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Found 218 results

  1. Just received an email that our 2/6/2022 cruise on the Freedom is now canceled and we can go on Explorer. Sorry but not even close to a win win. I was so happy to go back on freedom class especially after the updates. Where will the freedom be? thanks!
  2. I tried to search the stateroom thread and didn't see anything there. Anyone with any feedback on these rooms? Clearly, they were added as part of a drydock. Seems like an awesome location being on the pool deck. Any known drawbacks? Anything different about these rooms?
  3. I just saw on the new Freedom OTS deck plans that they are going to cram all of Adventure Ocean into "The Living Room" space so they can add more cabins. From what I remember the living room space is tiny compared to Adventure Ocean. Moving it also means they'll lose their outdoor space. Seems really weird to make the ships less family friendly. Is this the way of the future on RCL?
  4. Looking for opinions or pictures of the "new" Junior Suites on Deck 11 on Freedom Class ships (Freedom & Independence).
  5. Can anyone tell me where the smoking areas are on the Freedom of the Seas and please describe them (are they in the sun or shade, for example)? Thank you in advance for any information you are able to provide.
  6. Very sad to make the change but don’t think cruising will be up and running by then. Anyone else have to push their cruise out until 2022? Seems like a lifetime away. if things turnaround, we will do a last minute booking. I so miss cruise reviews, countdowns for cruises and roll call posts.
  7. Looking to book a 1M spacious ocean view cabin on deck 12 of the newly renovated Freedom of the sea. I can not find any info or pictures of the cabin. Mainly wondering what the layout is? Are there bunk beds for the kids? Maybe someone knows if any other ships have had these new cabins added. Thanks in advance. Simon
  8. Our family cruise on the Freedom of the Seas was cancelled June 23rd. Both my adult children and their spouses received their refund to their credit cards this week (July 7th). They are still waiting on taxes and port fees. They are pleased. They didn't think they would see a refund until September. My son is still waiting for his passport renewal that he applied for in February. Doesn't need it now:/
  9. I am one of the "lucky" ones who booked Freedom in August were refused a lift and shift option. I just wanted to let other people know that are in the same boat (lol) that there is hope! I called today and told our travel agent that I wanted to lift and shift our cruise but if they will not do it, I want to cancel for a refund. I told her that I have asked several times and they refused me. So... she called them and they lifted and shifted to Symphony of the Sea in July! I am so excited. I hope that others can get the same deal. Our Freedom cruise was $400 pp and the SOTS cruise is about $1400 pp. I have been wanting to go on SOTS for a while, but we could never afford it. Good luck and maybe they are more lenient now that the other option is a refund. Now I am just praying that they can survive that long...
  10. Greetings! This is my trip report from our family’s vacation on the Freedom of the Seas cruise to the Western Caribbean from December 18 – 24, 2016. I called this posting “trip report” instead of “cruise review” because in my opinion I am not qualified to do a professional review. This is just a summary of what our family experienced during our vacation time – Days of our lives, so to speak. Keep in mind when I say “trip” report and not “cruise” report. Meaning you will be taken along for a ride for the entire trip process, not just the cruise portion. It’s the mailmen version of the vacation report, stopping off at each and every point, no matter how minor, I will talk about it. So skip sections that don’t interest you. Background – We are an extended family of 6 on this cruise consisting of my wife, 2 boys, myself and my in-laws. For this trip, we are also joined by my wife’s high school friend and her extended family of 10 on various port excursions so it was a very large group. We live in California so we had to fly across the country for this cruise. My wife and I are both CPA’s (aka bean counters – we have very boring dinner time conversations) so I will probably have more numbers related discussion than most people care to read. Bias – Everyone has bias on their preferences when it comes to cruises & life in general. The key is to identify the bias and discount the bias versus fact. Two year ago, I wrote a lengthy trip report on the Allure as that was the best cruise we had as a family. So you know we like the big ships, the bigger the better. You will see that bias in my report. That’s just our preference, but certainly will not be everyone’s preference so discount it anyway you deem necessary. In following the same format as my previous report, I will throw in some random pictures from the cruise which I think are the highlights of the trip during the next few introductory posts – eye candy, if you will. Being a dork that I am, I am debating in throwing in a picture or two from my other vacations just to see who is actually paying attention – Hey, what is Cabo picture doing on a western Caribbean cruise? We’ll play the kids’ game of “what doesn’t fit into this trip report?”
  11. I have room 1700 booked next month on liberty and again on freedom next May. I’ve seen all the YouTube videos that I could find. Read several threads here and on another “blog”. Lots of good info out there, So I knew that’s the cabin I wanted to book. We want extra space and a balcony. This is the best I could find without getting into the suites. Just a couple questions I had that I could not find a solid answer. 1. Is the windjammer or any other upper deck able to look down to see our balcony? Will we be able to look down on the lower balconies? Are there any other privacy concerns? 2. It doesn’t appear to be a true corner aft balcony. By that I mean is there 270 degrees of ocean viewing angle? Best I can tell there is only 180 degrees of viewing angle. Just like all the other balconies down the side of the ship. Except my 180 degrees of viewing are rotated 90 degrees. Making for an aft view. I think maybe the deck 7 corners aft have that 270 degree viewing angle. Not sure. 3. Can I let the kids paint the pole? Watercolors of course. Easy to clean. And I would definitely disinfect it first. I’ve seen those pictures on this site. 4. Port or starboard? Any way to find out which side the ship “parks”? I’d like to check each port to see which way the ship will be parked. 5. Is it going to be awesome? If not then don’t tell me. Just lie to me and tell me it’s awesome. Also if you have pictures, videos, or any helpful info on these cabins, I and others would love to see. If it’s something you’ve already posted, I’ve probably seen it. Thanks in advance!
  12. Currently have 5 night Freedom Bermuda cruise booked for next summer. Currently have 4 night Mariner Perfect Day cruise booked for this summer. Coming with our kids (12 and 16 next summer). They don't use the kids clubs but enjoy the ships activities. We've been on Mariner but we keep missing the amplified CoCo Cay. (We have 2 other cruises with it, but who knows if we'll make those). Never been to Bermuda or on Freedom. We will either cancel Mariner OR Lift & Sift to next summer and cancel Freedom. Trying to decide what to do so have a few questions. Are reservations now required for the Sky Pad on Mariner? Last time there were not, so our kids could go on it many times. If reservations, I suspect they will only go once or twice. Aside from the Sky Pad, I assume the ships are pretty similar? CoCo Cay is definitely kid-friendly. What about Bermuda? We're not super adventurous and like to keep things simple. (i.e. if something is far away or we need 3 buses to get there, it's not for us) Thoughts? Keep Freedom or switch to Mariner? We have a nicer room on Mariner (sp balcony vs sp ocean view) for much cheaper cost.
  13. I was wondering if there is a suite deck on Freedom of the Seas following its amplification? If so, I’d be grateful if you could let me know where it is located. Does it have anything similar to the suite deck on the Voyager Class? Thank you
  14. Hello - looking at New England cruises for next year. Husband loves to sauna. I know that Empress doesn’t have saunas but can’t find current information as to whether Brilliance, Enchantment &/or Freedom have single-sex saunas. Thank you for any information you can share!
  15. Sorry if this was already discussed. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. Has Royal said that the amplification of Freedom will still happen? Thinking of L&S our Indy to the Southern Caribbean next year. But don't really want to sail on Freedom if she isn't updated. Thanks!
  16. Booking our next cruise for spring break 2022. Looking at Oasis vs. Freedom. We just got off of Symphony in February. Is Oasis basically the same ship? How much smaller is Freedom (or how much smaller does it feel?) My family loved Symphony! We have four kids who will be 7-14 at the time. Is Freedom a "disappointment" after Oasis class ships?
  17. We are scheduled to board the Freedom of the Seas on June 14th in PR. Saturday we received a 16 page email with boarding instructions, luggage tags and itinerary. I am not trying to get a discussion going about this boat sailing or not. Everyone has an opinion on it and they are all just that "opinions". I thought this might be interesting information. If the boat goes we will be on it. If it doesn't, we will find somewhere else to go on our vacation. 👍
  18. Hey everyone! Hopefully this will catch you at a good time and help fill the void of missing cruises. We just posted our vacation video from the first (and at the moment, only) sailing on the new Amplified Freedom of the Seas! Such a blast! Enjoy!
  19. We are considering booking on the Freedom next March out of San Juan. Looking at a Promenade room and a balcony across the hall for our group. Does anyone have a picture of the view out of room 8329 the Promenade room? Hoping its not of the rafters, trying to do a little leg work before reserving. Thanks for any help!
  20. Looks like a great ship. Anyone been on it and want to comment? Thinking of sailing in July 2021. Hopefully Freedom will be sailing out of Puerto Rico featuring the itinerary that is on the website now........and hopefully the world will be back to normal by then!
  21. I know there's only been one sailing on Freedom since it's been amplified. We are looking at one of the new junior suites they put on Deck 11. They're forward near the spa. Looking for any feedback. I realize this is a shot in the dark, but it never hurts to ask.
  22. Stumbled across this on Instagram today. Hopefully they aren’t planning on expanding the new blue Voyager of the Seas livery to Freedom and future amplifications 🤮, but it looks like they may be preparing it for a new hull color.
  23. Hi, I know there cabins were added during drydock...I am curious as to the balconies...Are they open air (adventure) waist high glass or is there a glass partition that goes all the way up (Independence)... TiA
  24. Hi all! I've searched and searched but cannot find an answer - will Freedom be available on the Royal App after it's Amplification is done? I have a cruise on Freedom in April, and my app is currently telling me Freedom isn't supported on the app. I did enjoy using the app on Harmony (I know people have mixed feelings about the app, and that is not what this post is about), and I'd like to use it again on Freedom. Any insight anyone can give me would be great!
  25. Freedom is on her Maiden post Amplified voyage. Who has pictures and comments?
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