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Found 131 results

  1. We are leaving for Bermuda in 42 days out of Charleston on the Sunshine. Does anyone know if they offer healthy smoothies at the coffee shop or anywhere else on board? One with real fruit in it? When we were on the Horizon we never checked!
  2. I will be taking the Sunshine out of Charleston and I noticed the ship departs at 6pm. This is the first ship I’ve been on that left so late. I wanted to find out what’s the earliest time we park at the dock and when do they usually start boarding?
  3. According to CruiseMapper, the Sunshine is in Port Canaveral this morning. It's not supposed to be. Does anybody know why?
  4. What time is the mandatory safety drill on the Sunshine? I have read she leaves port around 4ish. I just booked a spa treatment from 3-4 on the day we board. Just wondering if I should change the time so I will not be rushed. TIA
  5. I got home a few days ago from a 5 night cruise to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. Great cruise - calm seas and hot; but not sweltering for the Bahamas in June. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I didn't cruise in 2018, and had heard there were changes with the parking process in Charleston and that you could use the Carnival Hub app to make dining reservations for Your Time Dining. I only booked 8 weeks out and didn't have much time to research, so I thought I'd share my experience in case it helps others. New Parking process: The separate stops to drop off luggage and pay for parking are now combined. This is an improvement and saves time. In the past, you could drop off your luggage early. I don't know if that is still the case. The next stop is parking your car. All parking is now outside. We were told the old warehouses were sold or otherwise being used. But, the closest one has been re-purposed into the new check-in area. You do have to walk there. If you have a handicapped plaque, it's still free and you park closer to the new check in area. I can see where someone said the new process is bad if you park in the regular parking area and arrive early. Instead of parking closest to check in; you are rewarded by parking the farthest away which means you have to walk the farthest. Towards the end of boarding this does make sense as they want people arriving later to have a shorter walk to the terminal to begin the check in process. In the check-in terminal, you get in line and are directed to the next available attendant. FTTF, Platinum and Diamond have a separate line which serves as a "next in line" process like it did previously. You show your boarding pass and passport. You are done with the passport at this time. You do not get your cabin key at this time. Yes - this does speed up the process.Next, you get in line for a shuttle to the ship. I'm 95% sure that near the handicapped parking is the new "drop off zone" for those shuttling in from hotels or otherwise not driving to the terminal as this is the only check-in area now. I don't know how one gets to this area, I wasn't looking for that signage, I suspect it was a separate entrance. Once you shuttle to the terminal; you only have to go thru Security. They still have a separate FTTF, Platinum and Diamond line as before. Then, stop for an Embarkation photo if you wish. Otherwise, you go up one flight of stairs where they "ding you in" with the tablet/scanners and you walk up the gangway onto the ship. This is my 4th time boarding in Charleston. 3 times on the Ecstasy; 1st on the Sunshine. There are a lot more people on the Sunshine (especially in June) and the process to board - arriving at the same time I usually do - took the same amount of time. I found the changes to be an improvement. If you are FTTF, Platinum or Diamond, your cabin will be ready and your key will be in a sealed envelope tucked above the room number as there are no mailboxes. The cabins are ready at 1:30 for everyone else - those keys were not out when we got to our cabin at noon. Use your Boarding Pass to purchase drinks before you can get in your cabin. Debarkation: Charleston is unique in that is has a "silent boarding" - meaning no overhead announcements due to the proximity of the ship to residences. One improvement with the Sunshine over the Fantasy class is that they can make indoor only announcements in the Liquid Lounge, and a couple other locations I can't remember that they discuss at the Debarkation talk. Channel 14 also gives you up to date information and it is on the screen by the pool. We did carry off and as priority guests, our paperwork said to meet in the Sunset Dining Room at 0645. We got there at 0630 and didn't have to go in. We walked directly off the ship - they were still setting up - only one Customs agent was open. With no major purchaces or Customs Form to fill out, it took a few seconds. We were the 3rd and 4th people off the ship that needed to ride the shuttle back to their cars. Others may have gotten off earlier that had rides or hotels shuttles waiting for them. When you shuttle back; they have a new covered area where they drop you off. Helpful in extreme heat/cold or rain to at least gather your luggage before heading to your car. When they get the new terminal built....someday.... the current parking area is right in front of that location. There will be no need to shuttle anywhere which will make it like other ports. Overall, I found the improvements since my last Charleston departure to be a nice improvement. Your Time Dining App On the Sunshine, Your Time Dining is in the aft/rear restaurant - Deck 3 of the Sunrise Dining Room. You previously had to get in line on Deck 5, near the Ocean Plaza to sign up for your table. Sometimes you would have to wait in that area before heading down to your table. Or, if you eat early; the line would start forming 30-45 minutes ahead of time. You still do this if you don't use the Carnival app - but I'm sure the wait times are much shorter. We did use the app with great success. Whenever we were ready, often from our cabin, you just check in. You can select each member from your cabin or can eat separately if you choose. You can also add up to 8 people to the reservation. Every night - even Formal Night - the wait to get table confirmation was less than 10 minutes. Though I will admit that most nights we asked for our table at 5:30 - the dining room opens at 5:15. We like to eat early so we can enjoy the evening shows, etc. It will show on your app when your table is ready and the table number. You show that when checking in and are escorted to your table. With Anytime Dining, it was easy in the past to request the same wait staff if you liked them. There is an extra step when using the app. When you get your table assignment and head to the dining room; let the person checking you in (with the tablet) know you have a special request. They will send you to the counter where you tell them which waiter you want and they will change your table with no problems. We ate in the dining room 4 nights. We sat at 3 different tables, but all with the same wait staff. For families with more than 8 people, I am guessing you do the same as we did when checking in. Check in with however many reservations you need. Tell them you have a special request and they will help you at the front desk. There were many, many large families on this cruise; so I know it can be done. One group had 3 large tables together. Again, feel free to ask any questions about the ship or ports.
  6. Hi all! I have sailed Sunshine numerous times, from both Port Canaveral and NYC, and I know muster was held outside for those sailings. I have 2 upcoming cruises on her from Charleston, and I think I heard that Charleston doesn't allow them to have announcements broadcast outside, so is muster now held indoors? I am hoping so as it is HOT lining up outside, and I am also traveling with someone this time who occasionally has back problems so being inside would be better for her. Thanks for any info you all can provide!
  7. Hello Carnival cruisers! Myself, Hubby & son (18 at cruise time) are cruising for the first time on Carnival on the Sunshine in January 2020. We were trying to decide what we were going to do as a family for Christmas this year and my son's 18th birthday in January. So, since we're just 1 1/1 hours from Charleston, we decided to go on a cruise on the Sunshine! After debating between the aft extended balcony, Ocean Suite and Spa Suite, we decided on the last remaining Spa Suite on Deck 12. We mostly picked it for the cabin & balcony size. Hubby and I will most likely try out the thermal suite in the spa since we do love spa sauna/steam rooms, etc. Now on to my question - in researching the spa suite, I still can't determine if priority embarkation or tender is one of the 'amenities' or 'perks' for that suite as well as the other suites. If anyone knows the answer, I'd appreciate it! We are really looking forward to this cruise - we've been talking about branching out from RCCL for a while and this closeness of the port and Carnival moving the Sunshine to it finally prodded us to do it!
  8. Would like some feedback on these two shops to help us decide which to choose. Both cruises are about the same price and the same distance from us. Sunshine- we’d get a balcony and it’s a 4-day with one port (Nassau) Ectasy- we’d get an interior (not a balcony) and it’s a 5 day (two ports- Nassau and Princess Cay) We won’t get off in Nassau and may or may not get off in Princess Cay. We tend to enjoy the uncrowded boat on port days 😀 So which Cruise would you pick if you were us?
  9. We are considering a short 5 dayer on the Sunshine in June 2020 and one of the stops is Princess Cays. Has anybody recently stopped there since the big fire ? Was the damage still visible ? Was Carnival still providing the buffet ? Thanks in advance !
  10. Hey all, I apologize if this has already been asked/answered, but I've been scrolling awhile and haven't found it as of yet... Anyway, we're on the much loved by us: Sunshine- 8/5/19. I cannot find the Aug movie list anywhere. I've tried. I don't do fb, so I thought I'd try here. TYIA😀
  11. Do the interior cabins on deck 8 on the Sunshine have refrigerators?
  12. Just off the Sunshine this morning. Had a great week. The staff was outstanding in every way. Mikey ( the CD ) was very entertaining. Must say that some people should be required to take a courtesy class before being allowed to cruise. I'm quite sure some would not pass .
  13. I saw on a thread here that the Sunshine has ventilation issues or something, and the smoke in the casino can be smelled elsewhere on the ship. How big an issue is this? I'm thinking of booking my first Carnival sailing for my 40th birthday (Jan 2021) but my partner has asthma and we cannot be around smoke. We have dealt with it on other ships where you basically have to race through the casino to avoid the smoke, but I am worried that more of the ship will be off limits on Sunshine, perhaps because of the ventilation. Any feedback would be welcome - I can always pick a different ship!
  14. We are taking a family cruise on Sunshine in July and I have a question about the cabin (8c - 7245) cabin for my son, daughter-in-law and 3 yr. old granddaughter. I can't find any specific information on the Carnival site, but another cruise site says this about 8c cabins - "Some staterooms are equipped with a sofa bed and/or an upper Pullman-style bunk bed to accommodate a third or fourth guest." I hope they wouldn't expect a 3 year old to sleep in an upper Pullman, would they? I assume there's a sofa bed in this cabin?
  15. We (8 of us adults) had planned on doing a much larger ship next year, but with so many people on board, we have decided to check out a smaller ship. If you have been on either the Sensation or Sunshine within the past year, would you give me YOUR pros/cons of the ship. I know the ships are not new ship, but there is no problem with that either. 🙂 Also, do these ships have the Serenity area?
  16. I was looking for anyone who had any photos of the menus for the 5 day sailings.Usually have been sailing the 7 or 8 night cruises so ,I would like to see what menus are offered on the 5 night. Looking forward to our August cruise. Thank you for any information.
  17. Thinking of a cruise for our 20 yr anniversary. We are from Texas and usually sail out of Galveston. Since it’s a milestone anniversary we are looking to do something more special. We typically cruise for the ship and not the ports. This time is different and we really want to see new places. We are looking at flying to Florida. My options are: 6 day Breeze to Nassau, Amber Cove and Grand Turk 5 day Sunrise to Grand Turk, Princess Cays 6 day Breeze to Half Moon Cay, Amber Cove and Grand Turk. Price is comparable on all 3. I am leaning towards the last one. The husband is more into the 5 day. He is a bit reluctant to ask the grandparents to watch our kids for that many days since we would have an extra day flying in. I would also really like to sail the Breeze. The Magic was our favorite ship. Which would you pick and why?
  18. If anyone has been on the Sunshine since 5/17/2019, could you confirm who the CD is? The listing I have shows Adam Cornes as CD until October 10, when Michael Gibson replaces him.
  19. Hello all! So I just got off of the Carnival Sunshine a few days ago. 5 night cruise to Half Moon Cay and Nassau from Charleston, SC A little background on myself, I am 22 years old from Florida and have sailed Freedom of the Seas x2, Liberty of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, and Oasis of the Seas over the past 10 years. My family and I love cruising and love RCL. We are foodies and enjoy dressing up and gambling in the casino and sailing to the eastern caribbean. This Carnival cruise I went with my best friend from college and her family for her graduation gift. Me and Haley are both very outgoing and love to dance/drink and have some fun. I have to say, this Carnival cruise was the most fun I have ever had onboard. The vibe of the cruise was much more fun and laid back. The crowd was mainly southern and the people were there to have a good time. Everyone was extremely nice and we met a lot of people. I think after our antics on the dance floor in the adult club and karaoke, we were pretty famous on the ship. People knew we had a great time (: Anyways, so here is my review... Food: The main dining room was good. The service was hit or miss, where I feel like RCL is more consistent and has more "fancy" type of dining room service. Still, the MDR was very enjoyable. My time dining was super easy with the app and our tables we nice. The food was very delicious (and your girl loves to cook and eat). I did have to salt my food pretty well to get the flavors to shine but I also have to do that on RCL. For the most part, I feel like any foodie knows what dishes on the MDR menu will be super delicious and which ones will be bland. I only had a few misses on the entrees, and everything else hit the spot. The dessert was EXCELLENT as well, and i ate plenty of it!! Guys Burgers were so dang good it was crazy. Never tried the Mexican station, just didn't appeal to me. The sandwich shop place was also really good. The Havana Bar food was AMAZING! As a Cuban food lover with lots of authentic cuban spots near me, the Havana Bar impressed me. The Asian kitchen and Italian kitchen looked great but i didn't get the chance to try them which I was bummed about because they looked good. Pizza, ehhhh I like Sorrentos from Royal better. I like it saucy and a thicker crust, but thats just my taste. The Lido buffet was basic and bland to me, and i feel the same way about RCLs buffets. i feel like on both cruise lines, the made to order places are much better than the buffets. Bars: Never got to experience the Alchemy Bar, even tho i have heard good things, but it never seemed busy. The Red Frog rum bar on the pool deck was our post-dinner/pre-club spot to get ready for the night. The bartender, Isa, was amazing and was the best. He made us many many drinks and different types of shots. If waiting 15 minutes between drinks was a requirement for the drink package, it did not exist at this bar. It was a blast! The Woo Woo shot, the green tea shot and the blended drinks were amazing!!! The people who suggested the Kiss on the Lips, I thank you! Because that drink is delicious. The atrium bar was great as well, the party night we had plenty of rounds of drinks there. The night club was great, the music was good and the crowd was hype. We did a lot of dancing and had some fun there. Drink package was worth it! I think me and her hit the limit two times and the other days got between 10-13 drinks in (: Pools: The Sunshine needs bigger pools for sure. Only having two small pools kinda sucked but we survived. The sea days, me and haley sun bathed at the serenity pool all day. The pool got packed but we managed. The water slides were FUN. The racing slides were super fast and awesome. Stateroom: We had a interior stateroom and it was very spacious and seemed bigger than RCL interiors although it did not have a couch like RCL does. It was clean and in good shape. After being on big RCL ships, I thought this ship was going to be small and rundown. I was pleasantly surprised to see that wasn't the case. Everything was laid out nice and the placement of everything was great besides have Deck 4 be weird with the Sunset dining room being in the middle of ship and in the way. Our stateroom was on Deck 5 and we could easily walk out to Ocean Plaza for a quick bite for breakfast. The spiked milkshakes from the Java place were crazy good. Karaoke was also really fun, the Carnival person James who ran karaoke one night bought me and Haley a drink since we brought some energy to the session and were having a good time. I would say Carnival is definitely more casual than RCL. The vibe of the ship is more earthy and vibrant and relaxed and RCL is more modern and elegant and not as rowdy but still fun. I would say you would find new and unique adventures on RCL ships with the new attractions they have onboard and Carnival has more simple but yet super fun things to do onboard with passengers that are also there to have "party" type of fun. Me and Haley ran out on the pool deck to sing Rocky Top when they played it (our school fight song) and people hyped us up and cheered for us. I would never imagine doing that on Royal and not look totally crazy. Its just a different vibe on Carnival and if you are there to have a good ole time then you are in the right place. I love RCL and still do. I definitely think it fits my family's style of cruising more than Carnival because of the things we value when it comes to the dining room and quality of the ship. I could sail either cruise line and be happy, but I think I see why people enjoy one over the other. The Carnival Sunshine was a great ship and had lots of great places to eat and drink. Great things to do and see and enjoy. I think it was a good sized ship and good ratio of people/crew. Any Carnival lover would enjoy this ship and any RCL fan who can enjoy a laid back, casual, insanely fun time then you can sail with CCL. If you can't pass up more elegant or sophicated style of cruising then I would stay with RCL. Carnival Sunshine A+
  20. Just completed Sunshine 5 day from Charleston to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. Charleston is handling embark/debark better We had a deck 8 aft balcony anytime dining and steakhouse Only ship in Nassau no staff issues ship needs some TLC
  21. I will only need wifi for some facebook/messenger and email on Sunshine. I don't think any of their plans supports texting. Does anyone know if I would do better with premium for this or would value (middle package) be good enough for these couple of things? Thank you!
  22. We just booked a Bermuda cruise. It docks for 3 days. Do you guys recommend any of the paid restaurants on the sunshine. If so which one / ones ?. I remember eating at nick and norras years ago on the miracle and loved it. Is the drink package still a good value even though the ship is docked for 3 days ? Lastly is their a good martini bar on the sunshine ? Or can i typically order a martini at any bar ? Sorry for the newb questions. I haven’t sailed in years. Oh one last question. Are the entertainment shows at night something that must be reserved or is it first come first serve. If it does need to be booked am I supposed to do it before the cruise or while on he cruise ? Thanks guys
  23. A friend who was recently on Sunshine said one of the upper decks was clothing optional! Is this true?
  24. Does anyone have photos or copies of the Carnival Sunshine 5 day MDR menus that are recent? All the ones I can find online only provide one day, and many are from 2017-18. We're preparing for our first cruise in several years and have many "picky" eaters (OP included). Not having all the "comfort food" options every night is likely going to require some planning on our parts.
  25. What areas on Sunshine is cigar smoking allowed?
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