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  1. Hoosierpop

    Brief Ecstasy Review

    Went on a 5 day cruise on the Ecstasy out if Charleston. Here are some thoughts. Port: we didn't park there given some other reviews about parking so just took an Uber from the Hampton Inn. $15 each way so it was a good deal since we just left the car at the hotel. Probably because it's a smaller port and I'm Platinum but it was the quickest I have ever gotten onto a ship. We were at the port at 11:00, stood in line for about 10 minutes, and were at our room at 11:30. So the port gets a huge thumbs up. Room: we had on ocean view room on deck 7. Similar to most rooms. Temperature was fine for me but I could see how some may have wanted it cooler. And it was cooler at night for sure. My only complaint is, the bathrooms don't have the shelves to put toiletries like other ships. Just one shelf basically. Not a huge deal. No fridge, but we don't use ours when we have one. Ship: it's a different layout than the larger ships but easy to get used to once you realize deck 9 is basically deck 5 (casino, comedy, etc.). I've read where some folks like the smaller ships because they don't feel as crowded, and I can see why. Not one time in the 5 days did I feel like any wait for something was long when compared to ships like the Breeze, Glory, etc. The staff was excellent. We had YTD and sometimes the timing is a little off in getting each course but not this time. It flowed very well. Food: the food was typical Carnival. I mean that in a good way. Typical menus, etc. Pizza may have been a little better than some ships because it wasn't as limp. The bacon was hit and miss. Sometimes Carnival bacon is too soft. This bacon was like jerky too often. Still ate it though. Lido deck had a good layout, and never had a problem with lines or seats. Entertainment: I gamble a good bit, and the casino staff was solid. Not a ton of crap players but had a good time with those who were there. Wasn't as crowded as some other casinos. Drink servers were plentiful and it didn't take forever to get a drink. Not too smoky but again, it wasn't that crowded. There were two comedians who were both good. Fewer shows per night than on other ships I've been on. Maybe that is because it was the same two the whole cruise. We didn't didn't do a main theater show but the band that played in the casino bar was great. Bottom line: I wouldn't hesitate to sale in the Ecstasy again. I know it's more a port for people who can drive there but it was a great cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Hi, I'm planning a trip for my family of 6. 2 seniors, 2 adults and 2 kids (3yr and 4yr) for Feb 2019. I've been reading the comments on the forum and it seems it's a older ship and lots things are outdated...which is fine but what worries me is the "odor" that people complained about. I'm wondering will the upper-level deck be better? I'm debating between choosing the Junior suite on verandah deck or the ocean view cabin. Obviously, the suite is nicer but more expensive, I'm just wondering what people think if that extra $2000 is worth the upgrade. Thanks!
  3. I am taking my first cruise in April out of Charleston SC. We are leaving April 26, 2019 for 8 days on the Carnival Ecstasy. My aunt and uncle who pro cruisers are coming, along with my parents (3rd cruise for mom, 2nd for dad), plus my 17 year old son and myself (first cruise for us). Has anyone sailed on the Ecstasy? Has anyone sailed out of the Charleston port? Any tips?
  4. I have cruised twice with having a gluten allergy and on the Miracle the gluten free bread tasted like vomit. There were no other options for sandwiches or burgers and the gluten free pizza was gross too. On the Valor the gluten free bread was GREAT and Guy's burgers had awesome gluten free hamburger buns. So how is the Ecstasy with gluten free bread products? Vomit or Awesome?? We sail in May 2019. I have cruised on the Ecstasy before but it was in 2004 and I didn't have a food allergy. The ship was very old looking but I heard it was renovated since. Any other reviews are helpful. We will be in 4D interior cabin U135
  5. lovetocruisenow

    Fun Times from Carnival Ecstasy

    Does anyone have copies of recent Fun Times from Carnival Ecstasy? Thanks
  6. Ask me anything! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. bibbysnow


    My husband and I are booked on Ecstasy 11/10/18. Will they show the NFL games on the ship and if so where? We just came off the Pride and they showed all the games in the Sports Bar.
  8. Found this on a facebook page. instead of having a simple 3 night overnight stay, the itinerary now shows the ship leaving at 4pm and returning the next day. Soo strange. Looks like Carnival is reducing the number of overnight stays, maybe they wait to sail to international waters to open gift shops and casino
  9. Hi all, thought you might like to see how we set up our interior cabin for 5 adult size people on our Carnival Ecstasy cruise last week. Here is a link to the 4 day Funtimes and the Circle C and Club O2 activities as well. We had a fantastic time! The entertainment was amazing (the production shows are not to be missed). Gary the CD was so funny and got the party going. He taught a Scottish Dance class that was so much fun. The food was excellent and so was the service. The live music was a big hit. If you are thinking about a cruise on the Ecstasy but worry because she is small and older, don't let that stop you. It was great! https://photos.app.goo.gl/nTKcBxpjBx3Mg2vp7
  10. We're sailing on the Carnival Ecstasy in January, and I am wondering if I should book an excursion now or wait until we're a week out or on the boat so we can have an idea of the weather? Also, how do you sign up for the Suess at Sea breakfast? It costs extra, but I haven't found a way to sign up. Did your kids like the kids club a lot? Were there plenty of activities for them to keep entertained? I know it will be coooold in Charleston and maybe also for the first day and last day.
  11. Cruisin Trkrs

    Ecstasy Late today!!!

    Hey there, does ANYBODY know why the Ecstasy was late getting back to Charleston today? We're waiting to board outside and they just told us they wouldn't be boarding until sometime after 2pm... Sent from my SM-N960U using Forums mobile app
  12. Just back from 5 day on Ecstasy. My son and I drove down from DC area about seven hours. Did Park and Go and uber. saved 30$ on parking. Arrived at port around 130pm and no line at all,on ship in 10min. Had inside M255 quad so had to be careful hitting head on bunks. The sink faucet end flew off and water was brown, the fixed it and water cleared. We used bottle water for a day. Got stuck with late dinning and sat at a table for ten with 3 other couples. Worst group ever and did not return. Ate on lido next three days. On Sunday only place to watch football was lido by deli pizza on little tvs. We turned that area into the sports bar for the 2 games. The Dallas Redskin game was R rated as we had to groups trash talking and cheering during the game. One older Dallas Women picked up and dropped and older Redskin women WWE style. No one was hurt and all had fun. We talked with the dining host and we got into early with a good group and same wait team. The head waiter said that the table we had was the worst he had ever had. Over half of the people were first timers. If you sail on this ship you need to make your own fun. Casino was good but drinks if you could get them took forever. The pit boss ended up giving us on us cards because it was so bad. At least we didn't have to pay for the drink we couldn't get. Food was good but not as good as the Paradise. No issues getting a chair and pool and hot tub. Sat on beach at Princess cay and son snorkeled. Nassau we walked around and ate and got back on ship. We did carry off and our time to leave was 8-830. We stayed in cabin walked to forward elevator and walked of ship at 845. Any questions ill try to answer.
  13. VolzCruiser

    Platinum gift Ecstasy

    Anyone know what the gift is right now?
  14. Hi everyone, We are traveling with 24 girls, (Ecstasy 5 night Mon-Sat), all who want to do thier own thing but celebrating a birthday on Tuesday ( also formal night). A few girls booked the chefs table and were told the chef picks the night and they would be notified on the cruise. They are worried they don't want to miss the birthday celebration but would really enjoy the experience of the chefs table. I have searched and can't find mention if this really varies or is it usually one certain night. Pretty sure they wouldn't do it on Formal night???? Anyone that could put your thoughts in here on when it was for your cruise would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  15. We want to take our twins on a short cruise for their 10th birthday (October 2019). I know the shorter cruises are considered the party cruises, but we do a longer cruise every March so this cruise has to be short so they don't miss too much school. I've been doing research to try and see which ships have Water Works, Guy's Burger, Red Frog Bar, etc. But I am hoping to get some input from those that have been on these ships. Which is better????
  16. Hey y'all, We normally cruise out of New Orleans on whatever ship happens to be doing the 7-day cruises out of there. So, usually the Dream, but we've also went on the Conquest when it was there too. We also took one cruise on the Elation about six years ago too. Now we're looking at a cruise on the Ecstasy out of Jacksonville next September. It's a 7-day Eastern to Amber Cove, Grand Turk and Princess Cay. We've never been to any of those ports before (we've taken one other Eastern cruise on RCI, but it went to Coco Cay, St. Maarten and St. Thomas) so it's very intriguing to us. The things I'm wondering about are, how are the 2.0 upgrades on the Fantasy class ships? Pretty similar to the Dream? On the Dream, we generally like to try and get a room right underneath the Lido deck, so that we can just walk up a flight of stairs and not have to worry about the elevators as much. That's not really an option on these ships though, but I'm wondering if the size of the ship means waiting for elevators isn't as big of an ordeal as it is on the Dream? So maybe the deck location of our room doesn't matter as much. Is that true? And since this is a 7-day on a smaller ship that normally just does 4- and 5-day cruises, does that make a difference? I just wonder if the crew and whatnot isn't as used to longer cruises and that would make the experience "different" than on a ship that usually does week-long cruises.
  17. This will be the first cruise that My wife & I have ever taken & I want it to be special since it's also our 25th anniversary AND her birthday. I booked a Junior Suite but have started second guessing the location (V1), so I called and inquired about getting a Grand Suite. They said it would cost another $350.00 (total) to upgrade to the GS..... The question I'm left asking now... is a GS worth the extra cost?
  18. Michellem74

    Carnival Ecstasy Fun Times

    I'll be sailing on the Ecstasy in a week and I'm wondering if anyone has a copy of a recent Fun Times. Thank you!:)
  19. Leaving on the Ecstasy on Thursday. What’s open for lunch on Embarkation? I know the nuggets get crazy so I was hoping for any guidance. Thanks!
  20. We are hearing of some itinerary changes for this sailing. Anyone receive the letter? Do you know why?
  21. Any cruisers registered for this 7nt ECSTASY cruise out of Charleston, SC?
  22. Are there planned activities early (8:00- 9:00 a.m.) in the morning? I tend to wake up early, without internet (expensive and I have read slow service on the ship), I need something to do. I love to walk but just wondering if there are planned activities early in the day. I also eat a gluten free, low carb diet. Are there good food choices for me? We are really looking forward to our first cruise in August.
  23. In your opinion, which cruise ship is nicer, Carnival Ecstasy or Carnival Elation? Both go to the same ports.
  24. Had a great time. This was my 6th Cruise, 5th Carnival, first time on Ecstasy, first time going out of Charleston (even though I live there). We did FTTF which I love. I am notoriously cheap on my cruises, don’t get the soda package or Cheers, don’t gamble, don’t do expensive excursions but I like getting on the ship early, my room being ready right away, my luggage arriving early and one of the first to get off the ship. The Charleston port was super easy to get through. Since we live about 20 mins away from the port, my mom dropped us off at 10:30. We had to wait outside the gate for about 45 mins. but once we were inside the terminal, it was quick check in and boarding. Yes, the ship is old, but I feel like they are doing a decent job of maintaining it especially after the dry dock a few years back. I saw a few spots where paint was peeling but the ship was clean and didn’t have a lot of noticeable maintenance issues. My husband and I both agreed that the crew on this ship was top notch. Everyone was smiling and truly seemed happy to be working on this ship. The Lido was extremely well run. We saw the supervisor many, many times throughout the week. He is very hands-on and does a great job of leading his staff. The food was typical Carnival Lido food. I think the pizza at Pizza Pirate is great . Guys Burgers always good as well as Blue Iguana. But why don’t they serve tortilla chips to go with the awesome salsa bar. Next time I’ll remember to bring a bag on the ship. I’m not a fan of Carnival desserts but I really love the chocolate chip cookies and the other cookies they serve. Not sure what they are... they look like Chocolate Chip without the chips. They don’t always have the cookies out at the Lido but you can order them in room service anytime. I didn’t try the Deli but tbh it didn’t look very appetizing. The wait staff in the MDR was outstanding. We did YTD and had a different waiter each night. They were all superb. One again super friendly and fun. We had to wait about 20 mins one night for a table (we showed up around 6:15 I think) but no wait on the other nights. The soups were all very good... French Onion, Navy Bean and Ham, Beef Lentil, all good. My husband loved the Beef Brisket. They used to have pie alamode on the menu each night but this time, only 2 nights of pie. One night cherry, one night Apple. Both very good. We stayed in Room M9. Front of 5th deck. Our room attendant was good. His name was Rudita (Rudy for short). He asked us on the first day if we wanted morning and night service or just one or the other. We picked morning only and that ended up being fine. We had good weather. The ship rocked a bit at times but I always take motion control meds the first few days as a preventative and I had no problems. The ship did not feel crowded at all. I had never been in Feb and it is definitely a quieter bunch of passengers. Not a lot of kids, no Spring Breakers... mostly couples and older people. But with that being said, still a great group of people. We met so many nice couples.. a couple from Myrtle Beach celebrating their 50th anniversary, a couple from Raleigh who were retired, doing a back to back and already on their 4th cruise this year (they did 27 in 2017!), two couples on their honeymoon, a couple from Charleston that loved baseball like we do. Most people were from the Carolinas, Virginia or Georgia and I don’t recall ever cruising with a more friendly, laid back group ( maybe because most left their kids at home lol). We are big fans of Punchliner comedy but the two comedians this week were just so-so. That’s ok. We still had fun! I love Carnival. I like the crew, like the Comedy, like being able to do my own laundry, like the food better than Royal, like the people who cruise with me. My favorite ship is the Magic but I liked the Ecstasy too. There’s a lot to be said for not having to get up at 7 am to get a deck chair, not having to wait a half hour in line for my burger, not feeling claustrophobic when I walk through throngs of people. Another great trip for us! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. Let's go PILGRIM SAILORS! No cooky, no washy for this Holiday sailing! We are excited to share our Thankfulness as a small Family and Friends group onboard. Who else is going??? Let's try to build enough via this roll call to be eligible for the Mix and Mingle event from Carnival!!