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Found 94 results

  1. I’m sure this has been discussed before but 8 can’t find it so forgive me, please. We are sailing soon in one of these for the first time. From the photos it looks like th nice, big, flatscreen TV is on the wall alongside the bed. That looks like it would be awkward to watch TV while laying down. Has this been modified? Am I wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. OCS190810-10 (R/T Vancouver) will be Margaret's & my seventh Crystal cruise, and as I have done during our previous cruises, I will occasionally post commentary and observations about our experiences while on this cruise here on Cruise Critic. Margaret & I are very much looking forward to once again spending time on board Crystal Symphony (which will be our fifth cruise on this beautiful ship), as this cruise is a belated celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary (which was on March 19, but due to work commitments I was unable to take Margaret away then). Cruise details: https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/round-trip-vancouver-ocs190810-10# According to Google Home, Embarkation Day is only 97 days away...but who's counting?!!
  3. We are booked on the Caldera to New Orleans Panama Canal cruise on the Symphony. The last night is in port in New Orleans. Is there anything special about the last dinner on board ship? I am thinking about the bread pudding at Red Fish for dessert at dinner. (May even take one home.)
  4. We are considering a cruise on Symphony but have always sailed on Serenity. Can anyone tell us about the partially obstructed view penthouse cabins on deck 9 (SH). The cost seems the same as the other cabins in the category. Are they worth considering if nothing else in that category is available? The larger size is attractive, but we really don’t want to be staring at a lifeboat when we are in our cabin. Thanks
  5. I like to play mahjong. Are there sets on the ship or do I have to bring my own?
  6. Joel Spire now showing on the repositioning sailing of the Symphony. Here is a look at his promo YouTube.
  7. We live in the Washington DC area, so a trip to/from Vancouver is an all-day affair. We used Friday as a travel day so we could have a full three-day weekend in Vancouver before boarding the ship on Tuesday. This was a good decision on our part as we enjoyed the wonderful city and all the great; lunch, brunch, and dinner options. Embarkation – Flawless. We called for a bellmen to collect us and our bags from our room at the Four Seasons at 1:00 PM, took a cab the whole five blocks to Canada Place (sad but true), pulled into the underground drop-off zone where a porter took our bags, went through security and USA customs with no lines, passed the Crystal checkpoint, boarded Symphony, completed the check-in process in the Starlite Club, and we were sitting in the Palm Court in forty-five minutes flat. Full disclosure it was just the Symphony and the Windstar Legend in port that day. Staff and Crew – Still the best. Everyone we interacted with was warm, friendly, and efficient. To a person, they seemed happy to be there. The Ship – Looked great. All the public spaces were clean, well maintained, and looked picture perfect. Our cabin was in great shape. Crystal had a team of contractors on board replacing some carpeting. We noticed they had half of the forward stairs closed on deck 6 one night around 10:00 PM to change the carpet. Not sure of the full scope of work. On two nights we noted that the water in the shower was “warm” at best, not hot. On the fifth night, there was a note that all the ships water would be off between 1:00 and 5:00 AM to address the hot water issue. Whatever they did worked. Also, we noted that the waterfall in the Cove was not running at all during the whole cruise. Dining - We took all of our meals in Waterside except for one night each in Umi Uma and Prego. Roland manned the door at Waterside with his usual charm and whit. We enjoyed the food and service very much. For dinner we would show up around 8:00 PM and we were always shown to a table for two by the window without asking (with the sun up past ten every night so the views still worked). Umi Uma was up to its usual standard, and we still think Prego is the best restaurant at sea. The bar staff was great as well. Never wanted/waited for a drink any place. Fellow Passengers - The ship was full. 70% of the guests were on their first cruise with Crystal while 8% of the total count were children. In hindsight I guess that could be expected due to the short duration and timing of the cruise. While the attire and manners of some of the new-comers raised an occasional eyebrow from the veteran guests, we thought the energy was great. We observed several multi-generational families onboard, were perhaps the grandparents had enjoyed Crystal in the past and now wanted to share the experience with their children and grandchildren. We thought that was nice. We also observed many members of the crew making a fuss over the children, so smiles all around Casino – There was a great team on dealers and hosts on the ship. We had a lot of fun each night at the very lively craps table. I never saw anyone playing in the VIP room, but I heard that the cruise before us had a large group from Asia that kept the baccarat table hopping until 3:00 AM. Entertainment – This was our first cruise with Shayne as the Cruise Director. We liked him, found him to be engaging and very active. If he is taking Paul’s place, he has big shoes to fill, but no doubt that Shayne will be successful. We enjoyed the headline entertainers very much. Elio Pace was back. In the past Elio did the Elton John show. This time he did new material, some Elvis, Billy Joel, etc. Very good. Someone named “ Giovanni” did a Motown show that was enjoyable. The Symphony house band played, and they were just great. John Joseph is an insult comic who did two nights, he had us in tears laughing. Colin Salter played the piano in the Avenue Saloon. We enjoyed his early “cocktail “set at 7:30 more than his signing set later, but he packed them into the room every night (this was the first time I ever heard a Guns and Roses song on Crystal J) Lecturer Staff - Dr. Jay Wolff did three talks on the history of Alaska, all three were good and we learned something each time. Dr. Wolff also provided commentary over the PA system as we sailed past Eddicott Glacier. There were also lectures from a retired Congressman and a wildlife person. The Weather - Not within Crystal’s realm of control, but WOW. We had a few raindrops overnight leaving Vancouver and then a few more drops overnight sailing into Vancouver, other than that just perfect. It was close to 80 in Skagway; I heard a near record. Disembarkation – Easy. After hearing horror stories, we expected the worst. We waited until the line ended on the ship, walked off and found more porters that bags in the terminal. Walked up to the Canadian Customs officer who took our form, looked at it for two seconds and sent us on our way. All and all, a great cruise! Looking forward to being back on Crystal latter this year.
  8. Has anyone requested the low sodium diet on the Symphony and can tell me how it worked out? Thank you.
  9. We have only sailed Serenity but have our eyes on the New Orleans to Miami sailing on Symphony 10/25/19. Please tell me what you like better about each ship or what may be unique to Symphony. Thanks, Ken
  10. I just received an email from Crystal, stating they will be extending their Symphony holiday cruise for 2021 by one additional day. The cruise will now be 16 days instead of the original 15 days. Due to some regulation in Melbourne, Australia, the Symphony will now be required to overnight in Melbourne before allowing passengers to disembark and new passengers to embark on the ship. So, those who are already booked will get a complimentary overnight in Melbourne, Australia. Ed
  11. Would someone onboard the Symphony now please tell me who the manager is of Prego and Umi Uma. We are boarding in a few weeks and really looking forward to these two venues! Thank you very much. Crystal Rich
  12. A question I've been meaning to ask since our Symphony cruise last year. Whenever we entered Waterside, we were asked for our cabin number. At first, I thought this might be a way to look up, and use, our names during service, but neither Remi nor our wait staff ever addressed us by name. I know that, once out of your cabin, service is equal toward all, so that shouldn't account for it. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but could one of the veterans clear this up for me? Just curious, really.
  13. How much noise—chair-shuffling, etc.—can be heard from upstairs on deck 11? Bothersome?
  14. This review was in today’s Sydney Morning Herald’s Travel section The Sydney Morning Herald print edition headline for the article is “The Quiet Achiever” http://www.traveller.com.au/what-makes-crystal-cruises-crystal-symphony-an-excellent-choice-for-cruisers-h1gc89 The reviewer did travel as a guest of Crystal A couple of quotes made me smile ”Crystal Cruises is a small company never blowing trumpet” - hmmm - that’s not how I remember the President prior to the current one.... “Indeed, Crystal Cruises has a band of loyal repeat customers, some of whom have racked up double-digit cruises” - ha - double digit indeed - he needed to do some fact checking on that score - as we know the 100+ Cruisers club is quite large and is growing all the time
  15. Do we know anybody currently on the Symphony. She was docked in Juneau at 2:30AM local time and not due to arrive until 6:30. I wonder if there was a medical emergency. Roy
  16. We will be taking our first Crystal cruise in December on the Symphony. I was reading some reviews that mentioned maintenance problems. Specifically, air conditioning not able to keep up with hot weather and hot water issues. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=656961 https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=615387 Were those isolated incidents? Could you please share some feedback?
  17. In looking at the deck plan it appears that you would see the bottom of the lifeboat on Deck 8. Has anyone stayed in 9101 that could verify? Carole
  18. Has anyone ever sailed in this cabin? How obstructed is the view? Thanks! Ricki
  19. I usually scour these boards in the months before I sail. Usually looking for clarity on rooms and benefits etc. I thought I would post this panoramic picture of our room (minus the bathroom and closet) in case anyone is also booked in the PH suite on the Symphony.
  20. Since no one posted yet, I will start a thread here (mainly with Relfections and daily menus). Hopefully the rest of CCers will chime in. Random thoughts so far: 1. Boarding process was easy and fast. a side note, for those coming from Shinjuku area, expect to pay at least US$65-75 for cab fee - we reserved a bigger cab (thru hotel) and it added 1500 (JPY) to the base fare plus $530 (JPY) toll to get to the port. The port area is under major construction (Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village). 2. The Tokyo Harbor authority provides a free shuttle bus to Kajibashi parking lot which is between Ginza and Tokyo station - about five+ minutes walk to either place and very convenient. 3. Most passengers I've seen so far are in the 60's-70's, had not seen any kids yet. Attached are 5/26 Reflectons, lunch and dinner menu. (the food has to be good - guessed who came to breakfast with me at Market Place? - a fly !) attachment1.en.526 refl.pdf attachment1.en.526 lunch.pdf attachment1.en.526 dinner.pdf
  21. I'll be boarding tomorrow in Vancouver after a 15 minute taxi ride from home (sweet!!!), happy to answer any questions about the ship or the itinerary. Me, just looking forward to a good book and a week of pure veg'ing.
  22. Can anyone comment on their experience with the extra fee Vintage Room lunch aboard the Symphony. We are thinking of trying this on our next crystal cruise later this year.
  23. I remember someone (maybe Keith) posting photos of a PH and also of an SH for a comparison but it might have been for Serenity. I searched but couldn't find any Symphony PH photos. The cruise we're considering only has one PH available (1047) with everything else booked except one window cabin. I've read some comments that PH's are, or feel, more spacious than SH's and the TV is in a better position. My issue is I'm not a fan of dated decor. Carole
  24. Less than three weeks to go before we board Symphony for what should be a great cruise. Still looking for anyone who might be interested in sharing a private whale watching cruise in Hoonah on July 18. More details in the roll call.
  25. We're about to depart on another Crystal cruise - this time a 17 day cruise on Crystal Symphony from Hong Kong to Tokyo - 9-26 May, and I will be posting in this thread sharing our experience Crystal Serenity has had a lot of the attention on Cruise Critic in recent months - what with the World Cruise and a couple of blogs tracking her voyage - now it's time for Crystal Symphony to get some time in the sun 🙂 We were lucky enough to visit Crystal Symphony when she was in Sydney last month and we enjoyed catching up with a number of the crew who we have got to know over the years. Our most recent Symphony cruise was last August from San Francisco to New York when we experienced the new dining options. We were on Serenity after the refurbishment earlier this year so are very aware of the differences - we enjoy both ships with no favourite as there are features on each that we enjoy This is a fully booked cruise, but as many of you know that wont mean a "crowded ship" - and we already know a number of our fellow cruisers - some of whom are already on board travelling from Singapore to Hong Kong. We will be joined by several good friends who we first met back in 2017 on a Trans Pacific from Tokyo to San Diego and who we have sailed with again on another Trans Pacific in 2018 - so I am sure we will just pickup where we left off last cruise and enjoy the various locations around the ship - including the Avenue late into the night We normally choose cruises with a good number of sea days - unfortunately this one doesn't have a lot of sea days but it does visit some really interesting ports including several in one of my favourite countries, Japan. I'm definitely looking forward to visiting some new countries like Taiwan and Korea and parts of Japan We will fly out for Hong Kong on Monday on Virgin Australia's 777 and spend a few days exploring Hong Kong until we board on Thursday - we will also stay a few days in Tokyo and I'm looking forward to showing our friends around this fascinating city - and we've arranged tickets to a Baseball game - we hear Japanese fans are something else when it comes to supporting their teams. Were lucky as there won't be any jetlag for us to deal with - only a 9 hour flight and 2 hours time difference with Hong Kong and only 1 hour with Japan - so not much turning clocks forward for us this trip There's been a fairly active roll call and I know a number of Crystal friends who will be onboard so I'd be more than happy to have others contribute to this thread to share their experiences and views. I look forward to meeting everyone at the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle I'll try and post Reflections and the Menus but don't hesitate if you have any questions - happy to try and answer them Now to explain to our two lovely Labradors why the suitcases have appeared again.... https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/hong-kong-to-tokyo-ocs190509-17?fbclid=IwAR0BnqP546LLLTmAfw-9lPsgQ5sEj_jWItklKW-1XRGKgZptINlp7Pxk-hU
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