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  1. jmm100

    Carnival Pride

    Does the Aft Extended Balconies have mini fridges in the cabin?
  2. aftermidnight

    Carnival Pride

    Hi Everyone: have not been on Carnival before. I have a couple of questions. Are there any perks that come with a Vista suite? We are Diamond +on RCCL and we get certain perks. Just wondering if there are any ad-ons if you are in a suite. Also any info. About Carnival Pride would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Mtady1989

    Carnival Pride

    My Fiance and I booked a 7 day cruise with Carnival Pride. I was just wanting to get some comments on peoples experiences with this ship. any ideas or pointers on what to expect and what things we can look forward to doing on this cruise line? this is both of our very first cruises!!
  4. aftermidnight

    Carnival Pride

    Hi: Does anyone know if the Pride is going in for a refurb anytime soon? Thanks
  5. larsch

    Pride's home port

    Does anyone know if the Carnival Pride will continue to sail out of Baltimore thru 2020 or are there plans for it to leave. I thought the last time it came back they said it would be there forever but you know how things go. Thanks, Larry
  6. champagne123

    Dancing on The Pride.

    Good morning. We have been on the Pride before, but this time our kids (in their 30's) want to go.... They want to know if there is a dance club on this ship. I cannot remember. I went on the Carnival website, but could not find any info. Thank for your help!
  7. Hello! I last sailed the Pride back in 2015 and absolutely loved it. I'm booked again for August, and was wondering if there is anything to worry about in an aft cabin. We booked 8270 and I'm really looking forward to the view. Also, anything major change on the ship since 2015? I know she's got a light dry dock coming up, glad she's getting ready for my return 😉 Thank you!
  8. Can anyone tell me which nights are Elegant nights in Pride? Our itinerary is Grand Turk, Half Moon Bay and Nassau. We'd like to plan a dinner at David's one night, but don't want to miss elegant night. Thanks in advance!
  9. WMQueenie

    Chef's Table on Pride

    I'm trying to find information on the Chef's Table menu. Someone in our group is interested in doing this but only eats fish, no meat. Are there any non-meat menu options? Not sure how it works!! Thanks in advance!
  10. 40 + of us are trying to book a cruise again with Carnival but some complained the Pride looked tired, old and rusty when we were on it last year. I know it heads into dry dock for some touch ups soon. Does anyone know what they plan to do to the Pride, what changes or improvement while dry docked? Thanks
  11. is this gonna be overrun by the younger party crowd? due to scheduling this may work for use but would be 1st time on pride and it's close to home so that's nice. by luck i see we will get a refresh in feb. so thats a big plus too!
  12. I tried running a search, but WAY too many threads appear so there is no efficient way to find my answer. So I appreciate a quick answer, even though I am sure it has been answered before. I know that the Pride often runs late due to weather (we are sailing in early March) and have signed up for text alerts. But assuming she is running on time, when would you advise Platinum guests to arrive at the terminal? What is the typical time that they open the doors for check-in? We will be checking out of the hotel and relying on the hotel shuttle. The on-line check in had a window starting at 2, which is an hour later than what I am used to with my other cruises, and I think she departs at 5. Thanks in advance!
  13. KPookey

    Pride room question

    I am trying to book a cabin on Pride. We have one 13 year old traveling with us, so ther will be 2 adults, one kid. We’ve sailed with her before and got a cabin with a top bunk bed that pulled down from the ceiling. Do any cabins on Pride have pullman beds? We were hoping to book an ocean view, balcony or maybe a suite. I tried the website. Based on the website, it seems like the extra sleeping areas are the pull out couches. 🚢 Thanks
  14. footballbabe3

    Carnival Pride Drydock ?

    I have looked this up and cannot find it. Can anyone tell me when the Pride was last in a drydock. She was one of our favorite cruises. We last sailed her about 4 yrs ago and she was really looking rough. Just wondering if anyone knows.
  15. We are in our young 60's and this is our 14th cruise; 5th on Carnival, 5 on NCL and 4 on Royal. This is our first cruise with our sons, their wives and our grandchildren. Our children gave us this cruise for our 40th anniversary 3 years ago but for a variety of reasons we could not coordinate all of our schedules until we were finally were able to book a cruise Thanksgiving week, 2018. So, this has been in the works for a long time. We spent countless hours discussing and booking excursions, planning our trip down from Massachusetts the day before so we wouldn't have to worry about making the ship on time. Finally the day came and we drove down on Saturday and spent the night at the Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center in Baltimore. They have the stay and cruise package that included a hot breakfast on Sunday. We received a message in the morning that our departure time was delayed and to please arrive an hour later than scheduled. No problem, check out was at noon, so we just sat in the lobby and waited for the shuttle to arrive. KD Elite provided the shuttle service from the hotel. No problems, they were nice and we got to the ship in no time. Check in was a breeze and we were on the ship within an hour. Cabins were ready so we went straight there and dropped off our carry on luggage and met everyone at Guy's Burgers for a late lunch. We then toured around the ship, went back to our cabins where our luggage had already arrived, unpacked, attended the muster drill and waited for sail away at 5PM. 5PM came and went...they announced it would be delayed due to routine maintenance but our itinerary would not be changed. We had late seating on deck 2 and met up with everyone for our first dinner of the week. Loved our table, all the way back, against a window which the grandkids loved playing in. At 8:20 the captain came on and told us they could not complete the work needed and the ship could not make max speed and because of this we would have only one port - Freeport on Thanksgiving Day. You could hear the moans and groans all over the dining room. The cruise director, Cookie came on to explain the situation more clearly and told us our options. If you wanted to leave the ship, you would receive a full refund and you would have to leave by 11PM. IF you wanted to stay on board, you would receive a $50 OBC and a 100% future cruise credit! I would say that's a no brainer! But, we were amazed by how many people did leave...rumor had it that 700 people left but I don't believe that. Maybe 300 or so. I would love to know how many actually did leave. So, as disappointed as we were to miss the ports we were just happy to be on the ship, the whole family finally together. I'm not sure what time we actually did leave Baltimore as we were fast asleep...heard it was around 1AM. Now I know people think we should have nothing to complain about because we're getting a free cruise in the future but let's put that aside and not beat me up for my opinions about the ship. I'll start with our cabin - cabin 8210. Perfect location, mid-ship, one deck up to Lido. The room is a little worn around the edges, no big deal. The bed, sheets, pillows were the most comfortable ever. The shower ran hot and cold, the shower head didn't work when you tried to use it upside down. The temperature in the room was too warm, then perfect, then too warm again. But the balcony....oh my, the balcony. The ceiling panels were removed in preparation for dry dock in February. We were looking at exposed, rusty framework and insulation. It was a very unsightly view! It was very distracting...I kept thinking chunks of rust or insulation would fall into my glass of wine! I tried to look past it to the beautiful open sea but my eyes would go up. I was very surprised they didn't have a letter in our cabin saying "please pardon our appearance as we do repairs" or something! I didn't want to complain to Guest Services because, after all, we are getting a free cruise in the future, but this had nothing to do with that. After a couple of days, I did end up saying something to Guest Services and the girl asked what was bothering me and I showed her pictures and her whole attitude changed - "oh, my!" she said. The next day we received a letter asking me to go talk to them again and we were offered to move but it was almost over so we declined, they did take some of our expenses off and that was very much appreciated. While docked in Freeport we could see that it was our cabin and a few on either side of us with the exposed framework and they were removing more. I'm sorry, but people should be notified that they can move or have a discounted cabin. It really was so distracting and ugly! The retractable roof must be stuck as it never moved (about 75% closed) and we sure would of loved it being closed during the bad weather we had. There are signs of wear and tear all around, especially in the buffet area but the entire ship was clean as a whistle. We had the late seating at dinner - table 150 - all the way aft. The 2nd night - cruise elegant night - when we went to our table, it was almost comical how much everything was shaking. The vibration was so strong we could hardly hear each other and after awhile a few of us started to feel queasy. We made it through dinner but asked if we could be moved for the rest of the week, if this was to continue. Ken, the singing Maitre d', (amazing singer!) tried to help but there were no 8 tops available. So, the next night we went back to our table and it was not as bad so we toughed it out. Not so lucky the next few nights and we ended up in 2 booths, back to back. Disappointing to say the least. Not sure if that was due to the mechanical issues or what. Our waiters said it was not normal. I've been on cruises where you can certainly feel the vibration but not to this extreme! The crew was great, always greeted with a smile and hello. LOVED the Carnival Hub App! For $5 each we could text each other and we sure used that feature! Cookie, the cruise director, did an amazing job under very trying circumstances. The entertainment was very good. My grandkids (5 year old twins) had the time of their lives dancing all the time. We had excursions planned for Princess Cay and Nassau which we received OBC for. My son and his wife had a beach getaway booked for Freeport but by the time we decided to book one, everything was sold out. The morning we arrived in Freeport, they added an afternoon excursion to a beach so we quickly booked that. The port area has a Senor Frogs and a small straw market and that was it. Let's just say I hope I never go back to Freeport. And then there was the weather....not at all Carnival's problem, but oh boy, what a wild ride. The entire way back from Freeport (2 days and nights) we had 70+MPH winds, rain and huge waves. There were barf bags everywhere. Cookie kept announcing to eat green apples, peanut butter and ginger ale. My little granddaughter got sea sick as did her mom but the rest of us were fine. It was a little rough to walk around but we managed plus we watched a lot of TV! We were late arriving back in Baltimore. Was supposed to dock at 10AM, didn't dock until almost 2PM. Wouldn't be a big deal but we had a 5-1/2 hour drive home to Mass and it took us 10 hours to get home because of the Delaware Memorial Bridge being shut down at 5PM when we were 2 miles away. Stuck in traffic for hours. Had we docked even an hour earlier we would of made it over that damn bridge and got home at a reasonable hour. To me the ship is overdue for dry dock and I can't believe it isn't going in until February! All in all we had a great time, despite missing 2 ports and only one sunny sea day. First family cruise and I sure hope we can somehow get our schedules to coordinate and do it again real soon.
  16. I've searched and can't find the answer. What is the earliest time for VIP (Platinum) check in in Baltimore? Thanks!
  17. We have sailed on the Carnival Liberty and Pride in years past. Most recently we sailed on the Breeze but that’s when she was a new ship. (She was also, by far, our favorite Carnival ship but I know the Glory will be nothing like her. ☹️) I also noticed that the glory was refurbished in 2017. Hoping that meant nice new beds and linens and some other nice things. Thank you for any replies.
  18. Ahoy Everyone!!! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeff “Jamman54” Maskall, and along with my wife Patti, have just returned from a seven day cruise to beautiful Bermuda. Sailing along with us this cruise were our good CC friends Jim and Pat. It was great to sail with you again, and hope we can do it again in the near future! We hadn’t been to Bermuda for a while, and for Jim and Pat, it would be their first time there. This was a special cruise for both Patti and I. Patti would officially become a Diamond member, and for me, this would be my 50th Carnival cruise. Patti, as usual, takes most of the photos you will see here, and she took well over a thousand shots during our week aboard the Pride. For those that are wondering, our go to camera is the Canon PowerShot XS710 HS, and our water camera is the Fuji FinePix XP60. Though this review won’t be as long as our recent month long adventures, I invite you to come along for the ride with us once again. Cruises to Bermuda on Carnival are very infrequent, so sit back, relax, grab yourself a DOD, and enjoy!!! Normally, when we cruise from Baltimore we will drive down the day of the cruise since it is less than a three hour drive for us. But this time Patti wanted to drive down the day before and spend the day at the Inner Harbor. Jim and Pat would be flying up from Tampa a few days early and touring Washington DC. We would all be staying at the Best Western in Elkridge. Saturday October 20th finally arrives. It is raining here in New Jersey, but it is supposed to clear up as the day goes by. Shortly before we were to leave I get a text from Jim and Pat asking us if we knew about the Baltimore Marathon. We had no clue that was going on there today, and a little research revealed that the finish line was at the Inner Harbor. That meant there was no way we would be going anywhere near there today. No matter, so at 9:45am Ryan took this shot of Patti and I preparing to leave for Baltimore….. Soon we were heading south on the New Jersey Turnpike…… Here we are about to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge….. Welcome to Maryland, and yes we stopped at Maryland House. ….. We are heading into the tunnel. Welcome to Baltimore….. Once out of the tunnel the Maryland Cruise Terminal is on the left. The Grandeur of the Seas is in port embarking guests for a five day Bermuda cruise….. To be continued……
  19. My brother just received a text that we should plan to arrive at the port 4 hours later than our check-in time tomorrow, the text reads: "Carnival Pride: 11/25/18: Due to an issue affecting the maximum cruising speed and adverse weather conditions, the ship will arrive in Baltimore at 1:30 pm tomorrow. Please delay your Arrival Appointment by four hours. A lunch credit of $15 will be posted to your Sail & Sign account. All guests must be on board the ship by 7:30 pm. Thank you for your understanding." I haven't received the text or an email, but my brother is on the same cruise and said he signed up for mobile alerts (which I didn't know was an option).
  20. Cruisin 4 Ever


    Will be stopping in Freeport. I was thinking about walking to the lighthouse which is about a 20 minute walk or so from the port according to google maps. Has anyone done this walk and can you swim at the lighthouse?
  21. Cruisin 4 Ever

    Carnival Pride October 14-21

    Just back from a great cruise aboard the Pride with my husband. We drove about 8 hours to Baltimore the day before the cruise. We got a good deal at the Sleep Inn. The hotel was decent with nice friendly staff and near the harbourfront. We decided to go to the Rusty Scupper for dinner, an awesome seafood restaurant right on waterfront. They provide a shuttle there and back free of charge :) Dinner was really great We got up the next morning and had a nice breakfast at the hotel. We checked out at 11 and headed to the port. We had faster to the fun so we arrived at the parking lot at 11:20. I've never seen a worse set up quite honestly. We waited at least half an our to get parked because although the parking lot was already cleared out, they only have 2 guys unloading luggage from the vehicles!!! Once we got to the terminal we were surprised to see the "priority" line. In all of the 12 cruises we've done, I've never waited so long in line. It was over half an hour just to get through the security part. Then we went to the FTTF lane to check in and that was another wait. That's where the negative part ends though!! They had a great set up with separating the FTTF area. We only waited about 5 minutes or so once we got through all the lines then we were able to board. We stopped for an embarkation photo and went up to our room. It wasn't quite ready but we saw our awesome steward Eka in the hall and he said he'd get the room ready right away and to drop off our stuff in our room. He was one of the best stewards we've ever had. He checked the first day if we wanted morning, night or both for cleaning, robes, etc. He was so friendly and made sure we always had nice and towels and did a great job on our room all week.
  22. TeamReeves

    Request: Pride MDR menus

    Hi! I know they're somewhere online already but I lost the page and can't find it again! Does anyone have menus from the pride? We are going on the 7 day eastern carribean itinerary out of baltimore. We want to know what MDR dinner is ok to miss for the steakhouse :) Thanks!
  23. DCCruiser57

    Drink taxes on Pride

    Does Carnival charge sales tax on drinks in Baltimore? If so, how long after they sail does the tax stop?
  24. treasurespast

    Pride - Towel Animal Day

    For anyone who has sailed on the Pride recently, which morning did they do the towel animal display on the Lido deck? I leave on 9/30 and I want to know what day I need to get up early enough to see them.
  25. SallyPilot

    SmartWater on the Pride?

    Does anyone know if they have smart water available on the pride? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums