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  1. sturderick

    Sensation advice!

    Any room advice for the Sensation? It's been years since we've been on it and we prefer the bigger ships but are going with friends this time. I can't decide between an ocean view and balcony. I want quiet and a good price! I always get a balcony on the bigger ships but am not sure it's worth it for this one. I absolutely will not do an inside. Been there, done that :)
  2. carnival sensation anyone recently been on the sensation? ive read there are sewer smells?
  3. akmom1heck

    Magic to Sensation

    In 2017 my family took a spring break cruise on the Magic for my son's senior year of high school. Well, 2020 is my daughter's senior year and we are looking to go again. The only cruises I can find that fit our spring break timeline are on the Elation and the Sensation. The Sensation is to places we haven't been yet. My question is, will my family be disappointed by an older ship since their first experience was on a newer one?
  4. Does anyone know the chef’s table menu on sensation? I did the CT last October on Triumph so I’d like to experience new dishes. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Before I start, a little about us. This was a mother/daughters girls trip. This was the 4th cruise for myself (Cassie) and the first cruise for both my mom (Debbie) and sister (Molly). This was a big first for me, though, in that it’s the first time I’ve left my babies (ages 4 and 2, so not quite such babies anymore, but they’ll always be my babies!). I’m a SAHM and pretty much have them by my side 24/7 and had only been away for maybe 5 hours at the most once before this trip, so it was a much needed refreshing break but I was so happy to get back home to them at the end of it. Huge shout out to my in-laws for being willing to help make this possible! We chose the sailing out of Miami to Key West and Cozumel. Pre-cruise I thought I’d share this part for any other moms/parents who will be leaving little ones at home. I was a little nervous about leaving the kiddos (mostly my little guy), not knowing how they’d do, so I wanted to leave some fun things for them to look forward to each day. I left behind a letter and little gift (just things like coloring books/sticker sets/tattoos) as well as making a short video for them to watch each morning. I hear they loved it! Travel Day A perk to having a flight attendant sister, we get to fly for free! We had to of course fly standby, so we wanted to get to the airport plenty early in case we couldn’t make the first one we’d have a few more chances. My mom and I had to first drive two hours up to Chicago. We got there around 10, picked up Molly, drove to the parking lot (we pre-booked Airport Park – Midway for $6.95/day) and took their shuttle over to the airport. Molly then realized she was pretty sure she left her coffee pot on… (we love Molly, even with her forgetfulness and ability to lose everything!). Thankfully her crash pad is just a couple blocks from the airport, so after checking our luggage she quickly walked back to take care of that since nobody else would be there the rest of the day. Once she got back, she got us checked in up at the desk and we were excited to see we were at the top of the list. We then grabbed some (terrible) lunch and went back over to check on things and yay we got tickets! So we had to take a quick celebratory selfie before boarding! We flew in to Fort Lauderdale and then grabbed an Uber over to Miami. This was my first time using Uber, but it was a very smooth process and worked out great. We stayed at the Casa Boutique Hotel in Miami Beach. The hotel itself was super cute and in a great location being just a couple blocks from the beach and a short drive to the port.
  6. I hope someone can tell me the names of the songs played in the dining room that the dining room waiters danced to. I can’t remember the words to even help! Well, one was the version of “Leaving on a jet plane” so it’s not that one. I’d know it if I heard it. Thanks in advance!
  7. We want to take a 4 day cruise in early January while our in-laws watch the kids. Due to their schedule, and that we don't want to leave the kids for longer than 5 days, are are looking at 4 night cruises on the following ships. In reading reviews the ships sound very similar. Any compelling reason to pick one ship over the other? Sensation Pro: direct flights at good times Con: only goes to Bahamas and I'm worried it will be cold the second week of January. Triumph or Paradise Pro: cozumel, so better port with less chance of being cold Con: no workable direct flight options. The other choice is RCCL majesty of the seas, which goes to Cuba and is about $500 more, so while cuba would be interesting, I'm leaning towards carnival.
  8. We want to take shorter cruise in March. Have never cruised with Carnival. We have cruised with RCL, Disney and NCL. When we cruised before it was always on their newest ship. Since we have a big trip planned in June we wanted something inexpensive and quick. Can someone reccomend one over the the other (Elation or Sensation)? Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. pls5286

    Sensation vs Victory

    Hubby and I are looking into a Dec cruise. Which ship would you choose and why. Both ships have the same itinerary, Key West and Cozumel and price is close to one another. The only Sensation cruise I had was a shortened hurricane cruise, so it was really messed up.
  10. Single mom in my 40’s travelling alone. Any other single travellers out there?
  11. Crusin4Susan

    Carnival Sensation Q's...

    I'm sailing on the Sensation next week with 2 other girlfriends who have never cruised before. We are so looking forward to this trip! So, just a few questions... 1. Who is the current cruise director? 2. Our room will have a trundle bed. I can't imagine having any room to walk around. Anyone have this before? Do they store the trundle under a bed each day and pull it out each night? 3. One of our ladies asked me about church services. I see there isn't any on the ship, but we will be in Nassau on Sunday morning. Anyone have any experiences with a church in Nassau or recommend one close to the port? Thanks in advance!
  12. New to cruise critic. I noticed that people provide more reviews / feedback on the ship,, service, etc. and much less on the ports of call. We chose the Carnival Sensation based on the ports (Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize & Cozumel). We are scuba divers, so ports were our main factor and ship was just a means of getting to our desired locations. Where would the best place be to get feedback on ports of call? Much appreciated!
  13. We just got off the Sensation about 3 hours ago. I’m writing this as we sit in FLL waiting to fly home. This was a trip with just my son and I for his college graduation. Let’s just get this out of the way up front. Surprisingly to me, this was the absolute best cruise I have been on. Taking a hurricane season cruise is always a gamble and this time it paid off. We had calm seas and blue skies for the entire trip. This ship is old. If shiny and new is important to you this may not be for you. We have sailed different lines, different Carnival ships at different times of the year and this cruise blew all of them away. We were offered an up sell 5 days prior to a mid ship balcony from an outside cabin. It was a great deal and I’m glad I opted in. We typically always get a balcony, but didn’t to start because it was just my son and I. We were on Empress deck (deck 7). We were just down from the atrium which made getting from our room to the YTD MDR super easy and convenient. Never a wait to get seated in the MDR. The service in the MDR was terrific. We were always taken care of. Our room steward serviced our room twice a day with no issues. The food was typical cruise food. The late night buffet was a go to. Guy’s, Blue Iguana, the Pizza Pirate were all good. What set this cruise apart from previous was the willingness of the passengers to participate in everything, making the whole vibe fun and electric. This doesn’t happen without a great CD. We have never been overly impressed with any CD we have had in the past until this cruise. Kevin was on point. He was energetic and engaged. He got the party started, but it was never over the top. It was what you would expect on a Carnival ship, but it was done in a way that even if you aren’t the party animal you felt just as at home. I know this because you will not find me on stage wobbling. The vibe he provided this cruise was better than any I’ve ever been on. Kudos to him for that. We experienced none of the horror stories that I had read about prior to sailing. Our room was smaller than most of the others we have been in, but clean and functional. The public areas were clean and the staff friendly. I can only speak to our experiences, not to anyone else’s. Everyone has different opinions and sensibilities, but this cruise was the new benchmark others will be judged by. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. We want to take our twins on a short cruise for their 10th birthday (October 2019). I know the shorter cruises are considered the party cruises, but we do a longer cruise every March so this cruise has to be short so they don't miss too much school. I've been doing research to try and see which ships have Water Works, Guy's Burger, Red Frog Bar, etc. But I am hoping to get some input from those that have been on these ships. Which is better????
  15. Do they have the chocolate buffet on the liberty?
  16. czexrus

    victory vs sensation

    Wondering if anyone can tell me what the differences are between the Victory and Sensation? As far as ice rink, movie theaters, etc
  17. I must say this is my 2nd time on the Sensation and this was an amazing cruise. We had an awesome cruise director and was never a dull moment or anytime to be bored! I am already having withdrawal at this point.
  18. Sch2ofowler

    Carnival Sensation

    Anyone recently sail on the Sensation ? It was first ship I sailed on with Carnival, 17 years ago. Is it in good shape? I'm sure they have overhauled. They have itinerary we haven't done yet . Any help will he appreciated, 2 teenagers and 2 adults going. Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
  19. Hello, My husband and I will be sailing on Sept 1st on the Sensation and there is a NCAA football game at 7:30 that night. Is there a bar on ship that will be broadcasting the game?
  20. It seems that there were not many reviews for this ship when I was looking for information before we sailed last week. I wanted to share my experience for future sailings. I will say that I was worried about the ship after reading what few reviews I could find. My husband and I had a great time on the ship and we had no issues at all. We checked in at the airport with the Carnival staff so when we arrived to the ship, we walked right on. Yes, the ship is older but it is being maintained and cleaned consistently. The staff was extremely friendly and acknowledged you any time that they saw you. The food was fine and we were able to eat plenty while we were on board. The rooms were clean and the staff was great. Yes, the bigger, newer ships offer more options, but we were very happy with our experience. I would recommend the ship for someone that is looking for a less expensive option. Yes, my husband and I would both cruise on the Sensation again.
  21. Hello, We will be sailing on Sensation next April with family. We have cabins U158 & U160. I tried to search to see if the Sensation has a refrigerator in the cabins, but I only found one post from a long way back saying they did not. Not sure if they have put them in rooms since the refurbishment? We plan to bring a collapsible cooler for the rooms to put a few drinks in or snacks that need to be cool. It would be nice if there was a fridge but not a big deal.
  22. Just kidding on the staying on the boat part, and the dirty Bahamas part. This was our first trip to Half Moon, which we know is a great place. We also enjoy Nassau believe it or not. It has some beautiful spots. The Decision We discovered cruising last year, and ended up doing a second later in the year. The girlfriend said we would take off this year from cruising (which I deep down knew wasn't happening). We were at a local home and garden show. They advertised for a "complimentary cruise" if you attended their vacation seminar. I expected this to be a time share pitch. They made clear it wasn't. We figured what the heck either way. Sat through the (time share like) sales pitches and left with our "complimentary cruise". All it really was was a discounted cruise in the off-peak season for 5 days or less, which we tend to do anyways. I knew I wanted to do Half Moon, and Grand Turk seemed to be a good option with it for something we have not seen before. There was also itineraries that had those 2 and with Nassau, and without. So sue us that we chose Nassau over a sea day. (We also snuck in a cruise on the Fascination before this one too. So much for no cruises this year) I tend to travel frugally. Sure I have a few splurges, but I spend a lot of time looking for good deals. Sometimes too much. I absolutely do not understand the whole vacation every 2-3 years, and overpay on everything because "we're on vacation". The whole we're on vacation is the part I want to do more of. We flew Spirit, no problems. Did the interior room, no problems. No Cheers, no problems. More to come, with some pictures.
  23. Hey Everybody! We will be a first time cruisers in July. We are going to be on the Carnival SENSATION. We have a grand suite (U103) from Miami to Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman. Can you guys, please, tell me what to expect. If you stayed in the cabin, let me know what you thought. Can you tell me about the Wi-Fi services, is it worth it to purchase the Wi-Fi plans? On island, are there any CHEAP or FREE things to do once there? How's the service on the ship? When it comes to ship, what's there to do on the ship , activities etc? Also, what about phone service, what did u guys do, did you purchase an intl plan, use roaming, or went without? And any other info that I am not thinking off. So Thank you all in advance. All input is greatly appreciated. Nervous and don't know what to expect. Again, thank you all!
  24. Hello just off Sensation about 5 days ago and finally got some time to write a quick review and post some pics.... well here it goes... We went on the Sensation for my friends 30th Birthday Cruise. We are from NY so we flew in from LGA to MIA the night before and stayed at the Holiday Inn on Biscayne Blvd. This was a great location for a one night stay. Pleanty to do and see as the Bayside Marketplace is right across the street with lots of restaurants, bars, and tours. pier at Bayside Marketplace had lunch at Mambo view of Holiday Inn from The Bayside Marketplace Biscane Blvd just got on the ship! Embarkation was a breeze arrived at the pier around 10:25 and we were on the ship by 11:15 - our time to check in wasn’t supposed to be until 11 but they had us go on an early check in line and we went right through - the port was not busy yet Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  25. Have they rolled out the new Chef's Table menu to all ships yet? On Sensation in September and wondering which Chef's Table menu we'll be getting. Thanks!