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  1. bluey258

    Triumph ! Question

    Anyone just off please tell us about renovations going on. What floors? We leave in 2 weeks. Did you even notice ? Thanks!
  2. Since I cruise on the Triumph in just under 45 days, I was wondering what kind of shape she is in. I have read that some of the cabins are being made over as the ship is sailing. So was just hoping to maybe get an update. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All -- We will be on the 14 Day Sunrise (Triumph) to Panama from NYC this May... We are squeezing 4 into an interior on Deck 6 so I would like to bring along some heavy duty magnets to hang my shoe organizer etc... Are the walls and doors on the Triumph metal? Also, do they allow Command Strips on Interior Walls or only on the doors for door decorations? Thanks!!!
  4. Hi All-- Would anyone have any recent Fun Times from the Triumph? Thanks in advance!
  5. The first time I have ever cruised was in June 2002 on the Holiday out of NOLA. I am cruising out of NOLA on July 26 on the Triumph. I know the ship is a lot larger than the Holiday, but what are the main differences that I will experience since it has been 16 years since I have cruised?
  6. I have a porthole cabin reserved, however I see that an interior picture window is available. Is it worth it to switch cabins? Anybody have any photos of these cabins you can share? Thanks!!!
  7. Has anybody stayed in the Ocean Suites on the Triumph? What are the major upgrades from a standard balcony? Just bigger cabin and balcony? Not sure if it is worth the difference.
  8. Hello everyone! I have been reading this board for awhile and have gained a lot of good info, thank you! This weekend my wife and I are going on a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Triumph (12/8-12/13). We'll be porting at Cozumel and Yucatan. We have NEVER been on a cruise so this is a first for us! I was hoping to hear some recommendations of things to do at the ports. Are there any excursion recommendations? We would like to avoid long bus rides to the excursions, if possible. My wife is concerned about motion sickness while on the boat, anything to really be concerned about? If so, any tips on how to fight it? Any tips/recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  9. Did anyone else get a late boarding letter fir Monday December 3rd? Says materials have to be loaded and unloaded? Do not come until your arrival time even if your Diamond, Platinum, FTF etc?
  10. gfh77665

    Triumph to Freedom

    We have sailed 4X on the Triumph in the last 5 years. Wanting to try a 7 day cruise, we booked on the Freedom this time. Can anyone compare the two? Thanks.
  11. We are cruising on the Triumph in early December. Does anyone know what productions shows are currently going on in the main show room? Thanks in advance,
  12. CodyMiles1994

    Carnival Triumph "Sinks"

    Got to love the fake news that gets shared over 60K shares & been sent to me 4 times saying "why would you cruise"... Google is your friend. http://www.react365.com/5be1ba976a34b/carnival-cruise-ship-triumph-overturns-and-sinks.html
  13. Does any one getting off the Triumph today have an update on deck 8 and 9 renovations? Wondering how it is coming along. Getting excited for my November 29th cruise.😊
  14. I booked the Sunrise for May 27th 2019 Panama Canal out of NY. When I researched the ship I saw that the Sunrise will be the name of the refit Triumph. Anyone know of any special changes? Thanks!
  15. The Mississippi River is still closed at 4:30 PM Friday due to a ship grounded in the lower river. Over 50 ships are waiting to enter or leave the river. Cruise ships may be late tomorrow, 1-5-19. Check news or Marinetraffic.com for further info.
  16. We want to take a 4 day cruise in early January while our in-laws watch the kids. Due to their schedule, and that we don't want to leave the kids for longer than 5 days, are are looking at 4 night cruises on the following ships. In reading reviews the ships sound very similar. Any compelling reason to pick one ship over the other? Sensation Pro: direct flights at good times Con: only goes to Bahamas and I'm worried it will be cold the second week of January. Triumph or Paradise Pro: cozumel, so better port with less chance of being cold Con: no workable direct flight options. The other choice is RCCL majesty of the seas, which goes to Cuba and is about $500 more, so while cuba would be interesting, I'm leaning towards carnival.
  17. So after reading the news that the Triumph will be going in to such a large Dry Dock, I am a bit concerned that I am on the cruise before this happens. What can I expect to be happening in prep on the Triumph?
  18. Hello all. I received an email from Carnival a little while ago announcing that ALL guest, INCLUDING Diamond, Platinum, FTTF and suite guests, are now NOT allowed inside of the terminal prior to their check in time! They went on to say that all guest will be turned away if they attempt to enter the terminal prior to this time. What??! I am Platinum and have never been concerned with securing an early arrival appointment because we can usually get on board whenever we want. I know a lot of people like to board late, but It's fun to us to get to the terminal around 10:30 and be on board sipping our drinks by 1115 . Needless to say, learning that we can now not enter the terminal until 12:30 was extremely irritating to say the least! I just wanted to share this information because I know that a lot of people ask if priority passengers have to adhere to their appointment time. Apparently, at least now for the Triumph, THEY DO! I wish now that I had logged in and chosen an earlier time when I could have.
  19. We are on the 9/15 sailing of the Triumph this weekend. We got an email saying our departure will now be 5:00 instead of 4:00. Does anyone know why they are pushing back the departure time?
  20. Does anyone know about any work being done on Deck 9 of the Triumph before the dry-dock? Sailing on Nov. 29th in cabin 9294. Hoping for a renovated cabin.
  21. Jitterbug682

    Carnival Triumph

    My family will be arriving in New Orleans about 4-5 hours before our appointment time. I know we can check our luggage when we get there our appointment time is 1:30 but can we board before that? We were thinking 12 - 12:30.
  22. Does anyone know who cruise director early October will be?
  23. southernmama

    Triumph check in

    Can anyone tell me the earliest check in time for the Triumph out of NOLA?
  24. Anyone who is booked in this cabin needs to switch right now. My husband and I just spent 4 days in that cabin and the a/c wasn’t working properly. They sent a technician to read the temperature of the air....76 degrees! In my cabin!!!! It was a sold out cruise so we couldn’t move. Guest services basically told us that it’s been an ongoing problem. So why put someone in that cabin?? We were given a fan and a $300 OBC. We would have preferred a cool room over the $300 OBC. I hope I can spare someone 4 or 5 days of misery. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  25. I know a cruise is what you make of it. For my upcoming trip we chose the Triumph out of New Orleans simply because airfare to New Orleans was like 200 less per person than going to Florida in March over spring break. My most recent cruise was last year on the Liberty and I loved that ship. This time we have a lido balcony on the Triumph and I keep reading bad stuff about that ship. Please some one share good experiences on that ship.....