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Found 242 results

  1. We are looking to cruise to Alaska next August and are trying to decide between the Celebrity Solstice and Ruby Princess. The itineraries are similar, with the Celebrity Solstice visiting Endicott Arm and the Ruby Princess visiting Glacier Bay. If anyone can offer any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me where muster station E2 is on the Solstice? We've twice been relegated to the Photo studio and it was crowded, hot and noisy both times. No seating and both times I couldn't see the screen or hear the crew speak...hoping this time we'll get a better location like the times we were either in the theatre or dining room. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking at a Med Cruise on the Edge & need a bit of advice on what type of cabin to book. We would normally book a Deluxe Ocean View Veranda Cabin on the Solstice Class of ships. Is there much difference other than the price between the Edge's Deluxe Ocean View Veranda Cabins and the Edge stateroom with Infinite Veranda. We wouldn't want to be near the Magic Carpet so what areas should we avoid. I'm finding it all a bit confusing and would appreciate you steering me in the right direction. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I understand Butchart Gardens is very popular in Victoria BC and gets good reviews. Anyone know why Butchart is not listed as a shore excursion for next summer on the Celebrity website for Alaska?
  5. Since Solstice has not been “revolutionized” yet, are there still footstools on the balconies of concierge class cabins?
  6. Newbie here and I'm totally confused about which cabin to choose. The cabin numbers on most reviews don't even exist on Celebrity's own deck plans so are no help. I can choose from level 3 or 7-11 mostly forward and midship. There are a lot of unmarked sections on the plans that without knowing what they are (crew cabins?) I just don't know what to avoid. Any suggestions or should I just choose one, bring ear plugs, and hope for the best?
  7. Hello CC! You may remember me from such live reviews as my solo sailing on Equinox in March and our Christmas sailing on Infinity in December. Tomorrow, my DH Jeremy and I fly to Seattle for our belated honeymoon cruise on the Solstice to one of our bucket list destinations: Alaska! A little about us: Jeremy and I got married in December on our Christmas sailing on Infinity. We're in our mid 30's and live about an hour outside of St. Louis, Missouri. In my free time I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, smoking cigars, taking care of the animals on our 12-acre farm and going hiking and kayaking in the state park down the road from us. Jeremy enjoys fishing, kayaking, and giving me grief for how much money I spend on the animals, wine and cigars. This will be our 6th cruise with Celebrity together (and my 7th) but this will be our first time on Solstice. We're a high-energy, fun-loving couple and we've been known to be the last people out of the sky lounge or Quasar on more than one occasion. We booked this cruise about a month ago after our plans for a New Zealand honeymoon cruise in November of this year fell through. We usually prefer to sail in Sky Suites but by the time we booked, all that was left was guarantee and we don't like the uncertainty of not knowing where our room will be located. Plus, we're trying to save for a winter Caribbean cruise in a royal suite and stepping down to Aqua class on this cruise puts us over $2,000 closer to that goal. We'll be staying in a hotel near SeaTac the night before the cruise and then will be staying in downtown Seattle for a night after the cruise to explore the city. Our ports will be Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria, BC and we have shore excursions booked through Celebrity in every port but Victoria. If you followed my Equinox review, you know I'm not a light cruise packer, and this time I had to pack for both mild summer and frozen glacier weather as well as excursions that involve canoeing, hiking and river rafting. Let's just say it's a good thing the first two checked bags on Southwest are free. One of our favorite parts of cruising with Celebrity is the food and we always make a point of coming out ahead on our beverage package (classic was included in the package from our TA and we paid to upgrade to premium), so be prepared for food and drink photo overload. We'll miss having Luminae as our restaurant, but we're looking forward to Blu and have a couple of specialty reservations booked. This is our first time going to Alaska but from what I've heard and read, I'll probably also be sharing lots of pics of breathtaking scenery. Jeremy is a card player and will be giving me info to report on the onboard casino. I prefer drinking and listening to music while Jeremy plays cards and will give full reports on how the martini bar and onboard musicians are doing. If there’s anything else in particular that anyone wants to see/hear about, just let me know. Now it's time to finish packing and print all our confirmations. Tomorrow morning we head to the airport to fly to Seattle. Looking forward to having you all sail along with us!
  8. We have quite a bit of OBC for our upcoming Solstice cruise. We were on the ship in May and considered buying a GoPro but never got around to it! Can anyone who has been onboard recently tell me if they still have them and any model/pricing info. TIA 😊
  9. If reports on social media platforms are to be believed, it seems that Silk Harvest is soon to be replaced with LPC on the Solstice. Whilst passengers have reported Celebrity have advised them of this through cancellation of their Silk Harvest reservations on upcoming cruises, I can't find any confirmation from Celebrity. We are not fans of SH and would really like to experience LPC on our upcoming cruise on Solstice in September. She is not scheduled for dry dock, so my question is, if they refit 'in-situ" what type of itinerary are they most likely to do it on? She leaves Vancouver in September to re- position downunder - would they refit during a sea day intensive itineraries, in which case we might miss out on the chance to experience LPC and may have construction work going on during our cruise? Alternatively will they refit during the more port intensive itineraries once she has arrived in Sydney? If they are refitting, I'm picking they will have it done before the Christmas cruise? Thoughts? Intel on how they do refits in 'in-situ'?
  10. Hi Is there a free male sauna on the Solstice or has it been taken over by the "Spa Team" and cost an arm and a leg to use. On a 26 day cruise and the cost of the "Spa" is ridiculous. Someone told me there me there was a small one in the men's change room?
  11. I was wondering if anyone had comments (pros/cons) on the AFT cabins on the Celebrity Solstice? If there were any on the other threads maybe I'm missing them but if there are any please let me know. I'm planning on taking a back to back out of Sydney when I retire in 2022. The cruise that I'm looking for is in April which would not be too hot or too cold. The first one is 11 days out of Sydney up the coast of the Barrier Reef. The other one is also out of Sydney 18 days approx (again on the Solstice) and this goes to New Zealand, Bora Bora etc. and ends up in Hawaii. I wanted to make sure that the location and cabin is one that I'm going to be happy with since I would be spending approx. 28 days. We are possibly having some family and friends on the same cruise as well. On other cruises on other lines we read the reviews and I remember some stating that there was an issue with the vibrations/smell/soot and other things that were an issue. (this was on Princess). We had taken the risk and we ended up with an AFT cabin which had the worst smell when you were outside due to the vent being right above us. We paid for a balcony cabin but ended up with ocean view due to not being able to spend any time outside. Please mind you I don't want to sound negative but I just wanted some reviews of what they have experienced. That's what I love about c/c.
  12. Anyone with recent experience with the tendering in Cairns. We arrive at 8 AM, we are Elite and need to know if we can be off the ship and into Cairns to meet an excursion by 11. The tour company seems a little skeptical. I hear it takes 30 minutes on the tender and 30 minutes to get to Cairns. I am curious what the process is that I might not make it. This question has been posted in the Australia/New Zealand thread but not much response. Thanks
  13. Hello 👋 Yesterday we had a tour of the silhouette which I believe is more or less the same as solstice unfortunately I came away with some questions. 1. The lawn was lovely but most seating was cabanas which you had to pay for. Is this the norm? 2 solarium - beautiful but if cruising in hot weather do they “pull” the roof back? 3 taking into account the above (say no seating and no roof that goes back) do you find it “tight” for space to find somewhere in the sun? 4 atrium - is this very small? We had had a great day but unfortunately due to spending a lot of time being shown staterooms and getting off hour and half before expected we didn’t see all we wanted thank you 😊
  14. We booked and paid for Silk Harvest on our Alaska cruise for May 2020 even though we were quite sure it wouldn't be around by the time our cruise gets here. I now notice that Silk Harvest is no longer on the Cruise Planner and just want to make sure that someone recently/currently can confirm that it is gone. No doubt it will be months before Celebrity will inform us that this change has been made, so if it's true I might as well cancel and use that OBC for something else. Thanks...
  15. Just a quick shot out to those who were sailing on Solstice last week in Alaska. Here are two photos of the ship - one in Juneau and the other early morning in Skagway! Hope you had a GREAT cruise!
  16. Hi, What time are the spectacles (one or two)? are we supposed to reserve them? How many specialty restaurant is there? Thank you.
  17. Is there a good deck for walking on Solstice? Will be on board for four weeks so good to take a stroll.
  18. Can anyone advise if the Solstice has a free male sauna?
  19. Hi there, We are arriving in Lahaina, Maui on Saturday, September 21st at 8:00 am aboard the Celebrity Solstice . The ship departs Lahaina on Sunday, September 22 at 7:00 pm. Apparently Lahaina has no port so passengers are tendered to and from the ship . We want to rent a car and drive the 3 hrs to see the Sunset at Haleakala Summit. Coming back to the ship would be past midnight or very early in the morning the following day. My question is: can take a Tender back to the ship any time. Can we get back on the ship? Do we have to ring the bell to be let in? Don't want to reserve a car if we can't make that trip and once on the boat without internet and phone we can't cancel the car reservation, yes we are not paying for internet and cell phone usage. Thank you in advance
  20. The Alaskan cruise I will be on, along with a group, we are going to Seattle on Friday morning. The question of whether the transport from the airport to the cruise terminal has a lift to get inside has been brought up. As it was late Friday night when this question was brought up, the call would have to be made tomorrow morning. Does transportation from the airport to the cruise terminal have lifts to help those with wheelchairs to get on? What is the number that we should call for transportation purposes?
  21. On a few recent cruises, Azamara and Holland America, binoculars were provided in the cabin. We have an Alaska cruise coming up and we're trying to decide if we should get a small lightweight pair or binoculars to take with us. We won't buy them if they are provided in the cabin. Anyone with first hand knowledge about this??
  22. Part 1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I need your help finding the dailies from the Solstice. I have searched and searched and I have found a few. They are all from several years ago and there have been so many changes.
  24. Hello, We will be departing shortly on our Alaskan cruise...can't wait. My son has the premium non alcoholic beverage package. I was telling him all that it included and said bottled water etc and then he asked me if they actually gave him the bottle or put it in a glass. I have no idea so I thought to ask the cruise critic crowd.
  25. I will be cruising for the first time on Celebrity Solstice to Alaska in two weeks. I am going with a group of 10, and we all booked in March. I am just curious to know if anybody has seen what the accessible rooms are like when it comes to size?
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