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Found 105 results

  1. We leave tomorrow on the Carnival Pride. Our listed check in time is 2 PM, however, we purchased faster to the fun. It is my understanding that we can ignore the listed check in time and check in when we wish. Is that correct? If so, what is a good time to arrive at the port to take full advantage of the priority check in and boarding? 10 AM? Or earlier? Thank you.
  2. I am planning on getting the Value plan on my Cruise. Will I be able to share with my wife if we only use it one person at a time? We will use to 2 phones and tablet
  3. Just booked our first cruise, and we're trying to decide if it's worth it to purchase the (gulp) $52/day Cheers package or just get Bubbles and go ala carte for mixed drinks, specialty coffees, smoothies, etc. It's hard to make this decision without knowing the average price of the different kinds of beverages. I like the convenience of an inclusive drinks package, but it's easier to justify if a mixed drink averages, say, $15 dollars than if it averages $6. So does anyone know the average (not top shelf) price now on Carnival Pride of: scotch and soda margarita / daquiri / pina colada good coffee fruit smoothie Also, as I understand, Bubbles does not include bottled water, just tap? Are sodas, juice, or any other drinks included in the buffet lines - or literally just tap water, coffee, or tea? Thanks for your help!
  4. Ahoy Everyone!!! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeff “Jamman54” Maskall, and along with my wife Patti, have just returned from a seven day cruise to beautiful Bermuda. Sailing along with us this cruise were our good CC friends Jim and Pat. It was great to sail with you again, and hope we can do it again in the near future! We hadn’t been to Bermuda for a while, and for Jim and Pat, it would be their first time there. This was a special cruise for both Patti and I. Patti would officially become a Diamond member, and for me, this would be my 50th Carnival cruise. Patti, as usual, takes most of the photos you will see here, and she took well over a thousand shots during our week aboard the Pride. For those that are wondering, our go to camera is the Canon PowerShot XS710 HS, and our water camera is the Fuji FinePix XP60. Though this review won’t be as long as our recent month long adventures, I invite you to come along for the ride with us once again. Cruises to Bermuda on Carnival are very infrequent, so sit back, relax, grab yourself a DOD, and enjoy!!! Normally, when we cruise from Baltimore we will drive down the day of the cruise since it is less than a three hour drive for us. But this time Patti wanted to drive down the day before and spend the day at the Inner Harbor. Jim and Pat would be flying up from Tampa a few days early and touring Washington DC. We would all be staying at the Best Western in Elkridge. Saturday October 20th finally arrives. It is raining here in New Jersey, but it is supposed to clear up as the day goes by. Shortly before we were to leave I get a text from Jim and Pat asking us if we knew about the Baltimore Marathon. We had no clue that was going on there today, and a little research revealed that the finish line was at the Inner Harbor. That meant there was no way we would be going anywhere near there today. No matter, so at 9:45am Ryan took this shot of Patti and I preparing to leave for Baltimore….. Soon we were heading south on the New Jersey Turnpike…… Here we are about to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge….. Welcome to Maryland, and yes we stopped at Maryland House. ….. We are heading into the tunnel. Welcome to Baltimore….. Once out of the tunnel the Maryland Cruise Terminal is on the left. The Grandeur of the Seas is in port embarking guests for a five day Bermuda cruise….. To be continued……
  5. Help us out! We have the Horizon booked in a Havana Cabana Suite for an 8 day cruise in Oct. 2020 ( never tried the Havana area or Horizon). Then we spied an 14 day Journeys cruise on the Pride Nov. 2020 in an OS for the same price and a really awesome itinerary for same price. We can’t do both......haha! We used to cruise on Celebrity but found for the price we can do a bigger room on Carnival and we love the fellow passengers on Carnival much more (always friendly, fun and down to earth). Help fellow cruisers! 🙏🏻
  6. We are going on the Pride this month. What is the current platinum gift? Thanks!
  7. Hello, For anyone who has taken the Pride out of Baltimore, when do you hit good weather cruising in January? We took our first cruise on the Pride the week of April 14. The temps were in the 70's all week. Although we did hit very rough seas on the first day at sea. A lot of people got sea sick. We want to go again on the Pride, as soon as we can after hurricane season. That is why were looking at January. Thank you.
  8. Assuming "normal" weather in Baltimore in November, what are embarkation/sea days like? Can anything happen onboard in the outdoor areas? What's the Sail Away Party like? Can you swim or use the hot tubs outdoors? If not, at what point in the trip south do outside activities become doable? And, if most activities are indoors at this time of year, what indoor activities are available to make up for the lack of outdoor activities? Please be as specific as possible, and TYIA.
  9. What movies are on August 11 - 18th? Where can I find whats happening daily. I am traveling with wife, daughter, husband and grandsons 2 and 4 years old.
  10. Is YTD check-in on the HUB app available on the Pride? TYIA
  11. our room we booked is located on Riviera deck 1 of Pride. We are cabin 1219 with the ocean view port hole view. It looks like we are towards the galley end of ship. I was wondering will we hear the noises above us from the dance club or where the shows take place?
  12. When doing online check in How is arrival time determined? Does the type of State room make any difference? I will be in an Aft Balcony and my daughter is in Ocean view and we are arriving to port in same car.
  13. I know the Pride went through a dry dock earlier this year, does it now have new flat panel TVs? Also we just got off the Sunrise and the middle internet package worked great. Does it work well on the Pride?
  14. Hi All, We are booked in an oceanview on deck 1 of the Pride. It looks like it is literally surrounded by busy areas....dance club at one end, punchliner/karaoke lounge at the other end, and pubs, bars, etc on deck 2 above. Any reviews I have read about having busy decks above you say you can hear the noises pretty bad, but I can't find any info specifically about this ship. Did they do a better job of soundproofing for this, lol, or are we destined for a very noisy room? Looking for experience from people who have stayed in an oceanview on deck 1 of the Pride. Thanks!
  15. The last time we sailed on the Pride, we didn't have "arrival" times but now we do. We have 12 of us, (4 of us are Platinum). Everyone did manage to get the 12:30 arrival time, but since that is the earliest time, can we arrive a little earlier? We will be checking out of our hotel and taking a hotel shuttle to the port - but we'll have to be out by 11 at the latest. If the shuttle takes us over at 11:30 or so, will we be able to get into the Terminal?
  16. I'm getting conflicting reports about this. The Carnival website says that Red Frog Pub on the Pride does not serve food. A thread or two on here says it does. Please, anyone who's actually been on the Pride, does the Red Frog Pub on the Pride have food or not? TYIA
  17. Wondering if on embankment day (on the Pride) is there is an area, like the Alchemy bar location, that lunch might be served other than the usual places like the buffet or the dinning room? We have been on other ships where there are less populated areas to get that first lunch when getting on board.
  18. We're sailing on Pride in June, driving down from Philadelphia. Would anyone be able to tell me what time we can board the ship? Thanks in advance, Cathy
  19. Hello, We booked a cruise last month on the Carnival Pride. I just learned that our first day on the ship is Super bowl Sunday. For anyone who has been on the Pride for the Super bowl, do they have extra places to view of the game? And extra food options after the game? Thank you.
  20. Since the Pride's arrival and embarkation times are later than most ports, does that mean the rooms are ready later also? For example, I know most shops rooms are released for everyone around 1:30pm. Would it be later for the Pride?
  21. Is anyone recently off the Pride who also did the Chef Table? I’m curious what night they had it on. Thanks!
  22. This was our 5th time on the Pride. Boarding in Baltimore is so easy, we were on Lido within 15 -20 minutes of parking the car! Rooms were ready at 2. Will share my thoughts on this cruise and then post some Bermuda pictures. Muster Drill was around 30-40 minutes by the time you wait for everyone. Way to long to be standing together in the heat. Dive-In Movies: Some movies were shown as early as 6pm. Lido is not dark enough and is too noisy to enjoy the movies later but 6 was way too early. It was Dumbo for kids but still, would be nice to have them in one of the closed areas. Lido: I have some pics of the wonderful, delicious cakes they put out at lunch time. As much as we usually love eating in the Dining Room, we found service a little slower and meals taking over an hour. So we ate more times on Lido. Same choices as dining room but also much more! We enjoyed it better, more relaxing. Cereal was still in the little boxes. Fun Shops: They increased the tables of jewelry in the Diamond store and put the $10 table in the fun shops. The watch sale was in the hallway where they do the Gold by the Inch. Last day the 2 for 20 tees were set up in the Atrium lobby. People were 5 deep at this table! lol Pictures: Previous cruises had the photographers set up for elegant nights only. On this cruise, they were set up to take "Casual Pics" every night of the cruise. They were really pushing the large canvas prints at 59.99 but included a free 8/10. 8x10's were 21.99 and 5x7's were 2 for 9.99. Wallets 4 for 9.99. When pictures are taken, ask for the card for free wallets. You will receive 4 wallet size pics for free. Got this for each pose we purchased. Rooms: Our room steward, Salman, offered both morning and evening service. We chose morning only and ice but if you would like both, it is still available. Someone asked about notepads in room. There was a small note pad about 3"x3" with maybe 10 sheets and a small "mini-golf" pencil. Announcement (mostly annoying) cannot be heard in the rooms. Shower was nice with good water pressure. I think they could use a grab bar for seniors. Bathroom is equipped with bar soap, shampoo and conditioner. We bring our own. Beds and pillow very comfortable as always. Decks: We like sitting out on Deck 10. Heading to Bermuda there were so many chairs being held with bags and towels that somedays it was impossible to get a chair. We like to sit out after dinner also. Carnival must prefer you go the shows and the bars because at 5:30 they start stacking the lounge chairs on Deck 10. If you are already in a chair they will allow you to stay. Sitting on the Serenity Deck in the evening is impossible because people would sit in the chairs, seating areas, after getting out of the pool or hot tub. Chairs were always wet so you couldn't sit out in the evening. Comedy Club: They have expanded the seating area in Butterflies so it is easier to get a seat now for the comedy shows. Pier Runners: The Pride carriers around 2500 passengers. Why is there always 15-25 people who can just not be back on board in the stated time? It is rude and inconsiderate when more than 2400 people can follow the rules and be on board when told. The boarding time in Bermuda was 11:30 but there they were running at 12:45! IMO these people who arrive after the requested time should be fined when there S&S is swiped after the allotted time. It would teach them to be on time! Maybe $20 added to each person's card for being late. Just my opinion. Posts: I will be posting pictures after I give some info on the port of Bermuda. Included are pics of Bar Menu, Kids Club itinerary, Sample Menu and TV Channels. Bermuda: This was the most beautiful port we have ever been to. When the boat docks at Kings Wharf at the Royal Dockyard the Starboard side is facing the dockyard. There is a free shuttle that you can take to go to the buildings around the dockyard. Clocktower Mall, Glass blowing factory, Craft Market, etc. Bermuda is expensive because they have to import everything - they have no natural resources. We were told cost of living is 50% higher than NYC and 75% higher than most of the US. A loaf of bread was $7.00, gallon of gas on this day was over %=$8.50. We did the Carnival Excursion of Hidden Hideaways and Famous Homes. This was great! Guide was informative, funny, friendly. Boat ride was nice with a great breeze. Left side of top deck was best for picture taking. The other tour we did was with Bermuda Byways with Heidi. Our 6 hour tour took 7.5 hours and we saw most of the Island. Again, great tour with lots of history of the Island. Questions: If you have any questions, please ask. I will now try to post pictures, wish me luck!
  23. I will be on the Pride in August. What things can OBC be used for? Never had credit before.
  24. We will be cruising on the carnival pride June 23 does anyone know who the maître d’ will be ?
  25. Hello fellow cruisers! I am definitely a newbie and i plan on taking my first cruise sometime at the end of this year and im looking between two cruises lines, carnival being one of them. i will be going out of baltimore thats the easiest and closest departure port for me, i was wondering if anyone has cruised on this ship and if they enjoyed it or any cons they had? also i plan on getting a balcony preferably unobstructed, however i am confused/torn by what decks or areas i want and others to stay away from. Any pointers such as what deck or areas to stay away from such as middle, back,atrium,nowhere under clubs/food/or main deck they do events on? any help would be much appreciated!
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