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  1. Sotermarler

    Imagin(ation) this!

    Boarded the Imagination at 11:30 am and now at the bar watching the Pat's! First ever Carnival cruise. Easiest embarkation ever! Life is good! That is all!
  2. I will be on Imagination with my teens in a few weeks. Are there house phones available to use on this ship? ALso, if you call your cabin from a house phone, is there a way to get your messages without actually having to go to the room. We will try the HUB app, but I think our phones may be too old to use.
  3. Hi folks, we are going on a cruise trip to Mexico soon on the imagination. Our assigned dining time was 8:15pm which would be difficult for us as we have senior people in the group. I called in and the agent said despite of no earlier time, the crew members are flexible with dining time. Is it true? Would they be able to let us in earlier?
  4. When I look in the Meet & Mingle section for Carnival Inspiration, it is not listed in the list of ships. I also noticed that the Inspiration is not there. Maybe others are missing too but I'm not sure of all of the ships they have. Is this an oversight or intentional? Do they have Meet & Mingles on the Inspiration?
  5. Alwaysacruiseinthequeue

    Is it My Imagination or

    Is it my imagination or are the dishes on the LIDO buffet leftovers from previous dining room dinner menu items? I don't remember thinking this on previous cruises. Has this always been the case, is it a new thing to cut corners, or am I imagining it altogether? :eek:
  6. We are booked in March and it is a gift-trip from my sister, for me and my 3 kids (12, 14, 17). Because she is paying for it, I have let go of any control. I expected her to book us an interior but she got the same room she did for her-oceanview. She also has 3 kids (10 and 12) so I assumed they would be good for bedding. We have E26. I am struggling to figure out from deck plans exactly what the room configuration will be...but I think it will be a "king" (2 twins) with one Pullman? We can have us 3 girls on a king, but wondering how that works with the gap in the middle? Wondering if it may be an option/more comfortable for us to try to move to a larger interior? If one even exists? Opinions please...our first CCL will be in a family suite on Horizon at Christmas so I am very much a newbie....
  7. We are returning to cruising after a lot of years away. Starting small, with the Ensenada 4 day. We chose our cabins somewhat randomly, selecting E170 and E190. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with either of these? Thanks! Excited to be back to cruising!
  8. Going on this cruise with a ton of family - going to be a big fat family reunion. So fun!
  9. Hi, anyone happen to know the measurements for the space behind the curtains of the fake window??? I want to surprise my friend with a poster of our rear aft balcony wake water view from our recent cruise on the Glory. Hoping someone will know!
  10. Can't wait to get away for a few days. Who's going?
  11. A group of nine of us, all family, will be on the Imagination Sept. 16th ! Five members of the group have never cruised before. They will be in three separate cabins, next to each other. I want to decorate their doors, just to make it more fun and special for them. And, to help them find their cabins in the wee hours of the morning. ;pI have heard the imagination doors are not metal, is that correct ? Our other cruises I have used magnets to attach my decorations. If so, what can I use to attach signs and decorations to their doors ? I have read something about command strips, but I have no idea how those work ? Please help, Thank you !
  12. Is alcohol purchased in port or on board delivered to the stateroom on the last night or will we have to pick up elsewhere on the morning we disembark? Thank you.
  13. For those who have actually traveled on these 2 ships..... Looking to do the 4 day in February and wondering which to choose. Itineraries are the same. Ships look to be almost identical...so what I'm wondering is crew.... cleanliness... Upkeep of ship Etc I known these itinerary are often considered 'booze cruise' which is not our style thus the reason for Feb, as traditionally not the best weather in that area....just want the break and ports....plus...its a free gift....so just want advice on ships. Thanks!
  14. Whoooo wants a live thread of the 3 day Carnival Imagination crusie? Sike, I really don't care so you all are getting one. I had to upgrade from the Social plan to post photos but I probably needed to anyways so I could hear from the vet if they needed to contact me about my kitty doing medical boarding anyways. So. I left Las Vegas about 8:30 on Jet Blue to Long Beach. It was a short flight and even shorter Lyft ride. I got there about 10:00 and they started boarding the special events at 11:15am. My group 2 was called about 11:30 and I had my first drink in hand a few minutes after. I then grabbed a Guy's burger (there is a patty under there) to go with my spicy Margarita. After a Hendricks and tonic and wandering on the sphinx titty filled deck 9 I went back up to 10 for more drinks, a Ting Mojito and then a Dirty Mojito. Sent from outerspace
  15. Who We Are and WhyThis Cruise: My DW and I are in our mid to late 40s and live in Phoenix,AZ. We have one child, a DD who is 11. She is not joining us on this cruise because she’s leaving the day before departure to spend a week on Cape Cod with her grandmother. Which brings us to the purpose behind choosing this cruise. We had a little over a week of child free time and the ability for both of us to take time off of work. DD has been eager to take a solo trip to the Cape and this was the year she was ready. So, on the Saturday before the cruise, we will drive her to the airport for her first unaccompanied flight, and immediately head for Long Beach. I will admit, it took a long while to become comfortable with putting our only child on a plane by herself for a cross country flight. Anyway, I wanted to provide a detailed review for ship that just doesn’t receive much attention on her any longer. So, here we are! When my DW and I were discussing what to do with our newfound freedom, we kicked around a few different ideas. Being in Phoenix, both Rocky Point, Mexico and San Diego are viable beach drives. We’ve done both in the past. Rocky Point is an extremely affordable and relatively safe alternative to the crowds and high prices associated with San Diego beaches. We quickly ruled out San Diego due to a short booking window available. This left Rocky Point and we started researching and pricing out some options. During the planning, my DW brought up a great point. Once in Rocky Point, there’s just not much to do, especially in the main resort area of Sandy Beach. Sure, you can find some great food and sit on the beach, but entertainment can be hit or miss. DW had a spark of an idea…what about a cruise? The preliminary research was promising. For roughly the same price for a 3-4 night stay in Rocky Point, we could catch the 4 night Carnival Imagination sailing for that week. We would scratch the beach in favor for deck chairs (fair trade for me as sand ranks as one of the most annoying substances on earth, right behind glitter, in my estimation) and gain a lot more entertainment options. Long Beach is only an hour longer of a drive from Phoenix than Rocky Point, so no problem there. So, we booked the cruise just over 30 days out from the sailing! This will be our fourth cruise together and the fifth overall for each of us. Neither of us had great first cruise experiences. I sailed first in 1995 on the Carnival Jubilee to the Mexican Riviera…well, that was before Hurricane Flossie decided to visit the same area. I ended up with 6 days at sea and a stop in Ensenada. My early 20s self had determined that cruising just wasn’t for me. My DW had a general dislike of what seemed like the cattle herd mentality on a Royal Caribbean cruise during the same time frame. Fast forward to 2013. We both enjoy the bands Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls and learned that they would both be performing on a private cruise out of Miami in December of 2013 on…the Carnival Imagination. We both figured it would be a low risk/high reward trip to catch two of our favorite bands in a rather intimate surrounding. Well, we had a blast. Talk about the entertainment factor! The Imagination was already an older ship,but it was certainly serviceable for the purposes of the trip. We left making new friends, a $500 bar bill and a more open mind on the concept of cruising. It’s amazing what nearly 20 years of maturity and perspective does for a person. The next few years saw two more cruises. The first, a 2014 family cruise to Alaska with our DD and my DW’s mother on the Disney Wonder. WOW! This was a great experience and we both started to realize that there was more to cruising than we once thought. It’s really what you want to make of it. If you want to drink a bucket of beer by the pool, you can. If you want a quieter, more family like experience, you can. Just do your research and choose the right cruise for you! In 2016, we sailed without the DD on Norwegian’s Pride of American in Hawaii for our 10th wedding anniversary. WOW! Both were absolutely amazing experiences. As vacations were being planned, we threw around the possibility of a British Isles cruise and a Western Caribbean cruise. Each were put aside for other travel opportunities, but cruising remained a viable option that we knew we would return to eventually. So, watch out Carnival Imagination, we’re heading back! This time, with the Cheers package! We knew she received the Funship 2.0 upgrade since we sailed in 2013 and we are excited to see her afterwards. We next performed what, to us, is a critical step in planning any trip or vacation…level setting expectations. Specific to this trip, since sailing on the Imagination in 2013 we had sailed 1. On a Disney ship and 2. In a suite on the Pride of America with an extra-large balcony, butler and a slew of suite perks. We sailed to Alaska and Hawaii, arguably two of the world’s most beautiful destinations. This 4 day cruise on the Imagination was…well,not that. We had done our research and knew that this cruise offered a different experience. It was a rare chance to be a couple for a few days, perhaps even feel like a younger couple while we were at it. It was shorter and neither of the ports necessarily elicited much excitement. The Imagination has only 3% of its cabins with balconies, all of them suites. While the service reviews are impressive,there would be no butler or separate dining for suite guests. There aren’t even any specialty dining venues. But that was part of the beauty of this cruise. It’s about as close to all-inclusive as you can find in today’s cruising world. We ran it by our checklist: 1. Are we working? Nope. Good start. 2. Does DW have to prepare any meals? Nope! 3. Do I have to clean the galley? Negative. 4. Will there be a moody pre-teen, imp following us around that we are compelled to take care of? Again…it’s checking the boxes. 5. Do we have to use a year’s worth of our daughter’s college tuition to take the trip? No, this is extremely affordable. We have booked an Oceanview cabin because of the lack of balcony options, but we certainly were not caught by surprise with this tidbit. Consider our expectations level set. One Week Out: Since booking 30 days or so out, the cruising spark has been ignited to a point we have not experienced before. While doing our research for the upcoming sailing, we joined roll calls on various cruise related forums, looked at everysingle picture of the ship as well as re-familiarizing ourselves with the deck plans of our old friend. One curious nugget of information, Carnival was building the brand new Panorama, set for a 2019 delivery and she would sail full time out of Long Beach. As one of the only ports within driving distance for us Phoenicians, that’s great news. Well, it wasn’t long before the DW decided she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday on the Panorama in 2020. But, of course that wasn’t enough. We wanted to be on the inaugural sailing in December 2019. Booked and booked. Major kudos to our PVP Nicholas for his patience during the whole process. The weekend before the cruise, we ran our errands in preparation. A few new items of cruise wear, a power strip without surge protection, a travel sized Downey Wrinkle Release and a few other necessities. Not much else to note other than on the Sunday before the sailing (last night), our air conditioner went out late at night, heading into one of the hottest weeks of the Phoenix summer so far. So, we are lucky enough to have a company who will respond within hours (usually, it takes days to have someone repair your air conditioner in the dead of summer). After a long night, we have it repaired at 4:30 in the morning. We’re using this as validation that there will indeed be NO all-nighters on the upcoming cruise. This cruise couldn’t come at a better time (other than leaving right now!). This can also explain any spelling or grammatical mistakes in this portion of the review! The upcoming days will be spent wrapping things up at work enough to leave the country for a week, copious amounts of laundry and making sure that the family is all set for two separate trips ons Saturday. Much more to come!
  16. AZcruisegirl

    Imagination Questions

    Hi Fellow Cruisers, can you please assist me with two questions? My husband and I are cruising on the Imagination this September. Are dress shorts for men in the main dining room acceptable for dinner or docker pants only? Also, is the beach just off the Pier in Catalina Island nice? Do they offer chairs/umbrellas for rent? Any other hints or things you encountered on this ship will be appreciated! My husband and I cruised this ship in 1997 when it was younger....and so were we! Thanks in advance!
  17. We have been following the recent great review of SonoranDevil, who were recently on the same itinerary we are on now. Rather than hi jack their thread, why not start a new one. DW and I are living near Philly. We are Gold on Carnival and Platinum on NCL. We are on this cruise celebrating our 25th anniversary, DW 30th highschool reunion (she is from LA) and visiting relatives. We took our first cruise out of this same port 25 years ago on the Jubilee. Now we are back. Here we go... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Hi, We have an upcoming 4 day trip on the Imagination and am interested in whether FTTF will really help us get off the ship earlier. Advertised arrival is 07:00 and ideally we would like to be curb side by 08:00. If anyone has experience of this on the Imagination (or Inspiration) I’d be interested to know: 1. Does FTTF give you an earlier slot to walk off before everyone else without queueing (and at what time?) 2. If we have FTTF is walking off still quicker than checking the bags and getting an early debark time? 3. With FTTF, is 08:00 realisitc? We haven’t purchased FTTF yet and this would be the only reason we would do so, to get off the ship earlier so am very interested to hear if it will help us in reality. Thanks.
  19. Hey all! We will be cruising at the end of the month and I'm hoping to track down a 3-Day Imagination FunTimes before then. Does anyone have one that they can share? With or without the FunTimes it would great to know what shows are currently onboard if anyone knows... :) Thanks so much!!!
  20. Let me start by saying, we have sailed this the Imagination and its sister ship, the Inspiration.. and love the quick getaway! This time we were celebrating a long Presidents' Day weekend on the ship; as well as celebrating my son's 3 year old birthday. We were with another family who have a 3 year old as well; so that was very helpful. Carnival does a great job entertaining families with little kids. Some other cruiselines do not and it's noticeable who they want sailing on their ships. Since we have sailed on the Imagination before, we knew that we wanted to enjoy the Dr. Seuss breakfast and other kids related activities. We drove in from Las Vegas (so did the rest of the city, it seemed like) to the cruise terminal. It was obvious that the terminal had had an upgrade but was still being worked on. Since we were late for our reservation time, they sent us to the "Late" line; which made me laugh. There was no one in that line and we walked right in. We checked in quickly and got to take some fun pictures all over the terminal. Also we were wearing "Isaac's birthday cruise" shirts; so that was entertaining to other cruisers and crew all day. We wanted to make the most of those shirts. Also, I noticed that they don't take your picture anymore... they just use your passport pics. Finally, we were heading up the gangway with a very excited 3 year old..and of course, stopping for that professional picture with the toddler pretending to drive the ship. It turned out VERY CUTE! Our cabin (V20) was ready for us, so we went right up to the room. A rollaway was placed on the floor flat for the toddler to sleep in; and our twins pushed together for the one bed. Our cabin steward was very nice and always brought extra towels and had ice in the bucket for us. Augh, the toddler also dropped the phone receiver on the glasses and one shattered all over the floor. Our steward came right away and cleaned it up for us. We ate every night in the Pride Dining Room, which hosts the Anytime Diners. We usually went around 8 p.m. and had a little wait. In fact, we were surprised and very happy that we were seated in the same section every night of the trip. This NEVER happens. We had the same waitstaff, who we loved. The dinner menus have some decent choices. We did not order from the extra $20 part of the menu because we found things to eat. I always end up ordering three (or maybe 4) appetizers because they all sound good. Order as much as you want..it's expected of you to enjoy yourself. The flat iron steak was very good this trip. Last trip I did not enjoy it as much. We also all loved the duck that was served on the 2nd night. It was so juicy with a crispy skin. So delicious. Desserts were just ok. The chocolate melting cake can be a little bitter for my taste. The last night, the Baked Alaska is paraded around the room and served. It tasted alright...we all agreed we have had better. We did not complain though. We were all thoroughly full and happy every night. The kids menu is very good. Also one night the toddler wanted mac and cheese; so the chef whipped him up a big bowl with his chicken nuggets. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE CRUISING! The burgers at Guy's are so good. Plus they have a wonderful condiment bar. My toddler is strange in that his favorite foods are mushrooms and avocado. The condiment bar was fully stocked with mushrooms for him. He was happy! My hubby LOVES the burritos at the taco stand next to Guys. I can't remember the name. It offers shrimp, chicken, fish or steak tacos and burritos. It is delicious. Plus the tortillas are freshly made in front of you. We went to the shows the 2nd and 3rd nights. Divas is good; but a little long...keep in mind I'm a musical theater teacher so I LOVE shows.The cast is VERY talented though. We all LOVED the Epic Rock show! That was a cool rock show. Technically, these shows are amazing productions. Unfortunately, we did not get to any of the comedy shows this time. We played Bingo one time; and my hubby won $50-. YAY! I took advantage of the spa day on the port day. They give discounts on port days. I got the seaweed wrap and aqua bed treatment. SOOOOOOOOO RELAXING! Just what this teacher momma of a toddler needed!! Our cabin location turned out to be FANTASTIC! We were right down the hall from the kids' camp (which we used twice), a couple of floors from the dining room, one floor from the spa, two floors from the Lido...everything was so easy to get to. Plus it was so quiet at night on that floor. Top floor in the back is the way to go. We did not get off the ship in Ensenada. The toddler took advantage of the little water slides and pool while it was empty. Debarkation was also easy. You have to be out of your cabin by 8:30a.m. You end up seeing the entire ship in the buffet. Most people walk off their luggage since it's just a little weekend getaway. We always have WAY too much to carry off. Everyone got called to leave around 9:30 a.m. It was great! Customs went quickly and lots of porters around to help you if you can't carry all of your luggage. Sigh, now it's over... This is a great family trip for all ages.
  21. I have never cruised with this many people before, with my time dining. We probably would be eating around 6:30 - 7:00 each night. Can I make a reservation for all of us each night ? If so, how can I do this before the cruise ? If all nine of us show up at dining room during those times, is there going to be a long wait to sit together ? Thank you
  22. This will be our first cruise. We got the shopping excursion through Carnival (my mother and I are going). Any dos and dont's? We have the airport to port transportation, your time dining, faster to the fun. Staying on Empress deck. Thanks for any tips/hints! I notice that this forum did not have a lot of information on the "quickie" cruises.
  23. If we don't get a balcony are there places to sit and relax for lots of quiet time. We have never sailed Carnival, on other ships I have sailed I don't hesitate to get an ocean view as I know I can find a nice place to relax and not spend the extra on the balcony. Any help would ease my mind. Thank you.
  24. My DW and I will be setting sail on Imagination on 7/29 and are very excited to have some adult get away time together! We sailed on the Imagination in December 2013 for a Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls concert sailing. We are eager to see her after the refurb and 2.0 makeover! Since roll calls don't seem to be as popular as they used to be, anyone else joining us at the end of the month?
  25. Are there 1 or 2 elegant nights on a 4 day cruise on the Imagination??? What night(s) would they be on?? Thanks if anyone can help!