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  1. Hi Carnival Cruisers, We just returned home from a wonderful cruise on the Dream December 16th to 23rd. Ports of call were Costa Maya, Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. Previous reviews have been spot on with this ship well deserving its reputation of the best customer satisfaction rates in the fleets. I have a few notes I would like to offer for folks planning on cruising the Dream in the near future. Rooftop Parking - This is my 3rd time using the Fulton rooftop parking. The first 2 times was great but this time it was absolutely terrible. There is road construction around the parking deck which makes getting into the deck almost impossible. The gridlock is unbelievable and we spent over an hour in the que just to get parked - anyway made me end up in the (too early & too late) line. I will offer that since the seasonal rates at rooftop are now $15 per day - terminal parking is now not such a bad option. If you feel lucky and still want to do Fulton Rooftop don't forget to sign up at Airport Parking and get the $5 coupon. It's also a great idea to pull into the terminal and drop off your bags with a porter before heading over to rooftop that way you don't have to maneuver your bags down the elevator to the shuttle buses. I always pull into the terminal like Im dropping off someone the hand off my bags with a small tip to the porters - works great. Terminal - observed something that surprised me. In the Line into the terminal there is a ATM machine next to the escalator. Crammed behind the ATM was what looked like a purse and something wrapped in a shopping bag. Now probably this was a purse that someone dropped or found and stuck someplace elevated so it would be seen but you know the saying "see something / say something" so I reported it to a terminal worker sitting at the base of the escalator. Tall kid with a blank expression... he shook his head up and down a few times then never moved. I assumed he didn't hear me so I reported it to a carnival worker at the top of the escalator. This gentleman thanked me and told he would take care of it. We matriculated down the line a bit and as we came back even with the carnival employee we witnessed a surprising interaction. There was a young terminal worker (obviously security) staying in the doorway. The Carnival worker says " A customer reported a suspicious package behind the ATM and its my job to report it to you and now its your job to investigate it." The terminal security seemed very hostile and rude and actually turned her back and walked away. Anyway we didn't blow up and I can confirm the package wasn't there 7 days later but after thinking about it a bit I would have like to see a little better response to suspicious packages placed in crowded terminals. Carnival Terminal - New procedure this time. They use your passport picture for your sail and sign card. This made the process very fast. Sail and Sign card was in an envelope placed outside our state-room. Stateroom 2366 - Great room with a cove balcony. The Sea door was closed and secured during our port call at Cozumel and for the night after due to rougher seas. We have always stayed in interior staterooms before but from now on I will choose the cove balcony upgrade - just having the natural light waking you in the morning made it worth it. Value Internet Plan - It worked ok but you do have to keep checking to make sure your logged in in order to receive your messages. WiFi was by no means fast. Alchemy Bar - best cocktails on the ship - they alone have the ability to really go off script and concoct creative drinks. They are very aware of recent reviews of their drinks. They seemed actually a bit put out because they like making the menu drinks and think people should start there. When in Rome and all that - so I ordered from the menu and found that I love the Basil Drop the best. Thalassopy Spa - They turn on the steam room at 0730 and it takes an hour to get to temperature. I kept a shower bag full of my toiletries and razor in the lockers for my entire week. It was always locked in the morning when I arrived for my morning ritual shower-shave-etc. in the large spacious facility. Mystery Spa Door - Here's a tip that I haven't seen before. I also didn't realize this facility existed on the Dream. I suspect some of you knew it was there and have been shamefully keeping it quiet. When you are at the Spa reception desk turn around. You will notice a ladies bathroom door. Next to it (left) is another door and it is UNMARKED. Go through it and you will be in a corridor which leads to a large COED WOOD DRY SAUNA with lockers that is available to all guest for free. Belize Starfish Island Snorkel - My second trip. Great operation! Great reef. Their gear is national geographic and maintained in great condition. They separate the guest into expert, intermediate, and beginners. Lots of staff keeping a great eye on everyone. Kayaks quickly pulling people out who get tired or in trouble. Best spot on boat - The bow ( nice breeze ). Great Steps to get in and out - easy for every body type. When you get back on from your snorkel - they start serving rum punch PARTAKE FREELY. Great drink! Starfish Island. You have to endure about 2 hours on this sand spit with trees and bar - pro-tip get off the boat and head straight ahead to far side of island and grab a shady spot - its hot. I hope you brought a speaker so you can pas the time with some tunes and beer from the bar. Roataan - We negotiated a tour with a cab - took us all over the island from Spanish town (abject poverty) to West End (resorts). Sopped by a seafood restaurant that blew us away! Gio's - conch fritters that were out of this world! Great service - and basically on a pristine beach. We also went to this butterfly sanctuary thing - I know - your thinking "meh" well you pay 10 bucks to get in and you get your own guide. These kids speak great english and are very knowledgeable. They are monkeys and lots of other animals basically running free. The guides work real hard to make the short tour great. I tipped the kid $15 and considered it a great value. Cozumel - Covi is cheapest place to buy liquor. Bought my Don Julio anjeo for $34 US. Best deal duty free was 2 for $85 Disembarkation - They don't put your luggage tags in your stateroom basket anymore - pick your low numbers up on deck 5 around the computers during your cruise - if you wait you will be stuck with high numbers and you have to go to guest services t get it. Serenity just got an update with new chairs and cushions. Great Cruise! Kevin
  2. I would like to hear either your experience or advice about the professional photo sessions on the Horizon. I'm entertaining the idea of a booking a photo session during our upcoming 30th anniversary cruise on the Horizon. I have reservation about it because Dh and I have had our picture taken as a couple formally a few times over the past years, on land and once at sea, but the proofs weren't so great so we never went through with the purchase. Having our photo taken was an awkward experience, and even though we tried to look relaxed and happy, it always showed in the photos that we weren't. Thanks in advance.
  3. The fact that I’m live reviewing while on the cruise should be a clue...but to what??? (Typing on my phone, so please pardon typos) First the background. We are a displaced family of five from the Carnival Vista. A week prior to departure, we received an email alerting us to the Vista’s technical issue. Our cruise, scheduled for the week of July 4th, was not cancelled in theory...Unless you consider changing the departure date, return date and itinerary to be “cancelling” (We did). Instead of visiting Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Cozumel, the new itinerary, despite being one night longer, visited only Mexico, which would be sandwiched between three straight sea days at the beginning and the end...on a disabled ship incapable of cruising at full speed. We passed, instead opting for full refund and 50% off a future cruise. Our decision was somewhat validated, when the Vista briefly lost power during what would’ve been our replacement cruise. The Dream is our 50% off future cruise, though we are now traveling as a family of four as our son could not get this time off from work. It would’ve been my preference to use the discount on a better cruise, but having delayed a month, my wife and I were desperate for a vacation and we were traveling with my 85 year old mother in law. This was to be not only her first cruise, but first vacation. She absolutely will not get on a plane so our options were severely limited. But, since we wanted her to see Mexico, where she was born, but has not visited in 70 years, this cruise made sense. Not to mention she was incredibly disappointed when our Vista trip was cancelled and being 85, a cruise “next year” isn’t guaranteed. So here we are... More...
  4. I booked 11271 due to its proximity to the smoking deck (for my mom/aunt). Are there doors that go straight out to that area? I can't find any good pictures. I am already nervous due to the rooms being under the water slides, starting to second guess my choice....lol. I would appreciate any information from anyone that has stayed in one of these rooms or is a smoker that can recall. Please no judgement, just trying to make the ladies happy and this was the only way I could get my mom on a cruise after they removed smoking from the balcony.
  5. A search does not reveal any specific posts for cabin 8201 on Magic (or sisters Dream and Breeze). This is the first forward Balcony next to the Bridge. Does anyone have any experience with this cabin? I am not expecting much privacy, but interested to know how much of the view will be impacted, and general noise levels. TIA!
  6. Sup CC Fam??!! Welcome to Willdra's Dramatic Dream Cruise! In case you haven't read my other “reviews”, which is not at all surprising, here's a little something something to bring you up to speed: I cruise primarily with my husband W. We live in GA and we have 2 adult young’uns . We cruise at least twice a year, and during those cruises our main goal is to be as lazy as humanly possible. We want to be so lazy that the word lazy crowns us its queen and king! I honestly don’t know why anyone hasn't made laziness a high paying occupation. If they do, please let a sister know! Thanks in advance! This cruise was a celebration of my husband W's birthday (he turned 50 on Oct 13), and my birthday ( I turned 48 on Oct 20, but it's really hard to tell, because you know, DNA. And coconut oil. Lots and lots of coconut oil). W and I on his birthday: We had a surprise party for W, on his birthday before the cruise, and all of his siblings came to Nola for a birthday bacchanal. He had no idea we had been planning this surprise for a whole year, and it was worth every low key, shady, creepy, suspicious, morally questionable thing that we did to keep it from him. The turn up was so real! We got back to our hotel at 5am Saturday morning and 4am Sunday morning before the cruise. There is so much to do in New Orleans, I highly recommend it with a group! One night when you have completed everything on your past present and future to do lists, and you need to waste 30 minutes of time that you will never get back, you can read about our pre- cruise nonsense and foolishness here: https://soulontheseas.wordpress.com/willdras-big-easy-birthday-bash-part-1/ W and his siblings So after all of that partying, there were 8 of us actually going on the cruise. W and I, our daughter A, her fiancé Z, our friends AC and L, along with BIL (Brother In Law, W's Brother) and SIL (Sister In Law, BIL's Wife). Still with me? Good! It'll make sense later. Maybe. We stayed at a new Towne Place Suites in Slidell, LA because it was easier for the group to gather there, W's party was in Slidell, we have relatives there, it was close to the highway, and because no one had a better idea. At the time. Here are some pictures of the hotel: We had a 2 Bedroom Suite, which was perfect for the 4 of us
  7. Just got off this morning be glad to answer any questions
  8. I collected and scanned as many paper documents as I could and compiled screenshots from the Hub app for the 4 day itinerary from Galveston to Cozumel. This trip was June 20-24, 2019. FunTimes, menus, kids clubs, etc are attached below. Hope some will find this helpful in their trip planning. Happy Sailing! Dream Debarkation.pdf Dream Entertainment.pdf Dream Good to Know.pdf Dream 4 Day Funtimes Day 1.pdf Dream 4 Day Funtimes Day 2.pdf Dream 4 Day Funtimes Day 3.pdf Dream 4 Day Funtimes Day 4.pdf Dream MDR Menu Day 1.pdf Dream MDR Menu Day 2 Elegant.pdf Dream MDR Menu Day 3.pdf Dream MDR Menu Day 4.pdf Dream MDR Sea Day Brunch.pdf Dream Room Service Day and Night.pdf Camp Ocean Penguins Ages 2-5.pdf Camp Ocean Sharks Ages 9-11.pdf Camp Oceans Stingrays Ages 6-8.pdf Dream Circle C Ages 12-14.pdf Dream Club O2 Ages 15-17.pdf Bonsai Sushi Menu.pdf Guy's Burgers Menu.pdf Pasta Bella Menu.pdf Room Service Breakfast.pdf
  9. We'll be sailing out of Galveston, on the Dream, for a 5 day cruise this October. I'm curious, other than no lobster (no charge) on elegant night what other differences are there between the 5 day and 7 day? Also, is there just the one elegant night or two?
  10. Hi Everyone! I’m baaaack! After 3 consecutive Carnival cruises from 2012-2015, I’ve been on a bit of a Carnival hiatus for the last few years. Nothing against Carnival… it was just time to try something new and different. I always knew I’d be back sooner or later, and now that day has come! My name is Dana and my husband and I just returned from a 7-night cruise on the Carnival Dream (March 10-17, 2019 sailing). I always write a detailed photo review when I return home from my cruises, with a journal-style day-by-day format. I used to have links to each of those reviews in my signature, but Cruise Critic changed their rules (boooo!) and I had to delete most of the links. You can still search the forums for those reviews (or visit my blog at http://deladane.home.blog), if you are interested in reading them! Anyway, this review will be just like my old ones. If you are looking for a short and sweet review, you might want to look elsewhere... I tend to write like I talk, and I can be a bit long-winded, so my reviews are very long and take a few weeks to complete. On the other hand, if you like reading about lots of details, and if you want to see TONS of photos (including all of the daily schedules and menus), this is the review for you! I do this as much to help others plan their vacations as to give me a travel log to look back on and remember my wonderful cruise. Please feel free to ask questions and post comments along the way... I welcome your feedback 🙂 It may take me a little while to get all of my photos sorted and loaded onto my computer considering I took nearly 2000 photos on this vacation, so please be patient with me. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip as a little something to hold you over until it's time to post the rest!
  11. For anyone that has went in the last year or so...how slow was the wifi on the Dream?
  12. Which of these is least crowded/best ship? Just got off Sunrise and way too crowded. The cabin adds on Sunrise stressed her too much. Many feel the same. Thanks for addressing the choice between the three.
  13. We're looking at a quick 5 night cruise this fall and I'm torn between 2. Would you choose the Dream or Valor? They have the same itinerary and pricing basically, and we can drive to either Galveston or New Orleans in about the same amount of time, soooo which would you choose? I think I read something about both of them having adult only pools (which we love!) but one of them is indoors? Does that sound right?
  14. Within reason, of course. no 365 day Around the World itineraries Once upon a time my white whale was getting to Maho Beach on St Maarten. After that it was seeing the Pitons in person. Then it cruising, anywhere, for more than 7 days (my tops is an eleven nighter) My wife's dream is to fly to CA from the Midwest, stay overnight and depart the next day for a two week cruise to Hawaii and back. (we both HATE flights over 4-5 hours or so and dread a flight halfway around the world) I haven't settled an itinerary I really want to put #1. a Panama Canal/Cartegena one would be up there, I've never been to South America.
  15. Now that the Dream has a few 4 night cruises completed from Galveston, does anyone have the MDR menus or fun times you can share? Thanks, and how was your cruise?
  16. Has anyone ever stayed on deck 12 in one of the spa balconies? Is it shaded? Or is it open to the sky? I remember reading somewhere about a deck of balconies that doesn't have any shade and I can't remember which deck or which ship that was on and I am considering booking this deck 12 spa balcony but I do not want to if there is no cover. Thanks!
  17. Where is your favorite place to hang out and look at the sea? Or look at anything else? I'm going on her for the first time soon and am very excited!!
  18. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a recent photo of the steakhouse menu on the Dream?? Thank you!🥩
  19. Just a quick trip to celebrate my husband's birthday. We were on the Dream out of Galveston May 23-28. We were in Cabin 11244 a spa balcony cabin. Weather was sunny but windy every day - some days it felt like it would push me over. In Cozumel there were periods of rain but the day wasn't ruined by it. Had no excursions planned. Got off the ship bought some t-shirts for the grandkids and back on in less than an hour. Had dinner at the steak house the first night. Had the free bottle of wine - it was good. I got the Wagu beef since it was included in the price. What made it worthwhile is that it was cooked the way I like it which doesn't happen often! I like my steaks "Blue". My husband had the rib eye and enjoyed it. Had anytime dining and the 2nd and 3rd night we sat in Antoin's section table 146. Great waiter and he took great care of us. Last night was chef's table and other than the obnoxious woman I had to sit next too it was pretty good. Lots of food but the portions were small enough that I wasn't overly full. Have been at the chef's table before but not when held in the kitchen itself. I wasn't a fan. It was really too noisy to carry on a conversation. Took advantage of the spa a couple of times, the heated chairs etc. My only bad experience, on this cruise, was with the spa. I made an appointment for the first day. My appointment was supposed to start at 5:15. At 5:30 the therapist came out to tell me she was running late that the previous client had run late and she wanted that client to have the full experience. I get that - however by the time she would have started my treatment I would be starting more then half an hour late - which in turn would have made the next person late - Not fair to me - because I was on time - and not fair to the next person - so I cancelled the appointment. I already had reservations for the steak house and by delaying my appointment I was going to be late to that! I like to be on time. Overall very relaxing - enough so that I am going back in October for my birthday - first day on I will be Platinum Whoo Hoo!
  20. Is there any recent cruises from the Carnival Dream 5 day that can tell me which side of the ship that was docked in Cozumel? Thanks.
  21. This doesn’t bode well for Carnival to have the Dream arriving late it’s first day. They can’t even blame it on fog. Here’s what John Heald posted a little while ago. May 13, 2019 Dear Carnival Dream Guest, Carnival Dream is expected to arrive in Galveston early this afternoon. Please push back your Arrival Appointment by one hour (e.g.,11:30 AM - 12:00 PM appointment will become 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM). Please make plans to arrive for check-in within your newly assigned Arrival Appointment. Guests who arrive earlier will be asked to return at their assigned time. This also applies to our Diamond, Platinum, Faster to the Fun and Suite guests. In preparation for final boarding and departure, all guests must be on board the ship no later than 4:00 PM. We will depart shortly after embarkation is completed and plan to operate our scheduled itinerary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard for a FUN and memorable cruise vacation. Thank you then for your patience and your understanding and I also wish you an absolutely brilliant time. Cheers
  22. All, Anyone have any pictures of the Carnival Dream Spa cabin 12201? I have been told the design is like other balcony cabins, but in a thread on another forum, I saw a blueprint of it and it differs slightly. Any help would be great! Thanks, Tim
  23. Hello. If you have stayed on deck 6 of the Dream, would you please tell me what it was like being above the Promenade deck? How noisy was it and would you recommend it? We are considering it with a balcony room, but wonder about the noise. I'm thinking it wouldn't be as bad as being under the deck. If you have stayed right under and right above the promenade, what was it like in comparison to each other? Thanks in advance!
  24. OK I am calling this a mini review because it will not be as detailed or picture oriented as other reviews that are on going at the time. I just wanted to share my experience especially for people who like my wife and I were first time Carnival Cruisers. My wife had only cruised the other main company with the Crown and Anchor so we were a little worried bout booking on Carnival. We had hear so many negative things about Carnival before we had even taken our first cruise that to be honest it pushed us to the other one. I am currently working in Louisiana and on a recent trip to New Orleans we saw the Carnival Glory in port so we decided hey lets try to cruise from New Orleans. Now came the shocker if we wanted to cruise on a 7 day on a newer ship we had to pick the Carnival Dream. After a little research I booked the trip and said well we will know if we like it or not now because we are booked and it is in less than 6 weeks. We love New Orleans and booked Saturday night at the Best Western Plus in Harvey Louisiana. It was about $175 for a night stay plus a week worth of parking. They provide a Taxi to the port (i am surprised the taxi made it over the bridge it was so old) and you get transportation back to the hotel to pick up your vehicle. The hotel was nice enough it had a large group of cruisers staying in it and for the most part the kids running around was at a minimal. We wake up get on the taxi very nice driver car was just old and run down. We are at port right at 11 out time to check in is not until 12:30 we are on the boat in about 30 minutes. Very easy process I wish I could say the same about getting off the boat. The rest of the Review I am going to do in sections with what we liked the most to the least. Now these are my opinion and should be taken that way I am by no means the end all expert in cruising but I do know what I like. Cruise Director Gary this dude was the best he and his entertainment staff were top notch and I would consider a 5 day out of Galveston just to have him again. He made the Love and Marriage show the best we had ever seen. My wife was rolling in her seat. Every thing we went too that he hosted was an absolute blast. He always had free drink vouchers to hand out at his trivia contests and was just fun to be around. The food...I don't think I had a bad meal the entire 7 days on the ship. My wife had one experience with under cooked pasta in the MDR but that was it. On night one we did the Steakhouse we got a free bottle of wine. The appetizers were amazing the steaks were good. In the MDR Frank from Peru and his team were absolutely top notch. We felt bad the one night we missed because by Day 3 they felt like family. Guys Burgers are good the pizza is OK did not get to the burrito place but being of a certain Tex-Mex Demographic we are pretty picky with our Mexican food. I feel Carnival has the other one beat in food and it may not even be close. Now if Carnival moves to all payed restaurants like other lines this may close the gap but our experience on the Dream in its current configuration is the best food we have had on a cruise ship. The rest of the crew...always felt welcome always from the steward to the waiters. I would have crew members call out my name when they saw me a breakfast it was a new experience that we really enjoyed. I felt like the crew took the fun ship saying personally and I enjoyed that. The Comedy Shows ... better comedians than you get on other lines because they are legit comedians. Two problems though you had to show up super early as sometimes the door would close a full 20 plus minutes before the show started because there were no more seats and we had some heavy drinkers on this particular cruise that felt they needed to try to take over the comedy show. It got so bad on one show that Candice the Comedy Club Director was apologizing as everyone left the show. The rest of the Shows...Love and Marriage a must see same with Lip Sync Battle the rest were hit or miss. If you have been on bigger ships with other companies this will be the one area you miss dearly. We missed the Adult Game Show due to no more seating which is another thing why have the most popular shows in the smaller venue when the main Theater was never full with the production shows? Oh well we had a good time and it did not effect us having a good time but we would have liked to catch a fe more of the Comedy and other shows and not have to miss our dinner time. The ship...The dream is a large boat and it is very nice but we did miss the so called "Wow" factor of the other line. (let me say we are going to book both lines again before i am called a elitist) I wont get too much into this because it was such a good trip but a few of the things that the ship does right are the Lido deck and the Serenity deck. Deck 5 is a nightmare you can smell the casino pretty much on the entire deck. It felt strange walking through the Crimson dining room while the staff was working to get through the Deck. I never thought I would miss the "Mall Feeling" of the other line but I felt it was just an easier way to get around. Now after about 4 days getting around was no issue at all but you still had to go through some strange places. Last thing and maybe I am just picky but why have booths in the MDR? they are uncomfortable and you are holding hands with the party next to you basically. The room virtually no difference in cruise lines they all have a pretty standard room. Ports ehhh we loved the Grand Cayman could care less if we ever see Jamaica again and who has not had too much Tequila in Cozumel before. We need to really start cruising further east as we have done the ports multiple times already. It was a rowdy crowd on some night but on most nights you did not notice it. The later you stayed up the more you noticed it and for some odd reason on Cozumel night. I am no lush either I enjoyed my drinks Lots of kids so the push every button on the elevator monster was in full effect. But for the most part all the kids were well behaved except for that 18-19 year old hanging out in the smoking area asking every woman that passes by how are you doing crew. Hey we were all that age once. I have all of the fun times and will post them soon. I will also try to answer any questions if you have them. As I stated there are plenty of reviews on this page about the dream right now that have all the pictures so I will spare us of that. I am ugly anyway so that will help you guys. I hope people do not find this biased as I posted way more positive than negative and the next cruise will probably be on the Breeze or the Magic. I could go with either line for a cruise will probably pick the Fun when the kids are with us and The Crown when it is Mommy and Daddy time. It was a great cruise I really wish I could merge both lines to make the perfect line for everyone. P.S. I am that guy that hates flip flops and cut off jeans in the MDR but I realize this is peoples vacations so I went with it. I am not asking for suits but jeans and a polo would not kill you backwards hat guy. Damn I think i just turned into my dad.....
  25. I'm trying to decide on which ship to cruise out of Galveston next Feb. Carnival Dream - 5 night Western = Sea, Cozumel, Progreso, Sea Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas - 7 night Western = Sea, Sea, Cozumel, Puerto Costa Maya, Roatan, Sea I've sailed on the Liberty class before (as well as Voyager & Oasis class), but not the Dream class (Vista, Paradise, and a few other smaller ships). I really liked the hot tubs on the Liberty that hang out over the edge giving a great view. What intrigues me the most about the Dream is the spa...I've heard wonderful things about the spa on this class & have never done that before. My hubby & I like to hang out by the pool & the hot tubs normally so I can see this as a big perk for the Dream, but it's only a 5 night cruise and those extra 2 days on the Liberty would be nice. Has anyone been in the spa on the Liberty class? Thoughts on it vs the Dream's spa??? Also, I've only been to Cozumel on these itineraries...thoughts on the other stops? Thanks, Jody!
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