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  1. These cabins say obstructed views from window washing materials. Does anyone know how obstructed? When I look at the deck plans, it looks like both of these balcony cabins have a balcony that looks way bigger than the other cabins. Is this only because of the window washing material or is the balcony really bigger?
  2. I started a roll call for the July 3rd sailing on Indy and will post there, but wanted to give people a heads up to check their planner for that sailing and maybe others in that same general time frame. There's a GREAT sale on some things (and not so much on others). Full day water park passes are $46.99 as are full day Coco Beach Club passes. Helium Balloon and Zip line also the cheapest I've seen at $43.99 and $64.99 respectively. Floating beach mats are $9.99. We also got some shore excursion deals for Aruba. Again, not everything is a screamin' deal, but if you look through, you'll probably find some good stuff. Beverage packages are $50 for Deluxe, $20 for refreshment and $7.99 for soda. That's decent for soda, I'm hoping for better on Deluxe. Oh, Voom wifi was still stupidly expensive. So random.
  3. As I get close to 200 days till my next (fingers crossed) cruise, I've been watching Brilliance to see where she is. She spent much of Sept docked in St Martin. I never did see any signs of life on her, just an occasional port security vehicle driving by. This weekend she sailed out toward ST Kitts for a few days, but it back in port today. For a brief moment the port cam zoomed in and I can see what maybe cleaning activity on decks 9 and 10? I hope that means something good for us.
  4. Finally decided I am not rising our 11/30 sailing (paid for in full of course) and all the uncertainty with cruises and also travel to FL is highly frowned upon at work (I'd have to use my own sick time to quarantine upon return). SO.... we are canceling, taking the Cruise with Confidence credit (not sure if I want to wait for Royal to cancel and get more or not since I do want choice of cabins, which leads into my question). Yesterday, 9256 corner aft was available. It took FOREVER for an agent to get back to me, and so, of course, the cabin is booked. Directly below it is 8168. Is it just as "good" as 9256 for anyone who has experience with both? On the deck plan maps it looks as if there's a stairway next to it (??) whereas 9256 does not have that illustrated. I'm completely bummed about missing out on 9256. Also, is Deck 8 to be avoided? I figure I could just grab a regular aft cabin (9660?) instead of 8168 which is currently "on hold" for me. Of course, the way things work out this cruise is not the ship I want, but costs more - so I already feel disappointed in a sense. Which is the reason I don't want to wait Royal out on the 125% credit instead (all the cabins I'd want will likely be gone by the time that decision is made, if it gets made). These times are so frustrating. (BTW, I didn't do lift and shift for several reasons -- first, I have a 2021 cruise already booked for the same time period and I can't do a back to back and the itinerary I have is not being offered for the 4 week time period for lift and shift anyway).
  5. Anyone know why these ships are in St. Maarten? Also Celebrity Edge is in Miami. Are they starting to ramp up for November cruising?
  6. FYI - This cruise will give us enough points to be D+ when its over. (assuming we get to actually go on this cruise) So we have been to a few Diamond Lounges and enjoy them very much. On this next Brilliance cruise we got a great deal on a Grand Suite for my wife and I's 40th anniversary. Any thoughts on which is better to spend time in the Conceierge lounge vs the Diamond?. One set of good friends will be a suite as well, another set of friends I have to check on, and see where they are and if they are Diamond yet. Maybe move between them? Maybe go to which ever has the better service/offerings or is less crowded? Any thought and photos welcome.
  7. I booked cabins 7561 and 7563 on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas for next year. It looks like these cabins may be over a pub or casino, but it’s hard to tell since the deck plans are not drawn to scale. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with these cabins? I don’t want noise past midnight and may need to pay to switch cabins if needed. Thanks!
  8. What are the differences between the Junior Suite and Grand Suite on Brilliance of the Seas? I know that Brilliance has no suite restaurant. Do they have a suite lounge? Diamond Lounge? If we decide to book next year it might be a 5 dayer to get our feet wet again. For 5 days there's a substantial difference in price between the two and I'm trying to see exactly where it might be. (I know, a cruise question, shocking, isn't it???😜)
  9. Well we got the dreaded cancellation email today that our Odyssey OTS cruise was cancelled. We were really looking forward to the new ship but I was more excited for the Southern Caribbean itinerary that left from Florida. So I noticed that Brilliance OTS does a Southern Caribbean from Florida in the same time frame. My question is.... What was your opinion on Brilliance? Is there enough to do for the kids? My Son will be 11 and my daughter 7. I know it won't have all the bells and whistles as the Oasis class. For reference, my wife and I have been on Liberty, Allure, Harmony and Enchantment twice but the kids were too young to remember. They only remember Harmony. Thanks for any feedback. My other option is abandon the Southern itinerary idea and go for the ship, which I'd probably pick Oasis seeing it's was just revamped. Thanks.
  10. Any info or pics of Brilliance cabin 8032? Should I move down to deck 7 balcony, looks like they have more room and look directly down to the water. Sadly not much action here regarding ships, understandably.
  11. If we book Brilliance it'll probably be in a suite. However, if we leave the suite lounge, are the 4 (it is 4 isn't it?) drinks loaded onto your card like they are on Oasis-class ships? Dining room(s) also?
  12. I saw a wonderful cruise for late spring from Miami to the ABC islands 2021. I currently have a cruise we will probably be cancelling in October on Celebrity. We are smaller ship people. This ship/itinerary looks appealing. However, I checked the last CDC score and it was only 92. That is not so good. 85 is a failing score. I read the violations - I don't care about rusty handles, etc., but food not kept at the right temperature is a concern for me. For those who have been on her pre-Covid, what was your experience? I am trying to decide on a Western on Celebrity Equinox or the Southern on the Brilliance. Thank you for your input.
  13. Hi everybody, I just got home a couple of days ago from an excellent bucket list 12-day British Isles cruise aboard Brilliance: June 21 - Amsterdam June 22 - at sea June 23 - Edinburgh (Scotland) June 24 - Invergordon (Loch Ness) June 25 - at sea June 26 - Greenock (Glascow) June 27 - Dublin June 28 - Dublin June 29 - Holyhead (Wales) June 30 - at sea July 1 - St. Peter Port (Guernsey, Channel Islands) July 2 - Dover, England July 3 - Amsterdam Jetlag has been a little rough on me this time around, and I've had a super heavy work load on my return... besides sorting through a couple thousand photos and a few videos (nowhere close to being finished doing this!) and a wedding to go to Saturday, I haven't had time to start a review. Hopefully I'll start by Sunday or Monday. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride! For now, here's a few teaser photos.... can you guess where they are?
  14. Morning, just got refreshment package for our Brilliance sailing. I hate too assume, just to be clear we can ordered any coffee or cappuccino with this package? And the food they serve there do you pay for that? Thank you.
  15. Hi there! We are considering booking a cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas. We have taken a couple of cruises, one on Disney and one on Liberty of the Seas. I am looking at Brilliance because of the itinerary, but am concerned that there is enough to do on a smaller ship. We are a group of 13, with kids ranging from 12-18. We loved the Liberty!!!! Has anyone gone on both ships? How big of a size difference is there? Thanks, Lisa
  16. Hello - looking at New England cruises for next year. Husband loves to sauna. I know that Empress doesn’t have saunas but can’t find current information as to whether Brilliance, Enchantment &/or Freedom have single-sex saunas. Thank you for any information you can share!
  17. Do you hear a lot of noise from the windjammer outdoor seating above on deck 10, or should we pick deck 9? I'm thinking I will hear a lot of chairs being dragged during the day on the balcony. Maybe just answered my own question...LOL
  18. This would be for the beginning of January for the Western Caribbean (and like everything now, assuming it actually sails). I know Dec/Jan to expect a lot of families, babies, and young kids. That said, which do you think (yes I know you cannot predict this, but I'll still like to hear if anyone has experience with this) would have less of them overall on the ship especially around the pool area? Empress has no solarium or adult area (but few amenities for kids), Brilliance does have solarium and amenities for kids. I'm just trying to figure out which one is better for me (never been on RC). Empress is 6 nights leaving Miami going to Roatan, Cozumel, and Costa Maya, and Brilliance is 5 nights going to Cozumel and Costa Maya.
  19. What is Singapore Slings aft on Deck #6? There is no icon that labels it (food, bar, etc...)
  20. Looking to book this cabin, noticed there is a empty space next to it. Does anyone know what this space is? Is the cabin near an area that will have a lot of noise? Thank you.
  21. Hello from Brilliance of the Seas. We are traveling with my DH and I as well as my 2 year old and 4 year old boys. We are in an Owner's suite. We are also traveling with both sets of grandparents and some of my siblings/cousins. 11 people total. I enjoyed reading reviews pre-cruise so I will try to give some details especially for those with littles.
  22. Currently in a junior suite, which doesn't include concierge. Thinking about upgrading. If you have experience with this particular ship/concierge (Brilliance) please chime in and tell me why it is or is not a good decision. Thanks in advance!!
  23. So sad. We canceled our cruise that we should have been boarding in 17 days. But, I've asthma and am in that 60+ category. So, we made a decision. (Worst things have happened.) So, we now have a credit that we have to use by the end of 2021. We probably will go back to New England/Canada for the 6th time. The three ships I mentioned are the ones in the area in September-October. Freedom is the newest, but it has many, many passengers. Brilliance and Empress are smaller which we prefer, but old. I'd love some opinions about all three ships, especially if the two older ones are showing their age.
  24. Hi: Does anyone know the minimum bet for blackjack on a recent Brilliance of the Seas cruise? Thanks! Bob
  25. Hi guys, I will be going on a cruise with the Brilliance of the Seas and I would like to know any tips regarding complimentary food options. So you have the MDR and Windjammer, but do you also have certain spots for things like ice cream, pizza, hot dogs, snacks, pastries and those sort of things? Sometimes those things are complimentary on a cruise, but 'hidden' in a certain small bar, coffee corner or something like that. What (and where) is available on the Brilliance of the Seas regarding complimentary food options? Thank you!
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