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  1. Milford Sound; Dec 31, 2019 Background I had many mixed feelings about writing this photo review. Originally I was all motivated to get it out quickly for those who were taking a New Zealand sailing later in the season. But then the COVID-19 virus brought the travel world to a standstill and my desire for publishing this faded away. But with this extended cruise stoppage now set to enter its 7th calendar month, I am getting restless and I have decided to publish something after all. For all I know it may be a story about how cruising was before t
  2. Any negative experience with a bow facing cabin? Looking at deck 7 or 8. I know about the anchor and thrusters being fwd. Deck 8 looks like a better view, but anyone experience noise from the above bridge deck? Thanks in advance.
  3. Agincourt Reef from the air located 40 miles northeast of Port Douglas. Jan 9 2018 I have been very busy with a new job and so it took me some time to get this review started. For the same reason, going forward there could be a couple of days between posts. However I wanted to get this out before the next Great Barrier Reef (GBR) cruise starts on Mar 30. My family of 4 (2 parents + 2 adult kids) took this round trip cruise out of Sydney last month. We spent 3 nights in Sydney before the cruise (ringing in 2018) and then did the 12 night GBR itinerary. After the cruise was over we f
  4. Can anyone say what they appreciate most about concierge class. Also is the Celebrity Solstice due a refit in 2021?
  5. Can anyone say how these two ships compare. We were on Constellation in February and we very much liked the hydrotherapy pool, which was freely available. Is it the same on Solstice? When are either of these ships going to be revolutionised?
  6. How do these two classes differ and which do people prefer. I have only been on the Constellation, an M- class ship.
  7. Help, trying to decide what to book for May/June 2021. We were booked on Solstice last June so we have a credit. DH is now eyeing the Eclipse instead. We’ve cruised the Solstice in the past but he’s concerned she’s getting old and missed her dry dock. I don’t know anything about the Eclipse, cruising out of Vancouver or that itinerary. Anything you can say about it would be welcome.
  8. Looking forward to cruising again !! We were on the Millie - in a nice Celebrity Suite a couple of years ago - loved the Suite - EXCEPT for that AWFUL HIGH, HIGH, HIGH bathtub ! (many different reviews re: that) - Anyway - booked on the Equinox for a Caribbean cruise in September 2021 (hopefully !) - (this replaces a canceled one from September 2020) ... Can anyone tell us if the tub on the Solstice Class ships are closer to NORMAL height ? (MUCH easier to climb in and out of than those on the Millennium Class ships ?) This probably sounds like a dumb/silly question to any
  9. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been on all of the S-class ships at least once and it's a design that has always ticked our boxes ever since we sailed on Equinox back in 2010. The Celebrity product has in most cases been the go-to brand because of our enjoyment of the ships and onboard environment. I was initially pleased to hear after the launch of Edge that the S-class were to get refits to bring them into line with the newer brand image, what I hadn't realised until recently was that one of our favourite places on the ship was going to be off-limits after the refit. I'm talki
  10. I recently booked a 2022 Transpacific on Solstice. During my call with Celebrity, I asked about the ship's Revolution, which was set to take place late-2021. I wasn't surprised when the representative said that all scheduled refits have been postponed. I'm sure this isn't news to all of you - I understand that these are expensive updates during a time of uncertainty and very little revenue, but it also seems logical to take advantage of the downtime in order to complete the work. I've read quite a few recent reviews that said Solstice seems run down even though she was refurbished
  11. And what are they? Looking to hopefully go to Alaska next year, staying in an aft cabin and was curious what everyone's thoughts were. Also....how are those aft cabins? 😉
  12. Has Celebrity given any thought to embarking Solstice out of Vancouver on the Alaska run, instead of Seattle?
  13. We haven't sailed a Solstice class ship in a while, and I don't recall there being so many different classes. I understand the differences between Standard veranda's, and the Concierge and Aqua veranda's (not the Veranda differences themselves, but the class). Is there any difference between the "2" class standard veranda cabins and the "1" class standard veranda cabins? In other words, what is the difference between, say, a 2B and 1B....strictly location? I'm just using the 2B and 1B as an example....I guess I'm curious about any distinction between any of the 1's and 2's....
  14. We are going to be doing a lift and shift which is going to have us move from a Millennium class ship in a 2C to a Solstice class ship. The Solstice class appear to have quite a few more categories of Veranda cabins than Millennium, so I’m wondering which category is Celebrity going to consider comparable on Solstice to our 2C on Millennium?
  15. Greetings CC's, With the lockdown, we've had time to finally go through all the footage from our first Celebrity cruise onboard the Solstice. Check it out as we also have a lot of other cruise videos onboard other lines. Subscribe to our channel if you enjoy as it encourages us to document more of our vacations. Thanks in advance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLLdPpEIP0U
  16. Does anyone know the trick to figure the layout of the balcony cabins? 7310 on Equinox is what I’m interested in hearing about Orr seeing a photo. Thanks. Alice
  17. Does the Solstice still have the giant X across the hump balconies? I'm reading conflicting answers.We have a cabin on Deck 7 booked on the Hump, and I'd hate to look out at a painted white pane of balcony glass.
  18. At the top of these boards, it says “write a review”, so here goes, in live, blogging style. Below you can see links to our last two cruise blogs. One at nearly 159,000 views from the Med on the Solstice, while the July 2010 Norway coast review is at nearly 132,000 views. It seems that the visuals make a big, interesting difference, sharing the beauty and drama from these wonderful areas. Tell me what you like, any questions, suggestions, etc. Our party and experiences?: We are traveling with five other couples from Central Ohio and one we hooked up with on the Norway cruise from the
  19. Hi! Just booked 2022 Solstice cruise cabin #1064 - Concierge. (I know - a long wait. Sigh.) But still very excited!!!!! Any comments on this cabin/location/etc? I saw that there are support braces from two decks above, but they don't appear to be too much of an obstruction. In German there is an expression that the nicest joy is the joy of "looking forward". I will certainly be testing that saying with a two year wait. Any input would be so appreciated. Thanks!! 😀
  20. Best I can tell the Celebrity Solstice still doesn't have a mobile app (at least for Android). Am I missing something?
  21. Can someone tell me which concierge class cabins on the hump of deck 12 have the largest balconies on the Solstice class ships?
  22. Hello - We are still optimistically planning on going on our September (2020) Caribbean cruise on the Equinox. Currently booked in an S2 Sky Suite on Deck 11 (love those AFT suites !) We have the chance to upgrade to S1 Sky Suite 6035 - nice CORNER AFT suite (!) - Wondering if we would be hearing noise from the restaurant below ? or other problems ? Lots on info on Cabin 6035 on other class X ships - can't seem to find much on this ship (or this class of X ships) Thanks for any guidance you can offer if this is a good change - is the balcony better/bigger ??
  23. Can someone recommend a 2C cabin on deck 6 of the Solstice class ships where the obstruction is not that bad? I am looking at the 2C cabins on the Eclipse but I believe the deck plan is the same on all of the Solstice class ships. I like the price of these cabins but I do not want the obstruction to be too large.
  24. From the Ministry of Health, New Zealand https://www.health.govt.nz/news-media/media-releases/covid-19-update-ruby-princess-and-celebrity-solstice-cruises Info for those who were on the cruise and/or their close contacts. Celebrity Solstice One of the confirmed cases announced today – the Auckland man in his 60s – was also on an Australian cruise on the Celebrity Solstice around New Zealand. He joined the cruise in Auckland on 10 March and departed the cruise in Dunedin – before he returned separately to Auckland. The ship visited Tauranga (Mar 11), Picton
  25. I've having a hard time comparing them in terms of the physical layout.
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