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Found 52 results

  1. The most disturbing result mentioned in the article is the crew member unilaterally deciding what is "clean" and what is "dirty" from the trays of silverware collected... https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-ship-fails-health-inspection/
  2. We are one of the many families who prefer driving to port to save on airfare. Our closest ports are New Orleans and Mobile, which, of course, means that it’s always a Conquest Class or a Fantasy Class ship. Since my very first cruise experience was on Fantasy, that class is my sentimental favorite. I also think the layout is MUCH easier to navigate for a newbie cruiser. Extended family is now thinking a cruise would be a great place for a large multi-generational family cruise. If you were to introduce a never-cruised-before family member to Carnival, which would you pick - Conquest Class or Fantasy Class? (It MUST be a 4 or 5 night itinerary to accommodate everyone’s schedules.)
  3. going on the fantasy next month and wondering who the lounge singers are and if there is good dance bands on the ship. the dance bands in the past have been very good.
  4. If anyone is onboard the Fantasy, please check and let me know what the onboard Specialty Dining options are. I am interested in the "Steakhouse". I have looked at the schematic of the ship and I do not see the Steakhouse. The schematic shows a "Bistro". However, when I look at the options to book, the webpage doesn't a Bistro. I called Carnival and the representative was equally confused. She saw the the Specialty Dining descriptions under Explore/Dining Options does not match the ship deck plan schematic layout. Thank you for checking to see which restaurant that the Fantasy has. I know about Guys Burger and the others, but was really interested in doing the Steakhouse.
  5. I just got back yesterday from a little 5-day cruise on the Fantasy out of Mobile and thought I'd do a small review. If anyone has any specific questions, I'd be glad to answer them. Just as an overview, my wife and I booked this sort of "last minute" to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We normally cruise with our two daughters, but we left them behind on this one. We also normally take 7-day cruises nowadays. We'd never been on one of Carnival's smaller ships with the shorter itineraries before and really didn't know what to expect. But, it wound up being super fun and we basically loved everything about it. The Ship Not gonna lie, I was a little worried about being on the oldest ship in the fleet. We've taken four cruises on the Dream and one of the Conquest; and each one was a 7-day itinerary. I thought there was a really good chance that I would be disappointed with the Fantasy by comparison. Plot twist: I wasn't at all! My wife and I both really loved the ship. I said on multiple occasions that I couldn't believe how nice and well maintained it was. If I hadn't known any better, I would have never known it was the oldest ship Carnival is still using. With one exception - when we were walking back to the port in Cozumel, from the outside, the ship did look old and kinda tired. But, as soon as we were back on board - that was all forgotten. Yeah, there wasn't a Mongolian Wok, Pasta Bella, Tandoor or sea day barbecue. And while we like having those on the other ships, we didn't really miss them. Maybe because we were just on the ship for 5 days. But I normally never really bother eating at the Deli when there's other options. This past trip, I did take advantage of the deli and I was glad I did, because I really enjoyed it. We loved how easy the ship was to get around. We had a cabin on Deck 7 and barely had to use the elevators at all since everything was basically on four floors and we never had to go up or down more than three decks. The layout of the ship was more or less great with just a couple minor complaints. One being that the smell of smoke was really heavy throughout most of Deck 9. There was some really comfortable, nice seating where we would have spent a lot of time reading if not for the constant smell of smoke. And we missed the extra seating they have on the Dream that overlooks the atrium. It would have been nice to be able to sit on Deck 8 and overlook the atrium like you can on some of the bigger ships, instead of being standing room only. And the way the aft lounge where they had comedy just seemed weirdly laid out. It seemed like they could have made a much better use of the space and gotten more seating in there (which was needed) if the room was arranged differently. It was odd that there seemed to be so much wasted space in there. But other things were much nicer - like the big, roomy library and the piano bar that felt like it's own area instead of being just stuck next to the comedy club. The Food Since we booked only a couple months out, we were waitlisted for early dining and given Your Time Dining instead. When we got our room keys, we saw that we were still listed as YTD and went to see if we could get it changed. It was no problem at all and the maitre' d accommodated us. We were at a large round table with four other couples, one of which we really got along with and enjoyed talking with each night at dinner. The others at the table were fine too, but often showed up as much as a half hour late to dinner. The dining room staff was fantastic at dealing with that, however. Our serving team was very efficient and never really stopped or slowed down our service because some people would show up late to dinner. Dinners in the MDR were very good, as usual. I didn't think the food was any different than on other cruises I have been on. Because it was so convenient in the mornings, we had breakfast four of the five mornings in the MDR. We really enjoyed that versus having breakfast at the buffet. It was so much nicer and more relaxed. On the Dream, we would make a point to hit the sea day brunch once, but most days just ate at the lido out of convenience. Lunchtime around the Lido didn't seem any more or less crowded than on the Dream. On the first sea day, there was a long line at Guy's and the Blue Iguana. So we wound up just getting a small snack from the buffet and then going back to the cabin to order room service, which was a nice treat as always. Embarkation/Debarkation We'd never been to the port at Mobile, so weren't sure what to expect. It was super easy getting on though. By far the easiest we have ever experienced in 11 cruises. My best friend from college lives there, so he drove us to the port and just dropped us off. We had a 12:30 appointment time for boarding, but arrived at the port around 12:15. Literally 20 minutes after getting out of my friend's car, we were standing on the Lido deck getting lunch. It was amazing. I've never had such an easy and quick embarkation. Getting off was a little longer, but still considerably easier than on larger ships. It took maybe a little more than half an hour from the time we walked out of our cabin with our bags until we were outside at the area where we were picked up. Ports The main reason we chose this cruise was because we would celebrate our anniversary on board and it went to two of our favorite ports - Costa Maya and Cozumel. We booked our favorite beach days at each port - Maya Chan at Costa Maya and Nachi Cocum at Cozumel. They were both awesome. Maya Chan was a little bit too awesome, because I wound up drinking so much there on Monday that I couldn't stomach any alcohol at all on Tuesday at Nachi Cocom. But, they kept the bottled waters and Cokes coming at Nachi and it was a great day there. One bummer was how bad the sargasso was in Costa Maya. We were warned up front by the folks at Maya Chan, but it was really awful. We still had a great day at Maya Chan, but spent most of it just drinking in and by their new pool, which was awesome. Cozumel was practically dead the day we were there. There were only three ships in port that we saw. It was nice being able to get around so easily, but it was also weird. We've never been there on an off day like that. Nachi Cocom was maybe half full. Entertainment/Staff Our cruise director was Paullie. He was young and even if he hadn't said it at some point - it was pretty obvious this was his first contract as a cruise director. He wasn't bad by any means. He had a lot of energy and was fun. You could just tell he was kinda green. I think once he gets used to the new job, he will be a really good cruise director. He did an awesome job with the music trivia/singalong sessions in the atrium each evening. We also really loved the piano bar performer on this cruise - T.A. Williams. He was awesome. Unfortunately we didn't go into the piano bar until the last night. We stayed and closed it down that night though, despite the fact that we normally try to go to bed early before debarkation. He was just that good. I hope to run into him again sometime on another cruise. The rest of the staff was all fine, and about what we've come to expect on our other cruises. Our steward did a good job keeping our room clean. Everyone out and about on the ship was friendly and helpful as always. We have no complaints at all about the service. Other observations We were really surprised at how much younger and more energetic the crowd seemed on the Fantasy. I guess it was because it was a shorter cruise. But, we never felt like it was a booze cruise. Sure, people were drinking. But we never saw anyone getting out of hand or obnoxious. Folks were just having fun. And I guess for the same reason, it seemed like everyone we saw either had a blue or red card. I only noticed one other gold card and one older couple with a platinum card the entire cruise. Which was fine and probably had a lot to do with the energy on board.
  6. We have our second cruise on the Fantasy in 3 weeks. On our first Fantasy cruise, I found a super specialty coffeeshop but I can'tremember where it was. I had a coffee drink that tasted like a Toasted Almond! I definately want to go there on our upcoming cruise. Does anyone kow where this coffeeshop is lociated? Thanks for your help!
  7. We have done 4 cruises on 4 different Fantasy class ships. There are several things that I enjoy about the Fantasy class. One being the price! I also like that there are no lines for food or activities and the boat doesn't seem crowded. We just got back from our 4th trip and the husband and I were both in agreement we think we are ready to upgrade to a different class on the next trip. I know there's a lot of cruisers that look down their nose at the Fantasy class so I'm not looking for feedback from those negative Nancy's. I know that a bigger ship is bigger prices but also bigger lines. Can you share your experiences with the different class ships and what you enjoy about them. Also how are the lines on those ships for food/activities? When we were recently in Grand Turk the Horizon was in port the same day. When we were getting back on the ship we were stunned at the line there was to get back on the Horizon. There was a line from the boat all the way to the Duty Free store entrance (hundreds of people in line). I have never seen such a line to get back on the ship. Is this common for the bigger ships? What are your recommendations for another affordable class but bigger than the Fantasy? We are on the conservative side when it comes to spending $ so I don't care about the things that cost extra on the ships we only do what's included so those attractions aren't a draw for us. What are your experiences with the lines on different ships?
  8. The wife and I have been on 3 carnival cruises. All on larger ships (Conquest, Triumph and Dream). We were looking for an inexpensive getaway and found a 5 day cruise on the Fantasy. Mobile is the closest port to us and then is attractive to us as well. I also know she's the oldest ship in the fleet. So, after being on those larger ships, will she be too much of a letdown for us? Is she more susceptible to rocking during rougher sea days? Is the food good? Any input anyone can give is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. We're sailing on the Fantasy in April. Does anyone have a picture of the current Fun Times? We'd like to get an idea of what's going on around the ship and what movies might be playing.
  10. We’re booked on the Fantasy September 16 to Panama Canal. Does anyone know the email for the Maitred’, confirmed for Your Time Dining, I’d like to respectfully request early dining. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Hey everybody! I've got each day's Funtimes from the Carnival Fantasy sailing on April 1 out of Mobile to the Western Caribbean. I will upload those soon! I was hoping it wouldn't take me 2 months to get them up, but you all know how life works sometimes!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am going on my first cruise next week on the Carnival Fantasy ship. I am confused by their WiFi packages. I am considering purchasing the premium plan which allows for the fastest internet spends on the ship, but still restricts use of steaming services such as Spotify & Netflix. My question specifically concerns me being able to use apps such as GroupMe and Life 360 on the ship. Does anyone know if certain apps are restricted? Also- what exactly does the premium plan allow you to access? I don’t want to spend money on a feature that is not beneficial to what I need! Thank you!!
  13. We are sailing on the Fantasy for the first time this summer and have booked a room with 2 portholes on the Empress deck (E7) We have been offered an upgrade to an interior on the Verandah deck (V8). While the idea of being closer to the Lido is appealing, I am concerned about 3 items: losing the portholes (although I have read that sometimes they are so dirty you can't see out of them anyway), it looks like the Verandah cabin will be under the fitness area (maybe? hard to tell from deck plans) and also deck plans look like the Empress cabin is quite a bit bigger than Verandah cabin. Anyone have feedback?
  14. We are cruising on the Fantasy in April, and I'm getting a game plan for stateroom storage. Are the walls in the Fantasy magnetic? We had cruised on the Triumph last year and found that the walls were not magnetic, the only door that was magnetic was the stateroom door, and the metal around the window and mirror was just strong enough to hold our magnetic hooks with jewelry/fans/bags, etc. so I'm wondering if it's the same situation on the Fantasy.
  15. This review is mainly from our last cruise on the Paradise that departed on November 1, 2018, but will include information from past experiences also. This is going to be the longest review I have written and cover a vast array of topics. I have lots of pictures including all the cabin types and upgrades made. Much of the information I am providing applies to all the fantasy class ships which include the Fantasy. Ecstacy, Fascination, Sensation, Elation, Inspiration, Imagination, and Paradise. I have sailed on all but the Ecstacy, Inspiration & Imagination. Almost 3 years ago, my children & I sailed on the Dream and decided we liked this smaller class of ships much better. Here is a link that shows the different ships and which class they belong to: https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/3407365/1533049892/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTQxNTk3NzI3L3NpZC9mVXBZbVVuNmExZjBNaDFDUDd3Vng4czJkR0hNcnp5a200QzZkb2lKcWw1b1J5cTAlN0VXeHZHNkZSWmxpdTN6c2R6d0FmakVOZXYlN0UyRVFucUslN0VDVlZFa1dXdVhsanpXTmhTQzVXb04lN 0VlWCU3RU9xT3Q5RmpaN3pVaDFBJTIxJTIx/filename/Ship%20Class%20Guide%200718.pdf
  16. Sailed on Fantasy many years ago--1991 & 2007 (Miami & NOLA). I do remember the Jr. Suites on Verandah deck. I do not recall suites on the Upper Deck, now the Grand Suites. When were these added?
  17. Hello Cruise Critic community! I'm back from my most recent Carnival cruise! I wanted to write a quick review because it's been several years since my last Carnival cruise. During the last few years, I've been sailing on various cruise lines, but the time finally arrived to return to Carnival and I wanted to share how the experience went after "sleeping around". Overall, we had a great cruise! At times, my review may sound a bit on the negative side, and at others on the positive side, but I wanted to be as objective and direct as possible. Please enjoy and feel free to ask any questions! Thanks!
  18. Are photos available to be viewed digitally or do you still have to go and search to find your photos in the gallery on Fantasy? Thanks in advance for any info.
  19. I know that it's a bit late, but I was wondering if any of you are cruising this date and what advice you had for a 60ish couple both on and off the ship? Thanks!
  20. My husband, children and I are staying in a Grand Suite on the Fantasy this July. My parents are Platinum and staying a few doors down. Their boarding passes say Priority, but ours do not. Do we not get priority boarding with a suite? And, if anyone has any pictures, I'd love to see them. Thanks!
  21. Fog has us waiting. Carnival is to send update at 930 Central time. Mobile is sunny. Hopefully the fog will burn off and we will sail
  22. Hello - We just finished our family cruise on the Dream and loved it and we are ready to book another one for fall of next year. We need to sail from New Orleans or Miami so we can drive to port and because of dates it appears our only options are the Valor or the Fantasy. What opinions do you all have on these two ships? I have read some good reviews and bad reviews on both. Thank you!
  23. Why is Fantasy still docked in Mobile. Ship should have left yesterday.
  24. My husband and I are loving that our children are at the age that they request "experiences" rather than "stuff" for Christmas. When they told us that, we were like "WAHOO!! NYE cruise here we come!" The request for a family trip came up rather unexpectedly, so the "planner" in me started to freakout a little bit. LOL! We were limited on when we could go due to prior obligations, so the timing of the Fantasy worked best for us and I booked it. We've been on 5 Carnival ships before this one and we knew going into the cruise that she was the smallest and the oldest in the fleet. I love this site for all the wonderful tips and opinions. I never book a cruise without thoroughly investigating every ship, port and excursion I can. We firmly believe that vacations are made great by the people you are with, your attitude towards people and how you handle things when they don't quite go your way. We don't sweat the small stuff, so when I read reviews, I take them with a grain of salt. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I wish I would have taken more pics of the ship, but since it's going to dry dock, I'm not sure what is getting a facelift or not. We are from Michigan and typically only travel during Spring Break or summer. We have 5 in our family so we drive to our destinations. Crazy...I know! We also own a timeshare, which we haven't used as much because we found we like cruising so much! Our cruise for NYE was out of Mobile. There isn't too much on here about this port, so with the help of a few other sites, I found a Park & Cruise Package at the Wingate by Wyndham in Mobile. The price at the port to park was $90, so to get a clean room, hot breakfast and free shuttle (round trip) for under $145 was the perfect choice for us. I would highly recommend them if you're coming in and staying the night before your cruise. The room was clean and comfortable. 5*...no, but it was nice. Here is our family in the shuttle on the way to the ship! The weather was terrible when we arrived and there were a lot of streets closed due to flooding, but our driver got us there in no time. It was a 10 min drive to port and we were dripped off right at the doors. We did purchase FTTF, so were able to check in quite fast. The staff at the terminal were so friendly! They allowed the VIP's and wedding guests on first, then FTTF! We were on the ship about 12pm. It was decorated for the holidays and it was lovely. The ship itself appeared to be a little dated and in need of some repair. It was heading to Dry Dock after our trip, so hopefully it got a little TLC these last few weeks :O) We were able to get to our room right away with FTTF which was nice! We always book an inside cabin that sleeps 5 (again..Crazy, I know!). All we do is sleep and get ready in there. Besides, I rather spend the money on an excursion. The nice thing about this ship is that it is easy to get around. It's a good ship for beginners or for people that don't really like other people. We never felt it was too crowded at any point during our cruise. But, maybe we are just used to traveling during Spring Break. We grabbed lunch at Guys and I ordered myself my favorite Carnival drink! Kiss on the Lips! We turned to Gold status during this trip, so that was fun! I wore that thing like it was a gold medal around my neck! Lol! We explored the ship after lunch and got ready for the Sail Away Party! The weather held out for our send off! My husband actually line danced! We totally embarrassed our kiddos! To be continued....
  25. We are booked on Fantasy January 21st out of Mobile. She will have completed drydock on January 20th. Our boarding passes show a 6:00 pm departure and the choices for arrival appointments begin at 1:30 pm. There will be no disembarking passengers and the parking garage will be empty. Able to select the earliest arrival appointment time (1:30-2:00 pm) and we prebooked our parking at the cruise terminal deck parking. My questions are: Do you think passengers will arrive earlier than 1:30 to try and park/board? I am not sure what time Carnival will open the terminal to begin embarkation...I would think the 6:00 pm sail away would affect the opening? We don’t want to miss the opportunity to park in the covered terminal parking...over flow will be directed to the Mobile Civic Center. Do you think the parking garage will delay their usual opening time (I’m assuming it’s usually 10:00 am on other cruises which set sail at 4:00 pm)? Just hate to arrive at 1:30 pm and discover there are passengers already onboard...the parking garage full...and DH in a fit when we’re told to turn around and head to off site parking at the Civic Center. What would you do? Thank you in advance, CJ
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