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Found 54 results

  1. Has anyone been in cabin 1418 on the Carnival Freedom? I want to make sure this isn’t an obstructed view. Pictures would be great!
  2. Does anyone know who is playing the Piano Bar on the Freedom for December? I know our CD but I wondered if there is a list somewhere for other entertainers.
  3. We will be on a 14 day Carnival Journey sailing aboard Freedom in October. Does anyone know if there is a self-service laundry room on Freedom? Our last Journey cruise aboard the Miracle had at least 2 laundry rooms, so I'm hoping Freedom is equipped as well. Thanks in Advance!
  4. Can someone tell me where Muster Station G is on the Carnival Freedom? TIA
  5. Any recent cruisers on the Freedom - how hard is it to find open deck chairs?
  6. Normally we book a dinner at the Steakhouse each cruise. Since we've sailed the Freedom before, this time we decided to try the Chefs Table. Any any reviews on this dining experience?
  7. Can anyone tell me if the bedside lamps on the Freedom have USB ports?
  8. We recently sailed on the Freedom and I went to the casino to play video poker. The payout for a royal flush at 5 units was 1500 and 2250. It didn't matter what denomination you were playing. Furthermore, I mentioned 2 different payouts. There were 3 rows of video poker and on rows 2 and 3, same type of machine..I think it was Game King, the different payouts were listed. I have been on almost all of Carnivals ships and have never had this happen. I hope this is not a new trend they are trying. I think it is outrageous.
  9. Good evening! We are booked on the Carnival Freedom in August. We have YTD and I was wondering if any recent Freedom cruisers can tell me which dining room has the YTD? Thanks so much for your help. Also, this is the first 7 day cruise we've done in 3 years (we've been doing the 5 days on the Valor). So, can any recent Freedom cruisers confirm they DO serve lobster and escargot on 7 day cruises? I was disappointed to find out they don't serve lobster on 5 days anymore, plus, on our 5 day in April, the Carnival fleet was not serving escargot due to a shortage of escargot. Just wondering if they are serving now. Thanks so much. As always, a cruise, even without lobster and escargot, is better than NOT being a cruise, lol.
  10. Does the Freedom have a club that is 18+?
  11. My daughter, granddaughter, and her husband returned yesterday from our first cruise on the Freedom. Having loved the Magic and the Breeze, I wasn't sure what to expect. We missed the spa and the T-pool. That's all we missed. The Freedom is lovely. Beautiful atrium and decor. Compared to the Magic and the Breeze it felt crowded only when we were in the Fun Shop area during a sale. The young ones had an interior cabin on deck 6, and Cheers. They said the cabin was comfortable and they never had a wait either in ordering or getting drinks. My daughter and I had a scenic ocean view on deck 9. The view was spectacular and the extra seating area was delightful. Our cabin steward was attentive and cheerfully gave us both morning and evening service. The Chef's Table was amazing as usual. I enjoyed the quiet location in a private room off the mid-ship dining room. It was nicer than the noisy area in the galley where it was held on the Breeze. We had early seating in the aft dining room. The food was very good, served promptly and at the proper temperature, and our wait team was top notch. I was disappointed that butter pats were no longer available on request. The last night they were out of souvenir shot glasses but I came home with several to add to my collection, including two pink ones which are my favorite. We skipped the steakhouse this cruise and didn't regret it. We once again were very glad we had purchased FTTF. Embarking and debarking were both smooth and easy and our cabins were ready when we boarded. The young ones enjoyed the night entertainment, and we all enjoyed Hannah at the Piano Bar. Key West was a lot of fun, as usual. We had an incredible lunch at a crab restaurant on Duval. I highly recommend it. We shopped some in Freeport. The young ones really enjoyed Cabbage Beach in Nassau while I enjoyed relaxing on the quiet ship. I have booked the Freedom again for next spring for another daughter and me and am already looking forward to that cruise.
  12. Hi was just wondering if the L shape rooms on the 6th floor of the freedom are good rooms..they are just above the lounge and I see stairs..can fellow cruisers who have been in this room 6442 or any of the L shape rooms give some advice thank you
  13. I spent 30 minutes trying to do a search for the email for the maitre'd on the Freedom with no success so I decided to just ask. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  14. Hello friends, ‘We are back from our spring break cruise and I want to share information about the cruise. I write these reviews for a couple of reasons, one is to help others who might have questions and two, because I love to cruise and this helps keep me sane until my next cruise. ‘This cruise was just my son and I. My son is 15 and we were originally booked on the 4 day cruise but once we found out our friends could not join us, we booked what we prefer, 7 days. Last year we went to Orlando for the week and had a great time. For many years, I worked through Spring Break and stayed home until the weekend, when we would try to cram activities in before going back. Three years ago, I started taking vacation during spring break week and last year I decided we would travel instead of stay home. ‘My husband did not take vacation around this time, he took some time off in February and worked around the house. He was used to us traveling with my friend and our 2 teens, so he had to get ready for this. I booked the trip back in November, inside cabin since my son is not picky. I was trying to get the most economical trip, since this time is year is more expensive. Makes me wish I would have taken him out of school in the earlier grades instead of waiting until high school. Oh well, too late. My son was quite surprised that we were going without anyone else, we always travel with other people. Sorry, just you and me kid. He still enjoys spending time with me at this age, but I promised I would let him enjoy his cruise like he wanted, with a few demands. He is a pretty good kid so he did what I wanted him to do most of the trip, we really had a great time. I thought about flying somewhere like San Juan or even California to catch a different cruise hut the cost was incredible, so I stuck to our normal departure port, Galveston. I have cruised the freedom many times and love the size of the ship. The ports were the same ones we did back in August on the Breeze, just in reverse. I think I really like the way the ports were arranged. ‘’We had 1.5 days at sea, then Cozumel , Roatan and Belize , then 2 days at sea on the end. I love sea days. ‘Well, on to the review: ‘I worked all week but did laundry and got all of my errands out of the way before Friday. As much as I tried, I still had to work on Friday and was unable to pack anything until Saturday. I am particular about making sure my son has the right outfits and things, he is 15 and will sometimes not plan appropriately, like the time he got to the beach and didn’t have any swimwear, or the time I didn’t help him with his elegant night outfit and he showed up with a white t-shirt in all of our pictures. His famous words, “I know I packed it but I can’t find it anywhere “. I ask him to lay out his clothes, underwear, swimwear and everything he is taking and I will do an inspection before it goes into the suitcase. He is growing very fast and his clothes will sometimes fit on Monday, but not fit the following Monday. I printed out a checklist for him to pack and since we were going for 7 days and intended to do a lot of water activities, I had to make sure he had appropriate swimwear. We only planned to take 1 suitcase each and a backpack, so I pulled out the packing cubes. I often cross-pack with him or my husband, mostly because I run out of room in my luggage. I also wanted to take a rolling cooler for my drinks and had him pack some snacks for the cabin. ‘’We do not check any bags with the porters, so I make sure we have everything in 3 suitcases and with the cooler, each of us can roll 1 bag. The packing cubes help to keep everything separated and helps me to unpack and organize the cabin as soon as I get there. I roll everything into the cubes and then stuff it all into the suitcase. It always frustrates me to have overly packed bags at the beginning , but I am a work in progress . We take our stuff to the cabin as soon as we get there. I also try to have everything unpacked right after we eat and right before muster. ‘I was going to drive us and park at the port but my sister offered to drop us off. I don’t like to inconvenience people to have to pick us up but she lives close and asked to take us. Well, then my husband said he would take us. No argument from me, he is not a morning person so I worried about him getting us sat when we returned but turns out I didn’t have to worry about that. More later..... i normally like to get to the ship around 10am, but this time, the ship was just coming out of dry dock so boarding was a little later. I think we were leaving at 6pm instead of 4pm. We left home about 1130am and ran into a little traffic. We got to the port about 115pm and walked aboard the ship at 145pm. The port was not crowded, nor was the ship. In fact, the most crowd I observed was on the lido deck as we sailed away. No big crowds all week. This is what I like about the Freedom. We were in cabin 9252, an interior cabin and a great location. I originally booked on deck 2, but received an upgrade offer for 28.00 to move to the lido deck about a month before the cruise. Pictures coming soon .....
  15. Odd question. But I was wondering if carnival Freedom has HBO? I don’t want to miss Game of Thrones Sunday lol.
  16. Were staterooms refurbished (carpet, etc), during recent dry dock? Thanks!
  17. It seems that the 3/30 Freedom sailing is overbooked and many are getting calls (yesterday) for full refund and a free cruise at another time. Some were asked to go on the Vista a day later (Sunday). I was thinking that perhaps the Vista is not getting the bookings they thought it would and they are trying to fill it vs Freedom overcrowding. Many were single cruisers and also employees. Anyone ever hear of this. Lots are being called.
  18. Is anyone out there freshly off the Freedom and have any first hand info on the drydock upgratdes/refurb? In particular, did they refresh the cabins?
  19. Also: Aruba, Curacoa, Grand Cayman, Cartegena, Colombia, Limon, Costa Rica is any questions.
  20. Is the library open 24/7 or are there set hours? Thanks.
  21. We are booked in Cabin 8449 on the Freedom. It says it's fully accessible. At one time it was not. Is it possible that the change was made during dry dock? Does anyone have any pictures of 8449 or 8442 since dry dock earlier this year? I did not have any success on Youtube. Thanks in advance for any information on this.
  22. How would I find out who the musical entertainer will be for our May 4th cruise? We are trying to find out if Milo & Nino will be on the Freedom. Thank you
  23. ABOUT US: Cruising this time was my mom, step-dad, sister, nephew (13), niece (10) and myself. We booked this cruise back in March of last year after returning from a 5 day out of Galveston. This was my mom and step-dad’s first cruise. We all live in the Oklahoma City metro area, so Galveston is a "short" 7-hour drive (if everything goes exactly as planned and the traffic cooperates) on our travel days.
  24. I had been eyeing sailings on the Freedom mid September and October...but they are not showing now... There had been plenty of rooms available, so surely not sold out... Any word??? thanks
  25. Just wondering if you can ever get a walk up reservation for this restaurant? Or wait to book on the ship? I am just not sure if we will want to go or not. May depend on the dining room menu on a specific night. TIA
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