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  1. Hi folks, I am new to Celebrity and love my pIzza. I have cruised on Holland America 6 times and loved the pizza on those ships that have it made to ordered and greatly disliked that which is made and placed on trays in the buffet. Does the Solstice have made to order pizza or do I need to look for something else?
  2. TXRed

    Solstice Secrets

    Hi Cruisers! We have booked our first trip on Celebrity...the Solstice to Alaska out of Seattle May 17, 2019. I know every ship has it's little hidden secrets and gems, soooooooooooo:ship::ship:please share what knowledge you have about those secrets & gems...thanks:ship:...did I say we are EXCITED!!
  3. jeedup

    The Card Room Solstice

    Greetings all, our family were on the Solstice from Sydney to the South Pacific in January this year & we had a great time. I want to buy a copy of the jigsaw puzzle that was on the ship in the card room for my daughter. Does anybody remember the name of the puzzle? Thanks in advance.
  4. ticktock01

    Bistro on 5 - Solstice

    I know that the Bistro on 5 was replaced by a Sushi restaurant on some of the Celebrity ships. However, I noticed on some cruise ship websites it still shows that it is on the Solstice. I wonder if these are old websites or it really does exist. I enjoyed that restaurant. Does anyone have any up to date info about Bistro on 5 on the Solstice?
  5. We have booked aft 9382 on Celebrity Solstice. Looks like the balcony is bigger but is the actual cabin size on the inside the same as all the other aft cabins or is it bigger? I've tried calling Celebrity but they just quote me standard rooms sizes. Appreciate your help.
  6. We're doing our first Celebrity cruise next year to New Zealand so I'm starting to delve into the research side of things. I've searched the boards but haven't found a clear answer to these questions, so I thought I'd start a new topic. We are in Aqua class - a lot of reviewers seem to highly rate Aqua class and Blu. What is it specifically that makes Aqua class so good? Is it the service or something else? We are in an accessible room - we tried to get a suite but unfortunately missed out. Regarding Blu, is it the same menu every night or does it change day to day like the main dining room? There are only sample menus for the breakfast available online. I've read mixed reports on the daily entertainment. I'm mostly interested in doing trivia and attending game shows/theatre shows at night - can I look forward to that while on board? Any input would be appreciated! I'm excited but I like to have an idea of what to expect. 😊
  7. arubagirl07

    Celebrity Solstice Cabin 1549

    Does anyone have photos or videos of cabin 1549? We just booked this room on our Alaskan cruise next year and now I'm worried the view would be better in a different cabin. Thank you in advance for all your help!!
  8. I am not very adept with using the search function since the change occurred on this site so will just have to ask the question. We are looking at possibly booking one of the forward facing cabins on deck 7 or 8 on one of the Solstice class ships. These are category 7 Oceanview cabins that overlook the helipad. We've heard these rooms are larger than the standard OV that can be found on deck 3 but are there any negatives to these cabins such a noise, vibration, undesirable location, etc? Are the rooms on one deck better than the other (deck 7 or 8), like being over the theater, being under a maintenance room, etc.
  9. We just LOVE the Hideaway on deck 7 on Reflection/Silhouette and wondering if Team Earth will be replaced on Equinox/Solstice/Eclipse with the Hideaway during the upcoming fleet renovations - does anyone know any info on this topic? We are particularly interested in Equinox as there is no reason for us to book deck 7 in 2020 without the Hideaway coffee/tea right outside our door! :)
  10. Is anyone having difficulties accessing the Solstice deck view section when using the "Choose your stateroom number" function? This is the site when you are looking to see what rooms are either available, unavailable, previously selected or selected under the heading Deck View. No matter what Solstice sailing I choose I am unable to see any rooms showing just a grey screen. If I choose any other ship I have no problem in locating cabins. If others could check this problem by doing a mock booking let me know what happens. The problem has existed for about 2 weeks. It has nothing to do with my internet connection, refresh or cookies etc. I have friends try to enter as well with no success. Thanks in advance.
  11. flutepilot

    Solstice Review

    If anybody is interested, I have posted an extensive review of the August 24 Solstice sailing from Seattle to Alaska and return.
  12. Hi all, appealing for information regarding cabins. I've avoided adjoining cabins on all our travels, but I'm looking at a cruise with the Silhouette next year. Can experienced travellers who may have had an adjoining (interlocking) cabins confirm if there are any noise issues with neighbours? Do the adjoining cabins have an internal door? My impression is that X simply 'connects' the exterior cabin corridor doors and creates the connection that way but I've never travelled in one so I would want to be very careful about selecting a cabin with an interior connecting door. I'm paranoid about ambient noise so I've avoided them in the past having experienced issues with Carnival many years ago A cruise on the Silhouette next year has aft SV cabins available which all seem to be adjoining. Your thoughts and input would be most welcome.
  13. VitaminSea53

    Newbie on Solstice

    I have cruised a bit on 5 different lines over the years but this will be my first time on Celebrity. I am heading to the Solstice in New Zealand. I am looking for advice and secret suggestions to get the best out of my experience. Any input is appreciated. Cheers! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I have searched but could not find much info on these rooms. I am wondering if there is much noise from the grand foyer area, or the theater. Also is there much foot traffic in the hallways. If anyone has any experience with these rooms, I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.
  15. Barwick Cruiser

    Brent Nixon on Solstice

    I have enjoyed Brent Nixon's lectures, as well as his wife Miss Amanda, on a previous Alaska sailing on the Solstice and I'm wondering if they stay on the ship when it goes to NZ/Aus in the winter? We're looking to do a cruise down under next winter and am hoping they're onboard to give talks.
  16. Detailedplanner

    Solstice Specialty Dininig menu

    is there a link where the specialty dining menus are posted? Considering purchasing the package but want to know if there is a steakhouse style restaurant on board. Sample menus seem to be very grand for a meat and potatoes type of person. Thoughts anyone?
  17. Hi - I'm torn for 2021. Does anyone have a comparison between Solstice's itineraries for Fiji, Tonga, American Samoa & Samoa vs. the Transpacific Route with Papeete, Bora Bora & Moorea? We've been to Hawaii dozens of times so I'm leaving those islands out of the equation. The Transpacific right now is stupidly priced and of course comes with no perks but the Fiji cruise is about what I would expect and a drink package. But they're so far away I'm trying to not let price sway me. Any input? Thanks
  18. DancersImage

    Solstice- Stateroom 1510

    :DWe have been assigned Stateroom 1510 on the Solstice. We have read past reviews regarding noise issues and were curious if Celebrity has taken any recent actions to address the issues. Does anyone have any recent experience with this stateroom? Thanks for the input .
  19. We were assigned cabin #6292 for our Nov. Med cruise on Solstice. I'd love to see how much of an obstruction there is by seeing a sideview pic of the ship. I recall seeing one a few months ago, but now I can't find it. Any help?
  20. and had a wonderful time. Here is our review: We did the Tahitian Treasures Cruise on Solstice from Honolulu to Sydney for the second time now. We enjoy seadays and chose Aqua Class because of the breakfast in Blu and access to Persian Gardens. Dinner in Blu is a nice plus and we are happy to report that the food has been significantly better compared to our Blu experience from last year! Our cabin 1543 showed some wear under the roof on the balcony (visible and rusty holes) beside this, it was kept extraordinarily well by our steward Santan. He was incredibly hard working and we can't praise him enough! Overall the ship is still in very good condition - just the seats in the theatre desperatly need a new padding and one hot chair in Persian Guardens seems to be out of order for more than 1 year! We love seadays and we have immensely enjoyed Brent Nixon's lectures and those of Mary Amanda (B. Nixon's wife). The Hawaiian enrichment where enjoyable and authentic, but we had the feeling, that they have just been squeezed into the daily programme without very much attention - which resulted often tin conflicts with other important programme points. Too bad, because our tutors where hard working and overly friendly and helpful. The shows where hit and miss, often very good and spectacular, but then noticeably cheap (repetetive jugglers and the comedian was not funny at all) and boring. Our cruise director Richard and his sidekick Tim where more entertaining than the jugglers and comedians of the main program. Food in Blu was outstanding all the way and Ocenview Cafe always offered an incredible offering of various food and we always found something delicious there. The crew is exceptionally hardworking and overly friendy - with one exception: Guest Service who had a different attitude: "No, you customer are wrong, we can't help you" and we could always feel that they where afraid that complaints could lead to potential refunds (which we never asked for). We dined twice in Murano - top notch from beginning to end and being helped by Sandra was like being guest at a friend's home! She's a gem! We also dined twice in Sushi on 5 and where excited about their offerings that had nothing to do with Sushi! We enjoyed the Lobster Ramen, the Lobster Wan Tan and in particular the Ramen Sliders (Wagyu burgers). Having booked the dining package for 4 nights in advance, Sushi on 5 and Murano gave a very good value for money. All meals in Blu where excellent and beyond what we have experienced last year, the staff around Tanja where absolutely outstanding and it was just like returning to family. It really was that good! We did read a lot about Celebrity diming down and to be honest (with the exception of the lack of the daily 2 bottles of water) we could not sense anything compared to last year - quite the opposite: Everything was slightly better compared to last year. One negative thing: We had to leave ports in Bora Bora at 6:00, Moorea at 5:00, Auckland and Bay of Island at 6:00. Keeping in mind the tender times, this all left not enough time at the destinations and we have heard complaints, that Celebrity excursions left viewpoints before sunset just to be right on time back on the ships. These stays should be longer (and have been mostly longer in the last year) to enable guests to enjoy more of these phantastic destinations. Another niggle: Last year, we had an Hawaiian Farewell show with Hula dancers of all ages (particularly the little boys and girls where just adorable!!!) - nothing like that this year and we really missed it! All in all, it was an almost perfect experience and we can highly recommend cruising on Celebrity Solstice!
  21. Decision made - Celebrity it is for our New Zealand cruise and looking at cabin 9155. Quite close to the elevators so looking for anyone who can give me some advice so that we can proceed to booking. Excited!!!! Kat
  22. People helped me plan my cruise so some thoughts on my recent cruise. We were in cabin 1062- Do not book. There was a pipe outside on the balcony and we heard banging noises off and on during the cruise when the ship was moving. Do not know if this is on all 62 cabins. EMBARKATION- Quick and easy. Arrived around 10:40 and were on the ship within 30 minutes. 2 people in front of us on line during check in and then a small wait to board the ship. If you are taking Uber/Lyft the drop-off point is a short distance away. They do not let the drivers go closer to where taxis drop off. It is a flat walk or there are shuttles to the luggage drop off point. I would not suggest arriving too much earlier as when we departed close to 10:00 am there was still a long line of taxis and traffic waiting to get to the pier to get people home. DEBARKATION- Used the Seattle Port Valet and it worked fine. The form was in the cabin second night and had to be returned to guest services by Monday or Tuesday night (don't remember). It did say flights on Southwest had to be before 4:00 PM, but I had a 4:55 PM flight and was able to use it. Had not gotten luggage tags by the time we left at 6:00 Pm for an excursion, so when we got back at 10:00 PM finished packing and placed our luggage outside our cabin and it was quickly picked up. FOOD- Poor to Very Good. Found the Oceanview Cafe lacking for lunch to be crowded and not appetizing. One day had roast beef that was so tough could not cut it with the utensils provided. Most deserts lacked flavor. Ice Cream was good. Found the deserts at Cafe Bacio much better- favorites Cheesecake and German Chocolate Cake. lunch was very crowded on sea days- the one day we ate in the restaurant at lunch the Cobb Salad and Duck was good. Mast burgers were just okay- remember them as better last cruise 5 years ago. In the dining room- any dishes with Short Ribs were excellent. My wife ordered off the vegetarian and Indian menu and enjoyed most of her choices. I found most chicken dishes to be tough. The Prime Rib, Beef Tournedos, Beef Wellington were excellent. The lobster tail was rubbery and tasteless and the Veal Cordon Blu was overcooked and tough. Green Beans were excellent while the broccoli was always undercooked. Had a special lunch in Tuscan Grill with our group and the Filet was excellent as was the Creme Brulee for dessert. Our Sommelier Julia provided excellent service. If you had an interest in wine she was more than willing to help you and offer suggestions. Liked the Decoy Cabernet and a Shiraz for red wines and there was a very good Reisling for white wines. The Berry Smash drink served in the dining room was excellent. Excellent service was provided by Sampoyo. We had any time dining, but BEWARE if you made a reservation online in advance. I had made a reservation for 6:30 PM each night, but when we arrived at 6:30 the first night the hostess said that time was not possible since the people that came early were still eating and no tables were available. We wound up dining at 7-7:15 PM every night and had the same waiter most nights. If you want a specific time for anytime dining see the hostess upon boarding. BARS- Loved the Martini Bar. Great servers. Can make any type of martini you may like. Do need the premium package for a martini but there are other drinks you can get with a regular package. The different Alaska Beers were great. The Tawny 20-year port was very good, other ports on the ship so-so. Shows- Entertainment was okay. Enjoyed the Beatles show the most. There was a comedian 2 nights and the dancers and singers did shows on other nights. Main shows lasted 45 minutes. The dancers and singers also did short shows in other venues on other nights. The Silent Disco was great fun, held on 2 sea days, so don't miss that. Brent Nixon's talks were fascinating. EXCURSIONS- In Ketchikan, we took the public bus to Totem Bight Park. Walk down Front Street and cross and on the corner with Dock Street is bus stop with a white line on the curb. Took about 45 mins to tour the park then visted a gift shop just up the path form the park and waited for the bus. Got back to ship for lunch and then walked around Creek Street. Don't miss the Salmon Ladder if the fish are running. JUNEAU- In the morning took the Tracy Arm Small Boat Excursion. Turned out we were actually in Dawes Glacier so not as spectacular as hoped for. Did see some calving, but it was a long trip back to Juneawithht just a few sightseeing areas. IN the afternoon took the shuttle to Mendenhall and walked to Nugget Falls. Did see 3 brown bears in the woods off the lower path with one eating a salmon. NIce hike to the falls. Took the white shuttle bus- $45 per person or $40 if you have a National Parks Pass. Skagway- Chilkoot Train and Bus. Took the train to Fraser and then was taken by bus further into the Yukon with multiple stops including a barbecue chicken lunch. Amazing scenery. Book early if you want this excursion. Booked the 7:30 AM train first as that was all that was available and turned out better as it started raining on the drive home. Victoria- Butchart Gardens Tour. I was on the fence about this one as you only have a little over 2 hours at the gardens, but it was plenty of time. They also have concerts at night which was nice to listen to. SEATTLE- Visited Chihuly Gardens on our own which was amazing. Also visited the Gates discover center which was eye-opening. For people that may have bags, the Chihuly Gardens has a free bag check and it is pretty close to where a cab will drop you off. I did notice some pieces of luggage in there. Favorite hangout places were Martini Bar and Cafe Bacio. Kind of forgot about the Sky Lounge as we only went there once. Cellar Master was pretty empty. Finally went there the last night to try some port wines. Only went to Ensemble Lounge once. Did hang out at the pool on a few days as it was warm enough. Only on the first day did have the excessive hawking of beverage and dining packages. There was constant hawking of future cruise vacations. I was a bit surprised how many servers were in bars constantly coming over since most people had drink packages the ship is not really making any more money on drinks. Room Service was a big negative. One time food never came in allotted time before we had to leave for our excursion. Another time we only got the breads we ordered, no hot food or beverages. One time we did get the food at the time requested it was cold. All of the concierge cabin amenities were as promised. The welcome aboard lunch was very good, choice of short ribs, chicken or pasta. We had the bottle of champagne on our room and got pillows from the pillow menu. All concierge guests were invited on the helipad for arrival in Victoria. We had the option of waiting in Silk Harvest for Debarkation. Only paid $40 extra per person for the 7 nights- not sure if I would pay much more. I did find the ship crowded and am thinking of a smaller more intimate ship next time. There were about 3,000 people on this sailing. I could not imagine anything bigger. The ship was generally in very good condition. On our balcony, there was peeling paint. Our room steward was okay, but nothing special. When asked for a bucket of ice for the wine bottle in our room he told us to just put it in the refrigerator.
  23. Graciesmom2

    First time Solstice

    All...we have our first Solstice Cruise lined up for this May to Alaska. We have sailed Carnival, NCL and Royal Carib. Have just a couple of questions, if you would indulge me ... 1. Can we get regular. (Free) tea at the Cafe Bacio ? I understand specialty coffees and teas are $$. 2. What toiletries are provided in the bathrooms ? We have a veranda 2B. 3. What is the breakfast buffet In the Solarium like ? Worth a visit ? 4. We are thinking of room service breakfast during our visit in Tracy Fjord. Will it arrive in timely fashion? Hot ? 5.Will the MDR be open on embarkation day for lunch ? Thanks in advance. I’m sure we will come up with other questions as the trip closes in.
  24. We had a great MDR server on a 14 day Eclipse cruise in Feb of this year. He was going on vacation and then returning to the Solstice...and was going to be on the Solstice when we sail on Oct 29th for 22 days. Unfortunately we have forgotten his name...not good! We may see him, but if you have any recommendations from your recent Solstice cruise, I'd love to hear them.
  25. I like 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning while getting ready for the day. This will be my first time on Celebrity (Solstice).... Going to New Zealand in November. I am spoiled with Viking in room coffee machine. What do you all suggest? I do like my coffee STRONG. Thanks for your help. Sent from my iPad using Forums