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  1. I am currently sailing on Enchantment of the Seas in a Junior Suite. We have not had air conditioning since we left Galveston on Monday 6/24. Does anyone have an email contact for someone In Cooperate who might care that their passengers are suffering. Can someone advise if this is a violation of the cruise contract. I just can’t imagine that they are allowed to keep us in these rooms in the middle of the Caribbean with no air. I am a Diamond member I realize things go wrong but this is just awful and the customer care has been non existent.
  2. Sailing on the Enchantment in October. Can anyone tell me the location(s) for veggie burgers. Thanks!
  3. Good morning! I wanted to write a review for this ship for a few reasons. Mostly because not many write a review on this ship that I have read. Also, most responses were if you are thinking of Enchantment, it would be better to take the Liberty. I have sailed the Liberty and do have kids. :) So my review will also be comparing both ships. The ship is what I expected from all the research I have done. They are correct. First look at the ship and you do see a lot of rust. You can tell it is a small ship as well and may have seen better days. This is also JUST COSMETIC. So my first impressions were not that great at all. I was unimpressed. Especially since the Liberty was amazing to look at. So, if you want to be those people who when in port wants to say, "I have the better ship" yeah, this is obviously not for you. Getting onto the ship, you can tell it is a classic feel. A lot of brass. I would not say it is ugly in any shape of form. The Liberty was dressed to impress and EOTS was for function. At this point in time it did cross my mind if we were going to even have a good time. I admit. I was being snobbish about the whole situation at this point. However that is where my bad review stops. I kept an open mind and boy I am sure glad I did. Food: Windjammer: On the Liberty, we HATED Windjammer. It even had a smell to it as we were walking up to it and for us it was unpalatable. But we were forced to eat there a few times do to what we had planned for that day. It was what it was. On the Enchantment it was a bit more crowded due to the smaller space, but the food was very good. The coffee still sucked but that was about it. WAY better hands down. Chopps Grille: Both ships performed amazing Dinning room: Both ships were great. I will add higher scores to EOTS simply because we never got tired of the food as we did on the Liberty. We also got our food out much faster. I do eat Gluten Free and not sure if it was because of the couple years in between both sailings, but EOTS had a TON of options whereas the Liberty I was limited. Drinks: This will have to go to the Liberty. We like to have the occasional drink but still bought the drink packages. EOTS we felt like we drank all freaking day. The drinks tasted good for sure! But I SWEAR there was no alcohol in them even though I watched them put it in! My husband and I are light weights in this category and for us to have drinks all day without so much as a buzz, headache, or hangover should tell you something. Beer and wine, for obvious reasons, were right on par but that is because they can't mix them hahaha. Shops: This defiantly goes to Liberty. I don't shop much. But had fun going through all the little shops. EOTS didn't have hardly any. But I suppose it is because it is such a smaller ship. What was there was ok. But I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Water activities: This one is a hard one to compare. On Liberty we did everything we could from the slides, to the pools, to the waverider. We did them a lot and had a blast. I was worried that we would be bored with the small pools on EOTHS. This was a surprising win going to EOTS. People may differ on this opinion so I need to expand on this subject. Our kids are in Elementary, Middle, and High school. The only times the pool was crowded on EOTHS was during certain games that were listed. I hate crowds, yet I found myself standing near the pool to see the action on EOTS. I did not dare to do that on the Liberty. WAYYYYY toooooo many folks trying to get a look and we couldn't even see what was going on. EOTHS we could see all the action and the Entertainment staff really really got the crowds going. They had the same size pools as Liberty, but since it is a smaller ship, there aren't as many people on board. So it made for an enjoyable time at the pool. We found lots of opportunities to hop into the hot tubs as well. Kids clubs: My youngest hated the club on the Liberty. But I honestly believe it was because of his age and not because of the environment. The older kids had a blast. We didn't enroll them in the clubs this trip. However I spoke to many families who's kids were in the clubs and said they were all having a blast. Would rather go there than hang with the parents. So take that for what it is worth. Stage shows: We did see a couple shows on the Liberty. They were good. I can't for the life of me remember which shows we saw at the moment. But I remember that they were good. We went to two shows on the EOTHS. The first show went through several musicals. MY middle child is into musicals so we wanted to make sure we went to see it. I have to say, all the music was performed live which made the whole experience amazing. The singers were just, wow. We have seen a few shows on Broadway in NYC, and I would say defiantly comparable!!! Other entertainment: We didn't do as much of this stuff on the Liberty just because there was sooo much to do. But what we did do was so mild and didn't make that much impression on us. We did things like the scavenger hunt, etc. Fun little 20 minute deals. But I am gonna give this one to EOTS. I suppose because it doesn't have all the thrills, you have time to look through the planner and pick and choose. We did a LOT more of these on EOTS. The same activities we did on the Liberty we did on EOTS and the entertainment staff was so energetic that EVERYONE wanted to do something. Trust me. I would have NEVER EVER in my LIFE want to dance in front of a million people but I won 3rd place (GO ME!) in a dance off! Even got myself a medal and had a TON of fun doing it! Believe me when I say I am one of the shyest people you will ever meet. The staff is just so freaking fun you swear you have known them your whole life haha. We did go to the 70's disco dance. HANDS DOWN the best cruise party we have been to. ALL our kids are STILL talking about it. I won't say much. Just know if you sail EOTS and this is offered it is a MUST. Overall: EOTS is the surprising win. Of course a cruise it what you make of it. If you feel like you need to be the biggest and the best, or need all the latest tech, etc, EOTS will surely disappoint you. My family likes to stick to ourselves. We aren't prudes, but we don't really talk to others if you know what I mean. We enjoy each others company and have fun just the same. We have sailed Disney Dream, and the Liberty. Each have their unique qualities. But EOTS we felt like family. Everyone. I mean EVERYONE on that ship was our best friend. Because it was smaller we saw the same people all the time and by day 3 everyone was BFF's with everyone. Lots of laughter. Everyone encouraged each other to make a fool of themselves during games and everyone no matter how terrible you were was winner and cheered on for a great job. High fives in the hallway. EOTS was a very unique experience and one for the record books.
  4. We will be sailing on Enchantment of the Seas May 6th. Have been through 41 pages looking for current MDR menus, but have yet to find one listed. Normally, this is a quick find. I am now looking cross eyed. Does any Cruise Critic members have recent menu's for MDR? Would greatly appreciate the information. We are trying to decide on doing specialty dining one or two nights and would like to see what is offered first on the main dining menus.
  5. I've mostly cruised Carnival, so I'm trying to figure out how Royal works so I have some questions. I will be on the Enchantment of the Seas. 1) Do you pick a time to arrive at port to check-in like in Carnival or do you just show up whenever? 2) On Embarkation lunch, are there any out of the way places to try before the masses find them? (Like the Italian place and deli on Carnival) 3) I've read on these boards that you can make reservations for shows. Does that apply to EOTS? Does that include comedy club? Is there a comedy club? 4) Is there an on-board app for RC which gives the list of activities? Any other helpful tips on what to expect is different on RC so I don't miss out on anything? Thanks!
  6. BRN3C2AF438F03D_030477.pdf BRN3C2AF438F03D_030485.pdf BRN3C2AF438F03D_030431.pdf
  7. We usually cruise longer cruises (10 days plus) in Jr Suites. We booked Cuba with 2 other couples that have not cruised before. Cuba was on all out bucket lists and thought it would be a good first time cruise for them. With what is going on with Cuba we are looking at other options and found a 5 night (same as our Cuba cruise) on the Enchantment that fits our schedules. There are 3 Owner's suites available and the cost is slightly less then our Jr Suites to Cuba. Questions Will be first time in a full suite and don't know the perks on Enchantment. I know each ship has different perks (tours, suite breakfast, lounge, suite deck area or seating area) Can anyone tell me what to expect on Enchantment? All three are under the Windjammer. Any noise issues? Usually I would not book these, but all the suites seem to be under the Windjammer. Is the lounge like the Diamond lounge - free drinks and snacks? Is it open all day or same as Diamond hours? Any other comments about Enchantment or Owner's Suite? Just came off Vision and loved the ship. We like the medium ships. Not looking for all the bells and whistles. Thank you
  8. I was looking to sail the Enchantment for a short getaway. Royal says the Oceanview staterooms are 126 sf. Really? The Interior staterooms are 136 sf. Has anyone sailed Enchantment in an Oceanview? I thought they were at least 151 sf. TIA
  9. Is there one, in the traditional sense? Or smart casual every night? Thanks in advance.
  10. Enchantment of the Seas Sails on First Cruise from Galveston May 07, 2019 Royal Caribbean International’s Enchantment of the Seas began its homeport seasonal sailing itinerary from the Port of Galveston with a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise on Monday, May 6, according to a press release. “We are excited to welcome yet another Royal Caribbean ship, Enchantment of the Seas to its new seasonal homeport in Galveston. Short cruising is in demand, the market is growing so it’s great that Royal Caribbean is expanding their shorter cruise program from Galveston by bringing newer and larger ships to accommodate the growth in the short cruise market, ” said Rodger Rees, CEO, and Port Director. “Giving cruise passengers various sailing options is one of the reasons that this port has climbed the ranks to become the four busiest cruise port in the nation.” The Enchantment of the Seas joins the largest cruise ship to sail from the State of Texas, Royal Caribbean International’s Liberty of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International has scheduled 50 four- and five-day cruises and one seven-day cruise from Galveston during the 2019 cruise season. These new cruises will result in an estimated additional 122,400 passengers leaving on cruises from Galveston, the port said. Next year, the Adventure of the Seas will call Texas home for the first time, becoming the first Voyager class ship and the largest Royal Caribbean ship sailing short voyages from Galveston.
  11. Back in Orlando after a few days on Enchantment... My first time with expedited check-in. Not sure if I like it or not more than traditional check-in. I like boarding with a SeaPass card and not having to keep the paper handy with drink package code until staterooms are ready but not a big deal really. Exteriors are definitely in rough shape with lots of rust, especially on the extension bridge supports. Lots more than I recall on my last sailing on her two years ago. She needs a good paint job for sure... That being said, the interiors were still in great shape, at least the common areas. All the bars and lounges definitely have had lots of care taken. Main dining service and food were both great. Bartenders were great as well. Music was good. I enjoy live music and always enjoy that aspect. Casino robbed me first night quickly and I put the brakes on quick. Slots are my poison of choice there. CD was Susan Adams. My first time with her and she was fun. Activities Manager was a gentleman from India, I think his name was Sami? He was very enjoyable throughout and all the shows and events were a blast. Didn't get off in Nassau, but we were docked with Carnival Freedom and Anthem of the Seas. Good pier runner action to take in for Freedom, our sailing was very good on being back on time 😛 Shows were good. First time seeing Stage to Screen, as last time I was on EN for whatever reason they had two headliner nights. Definitely like that better, and this cast was better than what I remember that other cast being. Lots of energy. Windjammer was good, lots of variety for lunch selections daily. CocoCay was an incredible day. We were expecting crummy weather for that day at the onset of the cruise, and we were pleasantly surprised to perfect weather. The new pool is AMAZING. The swimup bar was a lot of fun, just a fresh new vibe to it all and a great addition. That and docking made CocoCay 10x better than last time. Still went in the ocean, saw some rays, sharks, and stuff. Water was warm and allowed for a trip to the floating bar. Lunch was good, until the power went out all over the island for about 15min. Oops! Any questions I can answer for away, but this was a nice 4 nights on my second and likely final trip with Enchantment, since she's off to Galveston soon. And it was a good one!
  12. On ENCHANTMENT OTS now and returning on Friday to PC? The SPACE X launched scheduled for tomorrow morning has been shifted to 3 AM Friday, with a landing on the drone ship approx 15 miles off shore. You will be in a terrific viewing position if this date holds!!!!
  13. anyone remember anything about My Fair Lady table 156 for two deck 4. thanks
  14. Kind of a silly question: Does anyone know if they carry Chanel fragrances on board? In particular, I'm look for Chanel Egoiste (not Platnium Egoiste), just the regular original Chanel Egoiste. I'm also looking for Chanel Antaeus. I'm asking because my wife and I are planning how to use our OBC and it would be helpful to know in advance in they carry these fragrances. Thanks for indulging my random question.
  15. Hi guys, anybody been on the Enchantment recently? Will be goin in a couple of weeks, an was wonderin about the ship & etc. Virginia
  16. Quick question... On the 5 night sailing of Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston, when is formal night? If my memory serves me correctly I think it was always night #2, but it may have changed.
  17. My wife and I just got back from a fun little 4 night getaway on Enchantment of the Seas so I thought I would post some of our thoughts since I don't see a ton of reports on shorter cruises. Just for some context - we are DINKs in our early 40s who primarily cruise on RCCL (will finally make Diamond based on booked cruises next year) and DCL but have sailed all the major lines. Enchantment was our first RCCL cruise pre-stretch so we wanted to sail her again before she left for Galveston. I'm going to separate this into the good, the bad and the weird about this cruise. Please feel free to ask any specific questions abut the ship or this cruise. The Good! I really love sailing out of Port Canaveral. Parking and embarkation are always so quick and it just seems friendlier than the other Florida ports. If we are sailing by ourselves we generally don't arrive until 1pm or later and are on the ship are quickly as we can walk through the process. We chose just to do carryons for this sailing including bringing a 12 pack of water per the new guidelines. In the past we have always checked a 24 pack, but we decided to follow the new rules this time and had no issues. Service was really good throughout the ship. I don't think we encountered someone who seemed distracted or not engaged in their job as we have on our past few RCCL sailings. I liked having a longer port time in Nassau. Having the ship there until 8pm allowed us to get up later, have lunch on the ship and then take our time off the ship. We've been to Nassau 15+ times so we decided to do something different and hire a taxi to take us to the Caves (never been there before - and was really cool to see) and then from there to Atlantis to walk around a bit. I still don't like Nassau as a port option, but having a later time gave us flexibility to do it a little differently. Coco Cay isn't really our thing since we aren't beach people, but the construction had zero impact on our experience except not being able to explore the island as much. That being said, it seems crazy far behind and I would be shocked if they made the May date. Really enjoyed having the jump zone as an option. Miss having the activity options of the bigger ships, but the jump zone bungee trampoline was a ton of fun even with very limited hours and few adults participating. Loved having an enhanced sea day lunch in the main dining room. Not only the huge salad bar set up, but there also was a huge pasta station, a carving station and desert station. Really makes up for super crappy Windjammer (see bad section). The "flying bridges" on the top deck area great feature and make for some awesome photos. Debarkation was a breeze - they actually lined us up outside on the promenade deck (which was actually really nice with good weather). The Bad! All food on the ship was really, really, really bad. Flavorless, or tasting completely off, etc. We just were on Majesty in January and September and while it wasn't great - it was significantly better than this. Chops had awesome service but the food has gone down hill. Steak was just OK... my fillet wasn't as good as an $11.99 sirloin at Outback, much less a high end steakhouse. Mac and Cheese literally was the same crappy mac and cheese from Windjammer. Apple Pie was exactly the same crappy apple pie from the main dining room menu, etc. Windjammer was the worst windjammer experience I have ever had. Drastically undersized and packed with 1/2 the dining room closed almost all the time making the seating area smaller. Food stations 1/2 empty, dirty serving items, messy stations everywhere, etc. Not having a Sorrento's and/or Johnny Rockets really limits your late night options. Park Cafe in the Solarium isn't a great option... way undersized and understaffed with long lines during the gap periods when there isn't other food options. Limited seating which is either dirty or taken up by crew members eating, etc. We really liked the location and size of our ocean view room (3014) but for some reason it seemed to have absolutely paper thin walls. I've never been able to hear every word of the people on both sides of my stateroom before - but for some reason I could with this room. Cruise Activity staff wasn't great. They had a tendency to make the shows and activities "all about them" and kinda ignore the guests. Hard to explain but it just felt very off. Was also one of the worst Quests we have ever done. Very rushed and disinterested and felt like he was just going through the motions instead of having fun with it. It has been a while since we saw a production show on a smaller ship and ugh.. it was pretty rough to watch. Really in need of an update, especially with the decent new ones they are doing now. The Weird! The ship just doesn't feel like other RCCL ships and I can't really put my finger on why. Perhaps it is the weird layout with the stretch, perhaps it is because it hasn't gotten much love since the stretch, but it just feels "off". The begging for "10s" on the survey has gotten out of control. We heard it from all the dining room staff (main and windjammer) on every day. Our server on the last day must have mentioned it 6-8 separate times. The funny thing was that he was a good server and we probably would have given him a 10 if he hadn't begged for it each day. Does RCCL not care that they are doing it? They hardly used the "Spotlight" lounge at all. They crammed the activities that normally would happen there into the Centrum, Bolleros, etc. You would walk into it any night (except the last when they finally used it) and it would be completely empty with all the lights on... kinda creepy! Not sure if it is because it is a bit tough to find or if it was a cost cutting measure (don't have to staff additional bars, etc) but it was super weird and made the other areas of the ship feel over crowded. Considering the cost and the length of cruise, we had a good time but it isn't a ship that we feel that we need to sail on again.
  18. Does anyone have experience as an adult of sleeping on a sofa bed? It’s me and my two grown daughters and all three of us in an oceanview. The other option is a Pullman but it’s about $430 more. Could use that money for other things, but don’t want to stay awake all night!! Thanks!
  19. As of right now, my DH and I have rooms next door to my MIL and daughter. It appears that adjoining rooms have become available on the other side of the ship. We are in outside staterooms. Does anyone know where the door placement of the adjoining doors are? TIA
  20. Considering a 7 night sailing on this ship from Galveston. We have been on Liberty of the Seas multiple times and would like to try something different. Just wondering if enchantment is showing her age? What is her condition? We are considering booking the 2 bedroom grand suite but nervous about the non refundable rate for any of RC suites. Anyone know a way around this?
  21. I sent this to RCI two weeks ago and did not get a reply. Does anyone know this? Or do you know where I can find this information? Thank you. Enchantment is repositioning from Florida to Texas. The last cruise ends on May 3rd and then next cruise starts on May 6th. What happens during that time? Are there passengers on the ship? I want to book the May 6th cruise but I am reading mixed reviews of how old the ship looks and the beds are not comfortable. Will the ship get a good cleaning? Just curious what happens during those three days. Thank you so much. I don't know where else to find this info.
  22. I was just wondering if the junior suites have a curtain to separate the sitting area from the sleeping area in the junior suites on enchantment of the seas. We have never cruised with Royal before and also have never had a junior suite room on any of our previous cruises. Thank you for your help!
  23. I have booked a Grand Suite out of Galveston. Do they have a concierge to contact me and book excursions like Disney or do I need to contact them?
  24. Hi, it will be my first time cruising as a diamond on the 3-day Enchantment Cruise. I have looked at the guide on Royal’s website regarding tier benefits, but does anyone have the specific coupons that will be loaded on the seapass card? Also, is there a ‘Diamond Club’ on Enchantment? Am I able to bring my minor child to this - I’m assuming he will be a Diamond as well? Thanks for any tips!
  25. surprised I've not seen anyone complaining about a late arrival for Enchantment at Canaveral this morning. I took a quick look at the webcam this morning and at 7:30 she way still just approaching the terminal. Those who'd planned a first off dash must have been panicking as on a good day folks would be walking off by this time. If I missed an earlier thread ..... sorry but for Enchantment cruisers NOTE .... the weather around Canaveral has been cruddy the last several days. Winds were enuf today that rules required tug assist for the ship to come in and 'park'. It HAPPENS
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