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  1. ... Tell me if you've heard this one before”. Just a little bit of levity to lighten things up. I hope everyone will find something to contribute. A guy walks into a bar. He leans over and says to the bartender, "Hey, will you give me a free beer if I show you something so amazing that I can guarantee you've never seen it before?" The bartender says, "Okay, but it had better be good." The man reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a hamster. He sets the hamster down on the bar. It scurries about, jumps off the end, turns a perfect somersault in mida
  2. If anyone has stayed in the RS on EDGE, I am wondering here about balcony access. Have seen several videos where they access the balcony from the bedroom, but cannot tell if you can also access from the living room? It looks like there is a slider from there, but it may just also be a floor to ceiling window. Either way I am guessing it would be the same on APEX. THX!
  3. Email tonight cancelling our APRIL 2022 cruise. It’s the CDC to blame and absolute nothing to do with the fact that we already have the perks included in our cruise fare that we will have to pay for with Always Included. We are pleased to advise that the Celebrity Silhouette® will be sailing very similar 10 and 11-night Southern Caribbean itineraries between November 12th, 2021 and April 8th, 2022. You will have the option to rebook on one of these dates or any other Caribbean voyage in 2021/22, departing between October 2021 and April 2022, at prevailing rates.
  4. First ever time on celebrity and I have booked Aqua Class for 2021. However we are both wondering now if The Retreat and added benefits will be right up our street. Anyone who has been on The Edge, would you recommend that extra investment? I've read in some reviews about lack of inside bars and long wait times for a drink but does anyone else think that is a big problem? I'm always happy to wait a little while when on holiday. Thanks in advance for any help tips or advice.
  5. Thank you in advance for any confirmed details. Does anyone know if Celebrity is honoring same cabin price and perks from the cancelled November 12, 2021 Edge cruise if we book on one of the Silhouette cruises due to sail in November and December 2021? Our S3 suite from the Edge sailing is now more than double the cost on the Silho. And not even close in same perks. Not happy as this is the 4th time our original March 2020 cruise has been cancelled. And this one without notification from Celebrity- I found out on FB with a deadline of Dec 1 for a change plan deadline. I’
  6. Hello All- First time Celebrity cruisers going in February and booked on Edge. We were able to snag the last open Sunset Veranda yesterday but now I'm worried about its location. We are on Deck 12 in the smack dab middle of the boat. Looking at the deck plans, it looks like there's a restaurant above us? Is this an awful and noisy cabin? I can't find anything for this room exactly (12266) and I haven't found a whole bunch about the neighboring ones either. I appreciate your input.
  7. Finally ready to book for September 2021 but I need some help before we do. I think this might have been asked and answered when the Edge first sailed so I apologize in advance for asking again. I've looked at the Edge spread sheet and am able to find out if the bed is by the bath or balcony for port side AQ cabins. Since I suffer from severe motion sickness, when lying in bed, my body has to be moving forward (like driving my car) with the direction of the ship. Thanks to the S class spreadsheet, we always book port side rooms for 2 with the bed by the balcony and thankfully have never
  8. Just checking in if this cruise is still happening? Lots of new cases and see a lot in the news about cruises getting canceled but looks like this one is still on. Getting nervous because it's about 35 days away. I see post about people moving their cruise (lift and move), Can this still be done or am I locked in? Who thinks this cruise will set sail on Dec 6th this year?
  9. Is this suite restaurant the same as Blu - cannot make reservations - just go when you are ready to dine? Thank you!
  10. We are booked on 12/06/2020 Celebrity Edge. No beverage package at this time but I am looking at purchasing the "Premium Package" or the "Drinks and More Package" Is it possible to purchase a package just for myself and not for my wife? My wife does not drink much, usually just 1 or 2 per day and we would just pay for her drinks as we go. Does celebrity allow you to purchase a drink package for just one passenger in a room or does every adult in room need to purchase the package like other cruises lines (NCL) require? Thanks!
  11. We are planning our winter 2022 cruise at present , probably in February. We have cruised exclusively with Royal Caribbean (have reached diamond status) in the last few years , and enjoy both their new and older ships. Our favourite ship is probably Anthem or Ovation. We are considering booking Edge - it has a nice southern Caribbean itinerary . How would we find Edge compared to Anthem for instance. I should also ask how they are with celiac disease - my wife had this unfortunate affliction and Royal are very good with it. Also I believe they will reciprocate our dia
  12. These S3 cabins seem like a real value way to get into a suite and the Retreat amenities but I wonder if the Magic Carpet going up and down occasionally is an issue. Are they still worth it or should I bump up to an S2 Sky Suite on the port side ? Also, in general, for those with experience, is the Retreat and a Sky Suite worth the additional up chare from an Aqua Class room ? TIA
  13. If you book a spa treatment such as acupuncture or massage, do you also get access to the relaxation areas for that day or before massage?
  14. Just booked the Edge sailing for next March and keeping fingers crossed. I booked Aqua Class 1 cabin 10189 and was wondering if anyone had traveled in a similar cabin as it is right next to what looks like suite room with a part that is jutting out. Is this a problem viewing since the confirmation from the TA notes there is an obstruction?
  15. All of the reviews I have read on Cruise Critic are pretty negative about the Infinite Verandas. So should I even consider booking one of these rooms?
  16. We sailed Celebrity summit the week before COVID shutdown in March. Hoping to et back sailing next year sometime. I got a casino rate offer in the email today and the rates they are offering are awesome. We are looking at an Edge sailing on April 4, Western route. Some questions about edge though...... Veranda vs Aqua Class? We sailed Aqua on Summit and liked it. Not sure the increase in price is worth it though. Blu was very nice, we didn't use the Persian Garden much. Felt that the A2 locations on Summit, while very nice, were a tad noisy, being right under t
  17. We're booking a balcony on deck 6 and trying to avoid the smoking area around us. Does anyone know what side is the smoking area down there? Thanks!
  18. I know that there is no definite night that the formal night is held, but does anyone have a roundabout guess of which night(s) it would be on a 14 day crossing? Also, are there any theme nights on this type of crossing, and if so, what type?
  19. Any issues with soot, etc? Any other comments welcomed re this cabin type on the Edge.
  20. 1) OV (Rm3135): Bed + sofa + window Same as my room (Deluxe inside) except it has a window and drink package. 2) OV Veranda (Rm 9303)- The window comes down. So it's like a port hole balcony 3) Obstructed infinite veranda (Rm 6169)- Partially obstructed with life boat. The top part of the window comes down, like a car window. If you don't include the balcony, the room itself seems only slightly bigger than my Deluxe inside. 4) Unobstructed infinite veranda (Rm 7193) 5) Concierge class infinite veranda (Rm11114, connec
  21. Can anyone help me on avoiding obstructed veranda rooms on Edge deck 6 and 7 . I understand cabins behind the up and down restaurant on starboard side are obstructed but there seems to also be obstructed cabins forward too. Don’t mind which type of veranda . Help!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. If anyone has stayed in either of these sky suites - please send a picture of balcony if you have one. Also, was there much noise being near the elevators and steps? Any other comments - pro or con about these 2 cabin locations would be greatly appreciated. Or any other pics - but prefer balcony pics - thank you so much - appreciate your time.
  23. Hi. I’m thinking of booking my first suite with Celebrity for some time on Apex next year - probably a S1. Ive sailed with Cunard in the Queens Grill and recognise that the experience will be a total contrast which I’m looking forward to. A few of questions if I may:- 1) I’ve seen a couple of posts that suggest you can make special requests for items that do not feature on the menu and chef will prepare them with 24 hrs notice. Is that the case? With Cunard Queens Grill it is actively encouraged. We don't do it often but sometimes it’s useful. 2) Have
  24. I took these pics today of CELEBRITY EDGE docked at Royal Caribbean's new PortMiami terminal. She looks absolutely stunning ... ready to embark a group of excited new passengers. I truly look forward to the day that I'm walking down the gangway embarking on a fantastic voyage on this incredibly beautiful ship. Not sure if seeing her helped or made my cruise withdraw that much worse.
  25. We are very fortunate to have a suite booked for our upcoming Apex cruise. We would like to visit one specialty restaurant to use up some abc. If you had to chose just one, which would it be? Thanks everyone. Rollie
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