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  1. GoBucksGoPhilly

    Refrigerator on Liberty

    Can someone help me out please...I am cruising on the Liberty on 2/10/19 and my two children will need medication refrigerated. One person at Carnival told me the cabin will have a refrigerator because all cabins do. Another told me they are a first come first served basis through Guest Services. Does anyone know if all rooms have refrigerators?? Thanks in advance
  2. Mxer122

    Carnival Liberty

    Has anyone cruised in the Carnival Liberty recent? I’m trying to figure out if there is a kiddie pool onboard.
  3. Does anyone know where the “coin” is imbedded on the Liberty?
  4. Bostwick girl

    Cabin doors on Liberty

    Can anyone currently or recently on Liberty tell me if the cabin doors are metal or not? Our son gave us a nice banner to hang on our cabin door so I need to know if I need to bring magnets or command strips to hang it. Thanks.
  5. I haven't been on Carnival since my 20's and we have a 3 night booked for Jan 17. I've told my kids to download their Spotify playlists and some Netflix episodes. I like to check on Reddit and other message boards as well as the news. What plan should we get? Thanks

    Liberty 4 Day menus

    Everyone always seems interested in the menus so I tried to get pics of most. Hope this helps.... Day 1 MDR...
  7. Cruisin4beaches

    Liberty in Port Miami?

    Why is the Liberty in Port Miami this morning? She should be on her way back to Port Canaverl.
  8. RedLightVegas

    Elation or Liberty?

    My friend and I are in the process of booking a last minute cruise for the end of October and are going back and forth between these two boats so I wanted to get some input from you all! Which would you choose? They're both the same price (within $2 of each other) for an oceanview room. They both leave the week we need them to (Oct 21 and Oct 22) The Liberty is a bigger ship but the cruise is only 4 days against the Elation which is 5 days. The Elation goes to HMC and Nassau, Liberty goes to Freeport and Nassau. I've been on the Liberty before and it's a nice pretty ship, but I like the old boats because they have a ton of character. I'm just afraid with 2 days at sea on the Elation we'll get kind of bored, especially with one pool. The drive to Jacksonville is longer for us than the drive to Port Canaveral by about an hour and a half - 2 hours. So, with this, which would you all pick? I've been to Nassau before, she hasn't. Nassau is the only place in the Bahamas I've been to.
  9. We sailed on the Liberty in Mid October. I really think it is time to do something about the outside muster drill in the blazing heat before someone gets seriously ill or injured. We boarded the ship around 11:30 and went to our room to drop off our bags and then went to the lido deck for lunch and a couple of drinks. It was really hot out so we decided to go back to our suite and relax and unpack if our bags were there. We were in the room for a few hours and my husband napped and I relaxed and read for a bit. We had a lot of evening plans and wanted to be ready to go. The muster started and we were on deck 4. There was already a lot of people lined up and it was as usual crazy. There was a man in front of us who really enjoyed the bar before the drill and his wife was trying to keep him under control. (It was kind of amusing). The staff was trying to control the crowd and get everyone checked in. As all this was going on I started to get really warm. It was so hot out and we were in a crowd of people. I could feel myself getting shaky and clammy and I leaned a bit on my husband and was hoping the drill would be over soon. Next thing I knew my husband was calling my name. I passed out due to the heat. I never pass out so I was very startled by what had happened. A staff member was trying to help us up as my husband went down with me to keep me from hurting myself. As we were being led out of the crowd I felt weak and disoriented and I passed out again. Staff was trying to get me water and wheelchair but with the throngs of people it was not easy. They did manage a wheelchair and I was being led out along with many other people as the drill was over. It was a chaotic mess. Nobody would let us through and I could feel myself slipping again. We made it to the inside and my husband wanted me to see medical. Well trying to get a wheelchair through hundreds of people was no easy task. Everyone was set on getting to where they needed to go. It was a bit scary and upsetting. We did get to medical finally but after talking to the nurse and finding out I had to pay $125 I decided to just go back to the room and cool off in my suite with water and ice. I ended up napping and we lost a lot of precious time on this short cruise. The nurse did take my blood pressure and temp. My blood pressure was a bit low. Staff is not well equipped to handle emergencies and this could have been a lot worse then it was. Luckily there was a nurse behind us when I passed out and she was trying help. It's really time to move the drills inside. This really is not a safe way to do these drills. I talked with Carnival Customer service and they really could not offer any advice. At least I made them aware of the situation and hopefully do something to prevent anyone else from having this happen to them.
  10. runningmoms2girls

    Carnival Liberty Jan 2019 review

    This is my fourth cruise (first on Carnival) and my first review. When I was searching for reviews on Liberty I never saw any so I wanted to add my thoughts. Traveling was myself, my sister, and my mom. We usually do a mother/daughter cruise every two years or so. This is our first Carnival cruise. Carnival Liberty - 4 day to Nassau and Princess Cays Pre Hotel Stayed at the Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach. Great hotel. No issues. Great views of the ocean and very large buffet breakfast. Parking Parked right at the port. Best decision ever!!! $85 for the duration of our cruise. Very quick and easy. It was so nice to be able to walk off the ship and to our car. Embarkation Very quick. We had the 11:30am - 12:00pm time slot. We showed up at the parking deck about 11:00am. There was a very short line. We sailed through the check in process. (Make sure you have all your check in stuff done ahead of time! It made the process very easy.). We waited in the waiting area for about 20mins. Right at 11:30am our boarding zone was called and we were on board! Rooms Premium Vista Balcony - aka Aft Wrap Balcony - Deck 6 AWESOME room! The rooms weren’t ready until 1:30pm. We just spent the two hours exploring and eating on the Lido deck. Our room was so roomy and the balcony was huge! We are spoiled now for sure. Excursions Nassau We did the Blue Lagoon Island Segway Safari. Great choice! We loved Blue Lagoon and would go back again in a heartbeat. The shuttle over there was very good. They kept us entertained the whole way there and back. They took the scenic way home going slowly by the houses and resorts on Paradise Island. Great way to end the day. Princess Cay This was our chill beach day so we didn’t do any excursions. We did rent a clamshell shade ($30) for the day. If you are looking for a more quiet and laid back area, head over the bridge and to the right when you first get off the tender. They had a hamburger/hot dog buffet for lunch. The lunch was just ok. We didn’t eat much on the island. On Board We participated in a variety of on board activities. We went to the Flick show (just eh. We weren’t wowed.) and America Rocks! America Rocks was a lot of fun and a great show. We also went to the Hasbro Game Night. This was a lot of fun. None of us were chosen to go on stage but it was such a fun “show” to watch. Dining The first night in the dining room we were not thrilled with our wait staff at all. They were very inattentive. We had the Your Time Dining so the next night we asked to be moved. They gave us a great table with fantastic wait staff. We sat there the rest of the trip. We did eat at Guy’s twice. The burgers and fries there are very delicious! The rest of our meals were either at the Lido or the dining room. Debarkation This process went pretty smoothly as well. We chose to take off our luggage ourselves. We waited from them to call our deck (around 7:45am/8am) and off we went. We were off the ship, through customs and at our car in about 45 mins. They were a little delayed in starting the debarkation process but the CD kept us informed all morning. This was my first Carnival cruise and I was pleasantly surprised. We had a great time. We are already shopping for our next Carnival cruise. 😃 The few “negatives” were the lack of shopping and sales on board verses RCCL. RCCL seemed to have more souvenir type shopping on board than this cruise did. In fact I only came home with an ornament for myself. Also I do not like the way Carnival (at least on the Liberty) did their Pixel photos. We spent so much time searching for our pictures. You would think they would have a way to do it digitally with facial recognition. So many people were throwing away pictures (including us) that didn’t turn out good. We did get pictures done on formal night but we were not pleased with how any of them turned out. I've included pictures of our cabin. If anyone is looking for any specific pictures or information just let me know and I'll see if I have it.
  11. Long story short, our family vacation for 14 people (ages 60, 41, 40, 38, 38, 23, 21, 20, 20,18, 17, 16, 9, & 7) got changed due to my niece’s school schedule (college freshman) which caused some of the other kids to not want to go. I mean what’s the point in taking a family vacation if the whole family can’t go? We are changing from a 5-day on the Sunshine in March sailing to Amber Cove and Grand Turk to a 4-day on the Liberty on May 20th sailing to Nassau and Freeport. Only 3 of us have sailed to Cancun, so not much experience in cruising. I would rather have gone to Grand Turk as I’ve always wanted to go to T&C, I’d rather have five days, and I know the Sunshine has more amenities for the kids like the sportsquare, water park, etc. The one benefit is if they don’t like it, we have fewer days to entertain them. But it is what it is and we plan to enjoy ourselves anyway. My nephew says any vacation is a good vacation and I’m going to have a great time. I said all that to say does anyone have any tips, tricks or positive vibes about the Liberty? Did you enjoy her? That itinerary? Anyone sailed her with family? What’s done is done, but I just want to hear some good things about Liberty.
  12. I believe I read somewhere that a free bottle of wine was given to those who dined at the Steakhouse on the Carnival Liberty on embarkation night. Does anyone know if this is still the case? I made a reservation for March 24, 2019 our sail date, in the hopes this is true. Thank you for any information or other suggestions you might have. We actually don't eat red meat, but love lobster. 🙂
  13. Two days before our recent cruise due to a medical issue we found ourselves considering canceling our cruise. We contacted Carnival to explore our options. The call taker kindly listened to our dilemma and came up with a solution, by telling us there would be no problem with bringing a wheelchair. When we arrived at our outside muster station we were taken to the alternate station in the dining room. The muster drill was the easiest of them all. Everyone from crew to passengers were fantastic and understanding of our dilemma. We had been upgraded from an ocean view 2nd level to a upper deck6 balcony. This was the first balcony I was able to enjoy while underway at sea. It allowed me to get what I think were outstanding shots of the moon on the water which I have attached . We had the anytime dinner in the third floor Golden Olympian. The staff was fantastic and accommodating. While I am adventurous when it comes to to food my wife is very down to earth in her taste and we were able to find something to meet our taste. The ports Nassau is Nassau, I had been there 8 times and not much has changed. Freeport this was my first time in this port and I was not disappointed. We had to cancel our excursion because they could not accommodate my wife, the cost was credited to our OBC so we lost nothing. We ended up looking at the shops in the port area and made a few small purchases. Many complain that the port is nothing special, it is a working port. I for one enjoyed watching the operation of the port. I enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the port, but, that is me I enjoy the common everyday things in life. Disembarkation was a bit of a mess while the ship says the goal is to have everyone off by 9:45 they missed this time with no explanation, This was my first Carnival cruise in 11 years and based on our experience this will not be our last.
  14. Sorry in advance for the rambling splattercast review. Sailed 10/18-10/21. FTTF was a breeze. Parked at 1145, on the lido deck by 1210. Luggage didnt arrive until almost 3 though. Had a cabin on lido deck way too close to the atrium. Very loud until the lobby stopped music. Ive had lido cabins before, just closer to the front. Will keep this in mind next time and stay closer to the front. Cabin steward was pleasant, ony saw him twice, but never needed anything on a 3 night. Comp water not delivered until turn down first night. Again no big deal. Had Cheers. Maxed out first and final night. Really just ordered the last two each night just to say I "finished". Steakhouse first night. Fantastic. My wife didnt like the smoked oysters, but everything else was great. Had the dessert art, it was really neat, but now that's done it, I'll stick to cheesecake next time. It was empty. IE, less than 1/3 of the tables were sat. Walked around Nassau for a couple of hours. Needed sandals and some cheap souvenirs. Lunch at Athena never disappoints. Entertainment- Top notch. First time Ive seen Flick and it was really good. America Rocks was better this time than the last. Saw the comedians. (Azeem twice, Michael Mace once) and both were great. Piano Bar with Tony was fun as always. Had multiple drinks at Alchemy. Took some money at the craps table which was a surprise. Negatives (not really, just the least favorite)- Lido deck service was slow except sea day. Sea Day brunch was slow for no reason. It was half empty. Food at MDR was not as good as Ive had in the past. It wasnt bad, just not great. Lido deck party for Halloween was great. Donkey is a good CD. This was our 2nd cruise with him. His 80s sing along in the lobby is probably my favorite thing every cruise. Overall it was a great quick and inexpensive getaway. Definitely the least crowded Ive ever seen a ship. I would be surprised if it was 80 percent full. Never an issue finding a deck chair, and we didnt get to the lido until noon on seaday. Voila! two seats on first level up from the main deck. Happy to answer ?s
  15. We have sailed on the Carnival Liberty and Pride in years past. Most recently we sailed on the Breeze but that’s when she was a new ship. (She was also, by far, our favorite Carnival ship but I know the Glory will be nothing like her. ☹️) I also noticed that the glory was refurbished in 2017. Hoping that meant nice new beds and linens and some other nice things. Thank you for any replies.
  16. RedLightVegas

    Question on Liberty

    Going on a 4 day cruise in October. We were on the Vista in April and they used the Taste Bar area as a light breakfast area in the morning . We ate here every morning because there were no crowds and it was quiet. Does Liberty do this as well?
  17. I have a quick question regarding dining selection on Carnival Liberty. I originally selected early dinning, but decided I would like to change to Anytime Dining. However, when I called to try to change it, the Carnival rep said that Anytime Dining is completely booked and we cannot switch. The other people in our group have already selected Anytime Dinning and we really want to sit with them during Dinner. The Carnival rep said when we board we can go to the dinning room and ask the maitre d if it would be possible for us to switch- but she gave me the impression that it is not guaranteed that we will be able to get switched to anytime dinning. My question is, is there a possibility that the maitre d will tell us we can't switch and we will HAVE to go to early dinning? Or will they typically just reassign us to anytime dinning if we ask? Thanks in advance!
  18. We have finalized our cruise decisions to either the Carnival Vista or the Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Sea. They have the exact same dates and ports, and roughly the same cost. So those aspects do not factor into the decision between which ship. However, I keep going back and forth between which ship to choose. Please help!!!! Some of my thoughts: Vista has more included eating options (we will not pay more to eat at any of the others), it seems Liberty just has MD, buffet and pizza.  Vista: poor theater seating, seems a lot of reviews don’t like the Vista ship design Can anyone give me any advice or suggestions on these two ships, please?!?  It will be my husband and myself (not into the clubs, bars, casino) and our two kids (will be 13 & 16) who will not be interested in the kids clubs. Decided to pick a cruise out of Galveston due to flights costs being higher to Florida. 
  19. autismmama

    Liberty fun times

    Does anyone have the liberty 4 day fun times to share with me? Tia Sent from my LGMP450 using Forums mobile app
  20. We got off Liberty a week ago (November 8th cruise) and I finally finished and posted my review. Here is the link: https://susancrow.blogspot.com/2018/11/the-suite-life-on-carnival-liberty.html I also posted the Fun Times here: https://susancrow.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html This was our second cruise on Liberty and overall, we had a really good time. I have more pictures that weren't included in the link which I will add in a bit. I'll also write up some general comments about embarkation, food, entertainment, etc. I hope you enjoy reading along. I'll be glad to answer any questions that I can.
  21. For those of you who would like to grab FFTF, i noticed it was available for 12/9/18, Liberty sailing.
  22. Here is my review of the August 30th sailing on the Liberty. Son and I flew in day of sailing. We had a 7 am direct flight into Orlando that got us to the airport at 9:15am. We ubered to the port. Embarkation- We had fttf. It was so smooth almost effortless. We arrived to the port about 10:40 am and were on the ship by 11:20 am. I love faster to the fun because I dropped my things off in my room and didn't have to carry them around with me. Cabin - Interior 9209. This was my first ever interior cabin. Wow they are small. It was fine for 2 people but I wouldn't want to put any more people in there. Roddereck was our room steward and he was amazing. Pros to an interior cabin was no noise from balcony and it was really quiet. This cabin was pretty far forward and there wasn't any noise in the halls. I love being on the lido deck because its so close to pool and food. The only con I noticed was what seemed like a cutback was the quality of the toilet paper. Its a little rough. Food - My son loved the Mongolian wok. The buffet was nice too. Note there is another buffet a little further aft than the first buffet area. We found a smaller line there than the first buffet that you came to. The food was good typical carnival buffet quality. Deli - my son got two hotdogs from it and said they were really tasty. Guys - I ate guys Burgers twice. Another note here there are two lines. I found one side to have a huge line and the other side to have hardly any line. Not sure if people just didn't know or what. Sushi, sea food shack, blue iguana tacos pizza and bbq we didn't have this time. Sushi costs extra. Main dining room - Son and I got a table for two. I was hoping we would get some fun table mates but we didn't. Our head waiter was Augustus and his assistant was Romeo. First night our food came out quickly and efficiently. We were pretty pleased. The second night was a hot mess. The service as slow and my son ordered two entrees and they only brought him one. On our third and final night we got much quicker service only because half the people in our servers section didnt show up to dinner. Things got a little weird when Romeo just stood at our table trying to hold a conversation. With tons of akward silences son and I decided we were done and would forgo desert. I did give Augustus and his team an additional 20$ tip for the service we did get but man I found that last night weird. We didn't have room service this cruise either. Entertainment - Tevin is great. So full of energy and honestly I prefer him to Donkey who we had last time I was on the Liberty. Not sure who will be there when we sail on her again in March but Tevin was a great CD. Baby Jane was fun too. My son loved playing the jenga game and we did some other trivia games too. I found the casino entertainment to be lacking this time. Maybe the normal band was on vacation but they had a couple solo performers and not much in the way of the typical casino band that sings songs popular to many generations. The atrium was happening all the time lots of fun stuff going on there. Bars and service - I found bar service to be good and quick I had the cheers package which I am not sure I will get next time or not because I didn't really drink enough to warrant the cost. Maybe one night of the 3 I drank a little but we shall see. The ship itself I love the layout of the liberty. I love the staff always cleaning always smiling and just really a great place to be. Casino - Was smokey but we know that. Debarkation - 3/4 of the ship must have been self assist. Son and I were in group 2 and typically I Have been off the ship way before 9 in the early groups so I rushed him out of bed and we opted to skip breakfast and head to our assigned waiting area at the assigned time of 7:30 where we sat for an hour. LOL oh well next time in march I will take my time and not rush. Overall - we had a great time. I highly recommend the jetboat excursion in Nassau we did that and it was a blast. I still love the Liberty and its crew and it was a wonderful experience for me to spend some time with my oldest kid. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
  23. Hey everyone! I've just uploaded Part 1 of my Carnival Liberty cruise vlog. It shows embarkation day, a tour of the amazing Premier Vista cabin, and our time spent in Nassau. This is my first time cruising Carnival in 10 years, and first time as an adult. https://youtu.be/GFNGNgslhFs
  24. Hello, I recently sailed on the Liberty 11/18-11/22 to Nassau and Freeport. I wanted to write this review because I don't often see reviews from people in their 20's, and I wanted to be able to contribute to this great sub. I am 24 and was sailing with my 21 year old girlfriend. We live in Jacksonville and this cruise worked perfectly with my off days of work (Sun-Weds). We came back on Thanksgiving. This was our second cruise together and first together on Carnival. This was my first Carnival cruise since I cruised the Liberty in 2008. Embarkation: We parked at a nearby shuttle lot, and were shuttled 10 minutes to the port. This was our first cruise with the new embarkation process, and it was extremely easy. Our check in time was 11:30 and we got there at 12:05 so we had to go into the "Early/late" line, which was still very fast. We were on the ship within 10 minutes probably. The staterooms were ready by 1:30 and we then went to the life jacket drill which is still outside, but luckily didn't require actual wearing of the jackets. Unfortunately a girl next to us passed out hard and started seizing, but the staff was very quick in getting the situation taken care of. Still it was a scary start to the cruise. Ship :The ship seemed to be in fine shape. I am very familiar with this layout and it never felt very crowded. Our favorite spots were the Alchemy Bar, and the lunch restaurants. There is no actual comedy club on board, they have it in the Victoria Lounge in the aft. I had never used a ships Gym before but I somehow worked out on the first day, and it was really nice. I enjoyed the steam room and sauna as well to sweat out all the prior days alcohol. Room : We were originally in an inside room, and were upgraded to an OV on the same deck, 1, a couple of days before the cruise. The room was very nice and I had never been that low to the water before! Our steward, Michael, was amazing. He was probably the best I have ever had. He was so friendly and always visible and always called us by our names when he saw us in the hallway. We told him we only needed him to come in the AM but he still tidied up the room at night too. He worked very hard as most of them do. On the last night he kept all of our towel animals together and then built a towel heart around them, something I had never seen before. I was very surprised at the quality of tv entertainment in the room. We don't spend a huge amount of time here, but some nights we were in early and there was always a premium movie or two on. The rotation on the free premium channel included Coco, Ready Player 1, Wrinkle in Time, Pitch Perfect 3, and about 3 others. TBS and TNT also showed good content generally, although sometimes repetitive. Cheers : We both bought cheers this cruise, but I don't think I would again. While I was able to normally drink enough to break even per day, (roughly 5.5), my girlfriend was not. We did take advantage of the free powerades and premium iced coffees, which come with the package and that was nice. But next time, it would probably be cheaper just to pay per drink. Bars/Bar Service - I was astonished at the number of people walking around the pool area taking orders. This is something I thought had gone away with the times, and people had to just go to the bar to get a drink. It was a pleasant surprise. The Blue Iguana had an AMAZING frozen Guava Margarita. It was probably the best pool drink we found. The bars were never very crowded and the servers were good. I do hate how the cheers package comes with 18% prepaid gratuity, because I feel obligated to tip when i get the drink anyways, which i did, normally $1 a drink. This makes me feel like I'm double tipping somewhere in the 30% range. I did not feel like the drinks were strong and I don't think i got very buzzed. Perhaps it was because of all the food I ate! I would say the best place for drinks is the Alchemy bar. I had never been to a mixologist before and it was so cool. I did not get anything off their menu but instead always challenged them by giving them vague descriptions. One time, I told the mixologist to make me the most popular custom drink she had made of the day. She told me she had just started and the guy next to me was her first drink. I told her to make that then! I normally HATE Bourbon and Whiskey, so when i saw the receipt said Buffalo Trace, I thought I was in trouble. BUT DANG!!! it was so good. It was very fruity and I hardly noticed the Bourbon. I would proceed to order random things in this manner. CAUTION: the only time i was not able to finish my drink was when I told one of them to give me something to go to sleep. Well they poured straight Bourbon in a martini glass. I think it was because they knew I hated it, and that is Eastern European sense of humor! But overall Alchemy is the place to be! Even if you like girly fruity citrusy drinks like me, or strong drinks. Entertainment - I was pretty dissapointed when I saw our CD was not Donkey, who I had heard great things about. He had just gotten off and we had NoNo. She was okay, but I wasn't blown away. We did not play Bingo or trivia this time. We did see alot of the shows, and i was really happy about them. The Playlist Production team was fantastic, and they were really nice too. We ran into them at Alchemy one night and had a pleasant conversation, and they even remembered us the rest of the trip. The two shows we saw were Flick, and the 80s rock show. I really liked Flick, I thought they nailed all the major movie songs I could think of. The "movie magic guy" who runs around all crazy doing random crazy things was hilarious to me. We also saw the Love & Marriage show which was always was great! No quest this time which was sad, but I know its more of a RCCL thing. The Comedians were not very good. We had two, Rob Little and I forget the other guy. Of the two, I saw 4 shows, and the second guy was funnier than Rob, but neither was very good and relied more on the audience than a set routine it seemed like. I also was not a fan of the Comedy Club Manager David from Atlanta. Casino was good, I did not win but I taught myself Craps a few days before so i could play on the ship. There were alot of families on the ship due to holiday so the casino was hardly crowded at night and did not make for a very social venue. Food/ Service. This was the only place I would ding Carnival. We went to the main dining room the first night with YTD, and it was AWFUL. We had a two top next to 4 huge tables with the same head server. Were talking like 10 tops or higher. The guy was way to overwhelmed and never came and greeted us. Eventually our order was taken, and it was very small, just chicken breast and another entree and an app, and it didn't come for almost an HOUR. By the time it came the server actually told us "Sorry its slow but IT IS WHAT IT IS". I couldn't believe he actually said that. Very unprofessional and we did not stay for dessert or come back the rest of the cruise. We loved Guys and Blue Iguana, especially the fish taco was my favorite. I did not get a burrito. The food in the buffet was okay, but the CAKES!!! the cakes were awesome. I heard this is new, and Carnival should definitely keep it. I normally love to eat on a cruise as i LOVE food, but i think because I got the Cheers package, i was kind of deterred from eating as I wanted to be able to utilize Cheers and not feel sick. Kind of sad I didnt get to enjoy the food as much, but as I stated earlier next time i will not get Cheers. We did not get room service. We did do the seaday brunch, which was awesome, and the food came out in 5 minutes! I ordered the Filet and scrambled eggs and it was super good. I would recommend. Ports- Nassau- We just walked to Junkaoo beach this time. Previously we had done the day pass at Breezes, but we opted not to spend that $ since we bought cheers. The walk was further than I thought, but i was actually plesantly surprised at the beach. I had heard it was not a very nice beach, but we found the water to be beautiful. There were only 2 other ships in port so it wasnt very crowded. We did not like the locals peddling their goods and services but that was unavoidable. Freeport- HUGE SURPRISE! We didn't have high hopes for freeport after reading alot of reviews, but it was our favorite day. The port is in an industrial area so there is not much around the area, and everything must be reached via taxi or shuttle. However, they have a taxi stand with predetermined prices which made things super easy. We went to Taino beach, which was $7 pp per way. It is a private beach club, where for $5 you get access to the facilities, free paddelboard and kayak usage, and a beautiful beach with crystal clear (but rocky) water. The towels and chairs were very cheap, and they also had plenty of food and drink options. We rented a locker for $12. There is a inflatable water park free to use for kids, and also ziplining, jet ski, and banana boat rentals are available. We were blessed because once a week these local guys who do the Banana boats and happen to train local dolphins, come to the beach and do a free show. Normally you have to take a banana boat to see the dolphins. The show was amazing, it was just like at an aquarium, where the guys were in a boat blowing whistles and telling them to do tricks. It was nice knowing they were wild and not captive, and we happend to be on paddle boards at the time so we were really close! I highly reccomend Taino Beach in Freeport I apologize for any grammar/spelling/capitalization mistakes at the end, the post was longer than i thought it would be! I think that about covers the trip but please let me know if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer! If i can think of anything else I will add it! Thanks, Jared
  25. Hello Guys, I did a quick search and I couldn't find a copy for 2018. I am looking for the 3 night Fun Times for Carnival Liberty. Thank you!