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Found 73 results

  1. Now with the news of cruise ships no longer being able to visit Cuba, what do you think will happen to Empress and Majesty of the Seas?The Voyager class ships are now doing the shorter routes that these ships used to do. Do you think they will be sold? A lot of money has gone in to Empress to bring her back...wonder what RCL will decide
  2. Many of the most recent Empress reviews mention a strong sewage smell midship. I cancelled one cruise for Empress on the day of final payment and booked another one later in the month of September so I could see if things got better.. Anyone have any details on if they are working on a fix? Is it bad enough for those of you that have recently sailed on her that it would prevent you from going again?
  3. Just in case anyone is interested. I never get any casino offers, but just got one today for the June and July sailings for 250.00 pp for 4-8 night sailings for interior rooms. check your emails.
  4. I'm aware they're would be considered a normal balcony stateroom in other ships but are there additional perks than the standard ones for junior suites on the Empress? I'm pondering upgrading to one but I'd like to know the perks. All the info I've gotten seems a bit contradictory. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi, I just booked a cruise on the Empress last night that leave on Saturday, so now I'm scrambling to get everything done. I was wondering if the Empress has a Diamond Lounge. Dinner time is based on a lounge or not! Priorities! Thanks, Mary
  6. Will Chops be open for lunch on port days?
  7. I am sailing on Empress for the 1st time 8/4 and will be needing to bring my work laptop and work several days and take some conference calls (I have a VOIP phone built in to laptop). How is the Wifi on Empress? I have not had any issues on Oasis class and hoping Empress will be similar. I am on deck 4 if that matters. thanks! Jess
  8. Does anyone know how to contact the Hotel Director on Empress. Time was that you could contact them by phone. Does anything ever change for the better? We were on NCL to Cuba, but of course that is gone. We switched to Empress because it was the only time frame that would work for us. We sailed on her years ago. Now having difficulty booking an accessible stateroom. Ah me (sigh).
  9. With the new Cuba policy, and RCCL offering 100% refunds to people currently booked, I figured some people will take RCCL up on this offer. This will necessitate for Royal fill those cabins with last minute bookings I am thinking they may offer some good fares for the next few years. Talked with my wife and she is up for a last minute cruise. The ports is really not that important to us as we have to most of them many times before. I am interested in which ship would offer a better experience. Majesty is a Sovereign class ship, and in the past we have sailed on the Sovereign and enjoyed her. Empress I have no experience with and the layout looks a bit funky. Curious about other people's opinions.
  10. As a large ship enthusiast, it is really hard for me to choose either of these ships. Both have negative reviews - dirty, smelly, moldy, etc. But, if I want to cruise to Cuba, my options are limited, and the other cruiseline's offerings aren't any better. Any thoughts or recommendations? (we aren't interested in a land trip)
  11. Anyone on the Empress of the Seas now? Can you tell me what the medical call was for? I saw a stretcher being brought on board live just now on the web. Hope the person is ok.
  12. Never cruised on RC but booked because dates worked to go to Cuba. I've read RC has an app but doesn't work on all ships. Anyone know about it on the Empress of the Seas? We've sailed Princess and loved their app to connect/message with our teenagers. Any advise would be awesome. TIA! Cruising July 2019
  13. Hi All, We got back from our "Best of Cuba" “Taste of Cuba” cruise on Empress of the Seas on April 21st. This was supposed to be an 8 night cruise that made stops in Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, and an overnight in Havana (9am - 5pm the next day). In February (after final payment), we were informed that the port in Santiago would not be accessible and instead we would be going to Cozumel. Not our first choice of a replacement port as we have been there twice already, but we would make due. First let me say that Empress is the smallest ship I have been on, but it does complete the set - I have now been on every class of RCI ship. However, even being small, it seemed less crowded and super easy to get around. Yes the Windjammer could get a bit packed at lunch on sea days, but that is to be expected. Also we didn't even attempt to use the pool as it did look like people soup a couple times. The crew are outstanding and I think some of the best at sea. The ship might be small, but the crew do have the largest heart.
  14. I have been seeing old mixed reviews, and not really any recent reviews regarding Empress of the Seas and it's getting me nervous. We've been on several cruises but chose Empress because it's sailing to Cuba. We know it is THE smallest of RCCL and I thought I was fine. But I keep seeing "old, dirty, stinky.....etc" I mean, we aren't going to cancel because I think if you look for the bad in things, you will find them. I'm just wondering if there are ANY recent reviews and pictures for this ship?
  15. We're looking into a cruise to Cuba this coming Oct. and are trying to decide between these two ships. We've never been on an RCCL ship smaller than Adventure but this trip would obviously be about the destination, not the ship itself. Besides the size, what would be the big difference between these 2 ships? There's an 8 night itinerary on Empress that we like the best but it has 3 sea days and I'm thinking we would be stir crazy trying to find things to do and I'm wondering if it would really make that much difference if we were on Majesty just because it's a little larger. If anyone has experience with either or both of these ships, please advise. Thanks.
  16. I've been on Empress but didn't use the spa. Does anyone know what's there, dry, steam, etc.? Thank you.
  17. We are sailing on Empress this June. I've done the check in online process for every single cruise I've taken but this one says to attach a picture, which I've NEVER done in the past. And the stranger thing is, when I print the seapass card, the picture is not on it..... Now, I know that during check in AT the counter (in the cruise terminal) they take your picture for your seapass card. Is me attaching a picture now, eliminating that process? I also had to choose a check in at the pier time, which is new to me too. 🤷‍♀️
  18. We are thinking of a cruise to Cuba. The cruise we are most interested in is the Best of Cuba Cruise on the Empress which makes stops in three different Cuban cities. However, I can't seem to find any cruises after December of this year. Does anyone know if this cruise is being discontinued. Thought I'd start here before call RCI. TIA
  19. I planned a cruise with 7 of my best friends. Based on some strict scheduling constraints (people working in the medical field, vacation availability, etc.) the only cruise that fit our schedules was the Royal Caribbean Empress of The Seas cruise from Miami to Cuba departing on 5/11/2019. 4 of us were able to book, but when the other 4 went to book, they found that all the rooms were all full! We have been calling Royal Caribbean every day to see if anyone has cancelled, but we have had no luck. The cruise is fast approaching, and we are getting desperate. My questions are these: 1. Is anyone else confirmed for this trip and could be talked out of switching to a different trip/cancelling? We would be willing to compensate! 2. The cruise line was surprised that this specific cruise was booked up already. Has anyone else experienced this? How likely are people to cancel their cruises in the next few weeks? Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Hello. I'm going to be on the Empress next weekend and I suddenly have the chef's table dinner booked for next Sunday. Has anyone done this? Did you enjoy it? This is what I found for a menu. chefs-table.pdf
  21. Has anyone been on Empress of the Seas lately? I know there was a refurbishment in 2016 (I think that was the year) but wondered how the ship was overall? I've been on several ships (large and small) but the cruise we will be on in June will be the first for a few going (there are 15 total of us going). We've let the newbies know that this is not a cruise for the ship, but rather the destination (Cuba) but we are hoping the ship is in good shape 🙂 Anyway, if anyone has insight as to what shape the ship is in (picture are always good too :)) I would really appreciate it!
  22. It has been awhile since I have been on Empress. Booked again for a 6 nighter this October. Vaguely remembering we missed most shows as there was only one and it overlapped with late MDR seating which we prefer. I will switch to to early if it is still available just to see the shows me missed before. Anyone out there to inform me if things have changed or refresh my memory?
  23. Wondering if anyone has pictures or info to share of what was recently updated on the Empress. First sailing left yesterday.
  24. For those booked on the November 7th sailing on Empress to Cuba, we noticed that the entire itinerary has been reversed and the Havana stop was shortened by about 3 hours. One of the reasons we booked this particular itinerary was the late sail away from Havana which was supposed to have been 8pm allowing us to grab an early dinner on shore. We didn't see the need to book an itinerary with an overnight stay in Havana. Obviously cruise lines can change an itinerary at will, but we never received any notifications from RC about the changes. We discovered it today when showing friends the cruise online, we realized all the stops have been reversed and the Havana stop shortened. Just an FYI for those booked on Empress on this particular Cuba cruise and you might want to check your itinerary online if you're sailing later this year to see if it's been changed too.
  25. Does Empress of the Seas have the freestyle coke machines?
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