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  1. jaowel

    NYE on the Fantasy

    My husband and I are loving that our children are at the age that they request "experiences" rather than "stuff" for Christmas. When they told us that, we were like "WAHOO!! NYE cruise here we come!" The request for a family trip came up rather unexpectedly, so the "planner" in me started to freakout a little bit. LOL! We were limited on when we could go due to prior obligations, so the timing of the Fantasy worked best for us and I booked it. We've been on 5 Carnival ships before this one and we knew going into the cruise that she was the smallest and the oldest in the fleet. I love this site for all the wonderful tips and opinions. I never book a cruise without thoroughly investigating every ship, port and excursion I can. We firmly believe that vacations are made great by the people you are with, your attitude towards people and how you handle things when they don't quite go your way. We don't sweat the small stuff, so when I read reviews, I take them with a grain of salt. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I wish I would have taken more pics of the ship, but since it's going to dry dock, I'm not sure what is getting a facelift or not. We are from Michigan and typically only travel during Spring Break or summer. We have 5 in our family so we drive to our destinations. Crazy...I know! We also own a timeshare, which we haven't used as much because we found we like cruising so much! Our cruise for NYE was out of Mobile. There isn't too much on here about this port, so with the help of a few other sites, I found a Park & Cruise Package at the Wingate by Wyndham in Mobile. The price at the port to park was $90, so to get a clean room, hot breakfast and free shuttle (round trip) for under $145 was the perfect choice for us. I would highly recommend them if you're coming in and staying the night before your cruise. The room was clean and comfortable. 5*...no, but it was nice. Here is our family in the shuttle on the way to the ship! The weather was terrible when we arrived and there were a lot of streets closed due to flooding, but our driver got us there in no time. It was a 10 min drive to port and we were dripped off right at the doors. We did purchase FTTF, so were able to check in quite fast. The staff at the terminal were so friendly! They allowed the VIP's and wedding guests on first, then FTTF! We were on the ship about 12pm. It was decorated for the holidays and it was lovely. The ship itself appeared to be a little dated and in need of some repair. It was heading to Dry Dock after our trip, so hopefully it got a little TLC these last few weeks :O) We were able to get to our room right away with FTTF which was nice! We always book an inside cabin that sleeps 5 (again..Crazy, I know!). All we do is sleep and get ready in there. Besides, I rather spend the money on an excursion. The nice thing about this ship is that it is easy to get around. It's a good ship for beginners or for people that don't really like other people. We never felt it was too crowded at any point during our cruise. But, maybe we are just used to traveling during Spring Break. We grabbed lunch at Guys and I ordered myself my favorite Carnival drink! Kiss on the Lips! We turned to Gold status during this trip, so that was fun! I wore that thing like it was a gold medal around my neck! Lol! We explored the ship after lunch and got ready for the Sail Away Party! The weather held out for our send off! My husband actually line danced! We totally embarrassed our kiddos! To be continued....
  2. My wife and I have a suite booked on the fantasy in February and I was curious if these rooms came with refrigerators. I’ve checked carnival’s website and haven’t seen anything about them. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. cloudydrms

    Fantasy Stabilizers

    I've been on several of the Fantasy class ships: Fascination, Inspiration, Imagination. I just booked 6 weeks ago on the Sensation and, you guessed it, have been switched to the Fantasy. So, what do I do, but start looking at reviews of the Fantasy. One thing that I've noticed is a preponderance of people saying the shipped swayed a lot. I wonder is this because they haven't been on Fantasy class ships before or does it rock more than the other Fantasy class ships? This is of great concern to me as I am definitely prone to seasickness. Makes me sick just to think about it. LOL. But I love to cruise and take all the precautions. It does make me a little wary to think about it swaying more than the other cruises. (Although nothing could have been worse than my trip on the Triumph in a North Atlantic storm. I thought I'd die, but we won't go there.) Any thoughts on this? Cindy
  4. Cruisegirl6


    I am so excited, I just received confirmation that the 5 of us (three generations) have been confirmed for the Chef's Table. I thought since I will be on the Elation and there is no steakhouse to try the Chefs Table for my other half birthday, only we were told we do not know the date of our reservation, which is fine. My two questions: 1- Do they do Chefs Table nightly, or just sea days or port days only? 2- What time does it start, I do realize we get a tour of the galley first and possibly a cooking demonstration?
  5. Cruisegirl6


    Has anybody done the Chefs Table on any of the Fantasy class ships, we will be on the Elation and since she does not have the steakhouse considering trying the Chefs Table...curious those who did, what did they serve, was it worth it, did it include any wine or drinks? Like your thoughts on it and how can we reserve it before the cruise? Do we have to get dressed up, men have to wear suit jackets?
  6. I assume since the Elation is an older ship that she doesn't have the updated slots and has the older slot machines? Any comments to truth or not to this? Thank you.
  7. teacher2cruiser

    Carnival Fantasy Porthole Cabins

    I've stayed in a porthole room previously with Carnival, so I understand the advantages and disadvantages. My question is that when looking at the deck plans all porthole cabins don't appear to be the same size. Can someone tell me if this is true, or if it only appears that way on the deck plan? Thanks so much!
  8. Hello, I will be taking what I think is my 90th cruise next month, the problem, we NEVER cruised in January or February because I know its the roughest seas during this time and higher wind gusts. I like to know what the temperature aboard the ship is when cruising in February so that I know what type of clothing to bring. For those who cruised in February to the Bahamas, did you wear shorts in the daytime or pants and at night time long sleeve shirts or short sleeve? Did you find the ship interior to be too warm or cold? I realize weather is unpredictable but on the average for those who cruised in February to the Bahamas did you find the ship rock alot? My elderly father in law will be coming he can walk around but if the ship is rocky he may want to take his portable cane.
  9. Hello, Its been awhile since I been on a fantasy class ship and we have some questions if anybody can help. 1- Does anybody know what the current bands name is that is on the Elation? 2- Does anybody know what the shows are: 3- Do they have karaoke singing with the band aboard? 4- Does anybody know which dining room is anytime/my time dining in?
  10. Its been awhile since we been on Carnival as RC casino has been giving us complimentary Junior Suites, but we have a credit with Carnival and will loose it if we don't take a cruise by this coming March. We decided to just take a 5 night cruise out of Jax as it is only a 30 minute drive time for us. Question, when we cruise we dine nightly at specialty restaurants/steak house. This ship does not offer a steakhouse and we just read the one evening that lobster is served that it is no longer offered on a 5 night cruise. Is this true? It is the only night we thought we had an enjoyable dinner. My question, does anybody have the menu's or can comment on the MDR food on this ship? Since we recall the MDR being just "ok" we are curious as to what the dinner buffet is like on these fantasy class ships? Is the food better at the buffet and does anybody know what time dinner in the buffet is offered? It used to be you only can get pizza after 11pm, I also heard they now offer other items (excluding room service as I don't want to sit in the cabin waiting for something to eat) late evening to eat, does anybody know what they are and what time they are served till? Thank you.
  11. We are booked on Fantasy January 21st out of Mobile. She will have completed drydock on January 20th. Our boarding passes show a 6:00 pm departure and the choices for arrival appointments begin at 1:30 pm. There will be no disembarking passengers and the parking garage will be empty. Able to select the earliest arrival appointment time (1:30-2:00 pm) and we prebooked our parking at the cruise terminal deck parking. My questions are: Do you think passengers will arrive earlier than 1:30 to try and park/board? I am not sure what time Carnival will open the terminal to begin embarkation...I would think the 6:00 pm sail away would affect the opening? We don’t want to miss the opportunity to park in the covered terminal parking...over flow will be directed to the Mobile Civic Center. Do you think the parking garage will delay their usual opening time (I’m assuming it’s usually 10:00 am on other cruises which set sail at 4:00 pm)? Just hate to arrive at 1:30 pm and discover there are passengers already onboard...the parking garage full...and DH in a fit when we’re told to turn around and head to off site parking at the Civic Center. What would you do? Thank you in advance, CJ
  12. What is the latest on the missing person on the Fantasy? I was seeing bits & pieces on facebook.
  13. Does anyone happen to have a list of events from a recent Casino Getaway Cruise? TIA
  14. Hello - We just finished our family cruise on the Dream and loved it and we are ready to book another one for fall of next year. We need to sail from New Orleans or Miami so we can drive to port and because of dates it appears our only options are the Valor or the Fantasy. What opinions do you all have on these two ships? I have read some good reviews and bad reviews on both. Thank you!
  15. 🌎 Hi skeapeople ⛷️ Looking forward to my 3rd cruise and skeaing in Yucatan. Can I have prescription medications in my check-in luggage? Having trouble finding carnival page that states this is not allowed. Have sailed Elation{ NO } and Fascination{ JAX }. Now the Fantasy and If I had extra $900. I would sign on for the fantastic good deal on refurbished Sunrise out of Fort Lauderdale Fl, Feb 8, 2020.
  16. OceansOfTravels

    220 Volt Plugs on Fantasy Class?

    Hello, I am cruising tomorrow on the Fascination and want to know whether or not to pack my 220 Volt European plug for the room. My room will have three people in it, so in order to provide more outlets, I thought I would bring my European plug. Is this a good idea or do the Fantasy class ships only have 110Volt (American) outlets? Also, how many 110 volt outlets will the room have? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help, happy cruising and merry (early) Christmas!
  17. We were just notified via text from Carnival that the Fantasy had a medical deviation and will be docking late in Mobile tomorrow. Does anyone know what's happening? I hope everyone is OK and that the ship doesn't arrive too late for those of us embarking on her tomorrow. The text said we'd have an update no later than 7:00 PM tonight.
  18. This cruise was a 5 day out of Mobile, Alabama on the Carnival Fantasy traveling to Progreso and Cozumel Mexico. We had this cruise booked for quite some time and were anxiously waiting since it had been about a year since our last one. We live in the Houston area so this was our first time not traveling out of Galveston. With that being said there was a little more pre-planning of hotels and stuff which I will get into later. DW and I are both in education so cruising over Thanksgiving has become our new tradition. Our girls ages 8 and 5 were super excited as this was the oldest 3rd cruise (so she is practically a pro at this in her mind) and our youngest 2nd so now she got upgraded to the "Red" card. The girls were also excited because Grandma and Grandpa were coming on this cruise with us. Hopefully you enjoy the review as I go along and I will post plenty of pictures. If you have any questions feel free to ask along the ride.
  19. Thinking of booking a cruise on the Ecstasy and would like to try a porthole cabin. I know there's obvious issues with PTs (more motion, sounds, etc. -- I'm aware of all of this) but I'm wondering if some PT cabin locations are better than others? For example, I want to think that R28/R31 would be more "calm" of a room since it's the lowest and furthest back of the PTs, versus E2/E1 being all the way forward and near the anchor. So any thoughts/comments? Or are they all basically the same? Thanks for input!
  20. Hello: We will be sailing to Cozumel aboard the Carnival Fantasy next month. We have been there more times than I can count, including land vacations, and done most of the touristy stuff. So for this visit we wanted to do something different and looked for volunteer opportunities. I came across the Cozumel Humane Society which is apparently located within a short distance of the pier where Carnival normally docks. They provide volunteer opportunities at their facilities and encourage people to bring donations, including pet food, household cleaners, and used towels. Has anybody reading this volunteered there? Is it truly near the port and easy to find? Have you brought donations from the US and did you have trouble bringing these items onboard the ship? Any problems with security boarding the ship in Mobile with these donations? I’m planning on bringing one suitcase with bags of dog food and used towels. Thanks for for any information that anyone may provide!
  21. Hello we have strayed away from Carnival the past three years and now tired of RC, if anybody can answer our questions it be appreciated. We will be going on the Elation in February. 1- Can you still get caesar salad late night at the pizzeria? 2- How is the windjammer lunch, I recall it to be not so good on these ships, has it improved in selection/variety and quality? Do they still have a meat carving each day for lunch? 3- For the past few years we always got a balcony, this year we got an oceanview, are the rooms warm during the night? 4- What is there to eat late at night past 11pm? 5- Is it worth getting the drink package, I recall the glasses on many drinks to be very small compared to what we got on other cruise lines. Like to hear your pros and cons of the fantasy class ships.
  22. Cruisegirl6


    Hello, We are asking if anybody has the 5 night dinner menus? We will be on the Elation but I believe any of the fantasy class ships for 5 nights would have the same menu, would love to see them if anybody can help.
  23. https://www.wkrg.com/news/mobile-county/mayor-stimpson-to-announce-future-of-carnival-fantasy/1617869668
  24. I have just under 8 days before I board the Carnival Fantasy for the second time. The first time was in April of 2005. I am super excited and have some time on my hands; therefore, here I am! About me: I am 41 and traveling solo. This is my first solo vacation. I've done long weekends but never more than one or two nights and never more than a few hours from home. I am a 9-5, Mon-Fri, professional. I am college educated and well traveled. I lived overseas for a few years and consider myself cultured. I am also "aggressively, laid-back". This doesn't mean I won't speak up if something is "wrong". My cruising history is in my signature (minus a family cruise when I was young to the Greek Islands). I have also done several all-inclusive resorts. I have stayed in places from the Ritz Carlton to Motel 6. I work hard for my money and try to get the most for it I am able. I am not "cheap" but I LOVE to feel I am getting a good deal. I booked this cruise directly after returning from my NCL cruise to Cuba in June. I am fairly specific when looking to book a trip. For my January 2019 sailing: Itinerary - I wanted to go to somewhere I hadn't been and love SEA DAYS ==> Cozumel and 2 Sea Days Cabin - I wanted a suite ==> Got a Junior Suite Cost - I wanted to spend less than $2,000 or $400/day. ==> To Date $1,868.90 (Fare, Cheers!, Transfers, Excursion, Airfare) I booked via an online travel agent. Therefore, all payments and communications so far have gone through them. When I booked this cruise back in June 2018 the only upfront cost was the $24.99 booking fee. My cruise fare plus taxes and port fees could be paid in installments. I also got a promotion where the cruise gratuities (PPG) were included. At $13.95/per person per day that is an out of pocket savings of $55.80. Final payment was October 25, 2018. Since this was a weird date for my budget, I got it moved. It was as simple as calling the travel agent and asking. In about two minutes, it was extended to October 31, 2018. I have kept an eye on the prices for the cruise. The suites are sold out and have been for months. The cost without the PPG promotion was over $1600! Super glad I booked early and got the promotion. I saved a bundle. I have also taken advantage of the AllState Gift Cards. I have saved about $120 using them. I am flying from Dulles Airport (IAD) to Mobile, AL (MOB). I am flying in the morning of departure. I know, I know....There were no flights available. I watched and waited and about 3 months before travel dates the fare dropped. I am the first flight out on the plane, have a layover in Houston and should be in MOB at 11am. I have a 12:00 - 12:30 check-in. I am picking up sunscreen/suntan lotion tonight! Ordered a new swimsuit yesterday and can't seem to stay away from anything cruise related 🙂 I may have to start packing to ease my excitement.
  25. This review is mainly from our last cruise on the Paradise that departed on November 1, 2018, but will include information from past experiences also. This is going to be the longest review I have written and cover a vast array of topics. I have lots of pictures including all the cabin types and upgrades made. Much of the information I am providing applies to all the fantasy class ships which include the Fantasy. Ecstacy, Fascination, Sensation, Elation, Inspiration, Imagination, and Paradise. I have sailed on all but the Ecstacy, Inspiration & Imagination. Almost 3 years ago, my children & I sailed on the Dream and decided we liked this smaller class of ships much better. Here is a link that shows the different ships and which class they belong to: https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/3407365/1533049892/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTQxNTk3NzI3L3NpZC9mVXBZbVVuNmExZjBNaDFDUDd3Vng4czJkR0hNcnp5a200QzZkb2lKcWw1b1J5cTAlN0VXeHZHNkZSWmxpdTN6c2R6d0FmakVOZXYlN0UyRVFucUslN0VDVlZFa1dXdVhsanpXTmhTQzVXb04lN 0VlWCU3RU9xT3Q5RmpaN3pVaDFBJTIxJTIx/filename/Ship%20Class%20Guide%200718.pdf