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Found 23 results

  1. So I just got off the Miracle and I've never been more satisfied with a Carnival cruise. After my cruise on the Breeze in May I was pretty sure I was done with Carnival, but as long as they keep a Spirit class ship in Tampa I'll keep sailing on those at least. Compared to the Breeze: -The ship was way, way less crowded. Never had trouble finding a lounger, never waited in long lines, and didn't even have to arrive too early for the comedy club. -The Serenity is the best in the fleet and a great use of the aft pool area -There's so much more open deck space per person than on the Breeze -The service was much friendlier and faster, with more staff per passenger -There weren't sales pitches for the fun shops, casino, spa, etc every 5 minutes like on the breeze -I think Frankie is a better CD than Schwartz -Getting on and off in the ports is a lot faster since there's less people overall on the ship I just wanted to share my experience since I've seen a lot of the same complaints that I had about the Breeze on the other newer/refurb ships like the Horizon, Sunrise, etc
  2. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival Spirit and food allergies. I am asking about a serious fish allergy, gluetin allergy and dairy free foods. Are these readily available? Are they palatable? Thanks for your help.
  3. Just wanted to make sure....Cabin 6232 on the Spirit is one of the largest on the ship for that size cabin? Any pics of it anywhere? Or go with the smaller cabin balcony in cabin 4220, the price difference is $140, but then again there are 2 adults and 2 kids.....I put a 24hr hold on the room, so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for your quick response.
  4. We are going on our first Alaskan cruise Next June. We have sailed on the Miracle and the Legend. I know they are the same class of ship. The photos of the Legend after being in dry dock are lovely. Has the Spirit had the same? Second Week in June. One week round trip from Seattle.. What would you pack? Where would you stay at the airport if you flew in a day early? Thank you in advance. Most of what I know about cruising I learned from this board. It is a true treasure.
  5. I wrote a post in March about Carnival vs NCL but that was before I sailed on what’s I would consider a more equivalent ship to the Glory on NCL. I am currently in the NCL Spirit, this is the oldest ship in NCL’s fleet and has been in commission since 1999 and holds a little less than 2000 passengers. The Glory has been in service since 2003 and holds about 2900 passengers. Yes the Spirit is a little smaller but both my cruises were sold out and at Max a capacity. I am also not going to compare passengers and crowdedness since my Glory cruise was to the caribbean during spring break which had a lot more children than my current which is a 14 day to Ireland, Iceland, and Norway. I believe there are about 20 kids on the ship and since it is cold no one is using the pool and only one or two people are in the hot tubs at a time. Which was quite different from the Glory. Also the average age on this cruise is probably 60 something, so a completely different population. Both cruises had really nice people and I never saw crazy drunk people on my Carnival cruise not to say that they did not exist, I just never saw them. Most likely since I am not a late night party person. The NCL Spirit is in way better condition the the Glory. The Glory was clean for the most part. But the Spirit does not show its age, not even close to the Glory. I think NCL just does a better job maintaining the interior of their ships. The Glory has many lose tiles, was more worn in places, and carpet coming up in our room just to note a few. Nothing that would deter me enough if the price is right from sailing carnival but the difference is noticeable. I am am not a foodie at all but NCL has better food with the exception of Guys and the pizza on Carnival. The buffet on the Glory is a extremely limited and not very good. Even with a smaller ship the buffet on the Spirt is about 2-3 times the size of the Glory’s buffet and has many more options that rotate more. Also they offer a NY strip every night plus one other steak cut in the MDR one NCL and Carinval did offer a prime rib once but most nights the steak choice was a flat iron steak. If I am going to spend over an hour eating I want something better than a flat iron steak. I also like the causal dress code of NCL. I do not want to dress up for dinner I am extremely causal and wear jeans and t-shirts to work. I had a balcony on both ships the room on the Glory was much bigger than our room on the Spirit. Even though we do have plenty of space on the Spirit (it is only my daughter which is 12 and myself). I do like the shower on the Spirit better it is a little larger and has a sliding glass door. I also hated the non-sliding balancing door on the Glory. I like to sit in my room with the door open but on the Glory this is not possible. Also every time someone closed there balancing door in an adjacent room you hear the door slam and the wall rattle (I guess a lot of people just let them slam instead of closing the door). This was also true of the hallway doors on the Glory. Every time someone near by left their room or entered their room they would let the door slam and we could hear it. On the Spirit either everyone is closing there doors or you just do not hear them slam. Also you could hear the hallway announcements in the Glory clearly in our room without opening the door. We had many announcements. On all my NCL cruises you can hear that there is an announcement but you have to open your door to hear it clearly which I prefer. I not if this would be the case on a newer Carnival ship. The internet on the Glory is a joke and they should not be able to charge people for it. I did pay for the premium internet service and could barely use it. I mean even with email, sending a text, or reading Facebook. I know I probably could of gotten a refund but I read reviews before I went did I kind of knew what to expect. The internet on the Spirit is awesome as awesome as ships WiFi can get. I have to work while on this cruise (for all those that do not think I should be working while on vacation, I spend 1-2 hours a day working while on most vacations and get to go on 3-4 cruises a year with over a month at sea, which I would not be able to do if I did not work while on my vacation) so it is imperative I have good internet. I even played a multiplayer game the other day and it had not issues connecting to the server. I also uploaded a 10 minute YouTube video I recorded for my class. So Carnival is only an option for me during spring break when I do not have to work. My my daughter was in Circle C on Carnival and is in the kids club on NCL. Once kids turn 13 they go to the Entourage on NCL instead of the kids club. She can check her self in and out the NCL kids club but if she checked herself in she could not check out for two hours. She really liked Circle C because of the more freedom. The kids go in and out as they please. She would meet her friends there and they would go about the ship, she actually spent very little time in Circle C. She did say that they never ran any of the planned events in Circle C which she was disappointed about. As a parent I think she actually likes the NCL kids club more because she spends every waking moment in there (even in this sailing with 3-4 kids her age on the ship) whereas in Circle C 12 year olds are not that great at organizing meet ups and do not always know there parents plans, so sometimes she would go and come back after a little bit because none of her friends showed up. She would also be back by 9 pm while on NCL she stays until they close at 10:30 pm and would stay later if I would pay for the late night care. The casino on the Glory is 100x better than on the Spirit for slots. I do spend a lot of time there and the Glory has much better and newer slots. Also on Carnival you can use your on board account to take money out on a slot machine without the 3% cash advance penalty so you do not necessarily need to carry the cash with you. The spa is way better on the Spirit. The whole experience you feel like you are at a spa. On the Glory that feeling was lacking and for the prices you pay on ship that feeling should be there. We did get asked when we wanted our room cleaned on Carnival. This did not bother me and I like that he gave us a card with his photo and number. I have never had a bad room steward on any cruise line. Staff on both ships are super friendly but a I have seen way more officers on the Spirit. During busy times I have also seen officers helping out in the buffet and cleaning off tables. I did not not go to any of the shows on Carnival and I do not plan to go to any shows on this NCL cruise but on the larger NCL ships were you reserve your seats I always go to the main theater shows and have always enjoyed them. I will sail Carnival again and have a cruise booked for next March on the Valor so I expect it to be similar to the Glory but for the price and the OBC the casino gave me I cannot beat it. I am actually paying less for the same cruise I took this March and then I am getting a $500 OBC. I will also probably sail a newer Carnival ship in the future because I am not a brand loyalist but the price will have to be right (besides Carnival and NCL I have sailed Royal Caribbean and Holland America).
  6. I apologize if the answer to this is buried somewhere on this board, but my search didn't yield much. My 6'1" brother might be interested in visiting Bermuda via cruise ship (probably because I can't stop effusively praising both the island and the thought of a floating hotel). Because of port reassignments after the kibosh on Cuba (franks, Donnie), Carnival is redirecting the Pride to Bermuda for some 2020 itineraries . . . including one that is in the sweet spot of when my husband can take time off. My thought was to book a Vista Suite so we could all bunk with (relative) elbow room. However, it only sleeps three -- a queen/single and a sofa bed -- and I know for darned sure my brother will not have enough room on the latter. My question is this: how long is the 'twin' if you split the queen? Neither my husband and I are very statuesque, so I have no way of gauging, but I hate the thought of my brother's feet hanging over his twin bed for seven days. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. We will be cruising on Spirit to Hawaii in September 2020. It’s a 11 night cruise. We will be flying into Vancouver the night before and staying in Honolulu a few days after. We will be in 5209. Can any one tell me where the closest laundromat is to our room. What is everyone’s experience with laundry done by the ship.
  8. I just got off the Breeze on Saturday (the largest ship I've been on), and am going on the Miracle on August (which will be the smallest ship I've been on). While I liked the Breeze a lot, it definitely felt more crowded to me than my other ones which were all Destiny/Conquest class ships. I'm assuming that with so many less rooms the Miracle will feel less crowded. Am I right in assuming that?
  9. First time cruise on a carnival cruise, have been on princess cruises and if we kept our luggage we could debark at anytime we felt. We are going on the cruise on Oct 21st, it says it get back to port at 6:30am and we have booked a flight back to Perth at 1030am. What is the earliest time we can debark from the cruise? Or do we need to follow the time given to us, Just worried we have booked the flight too early. Cheers Justin
  10. No Spirit until 2020 Alaska. Where is she/where is she wintering? Sailed her on Sept 11, 2002 when she was new with my daughter and we were looking at doing the Spirit for memory's sake but she is missing until next spring. Anybody know why?
  11. Didn't see this posted yet: https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/03/articles/disappearances/passenger-reported-overboard-from-carnival-spirit/
  12. Since the Legend and Miracle don't have dive in movies, do they show extended movies in cabin? We haven't been on these ships for a few years. I understand they have had some 2.0 upgrades. We just got off the Breeze and all of the dive in movies were shown in cabin for a small fee. We enjoyed the complimentary movie channel, but on a 7 day cruise there is a lot to do and in cabin TV isn't that important to us. The Breeze also has an updated TV setup with room service ordering and such. We are on an extended Legend cruise next year and will probably have more downtime for TV watching. I'm hoping for some pay options. Please give me some good news! Thanks in advance. Dawn
  13. Hi does anybody have spirit funtimes?
  14. So we are sailing on the Carnival Pride, and the travel agent talked us into an "extended balcony" for only $25 more per cabin. It's not much, so we decided to go for it. My question is, how much bigger is the extended balcony on a spirit class ship, particularly the Pride. Is it worth it for the extra $25? I'm just a little bit worried because we are sailing with an elderly member and this cabin is farther from the elevators than our previous cabin.
  15. For those that have stayed in a vista suite on deck 4 what are your opinions and experiences? Good or bad.....
  16. Hi To all you experienced cruises. I was a 1st time cruiser with my family for my Sons 30th birthday. We boarded the Carnival Spirit on the 10th Sept till the 21st. At the end of our wonderful adventure I went to purchase a model of the carnival spirit but they had sold out. You would think with 2400 passengers they would have plenty of stock. I have rung the Carnival agency but they have told me if I want one I will have to take another Cruise. I feel really sad, disappointed that they can't sell me one due to the fact it was not my fault they ran out of models. I could prove my booking dates etc but would not assist. Can anyone please help as it was to be a memory of our 1st experience & to commerate my sons 30th. I have searched many web sites but the Carnival Spirit seems to be the hardest to find. I just wanted the smaller model sold on ship for about $55. I have seen a larger scale but it was $375. The model was not even the newly refurbished one. So if anyone can assist it would be appreciated & I would gladly pay any extra expenses to have it shipped & the purchasing. There was one on eBay that started bidding at $19 but i bidded until it hit the $130 mark but felt that was extreme seeing it was only $54.98 & I still had to pay shipping. I would have happily paid but not more than 3x the original pricing. I feel Carnival should offer all passengers the opportunity to buy one of the models. If they run out it is their responsibility to assist & accomodate their customers in any way possible. I would have gladly paid the shipping to have it sent here in Adelaide. Thanks for listening & any assistance that you may offer. Kindest regards Debsy62
  17. Does the bree,e and sport have card games in the casino. And if so which ones. Thanks
  18. This cruise starts in Sydney and goes via Hawaii - Vancouver and finishes in Seattle
  19. Alaska cruise on spirit. Are there Joining rooms balcony and if so can you open up the balcony part so we can all be outside together from both rooms and the balcony would be larger
  20. Ever have one and if so was the balcony much larger then standard can 4 stand at railing for Alaska cruise ? Also any view issues cuz the pics looks like there are the safety boats hanging right below?
  21. Ok cruisers, tell me what you can about the Carnival Spirit please? After 2 cruises on the P&O Pacific Eden we are thinking about trying Carnival Spirit to leave from Brisbane to New Caladonia Loyalty Islands next year about Sept or Oct. We are very comfy with P&O lines so "jumping ship" to another is a bit un-nerving :) So what can you tell me, is it great for kids? I will have a 14 year old with me, she wont be using any of the kids clubs. And the weather from Brissy, Does the ship rock a fair bit around Sept/Oct? I can get a much cheaper price on P&O Pacific Dawn but its in May and hubby thinks it ill be too rough being the winter season. Any advice would be much appreciated please. Cheers!!
  22. Was looking at the deck plans for the spirit to see what has changed since she went into dry dock in May this year and I have noticed a few things... 1: The library and Chapel have been replaced with the Warehouse Arcade. 2: the place on deck 3 aft where they normally do the art auctions/viewings has been replaced with SoulPlay (A first for any Carnival ship that I’m aware of) an Adults arts and crafts area. Was trialed on the Legend and Spirit as Creative Cove last time I was on board in 2017. Also don’t know if this means Park West isn’t associated with Carnival anymore... I hope so I hate their spam flyers every day just cause you turned up for a free glass of champagne! 3: A new area where the arcade was next to one of the kids clubs on deck 4 called The Cove. We’ve tried googling about the Cove and can’t find anything about it. I think it is the new home of the library my Brother thinks it’s an extension to the kids club. I’ll attach the floor plans before and after and you guys be the judge... or if you can answer what the Cove is on deck 4 that would be awesome! Before May 2018: After May 2018: Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. Hoping The Spirit will be coming to Alaska in 2020. Is there an age or height requirement for the Green Thunder? And is there self serve laundry onboard? I understand it had a refit not long ago and there don't seem to be many pictures out there. How about a picture review from someone that's been on it this year. Or maybe a youtube video would be nice. Thanks Connie
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