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  1. Do the interior cabins on deck 8 on the Sunshine have refrigerators?
  2. safer

    Carnival Sunshine

    We’re considering booking on Deck Two, an ocean view cabin. Is it better to be in the front of the ship or the very back of the ship on Deck Two? Thanks!
  3. GeorgiaMomof4

    Sunshine - New cakes on Lido?

    I've read with interest about the new cakes being offered on some of the ships. I've never been a real fan of the desserts on Lido (except for the key lime pie) and I'm wondering if the Sunshine has the new cakes on the buffet yet? We sail mid February and I'm really hoping they will be available by that time. Anyone know?
  4. Hello. Does anyone know if they have this on the Sunshine?
  5. blueskadoo

    Sunshine July 4 2019

    Hi all! I just booked the Sunshine for our family (and my daughter's first) cruise vacation. We're keeping it a surprise from her until we're about a month out because if not she'll drive us all nuts with excitement. She will be nine when we cruise. It's killing me to not say....so tough!!! I've been looking for roll calls or FB groups and there's nothing out there for this cruise- every other sailing seems to have one. I've never experienced that before. Is there any process for those getting started or is it just by someone who's going on that ship? Every other cruise I've been on has had one set up already. I just had to share since I can't say anything to anybody else. YAY!
  6. Excited to be sailing on the Sunshine this March. We’ve done larger ships are we’re ready for something a little smaller. Loved the southern Caribbean itinerary and the waterpark and serenity deck on this ship. I know she had issues in October but curious if anyone has sailed recently?
  7. HI! I'm looking at a cruise in September, 2019. It will be just my husband and I. Trying to decide between the Breeze out of Port Canaveral or the Sunshine out of Charleston. Both ships are going to Bermuda w/ the Breeze going to Grand Turk and the Sunshine going to Princess Cay. Price is pretty close (sunshine $200.00 more). Just wondering which ship you all recommend? I will very much appreciate your advice. Thanks! Jen
  8. So I know Sunshine is having a dry dock in Oct of this year. I was just wondering if anyone knows whats being done to her ? I'm booked in December and just wanting to know if there are going to be any major changes. Thanks!
  9. Which dining room is used for assigned dining on the Sunshine?
  10. I asked this on another forum but haven't received a response so I'm trying this forum. We are cruising on the Carnival Sunshine January 12, and thought I'd read that there will be an 80's night. I think it's a great idea. but am wondering if a lot of people dress up. Don't want to cram anymore in our suitcases as they are going to be pretty full already. If only a few dress, we'd be less inclined to bring our outfits. Thanks for any responses.
  11. Hey all, looking for your expert advice because the search function and google are proving futile. Can anyone who has been on the Sunshine tell me about the noise level underneath the Havana Bar? On Carnival we have sailed the Pride & Breeze but not the Sunshine so I'm not familiar with the Havana Bar. How late is it open, is it loud and does any noise intrude below into the cabins on deck 8? The photo on the Carnival site showed dancing so it seems to be some sort of restaurant then club?? There were only 2 interior cabins available for 3 people (March 8, 2019). One was 8321 under the bar and one on 3 underneath what I think is the theatre. Neither option is ideal but we really like the itinerary having been to all of the ports before and would go back to Aruba in a second! We have another booking on a different cruise line and I put a 24 hour hold on the cabin on 8 so I'm just looking for advice and input because we need to pick. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks!!
  12. CodyMiles1994

    Sunshine Issues

    Apparently the Sunshine is having mechanical issues and can not reach Grand Turk. Is making her way back to. Port Canaveral hoping all is sorted before Sunday. Either way it's vacation time.
  13. Does anyone know if there have been CC meet and greets on the Sunshine? Even the roll call for the Feb 15th cruise only has like 20 people on it.
  14. Here are my impressions of the Sunshine and our travel experience, not in any particular order. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Flew on Southwest from Albany to MCO on Jan. 4, the morning of the cruise. Good flight. When we arrived at MCO around 9:45 a.m. and went to the baggage area expecting to see a Carnival Rep as we had purchased transportation to Port Canaveral through Carnival. The day before I had clicked the "more information" tab on the Carnival website for ground transportation details and it lead nowhere. From past experience, I figured we would see the Rep near the baggage area. Nobody was in sight so I called the Carnival transportation "hotline" and was told no transportation until noon. I said that can't be true, as our boarding time was 11:30 - 12:00 and the port is about an hour away. Upon further checking they told me where to find the Carnival transportation and they told me the wrong location. While walking through the airport, I asked reps from other cruise lines if they knew where Carnival transportation was and they directed us across the airport to the right area. So we schlepped our luggage to the other side and just barely made it to the next bus. The bus stopped twice on the way to the port due to AC not working. We arrived at the port and boarding was the easiest I've ever experienced in 14 past Carnival cruises! We were on the ship, dropped luggage and getting lunch around by 12:45. The Lido deck and food area was packed. I thought we were among the early arrivers so not sure how so many people got on board so early. We found some food and walked towards the back of the ship looking for a table to sit at. The first place we found was at the very back of the ship in the Havana area, at the bar. We enjoyed the Havana bar area and ate most of our lunches and had coffee breaks there. The atmosphere is quieter and nicer than the main Lido dining area. Our cabin was a "Spa" balcony cabin in the Serenity area and was noticeably smaller than our past balcony cabins. However, it was set up similarly and was ok. These cabins are the "new" additions that were added when the Destiny became the Sunshine. The drawback to our cabin was that I didn't do my homework thoroughly, and it was noisy! There were a few deck parties held late at night and they could be heard from our cabin, especially when the door in the hallway just past our cabin was opened to the deck. I guess I thought that having a cabin in the Serenity area would be an advantage and might be in a quiet area - not true. You would think being near the Serenity would be convenient. We went up 1, 2 or 3 flights in the Serenity area to look for seating and most seats were taken, or "saved". The Serenity hot tub was always full of a group sitting around the edge of the tub and they always stayed a long time. I had better luck getting into the Lido deck hot tubs, even when full of kids - at least the kids got in and out often so there was room for me to get in. Speaking of kids, there were a few on board and they were always well behaved. We had your time dining and ate in the MDR all 8 nights of this cruise. We usually went to check in between 5:30 and 6:15 and were always seated immediately at a table for 2. We always chose to dine alone because we were both just over illnesses (colds, cough, sinus, asthmatic bronchitis etc). Service in the dining room was excellent every night - and we had 8 different tables and different wait teams over the cruise. The only hiccup one night was we waited about a half hour for our dinner. It was clearly because the large table behind us monopolized the waiters with constant requests, such as butter dishes for everyone. My back was to them, but DH saw the men at the table got up and approached the waiter's area 3 times with requests, which surely interrupted their work flow. We felt really sorry for the waiters that night and understood why our dinner was late. All the shows were entertaining. We were disappointed in the Piano Bar. The piano bar guy could sing and play and kept the crowd engaged BUT ..... When I go to a Piano Bar it is to hear good music; I enjoy typical piano bar music. I have no problems with off color or dirty jokes thrown in - that can be fun. However, this guy's repertoire was so raunchy that it wasn't even funny. Every song he did was just plain raunch. When we got up to leave, he teased us and said it was an adult show. Well this show was geared to junior high humor - not music, not funny stuff, just 100% raunch. I've heard many piano bar singers before and laugh at the adult humor - but usually the adult humor is mixed in with some fun and good music. Mikey the cruise director was absolutely AWESOME! He has unbelievable energy, is seen everywhere, engages the crowd perfectly. In the past a cruise director doesn't make or break a cruise - but Mikey was just outstanding and made everything fun. Ports - We walked around Aruba and did some shopping. In Curacao we took a country tour and it was nice and interesting. In Grand Turk, we sat under the shade of the palm trees, took a dip in the ocean, and got into the Margaritaville pool. We sat at the pool bar and had a drink and shared a "Cheeseburger in Paradise". Our room steward, I MADE, was great. Debarkation was good. We had checked our luggage and were in Zone 1 and got off the ship around 8:30. We were hoping to catch an earlier flight home. A flight was available but would have cost over $800 to change it. So we kept our 7:30 pm flight home and due to delays, got home after midnight. When originally booking we had a choice of an 11:40 a.m. flight or a 7:30 flight. You just don't know how fast you will get off a ship - and get to the airport almost an hour away so I didn't dare book the earlier flight when it was less expensive. I remember in the past being stuck on a ship until 10:30 a.m. on debarkation day and standing in lines for almost 2 hours. So we didn't take the chance this time and it made for a long 11 day at the airport. All in all, it was a nice cruise, good food, good entertainment, good service. Any questions, ask away!
  15. due to a stabilizer problem, according to a note to passengers; on the evening TV news here, they reported it lasted just one minute....another report said "hours" https://nypost.com/2018/11/01/pure-chaos-as-carnival-cruise-ship-tilts-on-its-side-at-sea/
  16. Does anyone know on which nights are the formal nights for Carnival Sunshine’s 8 night cruise to Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Turk?
  17. Fttf is available now for Carnival Sunshine leaving 12/22 if anyone is interested. I just got mine. Happy Sailing!
  18. Is anyone else going? If I missed the thread please redirect me.
  19. crazycruzer68

    Sunshine out of dry dock?

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about the Sunshine, does anyone know if it made it out of dry dock on time?
  20. Sbjefm

    Sunshine dry dock

    Does anyone know what is being done to the Sunshine soon? We are cruising on her in January and I’m curious what they are doing. [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. Hello all, I just put a deposit on the Carnival Sunshine - Panama Canal trip leaving New York on May 27th 2019 (Memorial Day). This will be my 7th cruise. I am a Gold VFIP member, but will have 'Priority Boarding' and free drinks while in the casino. All of this is pretty new to me. I have bought FTTF before, but I am guessing that the Priority Boarding may be a little different?? Instead of guessing, Id like to ask a few questions to those that might know. 1. How does the free drinks while playing in the casino work? If anyone has done this before, please educate how the servers know I get free drinks? Guessing my card. 2. Is the 'Priority Boarding' the same as FTTF? 3. I plan on staying in New York Saturday and Sunday, but want to know if anyone has cruised out of New York and where they flew into, and how did they get to the cruise 'area'? 4. I have never cruised more than 7 days before...so I am wondering what others have done differently for packing clothes, etc. ? Any information would help an awful lot. I have received great comments on this board, and I am VERY thankful for the comments. Thanks
  22. 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Carnival Sunshine Behind The Fun

    Does anybody know how much the behind the fun tour is on the Sunshine? Looking at 4 days.
  23. From a press release on john heald facebook page: more info at https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-radiance.aspx
  24. AND I count myself lucky to have one of those cabins. Earplugs are easy to buy. I am just asking. Do you get a lot of motion from being aft? And I already plan to bring sea sick pills. I hope Christmas Decorations are up when we sail. Dec. 1,2018. Anyone knows? Thank you.
  25. It’s sounds as if they had a very bad night last, curious if they are all alright this morning