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  1. tw67

    Carnival Glory

    We will be on Glory over Christmas sailing the Eastern Caribbean (Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk). We do cruise often, so not newbies here, but the last cruise I took was Horizon, and I was spoiled. I was in the Havana Area, went with my best friend, and got really spoiled. So this is my back to reality cruising with my family cruise! I am looking for tips and little known things about the ship. Please don't give me the negative! I saw that when we booked, and booked anyway, since the cruise met our criteria on days, itinerary, port, etc... and we aren't people who get hung up on the negative, are laid back, and don't let the little things bother us. When you only have a short window to go away, you take what you can. I am hoping that the one pool is still adults only (that is where 3 of the 4 of us tend to hang out on ship. I love the piano bar at night, and as a family we love the comedians. We usually do late dining, but this time by a request from one child, we decided to try Anytime, and see how it goes. My first time with Anytime was Horizon, and was spoiled with being able to request on the HUB app! I don't think you can do that on this one, but if anyone has sailed her recently, please let me know if I am wrong! Thanks for any comments, suggestions, etc.. I really appreciate it! Terry
  2. sapphire_407

    Just off The Glory

    I'm not one for long reviews so I'll be brief. This was our 16th Carnival cruise and we had a great time. Half Moon Cay, what can you say about the beaches in the Bahamas? The water is as clear as a bell, just beautiful. The port in Amber Cover was a big surprise. We were there years ago and there was nothing. Now there is a big resort style swimming pool area that has everything you need from chair and raft rentals to a lot of good food prepared by Carnival. It's quite beautiful really. Mountains all around and the pool itself has a nice design. It was a good day. Speaking of food, we made it to the dining room 3 times. ( We can be lazy). The food was very good, and it's also very good on the Lido deck. On the first elegant night I had fried oysters for an appetizer and it was probably one of the best appetizers I've had on Carnival. Prepared perfectly and so delicious. On the other hand one of the worst things I've had was a falafel sandwich from the deli. Cold and tasteless. Just don't. Everything else in the deli looked good. Guys hamburgers are the best hamburgers I've ever had in my life and I'm not even a burger person. Had three this trip. Also tried breakfast at the burrito bar and that was very good too. Had Huevos Rancheros at the Sea Day Brunch and they were wonderful. Honestly. Didn't have a bad meal this trip. There is live music, The Hispaniola Band. Latin music and wow are they ever good. Stop by the Ivory Club and just watch them for awhile. I couldn't understand a word they sang but they were fantastic musicians and deserve a better stage than a cruise ship. They are charging for room service food. Around 5 dollars a dish, sandwich, or whatever you order. It's slightly annoying but at least they have a better selection now. That's it, all in all good cruise. I think the food is getting better and that's always a good thing.
  3. Anyone know where to find which deck 7 regular balconies can have the divider opened on Carnival Glory? Thanks
  4. akmom1heck

    Glory vs Paradise

    Based on ship only, which ship is your favorite? I'll be cruising with my husband, 2 - 17 year olds and possibly 2 - 21 year olds. Thanks!
  5. littlemonkeymom

    Your Time Dining on Glory

    Has anyone done YTD on the Glory recently? Curious as to whether you check in on the Hub app and what wait times look like. We currently have late dining, but are thinking of switching to YTD for a little more flexibility ...
  6. I'm looking for the 7-day Eastern Caribbean for Amber Cove/St. Thomas/San Juan/Grand Turk, if anyone has those and could share them here. We don't sail until November, but seeing the most recent FunTimes helps ease the pain and aid the daydreaming until then! Thanks!
  7. After a truly amazing NYE cruise on the Freedom, we just booked our next NYE cruise on the Glory. My only gripe about the Freedom was that the "Premium" wifi we paid for was absolutely useless. I spent the money on Premium because we were leaving our three pets with a new dogsitter in our home, one of which just developed an ear infection HOURS before we left, so I needed to be reachable. But no matter what part of the ship we were in, my wifi barely ever worked. And we also paid for the devices to have the Chat feature on Carnival Hub app, and it was almost NEVER working. Very frustrating when you're a big family trying to stay in touch with your kids. My question is - does anyone know if the Wifi on the Glory is any better? Or should we just not expect to have any real wifi on a cruise? I thought paying $120 for the Premium service, plus another $30 in Hub app chat fees, would keep me from being frustrated by a lack of access, but it was the opposite. Thoughts?
  8. littlemonkeymom

    Excursions on Glory - questions

    We are doing the western Caribbean itinerary on the Glory in March. This is our first cruise, so we’re new to all this and have a couple of questions: first, Is it a good idea to book excursions now or is it better to wait until we are onboard? Not sure if it’s better to lock in now or see if there are any other options we might prefer once we’re on board. second, has anyone ever booked excursions through Costco? They have what appear to be some of the exact excursions carnival offers for about $10/person less (which adds up for a family of 4 over multiple ports!) and they say they guarantee you’ll get back to your ship on time. Thanks!
  9. The Carnival website states that the Sports Bar on Glory is for all ages, but you must be 21 to drink alcoholic beverages. Is that accurate or a typo? I really am hoping that my ten year old nephew will be able to watch some college basketball games there, when our multigenerational family cruises over Spring Break. I think that he is NOT going to be very interested in the kids’ club, although his two younger brothers will love spending time there. But if he can catch some sporting events in the TVs with his dad, or an older cousin, I think he would be VERY happy.
  10. Hello everyone. First let me apologize for not finishing my last review. CC really threw a wrench into my plans with the prolonged downtime during the "updates". Then when it did finally come back all the pictures were missing so I ended up abandoning it not knowing if it would ever even be view able again. Even as I type this, I am not sure I will post this review but if you are reading it I have posted and am committed to seeing it through (although it will probably take a couple weeks to post completely depending on how busy things get at work). This cruise was on October 20th and was a 7 Day Ultra casino cruise on the Carnival Glory going to the Western Caribbean. It was the same itinerary on the same ship as my Ultra cruise I went on last year. But it was not about where it was going or what ship, the only part that mattered was the Ultra which I was excited to be invited to and able to find a date that would work with my work schedule. About Me: I am 31 years old and am lucky enough to live in Florida so taking cruises is more affordable and easier to do than for many people. This was my 20th cruise, 16th time on Carnival and my second time on the Glory. I am cruising this time with my good friend and frequent cruise buddy, M. She is the one who got me into cruising. I mentioned that this was an "Ultra" cruise. For those who don't live in the casino, an Ultra cruise is a special event held in the casino that select high rollers are invited to. Oh, and I got an invite also. Carnival's casino comp program is a mystery to say the least but in general their invite process goes like this: Earn 7,500 points in a rolling 12 month period and get an invite to a "Premiere" cruise. A premiere invite comes with priority boarding, a small discount (very small, like about $40) or a free room for high rollers. It also comes with freeplay ($200-$1000 depending on your gambling history), a drink card for you and a guest as well as many special drawings in the casino intended to keep you in the casino as much as possible. Earn 7,500 points on a single Premiere cruise and get an invite to the Ultra cruise. An Ultra comes with all of the above, but usually no cash. Instead it comes with a guaranteed prize starting at $300 freeplay and going up in value from there. More on that later. It also has many more drawings including a drawing for $2000 freeplay every night at 12:30 AM. Needless to say, sleep will not be a priority on this cruise. I took one premiere during the eligibility period and did so horribly that I simply stopped playing. I came nowhere near the stated requirement for an invite (not even 10% of the requirement) but I was not too worried since I did not plan on going anyway. Traditionally Ultras are held in November and December which are very hard to get off from work. I begged for the time off last year for the novelty of saying I went on one, but had no plans to do so again. I was very happy when I got an invite anyway and they had cruises this time in October. The two to choose from were the Horizon on 10/6 and Glory on 10/20. I really wanted to do the Horizon but landed on the Glory for two reasons. One was pricing. Natuarally the Horizon was quite a bit more expensive and the budget was tight at the time (this was after I blew through more than double my budget on Epic) and secondly M had a trip to Europe in September and the dates were a little too close together. I will have lots of information about the Ultra as I go which may not be helpful for the current round since they are pretty much all over but hopefully for anyone taking one in the future it will provide some idea what to expect. For those interested in a full review, I am sorry to say this review will be a bit light. I usually have a lot more to say but this cruise quickly turned into a 24/7 gambling fest and as such there is not a whole lot else to report. Hands down I spent more time in the casino this cruise than I ever have before. If I wasn't playing, I was watching M play. It felt good. I've had no real allotted gambling money since March so I've had to watch every penny I played. I earned two free cruises from my trip on NCL (including my upcoming MSC New Years cruise to Cuba) so I can swallow it as an investment, but its been a rough half year in the casino for me. This time I had a good budget built up plus a winning trip last month on the Liberty where I was up a couple hundred for the week. I have only left with Carnival's money 4 times. Twice was on 3 day cruises on the Liberty where I did not play much. Once was a 7 day where I didn't play much. I've only left up with a good amount of play one time and that was on my Ultra cruise last year. I was hopeful I could do it again - and prepared to blow a lot of money if that was not the case.
  11. We are sailing on the Carnival Glory in May of 2019 sailing out of New Orleans. Will the ship's clock be the same as local time in Jamaica? We have been on cruises where the ship's time was different than the local time which can be confusing for planning an excursion with a local guide.
  12. I am putting together a family scavenger hunt. I would like it to last the duration of our cruise, so I can award a prize to the group or person on the last sea day. What are some items I can put on the list? I would like items that are ship and port specific. We are sailing to Roatan, Belize, Cozumel and Grand Cayman. TIA for any assistance.
  13. Hello Friends, Please see the attached PDF's of the FunTimes for a 7 Day Eastern in November 2018. The only day I don't have is St. Thomas; but I did attached the overall entertainment schedule. Day 1.pdf Day 2.pdf Day 3.pdf Day 5.pdf Day 6.pdf Day 7.pdf Entertainment Schedule.pdf
  14. Cricket63


    Can someone who has sailed on the Glory recently, tell me if they have any themed parties...70's, White. Thank you!
  15. bamagirl16

    Carnival Glory 6/30/19

    Hi! We are sailing on the Glory out of New Orleans next summer and I have a couple of questions. There will be 8 of us from age 17 to 65. This will be my 4th cruise. I have sailed on the Dream and twice on the Fantasy so this is a new ship for us. My mom and I are staying in an Oceanview room on Deck 2. Has anyone stayed in an oceanview on deck 2 on a Conquest class ship that could tell me how that was? Hot? Cold? Feel the ship moving more? Also, since we will be sailing over the 4th of July I was wondering if they do anything for the holiday on the ship. Thanks!
  16. We have sailed on the Carnival Liberty and Pride in years past. Most recently we sailed on the Breeze but that’s when she was a new ship. (She was also, by far, our favorite Carnival ship but I know the Glory will be nothing like her. ☹️) I also noticed that the glory was refurbished in 2017. Hoping that meant nice new beds and linens and some other nice things. Thank you for any replies.
  17. I was on the Glory a few years ago when my daughter started working on the Entertainment Staff - therefore spent a lot of my time with her during events she was involved in rather than the things I normally do onboard. My sister and I will be sailing on the Glory next month and was wondering what recent cruisers thought of her. There have been some changes - Seafood Shack, Waterworks, etc. - since I was onboard. We will be in a Lido balcony - really looking forward to that. My sister & I were on the Conquest, again several years ago, and for some reason, it was our least favorite ship. I'm thinking it was just the luck of the draw in reference to not-so-friendly crew and some pretty bad weather. I know Glory is a sister ship and I'm hoping our experience will be better. Anyway, I look forward to hearing your experiences.
  18. littlemonkeymom

    Ocean View or Balcony on Glory

    Getting ready to book on Carnoval Glory, and I can’t decide between an Ocean View (Deck 1 or Deck 2) vs a Balcony (Deck 10). I like the price of the Ocean View better, but I’m worried about noise, as DH and I are both light sleepers. Any advice? Thanks!
  19. Wondering about the condition of the Carnival Glory and also the entertainment – or lack thereof. Admittedly, we don’t tend to lean toward Carnival although we have sailed this line about five times and the cruises were OK. In reading reviews on two different websites of this ship I read several complaints made by those who had bad problems with air conditioning in their cabins. On a few different reviews it was mentioned that the solution tends to be a fan put into the cabin. Additionally there were complaints about lack of good entertainment. It was posted that on some nights there was no main show room entertainment at all or when there was, it was just a 30 minute show. Supposedly many of the shows are more passenger performed in some way or another instead of good quality professional entertainers. (We always look forward to a main show room show about every night of a cruise. It’s not to say we like everyone of them were always stay for the full time if we don’t, but we still want the option .) I tend to take many reviews with a grain of salt, but besides these complaints there were quite a few mentioning that the ship is very tired looking, needs a facelift & had sewage odor is in many areas. There are poor reviews on every single ship in one way or another but when I see the same complaints repeated fairly often, I do begin to wonder -? Hope to get some replies from those who have experienced this ship within the last several months. Thanks for any helpful input.
  20. jas1178

    Glory - Steakhouse

    Is the steakhouse still serving the old menu? Thought I heard it was only rolled out to Dream class....
  21. We are on a b2b cruise on the Glory. The first week is an Ultra Casino cruise. Anyone with any questions, we'll try to answer them for you. The following is the Ultra events schedule. Sat Oct 20 5pm cocktail party and snowball raffle 8pm 10pm 11pm shoot to win 1230am $2000.draw Sunday Oct 21 1030am Snowball raffle 2pm shoot to win 4pm Matilda the Cow 8pm Dodge the Bull 10pm Hot seat promotion 123am $2000.draw Monday Oct 22 4pm Snowball raffle 430pm 8pm shoot to win 9pm dodge the bull 11pm tower of cash 1230am $2000. draw Tuesday Oct 23 7pm 10pm shoot to win 8pm snowball raffle 9pm dodge the bull 11pm Olympic llamas 1230am $2000. draw Wednesday Oct 24 430pm snowball raffle 5pm shoot to win 8pm dodge the bull 9pm Matilda the cash cow 10pm fireball raffle 1230am $2000. draw Thursday Oct 25 530 shoot to wn 8pm 10pm dodge the bull 9pm matilda the cash cow 11pm snowball raffle 1130 cash pong 1230am $2000. draw Friday Oct 26 10am ultra slot tournament 12noon fireball raffle 3pm matilda the cash cow 4pm snowball raffle 5pm 10pm shoot to win 8pm dodge the bull 11pm free cruise draw The prizes given to ultra cruisers include casino cash, apple watches, apple ipad mini 4's, micosoft cmputers, apple comuters, apple phones, galaxy phones, 65 inch tv, $1000. Amazon gift cards, and more I can't remember. In your cabin is a gift bag, similar to premiere cruises, on the back of you ultra drink card, is your free gift drawing time. You show up, your name is called, you pick a ball out of a cage that looks like a bingo ball cage,,,,,,that number matches disks on a wall that have prizes on the back. I won a spin the wheel, got $500 casino cash, my wife won a apple ipad mini 4 gold. She also won a shoot to win game for $300 on monday. The machines are really tight btw😂!
  22. cruisegem_1

    Carnival Glory Fun Times

    Does anyone have a recent Carnival Glory Fun Times for Eastern Caribbean? Thanks in advance :)
  23. rjl1977

    YTD on the Glory

    I know the tables are really close to each other. My question is, are they set up with one side as a booth and the other side has a chair or do both sides of the table have chairs?
  24. We had a great time on our Glory Back to Back 9/8 and 9/15. The first leg was our 25th Milestone cruise with Carnival. We have been Platinum since 2007 and will make Diamond on our next cruise. We arrived into Miami from Phoenix via the red eye about 8:30 a.m. We called an Uber for a ride to the port. I could not get the app to let me select 2 stops, so we simply asked the driver if we could stop at CVS to pick up the allotted wine. We tipped him $20 for the stop. Once we arrived at the port, there were about a dozen people ahead of us. Embarkation – Previous cruisers were still leaving the ship when we lined up for the Platinum/Diamond/FTF parties. We waited for 30 minutes or so before we were allowed into security. I had my boarding passes ready for both legs as I had 2 bottles of wine for each leg. Security did not even examine my wine or ask about the extra wine. Not sure why as I have had them ask for the boarding passes before in Galveston. We were then directed to an area for our group that was not roped off, but simply adjacent to the main boarding area. There is no special lounge for the VIP guests here. It is my understanding that this terminal is temporary and the reason why. We were on board at shortly after 11. I headed to the excursion desk as I had some onboard credit I wanted to use and the reason why I did not pre-book excursions. It was not up and running yet, so I went to our cabin with DH. We booked a suite since this was a special trip for us being both Back to Back and our Milestone. The cabin was ready, so we unpacked our carryon bags and met our cabin Steward. Our pretty white cards with the Milestone logo arrived shortly thereafter. We headed up to Lido for the obligatory Guys burger which did not disappoint. By the time we got back to our cabin theluggage had started arriving. The muster drill was as always, no one paying attention and all complaining about the heat. We were soon off to the sail away. We had the chance to catch the Vista as she sailed out just ahead of us. We did not do much after this point other than eat dinner. I had booked 8:45 p.m. massages for us and then we headed to bed. It had been along 36 hours. Remember we worked all day Friday and flew all night to reach the ship. Don’t believe in burning a vacation day traveling to port.
  25. sc4125

    Deli Menu on Glory

    Can any recent Glory cruisers let me know if she has the new Deli menu? I know some people don't like the idea of pre-made sandwiches, but I don't mind as I seldom ask for anything "different" on the sandwiches. I liked the idea of the Cuban sandwich and wondered if it was any good.