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  1. Does anyone know if Celebrity Silhouette got an upgrade since the ship entered service in 2012? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if you could get mike’s hard lemonade or Smirnoff ice on silhouette
  3. If anyone sailing on the Silhouette in the upcoming weeks could check out the pool bar and see if the bartender Melbourne is still there. We have a gift for him. We are sailing March 15th. Thank you in advance. Really appreciate it. Oh.....and anyone have MDR menu. We are sailing the 9 night southern Caribbean. Thanks
  4. We've had two cruises on Equinox, Western Carib in 2014 and Med (Barcelona to Athens) in 2015, and loved them both. We're booked on Silhouette for a Caribbean sailing on 3/24. Looking on the website, I'm seeing more differences than expected between the two S class ships. Things we particularly liked on Equinox -- Oceanview Bar, provided a shady area for drinks in the rear of the ship. Gastropub, craft beers! Bistro on 5, a nice change. From what I can gather, none of these are available on Silhouette. At least Café Al Bacio seems to be intact. Any Silhouette fans have ideas for substitutions?
  5. Onboard Silhouette heading back to Ft Laurderdale for arrival on Friday. This afternoon Capt George announced we will need to divert course this evening for a medical evacuation. We will be nearing Turks and Caicos around 9:30pm and a boat will meet the ship to take the patient. Prayers to the family that all will be okay.
  6. We have just returned from 12 night cruise.We have done over 30 cruises on Celebrity. I have food allergies and have never had a problem as everything in the buffet was clearly labeled until this cruise. No ingredients listed at all. I spoke to the food manager and he told me they are trying out a new system, no more will they be listing the ingredients but i could ask..Are they kidding...the staff have no clue what is in every dish. The bran muffins say bran muffins.Well one day they had no nuts a day later they contained nuts Pasta salad...had fish in it one day but not the next So if you have food allergies the buffet is now off limits.
  7. Anyone have any thoughts or information on silhouette on January 31 and February 14 . Not on web site to book. Last time I noticed something like this I was on silhouette February 2 and it was canceled. This the same for these. Thanks in advance for any hope or info
  8. I'm having a heck of a time finding info on how deep the pools are on the Silhouette. Anyone have this answer? Thanks in advance .......
  9. Hi. we are on the Baltic Cruise out of Southampton 19th May. 1. Are there tea making facilities in the balcony state rooms 2. Can you get water in the classic drinks package 3.Can you bring water back on board from shore trips 4. Are there tea/coffee stations around the ship. Thanks very much
  10. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked lots before so thanks in advance. I was wondering if there’s any up to date Menus for the Specialty restaurants on the Silhouette. Also on our cruise planner it says the Le Petit Chef is in Qsine is that the only menu for that restaurant on Silhouette? Just checking as my Parents went in Qsine on another celebrity ship and it wasn’t the Le petit chef. Also do you think it’s any cheaper too book onboard rather then the cruise planner?. We are Elites is there any discount for specialty restaurants?. many thanks Dillie
  11. I'm on the Feb 10 sailing of the Silhouette and very much look forward to the evening entertainment. Can someone please tell me about the current production shows on this ship?
  12. Do very many passengers still participate in the fixed dinner seatings? i recently cruised in Aqua and enjoyed Blu. My next cruise will be with my husband, and he really enjoys the fixed seating arrangement. i would love to hear some feedback! Thank you in advance.
  13. We recently did Caribbean cruises on the Riviera and Silhouette. This was our fifth cruise on Oceania, and we are Elite Plus on Celebrity. Both cruises were excellent, but there are some interesting differences when you compare the experiences. THE SHIPS They are about the same age. Riviera entered service in 2012, and Silhouette in 2011. Silhouette is twice the size of Riviera (122,400 tons/2886 passengers vs 66,084 tons/1250 passengers). Yet they feel a full generation apart. Silhouette seems far more modern, and conceptually more advanced, then Riviera. Riviera is comfortable and homey. Silhouette is simply stunning. The biggest miss in the design of Riviera is the absence of a lively central hub. The Lobby on Silhouette rises several decks, and is surrounded by bars, lounges and restaurants. It is lively. Other modern ships, eg Viking, have a living central hub. Riviera does not. There is no promenade deck on Riviera. ACCOMODATION As we had a suite on Riviera, and verandah cabin on Silhouette, it is not fair to compare. As others have noted, storage space is somewhat limited in the S-Class cabins.The suite on Riviera was very well designed. Bedding, towels etc were far superior. FOOD Oceania claims "The Finest Cuisine At Sea". Celebrity also takes pride in its cuisine. This was my experience: Breakfast - Oceanview Cafe (Silhouette) was far, far superior to Terrace Cafe.(Riviera). Far more choice on Silhouette. For example, Silhouette had a large choice of Eggs Benedict each day (Salmon, Ham, Veg etc), Riviera only ham. Silhouette also innovated each day, eg a donut bar on one day. Lunch- Very poor on Oceania. Very limited choices. Silhouette had a very big choice. Also, island layout on Silhouette was far better. Also innovated at lunch, eg a gravlax bar one day. Food quality was equal on Silhouette and Riviera. Dinner - MDR choice and quality was equal. Both menus are somewhat limited. Speciality Restaurants - Far superior on Riviera. Jacques, Polo Grill and Toscana all outstanding food and service. On Silhouette, we had a very good steak at Lawn Club Grill, but Tuscan Grill was no better then MDR, and Murano was not as good as it used to be. Service hours - something always open and available on Silhouette, for example if you got back to the ship mid afternoon. This was a problem on Riviera. Mid afternoon, only option was a hamburger or room service. Tea at 4pm was not as good as it used to be. Coffee - Lattes at Baristas on Riviera were far better than the ones at Cafe Al Bacio on Silhouette. ENTERTAINMENT Some years ago, we had a terrible cruise on Reflection, where the music from the Miami DJs was so loud that you could not sit at the pool or walk through the lobby. We actually stayed away from Celebrity for a few years after that experience. Well, I am very pleased to say that the music on Silhouette at the pool, in the lobby, at the shows was lively but at a reasonable volume. The shows on Riviera tended to be more old-fashioned Broadway , whereas shows on Silhouette were more modern and innovative. SERVICE Excellent on both ships PAX On Silhouette, majority were born in the 1950's and 1940's. Perhaps just slightly older on Riviera. CHAIR HOGS Alive and well on Silhouette. On sea days, by 7am, ALL the loungers in the shade on the non-smoking side of the pool were covered in towels!! There was never a problem getting a shady lounger on Riviera. NET Both were excellent vacations. Each has some pros and cons. I would happily sail on either ship again.
  14. We are on the Silhouette sailing May 7 out of Southampton. In looking at the excursions for St Peter Port, Celebrity lists a "Juniper and Jewels" small group tour. There is no further information on the web site and when we called Celebrity to ask about it, the person we spoke with was not able to find any information either. Is anyone familiar with this one? here is the link- https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/12-night-iceland-and-ireland-cruise-from-southampton-england?packageID=SI12Q031&sDT=2019-05-07&cCD=CO&aCB=false
  15. Hi, I am considering a 2 wk med cruise from UK. I saw a review that this ship is unstable? Don't like the sound of that. What do you like and dislike about Celebrity? What about this ship? The other option is Sapphire Princess - thoughts too? Cheers
  16. I’m a UK ACOL bridge player travelling solo and wondering whether there will there be much opportunity to play on a 14 night cruise with 5 sea days? Thanks!
  17. Can any one tell me the early and late show times On the Sihlouette ABC cruise
  18. We are interested in booking a 9 night cruise on Silhouette on Feb 14, 2020. Party of five- myself, husband, two kids, nanny. We sailed on Reflection with this setup in November in two connecting Concierge cabins and it was quite successful. The TA I contacted today did not show ANY 3 berth rooms available at any level for this sailing... 11 months out. Seems odd. Then I realized X does not even display this cruise on their website. What is going on? I really want this 9 night trip to the ABCs!
  19. Is the Porch still on the Silhouette? I called Celebrity and the person I spoke with couldn't confirm (said there had been changes to restaurants like Quisine to LePetite Chef etc and wasn't sure if the Porch was still an available option for dining. It's not listed under Dining options when I go into Cruise Planner on my reservation, but on the main Celebrity website, it shows The Porch as one of the restaurants, but when I click on "make reservation" and put in my booking #, I'm taken to the Dining options that only list Tuscan Grill, Murano's, Lawn Club Grill, and the packages. Anybody been on the Silhouette lately that knows? Thanks in advance for the info!
  20. Looking at booking a sky and a CS, but which CS do i book, one with an angled balcony, which i am assuming is referred to as on the hump. Or one next door with a straight balcony onto the sea, both midships. Thanks
  21. I will be on the Silhouette for the first time next month (Southern Caribbean). Is the behind the scenes ship tour something you would recommend?
  22. My research tells me that there are some sky suites on Silhouette that have smaller balconies than others. I have the option of a deck 10 aft and a deck 9 aft. Any reasons why one is preferable or are both similarly bad/good? Thanks
  23. Hello I was wondering if anyone might know cabin door sizes for an inside s9 cabin?. I want to make sure that I won’t have any problems with wheelchair or possibly scooter getting through. Such a shame we couldn’t get accessible cabin. I think it will be ok I just want to double check. thanks Dillie
  24. Hello I tried to search for an answer but didn't find one for the Silhouette. When we tender in GC do they give out tender tickets the night before so you know what time you can tender in, or is it just first come/line up for the tenders? I understand if you have a ship excursion you probably receive tender time/information. Our excursion is as soon as we can tender off with a local company. Also do they use the 300+ GC passenger tenders, or the Celebrity life boats as tenders? I have been to GC several times on other ships having them use both options. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  25. The service was very good, the maître d'hôtel was excellent, as were the two sommeliers. Most of the meals were fine but nothing to write home about, and the restaurant is quite noisy, making conversation difficult depending on where our table was located. We did B2Bs on the Silhouette this month, so we dined in Blu twenty one times. We learned that what was described on the menu was not always what was delivered to the table. Grilled trout turned out to be two skinless filets of fish which might have been trout but could easily have been tilapia. They were served in a bowl, and looked to be poached, and certainly were not grilled. Lump crab risotto: there was no sign of lump crab, in fact there was no sign of real crab. Instead eight or ten threads of what our local supermarkets sell as Krabmeat to distinguish this man made concoction from real crab were laid across the risotto. That was what was passed off as lump crab. A waiter told us that Krabmeat was also used in the crab cake appetizer which was to appear on the menu later in the cruise. Apparently, anything that was supposed to have crab in it actually had this ersatz mixture. One night my wife mentioned to our server that I had been salivating all afternoon over the prospect of digging the marrow out of the veal shank in the osso bucco being served that night. We were immediately informed that the veal was off the bone. Osso bucco is a classic Milanese dish. The marrow in the bone is a prized delicacy and without the bone, there is no osso bucco. It's that simple. Surely, a professional chef knows this. How can Celebrity pawn this off on it's customers, most of whom are well traveled and surely know what defines osso bucco. Incidentally, for those who have forgotten their high school Latin, osso means bone. We continued for a third leg but in a veranda on the Reflection. We ate every night in the MDR and we had splendid meals each time. The meat which tended to be tough on the Silhouette was as tender as it could be on the Reflection. Lamb chops were perfectly prepared and I almost didn't need a knife to cut them I had a second order and they were equal to the first. Given the choice between Blu on the Silhouette or the MDR on the Reflection, sign me up for the MDR. It has occurred to me that the MDR on our September cruise on the Equinox was also excellent. And Luminae is quite average, So why pay extra for Aqua or a suite? To be sure, there were some excellent items served in Blu. The steak tartare was excellent, the best I've ever had. The salmon tartare was also outstanding. Sweetbreads were served one night and fortunately, I had the foresight to order a double portion. They were well prepared and served on breaded slices of tomato. Very good, a real delicacy, and hard to find. But overall the meals in Blu were passable, not at all memorable, with few exceptions. My advice is if you see one of your favorite dishes on the menu, be sure to ask what goes into them. Any restaurant can run out of certain items and restaurants on a ship are probably more prone to shortages. When this happens, isn't it appropriate for the cooks to inform the wait staff who should advise the diners that changes have been made?
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