decided to disembark early (after 80 days). We told Guest Services who helped reschedule our FlightEase flight back home. We did not ask for and did not expect any compensation for our decision to leave early. Highlights - great itinerary, best Pinnacle Grill we have eaten at in years (kudos to Denise), Canaletto was good until the raw chicken episode (see below). Our room stewards did a good job despite covering thirty cabins. The crew in general were as great as ever. Food - we found the MDR menu to often be fairly boring with lots of repeated items, I bet they served coconut shrimp 15 times. We probably ate in the MDR 65 times and had about 12 really good meals, the rest were forgettable. We also noted the portion sizes were smaller not all bad but my Greek salad one time had a single piece of Romaine and a small one at that. For some inexplicable reason, toward the end of the cruise they dropped the ice cream flavors and cheese plate from the dessert menu. This meant the waiter had to go back to the kitchen to find out what these items were on any given night. One day we ordered lunch, I received my starter, we then waited 45 minutes and our Ruben’s with chips had not arrived, we just got up and left. The service was very inconsistent, some days we were offered rolls or bread, some days we were offered juice ( breakfast), some days the waiter asks about allergies, some days they recommend a dish, and some days none of those happen. Running out of things: they have run out of everything from Budweiser beer to butter at some point on this cruise. Other items- potato chips, cream cheese, cereals, crackers, bananas, yogurt, fruit, wine and more. Serving rotten and moldy food - absolutely rotten cucumbers in Lido, rotten lettuce, moldy berries, spoiled bananas and avocado, I can’t believe they were serving these things. The worst offenses however were the black banana on top of my banana split and the semi-raw chicken Parmesan I was served one night in Canaletto. Navigator and When and Where - it’s like no one proofs it. Sometimes they have wrong locations for events, it can take days to update the dinner menu in Navigator, My Itinerary in Navigator just doesn't work, so many mis-spellings it laughable . Plus less content in When and Where, for example a movie just has the title, no description of what the movie is about. They also dropped the weather forecast. Lido - major problems, one of the outside doors fell off months ago, still not fixed. The AC on one side does not work and has been the way since August. Service is very inconsistent, most times we have to get everything ourselves. This did get better latter in the cruise. They have plenty of people selling drinks and specialty restaurants but not enough servers, the place is a chaotic zoo. At one time, only about half the tables had salt and pepper shakers, I asked why and they said the passengers were stealing them 🥺, they did give each table shakers a short time later. The two self serve ice makers have been broken since we got on two and a half months ago. You can get ice out but they don’t stop, this pours crushed ice on the floor. Our room - we have a two inch gap at the bottom of our door, when lying in bed I could actually see the reflection of peoples feet walking by, we have to put a towel in the gap every night to keep out light and noise. Our bathroom door does not close properly, it’s like the frame is out of square. We have had to call at least twelve time because our toilet won’t flush, it’s not clogged, you push the button and nothing happens. Outside in our hall it always smells like sewage, it’s been this way from day one. Sea view Pool - I went in to swim and came out with little particles of soot all over me, nice touch Tenders - one day we bobbed around right beside the ship for 45 minutes, within 50 yards of the tender gangway, before they actually tied us up and unloaded. Speakers - we found the speakers to be great the first 29 days (this part was in essence a WW II Cruise). Once in Australia, the speakers were still good but the breadth of topics was not good. I can only go to so many talks on crocodiles and birds. More on the history of the region, maybe on the Aboriginal people, etc would have been nice. Gangways - on multiple occasions the gangway were ridiculously steep, I don’t know how handicap people got up them. We also had a window exploded over the gangway one day sending glass all over. Two other windows were broken and covered in plastic as well (see pic). Initially I reported many of these items on comment cards, when our original captain was on board, they would usually respond, we got a new captain in Sydney and they no longer respond. So that’s the short list of items. One of the funniest things is when I went to them and told them we want off 17 days early, told them they could keep the multiple thousand of $$$$ we had paid for that and all I wanted was our flight rescheduled, they did not even ask why, amazing, I guess it happens all the time! Eventually they did come and talk to us but that was after the Pinnacle Mgr told them they should. Right before we disembarked, we did receive a letter from HAL apologizing for the problems and offered us some future cruise credits. So that was our 97/80 day Maasdam adventure.
  8. We are booked in this cabin for next year and it is listed as accessible. However, we were booked in an accessible cabin on another ship and my 24" wheel chair didn't quite fit the door so I had to stand and fold up the chair to enter. Plus the room wasn't any roomier than the regular ones. Is this one actually a larger door and space inside?
  9. For those of you on the March1 cruise from Aukland to San Diego, have you seen any of the FCC deposited into your accounts yet? What about reimbursement for airfare? I have applied for both but not heard anything? How long should it take?
  10. Looks like our Westerdam is finally back in San Diego after cruising all over the Pacific Ocean, making the news as well. The Maasdam is showing just off the harbor entrance. Hopefully Maasdam will be docking right next to her bigger sister soon.
  11. Having just returned from an EXC In Depth cruise on the Maasdam from Singapore through the Indian Ocean, I would urge caution for anyone considering travelling on this ship in hot or tropical areas. Our booked cabin 788 on A deck lacked adequate air conditioning from day 1. We complained on days 2 and 3 and were ignored. The next day, we requested more firmly that the problem be addressed and adjustments made. Front desk staff visited the cabin and agreed that it was too hot due to inadequate air flow. A technician then removed a ceiling panel and appeared to make some adjustments. That caused the problem to worsen and the temperature to rise further, leading to very unpleasant nights trying to sleep in hot conditions with limited air flow. The cabin temperatures ranged from around 26 to 28 degrees C, even with curtains drawn to limit heat transfer through the window. We advised the front desk what had happened and were told at that time, that the Facilities Manager had stated that nothing further could be done. We requested a cabin change and were told that the ship was fully booked and no other cabins were available apart from one that "had a leak and was blocked out for this trip", and that this problem couldn't be fixed. After further complaint and an email to HAL head office, the next day the unfixable cabin was magically fixed and offered to us. This cabin 202, was a verandah cabin on deck 9. The cabin showed minor evidence of previous water damage to some woodwork but had functioning air conditioning, and was fully operational in every way. We did not request or seek an upgrade, and had this cabin been offered earlier, we would have been prepared to pay for an upgrade. Unfortunately, it took over 7 days to reach this point, possibly suggesting that stalling might make the complaints go away. During conversations with other passengers, we asked how comfortable their cabins were, and in several instances, the answer was that the cabins were unacceptably hot. Our cabin stewards also confirmed that a number of other cabins on A deck were very hot. That means of course, that many cabins were OK, temperature-wise, and if you had one of these cabins, you wouldn't know that any air conditioning problems existed in other cabins. Surprisingly, a number of other passengers told us that their cabins were so cold that they had to wear pullovers at all times in their cabins. I have now read posts that show that these same air conditioning problems have existed since 2003/2004 and have never been rectified. My conclusion is that this ship has a fundamental problem with the air conditioning system that is unfixable or too expensive to fix, and that HAL continues to operate this ship in hot or tropical areas in the full knowledge that a significant number of cabins will be either unacceptably hot or much too cold. Surely 16 years of similar complaints should be taken more seriously and rectified. Or the ship should be sold. I realise that I have few Cruise Critic posts so the first observation could be that I have little cruising experience, or am just a "newbie" to Cruise Critic. However, I post only when I believe that something needs to be said, not just to lift my rating. As a matter of interest, I am a HAL 5 star mariner and have been for several years. I have cruised widely on 5 other lines as well.
  12. A few of us from a local American Legion in San Diego , Post 255, are on the MAASDAM sailing 03 April and we are wondering if the ship will be having a Veterans get together? I've been on other HAL ships that did host Veteran mingles but not all of them. Thanks...
  13. I normally hang out mostly in the Royal forum but as it turns out we shared Milford Sound with the Maasdam yesterday. Here are some photos of the Maasdam from the Ovation of the Seas. Mods please move or delete as required. Thanks.
  14. Is it possible to have lunch in the Grill on a port day? A PCC said that yes, we could, but I don't remember that being the case on other ships. Also, has anyone actually had a zodiac experience on an EXC cruise? Seems like there's a lot of advertising but I'm not seeing any reviews of the experience, cost, destination? Anyone have knowledge on these questions?
  15. We're considering switching to a cruise on the Maasdam, but I'm hearing that it is small and one of the oldest ships in the HAL fleet. If we cruise, will we be disappointed with this ship? When was the last time it had a refurb?
  16. We booked a cruise for April 2021 in an OV. We go San Diego-Santa Barbara-Two nights at sea-Vancouver. We recently upgraded to a Vista Suite. How are cruises this short? How is the Maasdam? It is our 2nd HAL cruise the first on Eurodam. Did we make a good move to the VS? While I know we don't get perks like the NS, do we at least get priority boarding? How often does the upgrade fairy visit even if they charge for the upgrade like a very good upgrade offer? If we wait until we get to the port and ask at check in, do they do free upgrades then?
  17. This video provides a highlight of ports and up-to-date onboard experience during the 6-20 Jan. 2020 cruise visiting ports in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island and New Zealand including a spectacular departure from Sydney Enjoy the cruise! https://youtu.be/NCPw8hm6b00
  18. Hello - I am looking at a 13-day southern Australia cruise for my family of five later this year (around Christmas / NY) and am looking specifically at two connecting suites on Deck 10. Would someone be able to advise if Category BB cabins may simply be "normal" balcony staterooms on other cruise ships, in terms of size and amenities? Also, should we be concerned re: noise from above as, according to deck plans, the Lido Market would be right above our rooms. This would be our first cruise on HAL! We've only cruised with Celebrity in the past and will be traveling with three children. Two will be older (21 and 18) next year but the little one will be only 10. I know Maasdam will be a smaller ship - and she is an experienced traveler so I am not so concerned about her not having enough to do (she is not a fan of the kids clubs) - but hoping young children would not be too out of place on this ship? Any other thoughts / comments about the Maasdam would be much appreciated! We are currently booked on a 12-night Celebrity Reflection cruise for the same time period but I'm getting a bit tired of cruising the Caribbean and touring Europe (#firstworldproblems) so a cruise around Australia would be an incredible experience for all of us. This itinerary also seems to be extremely unique and think it would still keeps the kids engaged, as it's not just endless sea days of sailing through sounds, haha. Thanks in advance for your help / insight! Linda
  19. This video provides a highlight of ports and up-to-date onboard experience during the 6-20 Jan. 2020 cruise visiting ports in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island and New Zealand including a spectacular departure from Sydney Enjoy the cruise!
  20. I wondering if the tv on the Maasdam tv can be connected to an ipad to watch movies. if its not HDMI is it Component video (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WITH RED AND WHITE FOE AUDIO)? OR RED WHITE AND YELLOW? THANKS
  21. Does anybody know if the Lanai cabins on the Maasdam have fridges in them?
  22. Hi folks. We are at the port of Savusavu and are currently held up as locals refusing to allow anyone ashore who has not had Measles vaxcine. Captain on phone to health dept but to no avail. Will report as we go along. Regards. John
  23. Hi folks. Now on board Maasdam the ship is comfortable , food is fine snd service warm and attentive. We are more than happy the ship fits us nicely ,very nice quartet in lounge last night playing jazz and standards, had Elsie the 95y/o mil toe tapping a nice dance floor that I regret not being able to use. Food has been good no issues at all drinks ok but wine expensive. Cabin nice and comfortable no nasty smells stewards helpful. All in all a nice cruise so far. Weather good sea calm. Course 87o almost due east speed just under 19 knots. Feel free to ask any questions. Best regards. John
  24. We have a 9:00pm sailing time. When do you think the muster drill would be held?
  25. Interested in anyone to comment on diningroom noise in these aft cabins. Cabins 389-419 are all under the diningroom. I know that at night they clean but i think it would not be as bad as being under the galley. (Made that mistake once with Carnival!)
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