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  1. Cruisegirl6


    I don't think the Elation has the big outdoor screen to watch movies, am I correct? So I assume, there won't be any movies to watch besides in your cabin?
  2. Cruisegirl6


    Anybody have a copy of the menus or the runtimes? We will be on the 5 night cruise.
  3. eliterror


    Good day fellow cruisers. I have not cruised since April and am wondering if things have changed. 1. Other lines had begun charging a fee for room service, besides the charges for late night room service. Has Carnival started this as well? 2. Carnival had started charging for hot tea in the dining room, specifically those other than regular and regular decaf tea, like the herbal teas. Is this is still in effect? Thanks
  4. queenpailhead

    Is Elation really that bad?

    So DH and I were toying with a Thanksgiving cruise but for several reasons now we're looking at an after Christmas, and I LOVE the itinerary of the Elation post-christmas with Amber Cove and Grand Turk, 2 stops we are interested in. However, I'm reading reviews of Elation and most of the Dec 2018 ones are bad. Really bad. Our only other cruise experience is on the Allure and I know that I can't compare as she's like the mother of all ships, but this time we're going child free. It's one of the only cruises that fits our timeline and goes places we want to see. But... I also know the possibility of being rerouted are there and being stuck at sea. Is Elation really that bad as a ship? What are the possibilities of missing those ports? Should I scrap this all and book us a ski vacation that week? lol
  5. Has anyone experienced the Chef's Table on onboard the Elation that would care to share their experience? Also, can anyone say whether they are serving the older or newer menu? Thanks in advance!
  6. Cruisegirl6


    Hello, We are a family of three generations going on the Elation February 2, the last night of the cruise is my other halfs birthday and like to request something for him, does anybody know who the maitre'd is and the email so I can contact him/her?
  7. Julia Goolia

    Elation Walls and Doors

    I read recently that the doors and walls on the Elation are no longer metal. I can't recall where I read it and can't seem to find it when I search on this forum. Can anyone who has recently been on this ship verify this information? I am asking because we have a group of 31 people cruising together in June and several of the cabins have 4 or 5 people. I was planning to recommend magnetic hooks and things to help them save space and keep organized. Also want to know for door decorations to identify the doors of everyone in our group. Iif anyone who has recently been on the Elation has any other info, tips, etc. to share, I would definitely appreciate it. About half of our 31 cruisers will be first time cruisers so I'm trying to give them fun tips and information to help them know what to expect (without overwhelming them.) We'll be sailing out of Port Canaveral with ports into Amber Cove and Grand Turk. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, Julia
  8. Cruisegirl6


    Hello, Every Carnival cruise we found the stateroom to be too warm. I bring an indoor temperature thermometer and it usually averages 75/76 and set at the coolest setting with the curtains always drawn. We always have gotten a balcony cabin, but curious, do you feel the Oceanview rooms are cooler. Has anybody been on the Elation have a comment as to what their room temperature was on the cool or warm side?
  9. Does anyone have any recent funtimes from the Elation JAX-Nassau-HMC itinerary? We are going on this sailing on 1/19/19. Thanks in advance!
  10. Cruisegirl6


    Hello, Does anybody know where muster station C on the Elation is, were traveling with my elderly father in law.
  11. Cruisegirl6


    Anybody have copies of them?
  12. RedLightVegas

    Elation or Liberty?

    My friend and I are in the process of booking a last minute cruise for the end of October and are going back and forth between these two boats so I wanted to get some input from you all! Which would you choose? They're both the same price (within $2 of each other) for an oceanview room. They both leave the week we need them to (Oct 21 and Oct 22) The Liberty is a bigger ship but the cruise is only 4 days against the Elation which is 5 days. The Elation goes to HMC and Nassau, Liberty goes to Freeport and Nassau. I've been on the Liberty before and it's a nice pretty ship, but I like the old boats because they have a ton of character. I'm just afraid with 2 days at sea on the Elation we'll get kind of bored, especially with one pool. The drive to Jacksonville is longer for us than the drive to Port Canaveral by about an hour and a half - 2 hours. So, with this, which would you all pick? I've been to Nassau before, she hasn't. Nassau is the only place in the Bahamas I've been to.
  13. Hello, Its been awhile since I been on a fantasy class ship and we have some questions if anybody can help. 1- Does anybody know what the current bands name is that is on the Elation? 2- Does anybody know what the shows are: 3- Do they have karaoke singing with the band aboard? 4- Does anybody know which dining room is anytime/my time dining in?
  14. Its been awhile since we been on Carnival as RC casino has been giving us complimentary Junior Suites, but we have a credit with Carnival and will loose it if we don't take a cruise by this coming March. We decided to just take a 5 night cruise out of Jax as it is only a 30 minute drive time for us. Question, when we cruise we dine nightly at specialty restaurants/steak house. This ship does not offer a steakhouse and we just read the one evening that lobster is served that it is no longer offered on a 5 night cruise. Is this true? It is the only night we thought we had an enjoyable dinner. My question, does anybody have the menu's or can comment on the MDR food on this ship? Since we recall the MDR being just "ok" we are curious as to what the dinner buffet is like on these fantasy class ships? Is the food better at the buffet and does anybody know what time dinner in the buffet is offered? It used to be you only can get pizza after 11pm, I also heard they now offer other items (excluding room service as I don't want to sit in the cabin waiting for something to eat) late evening to eat, does anybody know what they are and what time they are served till? Thank you.
  15. katgirl5

    Just off the Elation

    Anyone on this same cruise getting back to Jacksonville today know any details of the medical emergency? Also, what really happened the first night out 4ish in the morning. Heard we ran aground for a bit but not able to confirm. What was the commotion?
  16. queenpailhead

    Elation vs. Sunrise

    Sorry for another post but I just saw that Sunrise goes to Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman the same time Elation goes to Amber Cove and Grand Turk. The prices are very similar. I'm new to cruising (only one cruise) and it was with RCI on Allure. I enjoy the ports and want to sail for a combo of the ports and the ship. I'm very interested in Grand Turk and Grand Cayman, not as thrilled with Amber Cove or Ocho Rios. But the thought of sailing the VERY newly refurbished Sunrise kind of excites me. Can anyone help my decision making? Keep in mind I don't know much about the Carnival ship "classes" but it appears Sunrise is a higher class ship compared to Elation? Anyone have comments on the ports each goes to?
  17. Cruisegirl6


    HELLO, Does anybody know if the pizzeria on the Elation still offer the caesar salad and on sea days is there a sea brunch offered?
  18. Debarking this morning. This is my first review, 5th cruise with Carnival. We have sailed the Paradise, Splendor twice, the Dream and now the Elation. I do have the fun times and I'll post them during the review. A little about me and the fam. This sailing was myself (44), my husband (45) and our two sons, 16 and 18. We chose the Elation for two reasons, we wanted to go on a cruise closer to home in Asheville, and the price in Jax was less than Charleston and it was the same Fantasy class ship in each port. We usually cruise out of Miami, but we didn't want to drive 11 hours. I'll continue with the review when I get home this weekend, but a few thoughts overall. The embarkation process at Jax, was by far the easiest and fastest in all 5 cruises. Kevin the CD was absolutely amazing! Best one so far. Food in the MDR was meh. The appetizers were much better than the entrees. Half Moon Cay, breath taking beach and the softest sand! Guys Burgers, were really good. Nice flavor and the handcut fries were outstanding. Photo of me, my husband and Kevin. To be continued... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  19. niciediva007

    Exercise on board Elation

    So we are set to sail in 20 days! Eek! I’m so friggin excited so I am, of course, planning every minute detail. I’d like to avoid taking a full week off of my exercise routine while on vacation. I actually really enjoy working out and the endorphins you get from it are better than any pharmaceutical invented (this from a chemist!) so does anyone know whether there are group exercise classes onboard Elation? I’d like to avoid paying for a trainer, but aside from classes, that’s the only way I will get a workout or two in. I abhor cardio machines and while I don’t mind to lift, I anticipate that I need the pressure of a group or solo training session to keep me motivated. So...any boot camp or Zumba onboard this ship? I don’t mind to pay whatever the fees. It’s got to be less than buying two personal training sessions.
  20. Can someone please confirm that they have the Dr. Seuss breakfast on the Elation 4 day cruises? We are taking the grands as a Christmas present and want to confirm this before we tell them. Thanks
  21. Ahoy Everyone!!! Ryan and I just got back from our 5 day Father & Son get away aboard the Elation from Jacksonville to Half Moon Cay and Nassau. We had a fantabulous time. This will not be a full review since Patti and I covered her extensively last October, (review is in my signature), and I am happy to report that little or nothing has changed since then, except the crew members. I will be uploading some pictures, the Fun Times, etc, to my photo hosting site in the next couple of days, and when ready I will let you know. I'll post some Ryan pictures here since many have told me they miss seeing him in our reviews. :D For us, this cruise was about having a "few" drinks together, gambling, and seeing a few comedy shows. I hope to make this a yearly thing with Ryan for as long as I am able. It still aches my heart that I never got a chance to do this with Kevin. I'll throw some tidbits at you, as much as my alcohol infused body will let me remember. :D If you have any specific questions, I'll answer them the best that I can. Embarkation and debarkation was a breeze, Being a Diamond certainly helps. We had an inside cabin (E101) on Empress deck. This was more than adequate for our needs. Room steward did a great job. We had Your Time Dining (YTD). Never saw the dining room! We both had Cheers and knocked it out of the park! We both maxed out 4 out of the 5 days, and the days we missed were by only a few. Buy it online pre-cruise and save yourself $5 / day. Speaking of drinks, here's a shout out to some of the GREAT bartenders that took care of us this cruise. Wayan and Leonard at the Red Frog Rum Bar, Putu and Amie at Tiffany's, Momma Jo and everyone at the casino bar. If you see them make sure you tell them Jeff and Ryan say hello! When we ate it was at Tiffany's (Lido). No problem with the selection and quality of the food. Most of what was on the MDR menu was also available up here. Comedy shows, both PG & 18+ were all pretty good. We both attended the Diamond event and the Diamond/ Platinum reunion and had a great time at each. Plenty on snacks and drinks, (which don't count against Cheers!). :D Half Moon Cay day - We both stayed on the ship. GASP! I know that's hard to believe, but Ryan is not a beach person, I was just there in April, but the main reason was that Cheers doesn't work on the island. My plan was to enjoy the nearly completely empty ship, relax in the pool, and having a "few" drinks that I didn't have to pay extra for. This brings me to my one issue during this cruise, which did turn out to not be an issue at all. Let me try to explain. Ryan and I elected to sleep in today, giving the HMC people a chance to eat and leave the ship. Around 9:30 I got my bathing suit on, gathered my towel and things, then went up to get my breakfast burrito at Blue Iguana Cantina. I then went over to the Red Frog Rum Bar to get a Thirsty Frog Red to complete my breakfast of champions, Sounds good so far right? After having a few more TFR"s I decided it was time for a swim. I look at the pool and it was covered with netting. What? I noticed the Deck Officer over by the towel hut, so I went to pay him a visit. I asked him why was the pool closed? He said for routine maintenance. I asked him when will it be opened? He said sometime after 1pm. It is now only 10am. I kept my cool, didn't raise my voice, and told him that this was not acceptable. I told him that not everyone heads over to the island, and that some people, me included, would like to enjoy the pool when there isn't 100 people in it! I said that I would understand if something had broken or failed, but "routine maintenance" should be done at night after the pool closes, not during the day when people want to use the only pool on the ship. He told me that there was a pool at Serenity, to which I quickly replied that there is NOT a pool at Serenity, only hot tubs! I then told him that when I get my survey I will be sure to mention this on it, told him thank you, and went back to my seat at the Red Frog. My buddy Wayan had observed all this. He was shaking his head saying they do this all the time, and that I should go to Guest Services and complain. About 10 minutes later I turned to see the Deck Officer testing the water, and a few minutes later the netting was removed from the pool and it was opened. I don't know if it was me that got this accomplished, but a few minutes later myself, and a few others were enjoying the pool! Nassau - Ryan and I left the ship a little after 11 and made our way over to Senor Frog's, where for the next few hours we had a blast. Plenty of free shots came our way. We were back on the ship a little after 2. This was the reason I didn't max out my Cheers today! :D We entered the slot and blackjack tournaments. I made the final table in the blackjack tournament, and it came down to me and two others. Lost it on the final hand. It was fun with a great group of people. That's all I can think of at the moment, but you have to remember, what happens on the Elation stays on the Elation! :D
  22. When looking at the activities offered on this ship, it does not show the casino. Can someone verify that she does have a casino??
  23. Hello, I will be traveling on a five day cruise porting out of Jacksonville Florida headed to the Bahamas on February 25 to March 2. I know that the carnival elation is a smaller ship and I was just wondering if anyone else has traveled around this time and experience rough seas. I am planning on taking motion sickness medication while on board. My room in outside cabin on the riveria deck mid ship. I’ve heard the lower you are, the less you feel the ship. While on the upper decks do you feel the ship a lot? Thank you
  24. We want to take shorter cruise in March. Have never cruised with Carnival. We have cruised with RCL, Disney and NCL. When we cruised before it was always on their newest ship. Since we have a big trip planned in June we wanted something inexpensive and quick. Can someone reccomend one over the the other (Elation or Sensation)? Thanks for any suggestions.
  25. From John Herald: WEATHER ALERT - 10:00 AM UPDATE CARNIVAL ELATION DECEMBER 31, 2018 December 31, 2018 Dear Carnival Elation Guest, Dense fog persists and the Port of Jacksonville remains closed to all marine traffic. We will continue to monitor the weather conditions and provide you with another update no later than 12:00 PM (EST). Please do not proceed to the cruise terminal until you receive our final update. If you haven't already done so already, please sign up for text alerts by texting CCL2 to 278473 (CRUISE) Once again thank you for your understanding and I am now about to do my naked go away fog dance so hopefully that will work Cheers