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  1. JOHN 57

    Music on Volendam

    we will be on the Volendam, headed to Alaska 18 September 2018. I was wondering, what kind of music was played. If it varies or on a classical level. We purchased this cruise mainly for the ports and scenry, which we have not been to Alaska before. Thank you.
  2. akav8er

    Volendam Internet

    This may have been posted already. If so, please disregard. Attached is information on the current (1/2019) internet package prices onboard Volendam.
  3. FulltimeRVer

    Volendam televisions

    We decided today to book a Panama Canal round-trip cruise on the Volendam, starting in San Diego on January 3 (just three and a half weeks away!). Partly because everything else is sold out, we are booking an obstructed view cabin (HH guarantee). Does anybody know what the TV will be like in such a cabin? Specifically, will it have a headphone jack? My wife uses cordless headphones, and they require either a headphone or RCA audio-out plug on the TV to work. Our last cruise was on the Amsterdam, and the cabin had a newish TV with a headphone jack, but it was a much more expensive cabin.
  4. FredT

    Volendam notes

    Just back from a 15 day Panama Canal cruise, and I thought I might make a few random comments about the Volendam (Third time aboard her over 8 years) 1) Her overall condition was excellent, with a very few things showing her age. 2) Nice to see cold towels and cool drinks be offered pierside at each port. Thats been missing the last couple HAL cruises. 3) Along the same vein, It put a smile on my face to see that the "days of the week" mats were back in the elevators... 4) Sad to see the library withering away. Fewer and fewer books, and surprisingly almost nothing in the "take a book, leave a book" section. 5) Surprised to see the menu in the MDR was as "short" as it was each night, with few choices, and less variety than we have seen in the past. 6) In contrast, the selection (and quality) of the LIDO was better than in the past, perhaps as good as I have ever seen on a Mass Market cruise ship. 7) Only saw one "cabin issue" (No madam, you may NOT put that down the toilet") and I was very surprised and pleased with the speed and efficiency that both engineering and guest services handled the situation for all three staterooms effected. 8) Entertainment on board was horrible (as usual) with the exception of the piano guy, who packed the house every night. Lectures and other "enrichment" on the other hand excelled. 9) Cruise Director (Young guy named Justin) was great 10) English captain (On his final cruise before retirement ) was also great. Made himself available, answered questions, and was a fountain of information.
  5. we will be cruising on the Volendam for Alaska 18-25 Sept 19. My question, I have heard that things start to close at 10pm aboard ship. Is this true? Are any bars open and how late. Thank you, John
  6. we are sailing on the Volendam, and looking for When and Where, the daily program, that Holland American puts out daily. Thank you.
  7. I've searched the boards and see varying answers about self-service laundries on the Volendam. Deck plans online are of little help. My question - how many and where? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello we are looking for dining and drinking aboard the Volendam. Can anyone help. Thank you.
  9. I would like to know, if the buffet on the Voendam, has an eggs benedict station. Saw that on Celebrity Summit, it was great. Thank you.
  10. We are sailing on the Volendam 18 September 2019 to Alaska. This will be our first time on Holland America. Would to see the daily program Where and When. So as to have a feel for the ship and see. What it offers. Thank you
  11. We are looking at a cruise tour package that includes a 3 night and a 7 night cruise, and a land package in between. Its Alaska based, on Holland America, on the Volendam and the Noordam. Only one TA has it, I can't find the individual cruises listed, I am wondering if anyone has ever done one of these? Maybe the agency books the entire ship? They apparently do a lot of business for American Express also. The price is good, not overwhelmingly great, but there are some nice perks and the itinerary is good. We would appreciate any input.
  12. Having just completed a 15 day trans-canal of the Volendam and after reading some not so glowing reviews, I thought I would add my own two cents. I went on board with a “jaundiced” eye to see if I saw what some of the negative reviewers say. Pre-Cruise: I originally booked this cruise as an inside, but a month before decided I would like to have some daylight and found a pretty decent price on a “fully obstructed view” outside cabin, so I switched. My travel agent said the cabin I got wasn’t the greatest but possibly an upgrade would become available. I live a couple of hours from Charlotte, NC and found fairly decent flights from there. However the best left at 7:30 which necessitated an overnight hotel stay. I also needed to find a place to park the care so I ended up working through Park & Fly and found a room at a Wingate Inn & Suites for $130 which included 15 days parking. The flight was from Charlotte - Salt Lake City - San Diego. Both legs were on time and comfortable and I found myself at my San Diego hotel (Hilton Harbor Island) and in my room by 2:00. Both hotels were comfortable, clean and convenient to my needs. My body was still on eastern standard time, so around 5 a.m. I wandered across the street from the hotel and watched as the Volendam sailed into port. As it was still dark, couldn’t see much of the ship except for the lights. I met a couple from Florida sitting on a park bench and we sat and talked then went back to the hotel and had breakfast together. It was their 1st cruise and a retirement gift for the couple from the business where the hubby had retired. When I opened up my email at the 1st hotel, I had one from HAL notifying me that I had been upgraded to an outside which was quite a pleasant surprise. I am not sure of the why of the upgrade, but discovered later in the cruise that there were only 1285 passengers aboard of a possible 1432, so about 75 cabins were unoccupied. The cruise: Embarkation/Disembarkation: A+ The hotel provided a shuttle to the ship at 11 a.m. and we arrived at the ship within 20 minutes. The embarkation process was extremely efficient and I was on the ship within 20 minutes. Unfortunately, and for the 1st time (for me), the cabins were not ready for about another 20 minutes or so. Disembarkation was just as efficient. I was given a time of 08:30 and my color/number was called at 08:25. Off the ship quickly, found my luggage, through customs/immigration and in a cab in about 15-20 minutes. I was at the airport just after 09:00. The whole getting on, getting off process just can’t work much more efficiently. The ship: B+ The Volendam is 19 years old, so she is getting “up there” in her cruising life. I was first aboard her in 2001 and I can say after her refurbs/refits/etc., she has aged quite gracefully. She has the graceful lines of cruise ships of her age and, to me, is quite a beauty. Does she have flaws - of course, some from original design, some from refurbs and some from age. However, none are overwhelming nor do they detract from her beauty. One can look real close and find areas where rust has taken hold - but one has to be looking for it. (The deck crew is constantly working with this and other areas of upkeep). Ventilation/heating/air-conditioning seemed to be an area of concern to some people. (I personally prefer cool over warm). I overheard some folks complain that their cabin was too warm and they couldn’t get it any cooler. My cabin was fine and I could control the temperature without trouble. However, some of the public areas could be quite chilly, particularly Explorations cafe’ and Crow’s Nest. A couple of nights I went back to the cabin for a sweater. Accommodation: A I was in cabin 1924. This was a standard outside cabin with a window on deck 1 (Dolphin). It was located on the port side, 3 cabins fwd of the athwartship passageway to the aft elevators. The cabin would certainly be comfortable for a couple and was extremely comfortable for this single traveler. More than adequate storage areas, including closets, shelves and drawers. The bathroom was adequate with a sink, toilet and walk-in shower. The storage in here I think would be inadequate for a couple, but the walk-in shower compensates for that shortage. Crew: A+ The crew on every HAL voyage I have been on have been outstanding and those on the Volendam certainly fit that description. Room stewards, wait staff (in all venues), bartenders and bar servers, guest relations staff were all efficient, friendly, courteous and seemed to always have a smile even when things got a little rugged. I know that it is a part of their job description, but these folks seem to genuinely like/love what they are doing. While not a direct recipient of their work output, this even applies to the deck and engineering folk I observed around the ship. The officers did not appear, to me at least, to be very approachable and there was one fellow who just seemed to ignore most folks; but to explain: Our cruise director, Justin, was on his very first voyage as a cruise director. There was actually a “trainer” shadowing him the first week. It was this fellow that I am talking about and I suppose he was doing exactly as he was supposed to be doing. After a couple of days, I just ignored what he was doing and accepted his “persona” for what it was (not really guest related). Food: Food is an extremely subjective item to address - therefore I will not give it a grade. I ate at the Lido, MDR (anytime dining), Canaletto and Dive-In. Mainly in the Lido. The food throughout was OK to good, but nothing special. Breakfast, IMO, was the best meal of the day mainly because of the variety offered. They do provide a super salad bar and the pasta station is excellent. Service is another story. I travel as a single. I ate in the MDR as a single twice - the service was hurried and impersonal at best. However, on two occasions I ate with a group of 7/8 friends. The service then was excellent. The waiters/sommelier were attentive and service was pleasant and unhurried. Not sure why the difference, but it was the reason I ate the majority of my evening meals in the Lido. Entertainment: B+ After 40+ cruises I am a bit jaded when it comes to evening entertainment. With rare exception, I no longer attend the “crew singers and dancers” shows and did not on this cruise. I did attend a couple of other shows throughout the cruise and enjoyed them. One a pianist (excellent), the other a comedienne (good). I believe the best entertainment was available in the lounges. Adagio (classical), a 4 piece combo w/singer (excellent) and a pianist/songster played in various lounges in the evenings. This is how I enjoyed my evenings. One show of note in the theater was “Frozen Planet Live”. This is an BBC production that is shown on the huge theater screen and is accompanied by all the ship’s musicians playing what (to my understanding) was a piece scored especially for the film and musicians. From both a visual and auditory standpoint is was stunning. What was missing from the entertainment was the crew (folkloric) show. I either completely missed reading when it was or I believe as I will explain in a bit the crew was just too busy to plan, practice and perform on this sailing. Ports of call (tours): B San Diego, Puerto Vallarta and Huatalco, Mexico, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, Corinto, Nicaragua, Puerto Caldera, Costa, Rico, Panama Canal, Cartagena, Columbia and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. I have an aversion to paying the price asked for by ANY of the cruise lines, so I either will find an independent tour (if I am with friends) or will just get off the ship and walk around for 4-5 miles. So anything I have to say about tours would not be allowed in a court of law as it is hearsay. What I did hear was a mixed bag. If things went as planned, the ship’s tours were good to excellent (with a couple of exceptions). If things did not go as planned (frequent), they were horrible to “we got a full refund”. Traffic was a huge problem on some tours and planned visits were shortened or bypassed. As I was traveling alone, I just got off and walked around. The two best walks were in Puerto Vallerta and Puerto Caldera where I enjoyed leisurely walks. The other ports not so leisurely as I was constantly “hassled” by merchants who did not apparently have the word no in their language. In one of the ports it was so bad, I turned back within 5 minutes. I love Cartegena and was planning either a walkabout or a Hop-on - Hop-off bus ride. However, when we pulled into port the NCL Bliss and Island(?) Princess were already there. Now, if you have been to Cartegena you know that the ship docks in a commercial area and passengers are filtered into town via a rather pleasant, but small aviary/gift shop area. When I got to that area it was like Black Friday at a busy shopping mall. As the ship was only there for a shortened day, I decided to get an iced coffee and head back to the ship for a quiet relaxing day. As I had recently been to Half-Moon Cay, I once again just stayed aboard and enjoyed the day. Panama Canal Transit: A This was a great day. The weather was super, i.e., not boiling hot. The transit takes pretty much the whole day. There is a Panamanian lecturer who gets on early and leaves at the end of the day who narrates throughout the day. Ours was pretty good, although IMO, he had a tendency to drone (which clicks off my thought process). The lecture to my knowledge is NOT available in the room but only in the public areas. NOROVIRUS raises its ugly little head: When we boarded a letter was provided from the ship’s medical team on how to avoid norovirus. I believe this was just an info letter as there were no signs that it was present, e.g., allowed to dish our own food in the Lido, silverware, salt/pepper already at the tables, etc. However, on the 3rd or 4th day a letter was placed in the staterooms and (I believe) an announcement was made that we had active cases of norovirus aboard. We immediately were in a norovirus sanitation protocol, e.g., food was served, silverware was handed out, constant reminders to wash hands thoroughly, hand sanitizers at all entrances to food service areas were out and manned/with reminders to use (don’t want to discuss +’s and -’s of this), etc. Crew members were seen about the ship wiping down and spraying on an almost constant basis. We stayed on this protocol for the remainder of the voyage. A total of 68 passengers and 9 crew were reported to the CDC as being afflicted. (see link). IMO, the crew worked tirelessly to contain this outbreak. In fact, I was told by a bartender on the last night that after the bar closed, all bars, back bars and lounges were to be given a thorough cleansing. Additionally, prior to the next days boarding a major shipboard decontamination was to take place. Final thoughts: Even though I had taken this exact same cruise 18 months earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed it. HAL has a good product and like most good products with some tweaking could be better. I would not only have no problem sailing with her again and again, I would have even less of a problem recommending her to family and friends.
  13. I booked cabin 7086 on the Volendam and was looking forward to going out on the deck outside the window. After speaking to a HAL rep on the phone, she told me that the deck outside was a crew only deck. Has anyone been on the Volendam recently that can confirm that deck is still open for public use? Thanks!
  14. disneychick55

    Volendam gala nights

    Does anyone know when the nights of the gala dinners for the January 3 Panama Canal Cruise? Also does anyone know if the casino is open while going through the Panama Canal. Thanks for the info!
  15. Hi, If anybody has stayed in Cat M cabins 1842,1841,1854,1857,1877,1905 on the Holland America Volendam could you please tell me what they are like, and what is the difference to the other cabins. These six cabins go across the corridor, where all the others go down. We have booked cabin 1841, and was wondering what it was like? Hope somebody can help Noddy54 :)
  16. Looking at a cruise on the Volendam. The deck plan for Deck Six shows what looks to be an outside space aft, at the end of the corridor. Is it an outside deck and is it accessible from the aft corridor? Thanks!
  17. Hello, Noticed on a different website you were scheduled to dock in Guatemala soon on the 27th.. Just curious if you are still planning to port there. We are scheduled to go there on December 8th with ncl. We are looking to go the Antigua with the volcano erupting a bit, just curious if you heard anything from cruise line? Thanks.
  18. Volendam is the featured blue hull beauty for this sail away. There are 4 ships in port and 3 of them are scheduled to sail at 4 pm! I think someone is going to have to wait - LOL. Volendam is doing the 15 night Panama Canal, scheduled to leave at 4 pm and will be at pier 26. Here is her itinerary: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (18 Jan d1600); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (19 Jan 0800-1600); Cartagena, Colombia (22 Jan 0700-1300); Panama Canal (Cruising Canal) (23 Jan 0500-0500); Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica (25 Jan 0700-1700); Corinto, Nicaragua (26 Jan 0900-1700); Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala (27 Jan 0700-1700); Huatulco, Mexico (28 Jan 1300-1900); Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (30 Jan 1000-2000); San Diego, California (02 Feb a0700 Also in port are: Celebrity Reflection scheduled for 4 pm at pier 25 Celebrity Silhouette scheduled for 4 pm at pier 18 Silver Spirit scheduled to leave at 6 pm at pier 19 The webcams are located at: http://www.portevergladeswebcam.com and http://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com Next up is the Oosterdam on January 19th.
  19. Volendam will be at Pier 19 (Starboard to) from 0315-1600. She is leaving on a 16-day Panama Canal Holiday cruise. Tuesday, December 18 Fort Lauderdale, FL Wednesday, December 19 At Sea Thursday, December 20 At Sea Friday, December 21 Curacao Saturday, December 22 Aruba Sunday, December 23 At Sea Monday, December 24 Panama Canal (Full Transit) (Cruising) Tuesday, December 25 At Sea Wednesday, December 26 Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica Thursday, December 27 Corinto, Nicaragua Friday, December 28 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Saturday, December 29 Huatulco, Mexico Sunday, December 30 At Sea Monday, December 31 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Tuesday, January 1 At Sea Wednesday, January 2 At Sea Thursday, January 3 San Diego, CA The only other cruise ship in port is tiny (she only holds 210 passengers) Pearl Mist at pier 21 from 1330-2100. The PTZtv webcam can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ . Next up: Our very first view of Nieuw Statendam in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, 19 December.
  20. First time sailing on Volendam and 3+ years since we've sailed on one of her sister ships so I have questions about what to expect in our Cat. A Vista suite: Do they still have a clothesline over the tub? Do they have a docking station or Bluetooth speaker so we can play music from our iPods? Have the TV's been updated to flat-screens on the wall or are they still on the desk? Are the TV's interactive so we can review our onboard account, have access to movies, watch special programs, etc? Is there still just the one US-type electrical plug (not counting the one in the bathroom for shavers)? Have they added any USB plugs? Have the heavy (and ugly) coffee tables been replaced by the much sleeker, modern metal base tables with the glass top? What furniture should we expect on the verandah? Thanks!
  21. My first HAL cruise and first cabin dilemma. Please help :) Volendam for Alaska is running short of options for the date I want (cannot use any other sailing), and I am torn between some cabins in the lower promenade deck... What cabin would your recommend? OV3401 (fully obstructed) OV3400 (fully obstructed) OV3427 (partial obstructed) OV3428 (partial obstructed) I 3344 Does anyone know what is the function of the stairs in front of cabin 3426, and what are the "cut-outs" in the MDR just above cabin 3426?
  22. What an exciting day in Port Everglades this will be. Along with it being a VERY busy day, the Nieuw Statendam has her christening ceremony today. Nieuw Statendam won’t sail a way until Feb. 3rd but she is currently scheduled to be at pier 26. The ceremony takes place at 2 pm EST and is being streamed live on the HAL blog for anyone who wishes to watch. Here is the link https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/cruise-ships/ms-nieuw-statendam/nieuw-statendam-dedication.html Oosterdam is set to sail from pier 21 on a 7 day Tropical Caribbean itinerary: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (02 Feb d1700); Key West, Florida (03 Feb 0800-1600); Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (05 Feb 0800-1700); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (06 Feb 0800-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (08 Feb 0800-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (09 Feb a0700) and the 14 day Tropical/Western Caribbean itinerary: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (02 Feb d1700); Key West, Florida (03 Feb 0800-1600); Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (05 Feb 0800-1700); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (06 Feb 0800-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (08 Feb 0800-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (09 Feb 0700-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (10 Feb 0800-1600); Falmouth, Jamaica (12 Feb 0800-1700); George Town, Grand Cayman (13 Feb 0800-1600); Cozumel, Mexico (14 Feb 1100-2300); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (16 Feb a0700 Other ships in port and the piers they are currently scheduled to be at are: Royal Princess at pier 02, Celebrity Infinity at pier 19, Adventure Of the Seas at pier 25 and Carnival Conquest at pier 04. Here are the webcams - https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com The Volendam is sailing out of San Diego on two different itineraries. The 15 day Incan Empires : San Diego, California (02 Feb d1600); Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (04 Feb 1200-2300); Huatulco, Mexico (07 Feb 0800-1700); Puerto Chiapas, Mexico (08 Feb 0800-1700); Panama City, Panama (11 Feb 0800-1700); Manta, Ecuador (13 Feb 0500-1900); Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru (15 Feb 0800-1700); Callao (Lima), Peru (16 Feb a1000(+0)disembark) and the 30 day Incan Empires: San Diego, California (02 Feb d1600); Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (04 Feb 1200-2300); Huatulco, Mexico (07 Feb 0800-1700); Puerto Chiapas, Mexico (08 Feb 0800-1700); Panama City, Panama (11 Feb 0800-1700); Manta, Ecuador (13 Feb 0500-1900); Salaverry (Trujillo), Peru (15 Feb 0800-1700); Callao (Lima), Peru (16 Feb a1000); Pisco, Peru (19 Feb 0800-1700); Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica (23 Feb 0800-1800); Corinto, Nicaragua (24 Feb 1000-1700); Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala (25 Feb 0800-1800); Manzanillo, Mexico (28 Feb 0800-1700); Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (01 Mar 0800-1700); San Diego, California (04 Mar a0700) The San Diego website is located at http://sundiegolive.com Should be a fun day indeed 😄
  23. Those who know Volendam 7086 and 7083 know they are great cabins, but we're in 7083 and it's an absolute nightmare. The cabin ceiling creaks like a Son of a B in anything other than seas like glass (and we're in the Bearing Sea, which can hardly be described as glassy). Engineering has been in twice and can only offer shimming the ceiling tiles at the edges with rubber strips, which absolutely has had no effect except for maybe moving the creaking to another spot in the ceiling. I routinely wear earplugs to bed anyway, because Mrs. BigWally wants the TV on all night long as background noise, and it's bothering me even with earplugs in and the TV cranked much higher than we normally would have it, which is how I find myself posting to CC at 4am instead of sleeping. Mrs. BigWally is slightly deaf and she's even wearing earplugs to try and keep the noise at bay. On the plus side, the cabins are really well insulated, so we're not bothering the neighbors with either the cranked TV or the creaky ceiling! As nice as this cabin is otherwise, unless you're completely deaf I suggest you avoid booking it.
  24. St Pete Cruiser

    Volendam 23 day highlights

    We just returned from Volendam's 23 day repositioning cruise from Vancouver to Ft Lauderdale, boarding Sep 26 and departing Oct 19, 2018. Here are some of the highlights: We choose Volendam over Nieuw Amsterdam which left two days later for its overnight call at San Francisco, which was a bucket list item for me. Beautiful sail in and out with overnight docking at the foot of the city. Also, the R class Volendam has more/better outside viewing areas than the Signature class. Deck 6 forward is suburb and deck 6 and 7 aft is open and covered as well. Barbara, Holland America's 28 year port lecturer/EXC guide/location person who has been the world cruise and voyage of the Vikings to go to person was also onboard. She joined us for dinner one evening and we talked of her memories (and mine) and that was truly special. She has retired as full time, now continuing as a guest speaker. Barry from Boston joined us in San Diego, another favorite, and entertained us with his amazing repertoire of music. The piano bar was standing room only early in the evening. The Ocean Bar had a very lively foursome that played both soft and faster numbers and there were more dancers than I have seen there in some time. There was also a very good solo pianist at other times. We booked, and received, an oceanview room on deck 2, eight rooms from the aft. On Volendam, you can access the rear deck and walk up one flight to the promenade deck. The bathroom had been totally redone with the tub removed and a new shower with glass door in its place, a big improvement for us. The vista suites still have the tub as do the Neptunes. We checked personally on departure day. The insides still have shower curtains. The old TV sets remain unfortunately. We made all 10 port calls. Docked at Puntarenas, Costa Rica (NOT Porta Caldera) which we liked better, too. The Panama Canal crossing went very well. We were able to view parts of the new canal and saw a bigger Princess ship using the new locks. I spoke with Capt Frank in Aruba, while he was ashore with his wife riding their bikes, and he confirmed it was a good canal trip with nearly no contact with the dreaded paint scrapping concrete walls. Our passage cost a mere $250,000! With only 1100 guests aboard, our port fees were $625 and there fore about $225 was for the canal. Mario was our dining room maitre'd and we had a table for 4 on the rail. He is a 20 year Celebrity veteran who came over to HAL 8 years ago when Celebrity changed to a younger vibe. He is a good fit for those of us who are "ancient Mariners" and appreciate the traditional dining room. Perhaps the biggest MDR treat was having the cellar master host a table of 10 of us on the last gala night. Csaba, whose family had vineyards in Hungary, was a gracious and charming host. He is going to the Nieuw Statendam for its maiden voyage in December. Volendam is to do the Grand south America in 2020. Looks like Rotterdam and Volendam will be picking up many of Prinsendam's itineraries. I think HAL is investing more maintenance dollars in their R class ships than a few years ago. There were outside contractors installing new wiring while we there and paint, carpet, and trim looked very good. Our room had good AC, a big plus on a hot itinerary. There were more deck chairs on promenade than Veendam had.
  25. Returned home from the transcanal on the Volendam yesterday. I am in the process of writing a bit of a review and will hopefully have it posted in a day or two. We did experience a bit of a problem. Norovirus decided to join us. I have no idea how many cases, but the ship went into contaminated mode on the 3rd (or 4th) day and maintained that status throughout the cruise. The crew worked assiduously to keep the virus under control. The ships doctor wrote a detailed letter on the illness, if effects, prevention and what to do if and when. The crew was constantly cleaning; every couple of days they were going around public areas wiping every thing down and guys straight out of "Ghostbusters" were spraying down carpets and furniture. In addition to the doctors admonition to constantly washing your hands, trying to use your own bathroom vs public ones, not shaking hands, etc., hand sanitizers were out in force. Talking to a couple of bartenders on our last night after the public areas closed they would be spending a couple of hours sanitizing those areas and after debarkation a major shipboard decontamination was to take place. Word was already out that the next group would have delayed embarkation. (As I was traveling home, I don't know how this affected their departure). One story along with this. There was only one child on board; a sweet little 8 yr old girl named Chloe. Her folks and her were in the same lifeboat as I was so we met and talked a bit and would talk a bit when we met during the cruise. She apparently was having a blast in the kid's center. Well, I hadn't seen her in a couple of days or so and met her and her dad coming out of the elevator. In a really sad voice she told me, "Mr. Jack, I was isolated". She had got it midway through the cruise and the whole family was isolated. Her dad was quite jocular about it and he told me the only advice he could give her was, "Chloe, do not trust your farts". We also had a medical emergency where a call was put out over the announcement system requesting A+ blood donors one evening. Not sure what that was all about, but a man was stretchered off the next day and the Captain thank the passengers for the excellent response.