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  1. Tablet

    Celebrity Summit

    I just returned from a 7-day southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan on the Summit. Based on many positive posts on this site, I was very much looking forward to my trip. I have sailed Celebrity many times but never the Summit, always S-class. I was especially looking forward to a high level of service that many posts have discussed with even some members suggesting that the Summit is the only Celebrity ship they will book because of the service. Let me say upfront, that the crew and staff on board were for the most part excellent and work very hard. However, the service was the worst we have encountered on any Celebrity ship to date. The service in one word was SLOW. Slow in the dining room, slow at the bars, slow in the lounges, just slow. It appeared the staff were working extremely hard, but that the ship was just understaffed. One evening we ended up just leaving the dining room after ordering a drink since it had not showed up to the table after 25 minutes. On many occasions, I had to go to 2-3 different bars to get a soft drink or adult beverage. Multiple times while sitting in one of the lounges, we ended up leaving because we could not get anyone to take our order. The outdoor dining options around d the pool were often so backed up it wasn't worth the wait. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the fact that the Summit is destined for dry dock or not, but the overall quality of service was not what I had hoped for. I remain an enthusiastic supporter and advocate for Celebrity and feel on a whole that they do a wonderful job. We will definitely sail Celebrity again, but may think twice before booking the Summit or another M-class vessel.
  2. Crickie

    Summit to Bermuda 2020

    I have just learned that the Summit will no longer do Bermuda cruises from Bayonne in August and September of 2020. I was also told that X is not going to put another ship in its place to take over the late summer Bermuda runs. SHAMEFUL! The last sailing to Bermuda was like a "reunion" cruise -- the same people would go every year, and now they leave us high and dry. Thanks LLP, for NOTHING!
  3. sailingsusie

    Celebrity Summit Oct27

    We sailed the Summit Oct27-Nov3/18 out of San Juan , our first Celebrity cruise. Any questions?
  4. CanadianMAG

    Summit or HAL

    I need a little help I don't know where to start. DH and I have been on 3 or cruises before we had kids. Once we had kids we stopped (been about 12 years). For the past 12 years we have done AI mexico trips and Disney world annually. DH and I like good food, great wine great service. When going to land resorts, we typically get suites and swim up rooms. We like nice things, we are no party people and we like to eat - but we like familiar foods. We do like good nightly entertainment we will usually do one or two excursions a trip, but that is starting to stop as we feel like we have done them all. We are looking at a few things for our trip in May which will be DH and I. Punta Cana at a AI resort, the only reason we are not going there is the travel time from Seattle is crazy. We want to stay away from Mexico this year. So we were looking at a cruise. We have narrowed it down to two and I really don't know what to pick. Do we want to go to ports we have been before but a nicer ship? or do we want to go to new places on a different type of ship. My other hesitation on cruises are only so many times you can snorkel go on catamarans, go visit distilleries, coffee plants etc. We also just got back from Bora Bora and are afraid we won't be blown away by the water. Our choices - Summit Aqua Class (its about $100 more than the concierge class). Grenada would be the only new port for us. The ship would obviously be new for us to explore. BUT we leave from Puerto Rico which would mean a similar travel time as Punta cana Option 2 - Rotterdam HAL - in a Vista Class room all ports will be new we leave from Tampa. Stops are in Key West, Costa Mata, Mahogany Bay, Santo Tomas De Castilla. This ship is smaller although we like the Zeiderdamn 10 years ago, our traveling style has changed. We also don't want to be charged for everything! The only thing we drink is OJ and coffee at breakfast and water through the day and wine at dinner. NO pops or cocktails. DH LOVES room service, we often book hotels based on the room service menu. I would be open to feedback and maybe even questions asked that will make me thing of something I never had before!
  5. Airrace

    Celberity Summit door

    Hello We want to decorate our door on the Celberity Summit and were wondering if it’s metal or some other material. Our cabin is number 6115, it’s a sky suite on the sixth deck. Thanks in advance
  6. mgf316

    Summit Vs Escape

    Hello Everyone, I am definitly going on on either the Escape or summit to Bermuda same date same itinerary. What I want to know is what is the better ship. So basically this question is for those that have sailed on both. I know the Escape is a lot bigger and has more bars and restaurants but I am also taking my inlaws into consideration who are traveling with us. My wife and I are in our late 20s early 30s and sailed NCL many times and love it. We never sailed on celebrity. My in-laws never cruises before and are in their 60’s. My wife and I as well as my in-laws love to have a great time and love places where we can relax and have great drinks and company and have good entertainment. What do you think they will like better? What do you guys recommend. The Escape is a few hundred dollars more. Both include the beverage package ( on celebrity it’s the classic beverage package) thanks in advance for all your help!
  7. kearney

    Summit bed location

    Is there a pattern to where the bed is located on Summit? I know on S class that if you have a sofa bed in your cabin then the bed is by the bath, but I noticed on Summit deck plans that there are a number of cabins in a row with sofa beds... so I can not find the pattern. We may need to bring a scooter...so I want to make sure I can get the thing in the cabin and assume that there is more room if the bed is by the window... thanks
  8. jelayne

    Summit 1132 or 1110?

    We are booking a cruise on the Summit in AQ and choices are very limited. I have checked the M Class cabin Sticky and much if the info on deck 11 cabins is old & pre MUTS. Currently I have 1132 on hold but am concerned about noise from the Movies? 1110 is open would that be a better choice or should I go for 9131 or 33? Appreciate hearing from anyone who has stayed in any of these. Thanks!
  9. elliekate


  10. dubroben22

    celebrity summit - bathtub

    Hi I am considering cruise in May 2019 on celebrity summit. is Balcony rooms or concierge class have a bathtub? I have a toddler and it is a pain to wash him in the shower.
  11. Hi all. We are typically Royal Caribbean cruisers. We're a group of 8-10 that sail together every February. Next trip is Feb 2019 on RCL Allure of the Seas. Looking far out in advance to our 2020 group sailing, I went over to the Celebrity site today. Looked at a sailing on Celebrity Summit in Feb 2020. Out of San Juan to the ABCs. The quote on line for Aqua Class balcony, 4 perks ($150pp OBC, unlimited internet for 2, pre pain tips for 2, Premium drink pkg for 2), access to Bu Specialty restaurant, unlimited access to Thermal Spa...………$3450 TOTAL !!! I was so shcked, in a good way, that I had an on line chat with a Celebrity agent to confirm the price is right. Also the $500 deposit it FULLY REFUNDABLE until Nov 19, 2019. 1, Thoughts on Celebrity Summit. Looks nice but older, and a little smaller. 2, Thoughts on Aqua Class, particularly Deck 9 3, Thoughts on Celebrity in general. ( I know is a sister company to RCL, but as I said we have never sailed on Celebrity) Thanks to all in advance. Your opinions are why we love CC
  12. Hello, we will be on the Summit, 1 December 2018. It will be our anniversary, and I was wondering if the gift shop sold flowers. Thank you,John
  13. A year ago we were on Constellation in the Mediteranean. Great cruise and we had an extremely good experience with our sommelier in the MDR. He knew what he were talking about, knew when to serve and which wines to combine with the meals chosen. Also the wines were excellent. Because of this experience we decided to book Celebrity again and has just returned from the Summit in the Caribean, but what a disappointment. The first sommelier we had, didn't come to our table before I had the waiter call for him. Just asked if we wanted white wine for the appetizer and then served it when we where half done eating the appetizer. Same thing happened with the main course. He didn't care what meals we had chosen and definately not which wines to pair with them. Next day I asked to be moved to another section. The sommelier we had there was nice and she paid a lot of atention to us, but the knowledge was not good and the selection of wines were not better than standard wines on other lines. I don't know if this is just a new standard on Celebrity (or maybe they just serve better wines in Europe) but i was very disappointed and my intention of staying loyal to Celebrity is gone. I will probably book with them again, but only if it's a good deal
  14. Can anyone tell me, who the piano player on the Summit. We sail 1 December 2018
  15. sailingsusie

    Smoking on the Summit

    We are sailing on the Summit at the end of Oct/18. My husband smokes, does anyone know where the smoking areas are on board and are any near a pool?
  16. Our roll call is trying to establish if Qsine is still on the Summit, or if it has been replaced? We are looking to do a group booking, so any contact details (if it still exists) who we could email on board to make a booking would be much appreciated. Karen
  17. leftyrn

    Summit room conundrum

    We haven't cruised since 2012. Getting ready to book on the Summit over Thanksgiving... Here is my question:What would be better C1 aft 9201 or Aqua Class 1136 or 1139 but I think there is no overhang balcony here. Aqua is only $200 more person for entire cruise. I need opinions...Go!
  18. celebrityprincess

    Just off the Summit!

    Just got off the Summit yesterday. Great cruise! Although it didn't have a good beginning. Unfortunately, I dropped my passport in the back of a cab. :eek: But there is a wonderful employee at the cruise terminal named John who knew someone who worked for the cab company and they were able to track down my cabbie who brought my passport back to me. It was a very stressful two hours of waiting, but John and the other employees at the terminal were fantastic. I'm normally very careful with my documents, but the cab ride threw me off. The cab was taped together with black electrician's tape (seriously!). The cabbie argued with me about where we were going. I finally got him to follow the directions I pulled up on my phone. But I'll forgive him since he brought my passport back to me.:):):) The best music I've heard for a while. Groove del Sur did a mix of pop and Latin songs. Everyone in the group was great,but the pianist, Valentino, was AMAZING! Paolo de Sousa was the vocalist/pianist. He was also AMAZING! The House Band Elite was great as was the Celebrity Orchestra. The orchestra would only practice with the stage acts for about an hour before the show and never missed a beat. The Summit is showing some wear and tear, but she's clean and the crew keeps her in great shape. Everyone from the officers to crew were so friendly and helpful. There were too many nice folks to mention them all, but you can’t miss Donovan in the Ocean View. He’s always there with coffee/tea, a song,and a smile! The food was very good, but one night things would be too salty and the next night not salty enough. There seemed to be some issues with Select Dining. Twice we were escorted to the dining room to be seated, but had to wait while they scrambled to get it done. This happened to other passengers as well. Better communication between the dining room and the front when coordinating tables is needed. No big deal except it felt a little awkward to stand in the middle of the dining room. The shore excursion desk wasn’t always accurate with information. More than once that someone from my group would ask a question only to find out later that the answer was wrong. It caused a few problems along the way as one of our travelers has some mobility issues, and the information given to us was not correct. But we made it work. A big negative was the constant hard sell of the specialty restaurants. I was asked five times in a span of 30 minutes one day at lunchtime if I wanted to go to Qsine or Tuscan Grille. It was very annoying. I think I would give the cruise an eight out of 10. It wasn’t perfect, but I was on a ship for two weeks which made me happy. I didn’t have to grocery shop, cook, or clean and was greeted with a smile wherever I went. My bed was made every morning and turned down every night, and I had the rocking of the waves to put me to sleep at night. I would do the cruise again in a heartbeat! I love the Millennium class ships and hope that Celebrity continues to update them and keep them in service.
  19. we are sailing on 1 December 2018 on the Summit, and I would like to know. Who the comedian will be. Thank you, John
  20. kneadsdough2cruise

    Summit in San Juan - port workers strike

    Just reading on the site that shall not be named of a dockworkers strike in San Juan. Quote from someone in board: If you are boarding the Summit in San Juan today...notice the port workers went on strike at 530am no porters no cabs...picket line blocking the entrance to the port passengers on board in limbo. Its bad.. even if you get off they will not let you walk as they fear danger for passengers. Police on scene. Update...police have managed to get a few busses to the ship guest must walk off with bags no taxis can cross the picket line. Going to be a long day onboard. Further update no crew members can help those in wheel chairs or help with bags...crew frustrated..a mess. Heads up to anyone heading there today.
  21. the plumbers wife

    Celebrity Summit

    Hi, We have never sailed on Celebrity. We are looking at the Summit in March 2019. The ports of calls really caught our attention! Is this ship showing signs of its age? Any input would be greatly appreciated. The majority of our cruising has been on larger ships (RCCL/Princess). Many thanks!
  22. There is no input for this cabin on the M-Class Compilation Board and would like details on this cabin. Thank you.
  23. We are considering a flight from Newark at 11:30 on debarkation day. We assume that this will not allow us enough time to get off of the ship and to the airport unless we carry off our own luggage. We've never done this before. Does anyone know if you have to carry your luggage down some stairs when you self assist? We've been on a few cruises where we had to lug our carryons down a flight of stairs, but this seems more difficult if you have large suitcases. Also, how long does it usually take to get to EWR from the port?
  24. We are sailing on the Summit in less than two weeks, staying in a RS, but I have not heard from shoreside concierge as of yet. I was hoping to book some specialty dining and let them know our beverage choices for our room (none of us drink alcohol). Should I try to reach out to them now? Or are these things that can be done onboard? If I do contact them, who do I call? We've never sailed Celebrity and I feel a bit lost! Thank you!