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Found 21 results

  1. I know there's an Inspiration review going on right now with the same itinerary, but I decided to post my review anyway. We did NOT get off the ship in Ensenada. Please see the other review if you wish to learn more about this port. We drive to the port of Long Beach, about a 3.5 hour drive depending on traffic. The last time we were at that port it was to board the Splendor to the Mexican Riviera. We got there about 11:40 and were told the parking garage was closed until noon. Huh? This had never happened before and as our check-in time was for noon it seemed odd that we couldn't even enter the parking area until that time. After reading a few comments on CC, I decided maybe we could get there around 10:30 to beat any kind of lock-down of the garage. We arrived at 11:00, no goon prevented us from entering the garage, and were inside the terminal by ten after. We'd stopped first to give our single bag to the porter. It might be my imagination, but the porters at Long Beach seem extra nice. That's not me. That's my better half. I thought we might be seated in the priority lounge, but boarding had already begun so we were whisked through check-in and security and were on board having lunch in no time at all. Even though Carnival has check-in times, I'd hazard a guess that for these 4-day cruises the crowds aren't so big that this matters. It was a holiday week, so I was expecting a lot more people. Nope. I mentioned how empty the terminal was to the lady that checked us in and she said it would get a lot busier after noon. Once on board we wanted to drop our backpack off in our cabin, which was U206, an Oceanview. A Carnival employee stopped us before we could open the door to the cabin area to make sure we had FTTF or were P/D. Once he checked he waved us through. We weren't in the room for 5 minutes when our steward knocked. Norman welcomed us on board and offered us once or twice daily service. We selected morning service and he went on to ask us if we needed anything else: ice, bathrobes, extra pillows or blankets. Norman even moved all the luggage into his cabins. There were absolutely no bags cluttering the hallway when we came down later. He was amazing! The air conditioning in this cabin worked overtime, which I liked. It was COLD and perfect. I'll mention the door is magnetic since I noticed a lot of magnetic decorations on other cabins. We saw a lot of groups on this cruise. We had a group just a couple doors down from us occupying several cabins. Each night several people would congregate in the hallway outside their cabins and keep the party going. I didn't complain since I expect that on short cruises, but it might bother someone else. I remember Soapgate on CC. People were having a hard time getting a bar of soap rather than having to use the liquid soap in the showers. We received bar soap, which I prefer. It comes in a little box rather than the old cellophane wrapper.
  2. We haven’t sailed Carnival in 15 years but we'll be on the Imagination in December in an Oceanview room. My DH has all his gadgets to plug in and charge as well as his Cpap machine. We were just wondering how many outlets there would be and how long an extension cord to bring? Thanks for your help.
  3. Greetings, Experienced cruiser from NCL who decided to try the 4-Day Long-Beach to Ensanada itinerary. I have read a few posts regarding this itinerary. Has anyone sailed during December? What kind of weather did you have? Are the ships decorated for Christmas? I understand there could either be a party vibe, but that does not bother us. Boarding times - seems like Carnival you book a time to show up? Parking options besides the garage? Whats the earliest you have gotten off the boat? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. This will be our first cruise out of Long Beach. So many questions! What is the weather like in January? What are the best excursions in each port?
  5. We dock at 7 am. Is it feasible to get a 10 am flight from Longbeach airport, if we do our best to get off the ship as soon at it docks? Next flight is 4.30 pm. Other alternative is to travel to LAX. Anyone been successful in getting wifi in the port so that I can call an Uber? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hello, I have a choice between U124 and M260 on Carnival Imagination. I already have M260 but can upgrade to U124. Should I upgrade? Thank you, Jon
  7. People don't seem to review the shorter cruises out of Long Beach, so I wanted to write one for last week. This was our third Imagination cruise from Long Beach, and it was great! Pre-cruise: Got to Long Beach the day before the cruise, and spent the day at Cabrillo Beach (San Pedro) relaxing in the sun. Stayed at the Golden Sails in Long Beach, which was a fine hotel 20 minutes from port. On Sunday morning, we left the hotel at 10:20, with zero traffic, we were parked in the garage at 10:45. Embarkation: This is the easiest embarkation port of the many we have used. We were completely checked in and waiting to board before 11 am. FttF was called at 11:11 (good luck!!) and we were boarded very quickly. Straight to our stateroom (E90 - right off the atrium) to drop bags, and we were at Guy's Burgers before 11:30. Stateroom: Excellent choice (E 90) for access to everything. No problems with noise, smell or stateroom steward. Received twice-daily cleaning as requested. Room was in excellent shape, with comfy bedding and everything in working order. Dining: Had Anytime dining, which worked great. Ate all breakfasts in the MDR, and avoided the buffet completely. Lunch was Guys, Blue Iguana or Deli. Sea day brunch was awesome as ever---steak and eggs was great. All dinners were good, with many choices, and we ordered double appetizers or entrees more than once. Brought case of Coke Zero and two wine bottles in carryon, so we brought our own glasses to dinner each night. Worked beautifully. Day one: Bags were delivered before 12:30, so we were quickly unpacked, and headed to an empty Serenity deck. Relaxed until muster drill, then off to get dressed for dinner. Yes, we dress for dinner each night. Not over the top, but I wore a dress, and my husband wore button up shirt and slacks each night. Comedians were okay this trip, and we enjoyed family and adult shows most days. Did a little dancing in the nightclub. Funniest thing was "80's hour", which was from 10 to 10:15 pm one night! Dance floor was packed for those fifteen minutes!!! Day two - Catalina: Breakfast in the MDR, then ready to tender to Catalina. Expected a crowd, but easily caught a tender with no wait. Didn't even use FttF tendering. Rented a golf cart for about 90 minutes for a nice tour. Walked around a bit peeking into shops for a little while. After that, we lounged on the beach by the dock for a few hours before returning to the ship for a late lunch. Short but fun day. Day three - Ensenada: This was a weird day. We had breakfast in the MDR again, and got off the ship easily at approximately 10:30. Nice walk into town along the new Malecon. The streets, stores, bars, restaurants were EMPTY. It was amazing how few people we saw in Ensenada. Nothing like our past visits. We walked along the main street looking in a few stores. Had a quick (unsatisfying) lunch at a street restaurant, then hit our favorite Ensenada store that sells stained glass, and headed back to the ship. In the two years since we've been there, prices across the board in Ensenada have skyrocketed. Maybe that's why it was dead. Returned to the ship for Serenity deck and relaxation around 2:30. Day four: Day at sea started with sea day brunch, and consisted mostly of the Serenity deck! We went on this trip to relax, and relax we did! Got front row in Serenity, but it was packed by 10:30 that morning - don't dawdle! Disembarkation: So quick and easy! They started self-assist at 7 am. Started calling zones at 8:45, and did a last call for everyone to disembark by 9:05!!! Short wait for customs, and we were back in the car by 10 am. Overall: An excellent cruise for first-timers looking to try cruising, or for seasoned cruisers looking for a relaxing few days. We don't gamble on ships, and didn't drink too much. The ship was oddly empty for the most part (considering this was Holy Week/Spring Break). Never a wait at a bar, easy to get chairs on Lido and Serenity, no long lines at lunch locations. It was downright weird!!! For the price, it is an excellent value cruising experience, and keeps us satisfied between longer cruises. Next up for us a the Legend Transatlantic 2020!
  8. Looking forward to some pre-conversation. Dr. D.W. Donovan August 1st, 2002 Royal Caribbean Sovereign of the Seas (Cape Canaveral, Nassau, Coco Cay, Cape Canaveral) Room August 14th to 17th, 2006 Carnival Fascination (Miami, Key West, Cozumel) Room March 23rd to 30th, 2008 Carnival Valor (Miami, Nassau, Sea, 26th St. Thomas (and Water Taxi to St. John’s), St. Maartin, Sea, Sea, Miami) Room September 4th to 11th, 2011 Carnival Splendor (Long Beach, Cabo on 6th [Resort Excursion], Puerto Vallarta 8th [Sunset Cruise], Room 7358 (First Balcony) July 28th to August 1st, 2019 (IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!) Carnival Imagination Long Beach, Catalina, Ensenada, Long Beach Room: M47
  9. Does anyone have the Fun Times for 4-day on Imagination?
  10. Which is for Early and Late seating on the Imagination, and which is for YTD? Pride or Spirit?
  11. Hi all, We went on the Imagination last year for an introduction cruise for my sister and brothers. My husband and I will be going on the Glory in May. Looking at pictures of the Glory, it looks very similar to the imagination. For any of those that have sailed on both, can you tell me how similar or different they are? They both have Guys burgers, Awesome !!!!! I'm thrilled about that ! Any other differences or similarities ? Will I feel like I'm on the imagination ? Thank you all in advance.
  12. Hi all, I was trying to check for dates and prices for 4 days carnival Inspration or the Imagination for March 2019 and there aren’t hardly any sailing for both of them. Are they going for dry dock or what’s going on???
  13. Jan 20th - 24th, 2019 Mon.-Thur. Sea day was moved to first day due to rainy/windy weather and could not tender to Catalina! I was told Funtimes were the same! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/gallery/album/192-carnival-imagination-4-day-funtimes-2019/
  14. For those who have actually traveled on these 2 ships..... Looking to do the 4 day in February and wondering which to choose. Itineraries are the same. Ships look to be almost identical...so what I'm wondering is crew.... cleanliness... Upkeep of ship Etc I known these itinerary are often considered 'booze cruise' which is not our style thus the reason for Feb, as traditionally not the best weather in that area....just want the break and ports....plus...its a free gift....so just want advice on ships. Thanks!
  15. So, anyone else going on this short weekend getaway?
  16. I will be on Imagination with my teens in a few weeks. Are there house phones available to use on this ship? ALso, if you call your cabin from a house phone, is there a way to get your messages without actually having to go to the room. We will try the HUB app, but I think our phones may be too old to use.
  17. Who We Are and WhyThis Cruise: My DW and I are in our mid to late 40s and live in Phoenix,AZ. We have one child, a DD who is 11. She is not joining us on this cruise because she’s leaving the day before departure to spend a week on Cape Cod with her grandmother. Which brings us to the purpose behind choosing this cruise. We had a little over a week of child free time and the ability for both of us to take time off of work. DD has been eager to take a solo trip to the Cape and this was the year she was ready. So, on the Saturday before the cruise, we will drive her to the airport for her first unaccompanied flight, and immediately head for Long Beach. I will admit, it took a long while to become comfortable with putting our only child on a plane by herself for a cross country flight. Anyway, I wanted to provide a detailed review for ship that just doesn’t receive much attention on her any longer. So, here we are! When my DW and I were discussing what to do with our newfound freedom, we kicked around a few different ideas. Being in Phoenix, both Rocky Point, Mexico and San Diego are viable beach drives. We’ve done both in the past. Rocky Point is an extremely affordable and relatively safe alternative to the crowds and high prices associated with San Diego beaches. We quickly ruled out San Diego due to a short booking window available. This left Rocky Point and we started researching and pricing out some options. During the planning, my DW brought up a great point. Once in Rocky Point, there’s just not much to do, especially in the main resort area of Sandy Beach. Sure, you can find some great food and sit on the beach, but entertainment can be hit or miss. DW had a spark of an idea…what about a cruise? The preliminary research was promising. For roughly the same price for a 3-4 night stay in Rocky Point, we could catch the 4 night Carnival Imagination sailing for that week. We would scratch the beach in favor for deck chairs (fair trade for me as sand ranks as one of the most annoying substances on earth, right behind glitter, in my estimation) and gain a lot more entertainment options. Long Beach is only an hour longer of a drive from Phoenix than Rocky Point, so no problem there. So, we booked the cruise just over 30 days out from the sailing! This will be our fourth cruise together and the fifth overall for each of us. Neither of us had great first cruise experiences. I sailed first in 1995 on the Carnival Jubilee to the Mexican Riviera…well, that was before Hurricane Flossie decided to visit the same area. I ended up with 6 days at sea and a stop in Ensenada. My early 20s self had determined that cruising just wasn’t for me. My DW had a general dislike of what seemed like the cattle herd mentality on a Royal Caribbean cruise during the same time frame. Fast forward to 2013. We both enjoy the bands Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls and learned that they would both be performing on a private cruise out of Miami in December of 2013 on…the Carnival Imagination. We both figured it would be a low risk/high reward trip to catch two of our favorite bands in a rather intimate surrounding. Well, we had a blast. Talk about the entertainment factor! The Imagination was already an older ship,but it was certainly serviceable for the purposes of the trip. We left making new friends, a $500 bar bill and a more open mind on the concept of cruising. It’s amazing what nearly 20 years of maturity and perspective does for a person. The next few years saw two more cruises. The first, a 2014 family cruise to Alaska with our DD and my DW’s mother on the Disney Wonder. WOW! This was a great experience and we both started to realize that there was more to cruising than we once thought. It’s really what you want to make of it. If you want to drink a bucket of beer by the pool, you can. If you want a quieter, more family like experience, you can. Just do your research and choose the right cruise for you! In 2016, we sailed without the DD on Norwegian’s Pride of American in Hawaii for our 10th wedding anniversary. WOW! Both were absolutely amazing experiences. As vacations were being planned, we threw around the possibility of a British Isles cruise and a Western Caribbean cruise. Each were put aside for other travel opportunities, but cruising remained a viable option that we knew we would return to eventually. So, watch out Carnival Imagination, we’re heading back! This time, with the Cheers package! We knew she received the Funship 2.0 upgrade since we sailed in 2013 and we are excited to see her afterwards. We next performed what, to us, is a critical step in planning any trip or vacation…level setting expectations. Specific to this trip, since sailing on the Imagination in 2013 we had sailed 1. On a Disney ship and 2. In a suite on the Pride of America with an extra-large balcony, butler and a slew of suite perks. We sailed to Alaska and Hawaii, arguably two of the world’s most beautiful destinations. This 4 day cruise on the Imagination was…well,not that. We had done our research and knew that this cruise offered a different experience. It was a rare chance to be a couple for a few days, perhaps even feel like a younger couple while we were at it. It was shorter and neither of the ports necessarily elicited much excitement. The Imagination has only 3% of its cabins with balconies, all of them suites. While the service reviews are impressive,there would be no butler or separate dining for suite guests. There aren’t even any specialty dining venues. But that was part of the beauty of this cruise. It’s about as close to all-inclusive as you can find in today’s cruising world. We ran it by our checklist: 1. Are we working? Nope. Good start. 2. Does DW have to prepare any meals? Nope! 3. Do I have to clean the galley? Negative. 4. Will there be a moody pre-teen, imp following us around that we are compelled to take care of? Again…it’s checking the boxes. 5. Do we have to use a year’s worth of our daughter’s college tuition to take the trip? No, this is extremely affordable. We have booked an Oceanview cabin because of the lack of balcony options, but we certainly were not caught by surprise with this tidbit. Consider our expectations level set. One Week Out: Since booking 30 days or so out, the cruising spark has been ignited to a point we have not experienced before. While doing our research for the upcoming sailing, we joined roll calls on various cruise related forums, looked at everysingle picture of the ship as well as re-familiarizing ourselves with the deck plans of our old friend. One curious nugget of information, Carnival was building the brand new Panorama, set for a 2019 delivery and she would sail full time out of Long Beach. As one of the only ports within driving distance for us Phoenicians, that’s great news. Well, it wasn’t long before the DW decided she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday on the Panorama in 2020. But, of course that wasn’t enough. We wanted to be on the inaugural sailing in December 2019. Booked and booked. Major kudos to our PVP Nicholas for his patience during the whole process. The weekend before the cruise, we ran our errands in preparation. A few new items of cruise wear, a power strip without surge protection, a travel sized Downey Wrinkle Release and a few other necessities. Not much else to note other than on the Sunday before the sailing (last night), our air conditioner went out late at night, heading into one of the hottest weeks of the Phoenix summer so far. So, we are lucky enough to have a company who will respond within hours (usually, it takes days to have someone repair your air conditioner in the dead of summer). After a long night, we have it repaired at 4:30 in the morning. We’re using this as validation that there will indeed be NO all-nighters on the upcoming cruise. This cruise couldn’t come at a better time (other than leaving right now!). This can also explain any spelling or grammatical mistakes in this portion of the review! The upcoming days will be spent wrapping things up at work enough to leave the country for a week, copious amounts of laundry and making sure that the family is all set for two separate trips ons Saturday. Much more to come!
  18. Hi folks, we are going on a cruise trip to Mexico soon on the imagination. Our assigned dining time was 8:15pm which would be difficult for us as we have senior people in the group. I called in and the agent said despite of no earlier time, the crew members are flexible with dining time. Is it true? Would they be able to let us in earlier?
  19. When I look in the Meet & Mingle section for Carnival Inspiration, it is not listed in the list of ships. I also noticed that the Inspiration is not there. Maybe others are missing too but I'm not sure of all of the ships they have. Is this an oversight or intentional? Do they have Meet & Mingles on the Inspiration?
  20. Going on this cruise with a ton of family - going to be a big fat family reunion. So fun!
  21. We are returning to cruising after a lot of years away. Starting small, with the Ensenada 4 day. We chose our cabins somewhat randomly, selecting E170 and E190. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with either of these? Thanks! Excited to be back to cruising!
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