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  1. bluefins

    Valor spa question

    My daughter and I were thinking of treating ourselves to a pedicure on our cruise on the Valor. I have looked at the spa brochure online and noticed one for $55 and a fire & ice pedi for $65. I was wondering if they have just a basic pedi that may not be on the brochure.
  2. texhockey

    Valor 4 day review.

    Just returned from a quick 4 day cruise on the Valor out of Galveston and thought I would share my thoughts and experiences. We had a total group of 10 people. The majority were from my medical support group. Also had one of my former co-workers and a friend and his girlfriend join us. It was my first cruise without my wife and family so it was a new experience. A quick breakdown on my cruise experience. 1. Added FTTF at the last minute because I had a doctor's appointment the day we got back and didn't want to take any chances. After this trip I will definitely add it to my next Carnival cruise. The quick embarkation and debarkation is so nice especially since my strokes and being able to not stand in the line as long is worth it to me. And I had to make a couple of trip to guest services and having the small line was awesome. 2. It was my second time with the new embarkation process at Galveston and it was even better than last time. Carnival is really doing things right with this as we were on the boat within 45 minutes from the time we parked and were shuttled over from Lighthouse parking. Of course it helps to show up a little later and being able to walk right on the ship makes a difference. I will definitely not be showing up before 11:30 again. 3. The staff was wonderful. I asked our steward for robes and ice the first day and he made sure I had ice every morning. Everyone had a smile and was always being friendly. We had early dining and how wait team did not fail to impress again. Kept our glasses filled and we never had a long wait for anything. 4. The playlist team was impressive. I had low expectations from our previous 2 cruises but this team was on a different level. The two shows I went to were better than anything I had seen in a while. 5. The comedians did not disappoint. We went to most shows and always had great seats for our group. The guy the first night was decent but the second guy was the one we enjoyed. He liked to improv and riff on the crowd so all 3 shows were different. We didn't see any PG shows so I don't know how they were. 6. The performer in the piano bar was very good and the violin players were enjoyable. They had a female duet team were impressive and I enjoyed the band they had who also participated in in one of the playlist shows. Overall the entertainment options were solid. After the 7 day trip we had in February which disappointed it was a nice change. There were a couple of negatives on the trip also. 1. For whatever reason they could not cook a proper steak. It tasted fine but they never would cook it right. I like mine medium rare. I would have to order rare and it might be medium rare but most of the time it was medium. My friends experienced the same thing. The steaks were consistently overcooked. 2. No ships on a stick for trivia. It is a small thing but I do collect them and was disappointed and I didn't play much trivia this time. It was nice they offered more trivia than my last cruise though and they seemed to have a good variety. 3. No beer pong and only 1 cornhole event. Once again a small thing but my buddy and I look forward to playing each cruise and after getting beat my future son-in-law last cruise we felt we had something to prove. 4. And my most petty complaint. The dart board in the Redfrog Pub didn't work. We always bring some cheap darts with us to play and enjoy the game but the dart board didn't work right. It wouldn't register throws and was it was more hassle to play than we wanted on vacation. As you can see the wonderful things far outweighed the small complaints we had. The cruise was a wonderful vacation and we are going to try and turn this into an annual event for our small support group. Carnival once again reminded me why I keep coming back as they exceeded my expectations from the moment we arrived. My next cruise will be Royal Caribbean this fall. I'm looking forward to the experience but will be back on Carnival in next December. I do have the Fun Times if anyone would like them let me know and I will post them.
  3. Does anyone who has played in the casino on the Valor know if there is video keno on the poker machines?
  4. robindina

    Valor Dec 10th

    We just got back from the Valor. We went to Cozumel and Progresso. This was our first cruise with carnival. Second cruise total. We are now addicted so look forward to trying more. Cabin 2336 ocean view: The cabin was very spacious, I get motion sick so the lower cabin was a plus for me, especially the day of the storm. It was in a great location so will definitely get an ocean view again. Our room steward was ok, he sort of cleaned the room. He was friendly but very pushy about making sure we gave him a good score on the survey. We asked him for a second wine glass and he never brought it, so got one from the Alchemy bar. Dining room: We had anytime dining. We enjoyed most everything in the dining room. We ended up really liking a waitress so we asked for her section each night. The hubby is a fan of the chef salad and the melting cake. I didn’t care much for the creme brûlée. Barbara our waitress gave great suggestions each night. Lido deck: Loved the omelette station every morning . We had Guy’s burgers and a burrito from the blue iguana. The burger was great but the fries were too salty for me. Late night: Pizza pirate and the deli were both awesome and you can’t go wrong with swirls ice cream. Chef table: No words can describe this but simply amazing. 7 courses of foodie joy. Loved this and was a highlight of the trip. Tea time: I loved this and we made some new friends during this. The atmosphere was awesome and the little snacks were divine. Shows: We went to the Love& Marriage, Holiday Show, Welcome Aboard show,America Rocks and 2 of the over 18 comedy shows. All the shows were good and TJ is hilarious. We also went to a chef demonstration on the first sea day, which is a don’t miss. Great recipes to go home with. In Cozumel we went snorkeling at sky reef which was some amazing shore snorkeling, In Progresso we tried to enjoy a beach day, but we were harassed so much by vendors that we left and found the bar/restaurant Los Cocos and hung out there away from the pushy vendors. Overall enjoyed our cruise. We thought the Valor was decorated beautifully for Christmas and everyone was friendly.
  5. Daphne'sMom

    Quick Valor Review

    Hello - There are not very many Valor reviews and this one will sink to page 20 in a hurry but I will put it out here for anyone that does a search in the future. I am not a fan of the shorter cruises because I have to consider airfare or a very long drive to get on any ship. I like to make it worth the time/money spent just getting to & from the port. This was a family cruise that was originally scheduled for March 2018 on the Magic. About 2 months before the cruise, one of my brothers was diagnosed with cancer. Still given the go ahead by the doctors - until he couldn't breath as the chemo had damaged his lungs severely. He ended up on a ventilator and due to massive amounts of steroids and prayers, his lungs healed and he is on the road to recovery. He had surgery to remove the cancer and followed up with radiation and is now able to walk again with the use of walker or cane but still has a long way to go to get back to "normal". So, after cancelling our cruise on the Magic we decided to to a "Thanksgiving Cruise" as our family has a lot to be thankful for and the Valor fit our schedule. No longer a week long cruise or out of a tropical port but we were going to make the best of it. We flew into Houston. I had arranged transportation to & from Galveston with Island Breeze. They were fantastic. They provided everything including 2 car seats for my grandchildren. They emailed the day before we arrived and made phone contact once we landed at the airport. Our driver Marty navigated thru rush hour holiday traffic and even made a stop at Buc Ees (sorry if misspelled) so we could get snacks, pop and wine. He even got a luggage rack and helped us with our luggage once we arrived at The Harbor House in Galveston. Dee at the Harbor House had called a day before we left to arrange our shuttle to the ship times. She was working at the front desk when we arrived and is a very warm and hospitable person. The Harbor House is within walking distance to the ship but with my brother's mobility issues we took advantage of the free shuttle service. We ate at the Olymlpia Grill which was both tasty and very convenient. A continental breakfast with substantial offerings is provided in the morning. I apologize to any other guest who may have been awoken to by the squeals my grandkids made when they were able to see the ship arriving. The views were fantastic. A private shuttle bus arrived while we were outside waiting for the motel shuttle. The weather was overcast, windy and a little cool. The driver in the private shuttle offered to let us sit in her heated shuttle. That was so nice of her but we explained that we were from the midwest so we were more than comfortable. Our motel shuttle was also smooth. The driver let us hand the luggage to him to load and drove us a couple blocks over where....a porter had just unloaded a luggage cart from passengers that were on the previous cruise. The driver and porter pretty much handled all the luggage from there. I have never, ever had anything work out so smoothly. This was the first time I had ever cruised out of Galveston. I am used to Miami, New Orleans and Port Canaveral. The Galveston port just had a different vibe, not bad - just different. The others seemed to put you in a more tropical mood but maybe that is just me. The whole process was smooth and painless and the every staff person we met was super friendly - and they were working on Thanksgiving Day!! I did not encounter one grumpy person at all. This was the first cruise for 7 out of our group of 12 and I really, really wanted them to love cruising as much as I do. THANK YOU GALVESTON AND CARNIVAL VALOR!! We all had Faster to the Fun and boarded early and painlessly. We had 4 cabins next door to each other on the Lido and one cabin on the Spa deck as there weren't any cabins for 4 available on the Lido when we booked. We went to grab lunch first. While everyone was visiting, I checked our cabins to see if they were ready. I figured those of us on the Lido may have the same room steward and didn't want to overwhelm him with us all arriving early and at the same time. Our cards were all in the mail boxes so I am probably on camera being seen grabbing all of them. Our luggage all showed up pretty quickly. I have bright green luggage and one of my brothers was always able to spot it getting loaded onto the airplane and also when we were walking the "gangway" onto the ship. The teens in our group took off to explore after the unpacking. I had to wait around as the deadbolt in my cabin door wasn't working and the previous passengers had left the safe door locked open. Even with it being busy with all the people boarding, both items were taken care of while I was unpacking. Muster was as usual. I do wish they would talk louder or broadcast all of the instructions. My past experience with muster is that there is always one or two passengers that have had too much to drink already and a comedian or two in the group. I did NOT encounter that on this trip. I wonder if most of the passengers were also family groups even though this was a 4 day cruise. Our group would scatter during the day. We all had the chat app and I can't say enough about how much that was appreciated. We had two people in our group that did not always receive the texts but other than that, it worked fantastic. We had anytime dining and ate 3 out of the 4 nights in the Lincoln Dining Room. Again, I cannot emphasize how great our experience was. Because of our group size and the fact that we had a 3 & 6 year old, we did show up at 5 45 and were able to be seated together. They would push several tables together to make one long table. The wait staff were all very attentive and very good to my grand kids. One night, they brought chocolate covered strawberries to my granddaughter was was done eating but trying to steal fruit off of everyone's plates. Another night, the waiter made a pirate hat and gun out of napkins for my grandson and bird out of napkins for my granddaughter. Several of our group were apprehensive about using the dining room before the cruise and were all won over. An advantage to eating early, was that there was still time later in the evening for the teens and some of the adults to make room for pizza!! Also, not sure if it was because we were always seated early, but we did not encounter the photographers that always show up when you have just put a fork full of food in your mouth!! Our only port of call was Cozumel. We had wonderful weather. We had planned to go to Chanknaab but ended up taking a large taxi to Buccano's and then shopped before getting back on the ship. The weather turned out great. The kids were able to snorkel. The place was nice and clean and my Mom was happy with her choice so it was all good. Other passengers!! This was also a first for me. I had warned our first timers that they may have trouble finding empty deck chairs due to chair hogging. Not sure if we were just lucky or what - not only did we find plenty of deck chairs on our final sea day (first one was overcast & rainy), but there were even empty chairs in the Serenity Area. We did notice that whenever we were at a show or somewhere where they would ask "where are you from?" the answer was often some town in Texas. Perhaps it was a family cruise or just southern hospitality, but our fellow cruisers were all very pleasant. The one and only complaint I have about the Valor was the internet service. I had purchased the value plan. I gave up trying to connect on my tablet the first night after spending about 45 minutes. Tried my phone and could connect but then it would drop. We had a blizzard at home and I was trying to keep up on emails and track the storm as well as any flight notifications. I finally spent an extra 20 dollars to upgrade the service and it did not make any difference. I even tried using the Fun Hub computers on the last night of the cruise and the morning we disembarked. I was finally able to confirm our flights using the app on my phone. Extra's that never happen to me: My brother with the medical issues had casino cash waiting for him and ended up money ahead, he bought bingo tickets for the group one night and my other brother won $150. He also bought pull tickets (not sure what you call them) and my nephew won $500 with one of them as well as a few smaller winning tickets. My niece is a Harry Potter fanatic and was excited to see that there was a Harry Potter Trivia that she won! Most of us went to the Dive In movie one night. We did bring seasoned salt with us (learned my lesson on the Splendor last year). The comedy club was a hit with our family. We attended a couple of the production numbers (some one night, others another night), the Hasbro show, etc. One of my brothers and nephew attended a Q&A session about crew life on the ship and thought it was very informative. The teens in our group had the time of their lives and thought they were on first name basis with cruise director TJ. TJ was very upbeat but not overbearing. My favorite class of ships is the Dream class so I was grateful that our family was going to finally be able to go on a cruise. I was just disappointed that it was a shorter cruise on a smaller ship. The Valor and her crew more than made up for any doubts that I had. The ship was clean, not too hard to navigate for my brother and the crew was fantastic. Anyone thinking of sailing on her has an experience half as good as we did - you will be happy. Island Breeze was waiting for us when it was time to disembark. Our driver this day was Jim. He sent a text and asked that I call when able to do so. We had two fellow passengers that were also going to the airport. Jim gave us some interesting information about Galveston (he lives there). The drive to the airport was smooth and painless. We arrived back in Iowa two over a foot of snow. Fortunately, the roads had already been cleared and we missed having to drive in blizzard conditions that had existed earlier. If you are on the fence about going on the Valor - DO IT!
  6. Hello - We just finished our family cruise on the Dream and loved it and we are ready to book another one for fall of next year. We need to sail from New Orleans or Miami so we can drive to port and because of dates it appears our only options are the Valor or the Fantasy. What opinions do you all have on these two ships? I have read some good reviews and bad reviews on both. Thank you!
  7. Here's a little review on the Valor during Halloween. I sailed with my 24 y/o son (his first), my 4th. I honestly was nervous about the Valor just having sailed on the Breeze in July. But I loved it. The ship is smaller but I felt like I wasn't walking for miles like the Breeze (I still love the Breeze), heck I love any ship I'm on! I live in the Houston area, so I'm about an hour away, so I go down the morning of. We left about 8:30 am., I stopped at Buccee's, to get my room steward a bag of Beaver Nuggets and for a few other staff that stands out to me. So we arrive at our parking at EZ Cruise about 10ish, it was simple, didn't wait no more than 5 minutes for a shuttle to take us to port. We arrive at port and walk right in (we had FTTF), go through security, check in and we were sitting in the terminal by 10:30. We got off after the Plats and Diamonds (no weddings). We were in our room by 11:20; we dropped our carry-on's, I hung up my door banner and was heading out to grab some lunch and my sons luggage was at the door, we put it inside and head back out again. We're walking down the hall and I see my luggage, we grab it and put it in the room. Now we're headed to grab some food! My son got Guy's Burger and I just got something light off the buffet. I always go to the Welcome Aboard show, he spent time in the casino. Our first port day, we participated in a cabin crawl, Halloween goody bag exchange and slot pull; my first time for these events, I would definitely do it again! So fun seeing the different types of rooms. I went to all the shows; he enjoyed the casino. TJ the Cruise Director is full of energy and a lot of fun! In Cozumel, we went to Paradise Beach! In Progreso we did a ATV and private beach excursion through Carnival, that was pretty fun. My son said the ATV's could have been more adventurous. Last sea day was really windy, so we didn't spend a lot of time outside. I played bingo a few times, no luck! Halloween night was so fun! So many cool costumes. The Fun Squad hosted a Halloween parade throughout the ship. I didn't see a ton of kids during this sailing but I know they had their own trick or treating going on. All the shows were great. I tried Guy's Burger for the first time, it didn't disappoint. We only ate in the MDR once (Halloween night) and we went in costume. Our room steward was fantastic! We had cabin 6204 (4J), I loved that room, so cozy and perfect for us. We had the "secret deck" just a few doors down, no one goes out there! The band (I can't remember their name), played in the Red Frog Pub, I enjoyed them! The Playlist Production cast is so talented, my favorite is Crystal.
  8. My wife and I are getting excited for our (1st) cruise. We've been going through GOOGLE for the last month reading reviews and so forth, but I'm interested in other VALOR riders inputs on any good tips, secrets, lessons learned that you can share with some new riders. Thanks for your help.
  9. Were sailing on the Valor soon and wondering if anyone has any very recent menus or reviews? Thanks for any input! We have sailed on the Freedom, Liberty, Breeze, Dream & Conquest.
  10. CruiseMomTX

    Valor your time dining?

    How does your time dinging work on the Valor? This will be our first time to have your time dining also. Thanks for any help!
  11. cowprintrabbit

    Valor mattresses?

    Just call me the princess and the pea! :D I have 15" of metal and 20 screws in my back - the last time I was on Carnival they doubled up the mattresses for me and the time before that they still had eggcrate upon request. I know a lot of cruise lines are going to more luxury mattresses; can anyone who's been on the Valor lately tell me how the beds were? We're in an Oceanview Balcony.
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/88CEW8ETKMeM49E48 Twenty-nine on the funnel folks in the books, this completed our Conquest Class set, great time, fun crew, good food, perfect weather and we introduced two new couples to cruising from just down the freeway. The Valor is a little worn, a little dated but it's a great time. Download the Hub app (it worked flawless) and plan your days well in advance. I loved the reminders about things we wanted to do. Chair hog population is Texas style feral...
  13. mattcj89

    Valor 5 Day Menus

    Does anyone have Valor 5 day mdr menus to share? Thanks in advance!
  14. nikkijohn

    Valor room 6211

    we did balcony guarentee, first cruise, and we got 6211. It is catagory 8a. Being as this first cruise I don't know if this is good or bad. It is on deck 6, the upper deck towards the front and over the Ivanho. any information would be great:confused:
  15. Does anyone know if issues on the Valor today? My brother just told me that they were sent to the Lido deck for lunch, but have yet to get their ID card? That's confusing, as how did they get on the ship w/out the ID card?
  16. We are sailing on Valor October 1-6, 2018. I was tryining to locate where to put my reservation for the Steakhouse before we sail, but I can't seem to find it. Can you do it before you sail or do I have to wait till I board? Thank you :)
  17. Good morning CC friends! We leave Monday on the Valor and last night, while surfing the Carnival website, I checked our cruise (which has been sold out) and someone had cancelled a Scenic Oceanview (cabin 9200) so I called Carnival and was able to change cabins and BOOK IT!!! There are only 2 of these cabins on the entire ship. Have any of you ever stayed in this cabin, or one similar to it? From the reviews I've read, it looks amazing! I have a few questions: 1st question is, for those that have stayed in this cabin, I know the "deck" out front is not a public deck and is only for crew, but do they notify you when crew will be working on the front of the ship? I just don't want to be sitting in my pjs and some crew member is staring in my window, lol. 2nd question is: I know the windows must be closed at night if we have the cabin lights on, but can we still leave them open if we only have the tv or bathroom light on? 3rd question is: I read somewhere that if I'm sitting on the L shaped recliner sofa, the Captains Suite can see me. From the videos/pics I've seen of the Captains Suite, the balcony is on the opposite end of our cabin and the couches are in front of their windows, so I'm confused as to how they can see in our cabin. Thanks for your help in answering my questions. I'm REALLY EXCITED about this cabin, how HUGE it is (320 sq ft) and we're only steps away from the ice cream 😉
  18. CrissyfromMissouri

    Menus and Fun Times for Valor

    Hello we are sailing on the Carnival Valor on November 3rd Thru the 8th to Cozumel and Progreso. Does anyone have copies of the menus or fun times that I can look at. Also if someone has a room service menu that would be awesome as well. Thank you this is our first time sailing The Valor and only 2nd cruise ever so we're still kind of new at this
  19. Good morning! This is a strange question but I need some help. I've searched and googled pictures and/or videos and can't find any specific to answer my question. I'm leaving on the Valor on Thursday with a friend. She has a Cpap machine and my husband is helping her with a power strip set up for her machine. I need to know if the counter/desk space is on the left or the right of the room when you walk in the door. Does anyone know this specific answer for cabin 2273? The way he's applying the adhesive strips depends on which way he turns the power strip but he need to know if the counter/desk is on the left or the right as you enter the room? Thanks so much for your help!
  20. Hi, gang! Cruising over Christmas on the Carnival valor. We have a balcony cabin. I have heard through the grapevine that we can request a fan, and fans will be provided on a first come, first served basis. With a balcony, are we going to need a fan? I figure we can just enjoy the balmy island breeze. However, what has been your experiences?
  21. I know that I saw on their website reviews for specific ships. However, I have been looking on all day to try and find the Valor reviews, menus, fun times etc on their website and I can't seem to locate it .. was I imagining it? :o:confused::confused::confused:
  22. We want to take our twins on a short cruise for their 10th birthday (October 2019). I know the shorter cruises are considered the party cruises, but we do a longer cruise every March so this cruise has to be short so they don't miss too much school. I've been doing research to try and see which ships have Water Works, Guy's Burger, Red Frog Bar, etc. But I am hoping to get some input from those that have been on these ships. Which is better????
  23. Cruiserbarbie

    Towel animal theatre-Valor

    What fun, very cute, kids got it, adults got it. Don't miss it no matter how old or young you are!
  24. Just got off the Valor today. Some observations: The ship seems to be in good shape overall. This was our third voyage on her. The safety drill was wheels off. People talking and would not be quite. Very disorganized. Our loud speaker didn't work (mustar station D) so we couldn't hear much. Crew and pax both with attitude and almost getting in each others face. Really. It sorta prepared me as to what was to come pax wise since we had been warned about the short Carnival cruises. The good news was the food is as good as its been in our past 8 plus cruises. In fact, the dining room night one was fantastic from start to finish. The buffet had carved meats each day and was the usual fare. Not five star but we saw no significant decline. We did not go to any of the shows. The entertainment was OK but last May on the Breeze we had superb entertainment. The best weve ever experienced on a cruise. This voyage had over 800 pax that purchased CHEERS! That was apparent quickly on our first sea day. More F bombs and LOUD people than Ive ever heard on a cruise. The black t-shirt with white block letters of F U spelled out we saw was worn with attitude. Several young partiers counting down the 5 min to the next shot (this was a bit after 1PM on our first sea day). The lido buffet area had some gents playing dominos and it was if extra points were awarded for slamming the dominos the loudest. You could see the crew cringe. Yesterday they were up on deck 10 and you could still hear them. I went to GS the first morning for change and saw someone complain about a $10 cc hold and a group of ladies have their gratuities removed. Serenity even turned into people playing music and lots of loud drinkers as well. There were several groups that were very loud on this cruise. We were up at Serenity from 10am to 5:30pm the first day at sea. I put my headphones on and relaxed anyhow. The pool on our first sea day was as packed and loud as ever. Didn't bother me -headphones. Our dining room staff was OK. Not great as we had second seating and the dining room was almost half empty each night. The organization was a bit wheels off as people were moved around and not placed together. There was a 10 topper next to us that was empty each night. Another had a couple at it each night. Our room steward was good but not great. We asked for AM and PM turndown service and received both on two days. Bar staff were slammed most of the time (especially lobby). Good drinks but fair service throughout from the bar staff. A few great massage treatments and a solid mani-pedi was received. We went to Nachi in Cozumel and it was on par. Seas were very calm. This is the first inside cabin we have had since our first. It was cool and quite outside of the running, LOUD talking and the door slamming that seemed constant. Very comfortable bed! Galveston was a real mess this morning with all the flooding. VERY little police out near the streets assisting everyone. The front end of our car received some damage from moving through the high water. Lesson learned for us, were out on the four day runs...
  25. We are sailing on the Valor for the first time and need help choosing a cabin/location. We love the cove balconies on the Breeze but the Valor doesn't have coves so will probably book a balcony or possibly a suite if we can get it cheap enough. Any thoughts on cabin locations? What is your favorite cabin #/location? Thanks for any input!