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Found 124 results

  1. Anyone have information on the status of Grandeur? Will she sail again for Royal? Will Royal have her sail for a few cruises in 2021? Will Enchantment still permanently replace her in Baltimore? So many questions . . . More than a little time! Katherine
  2. We are on the “LAST” cruise on the Grandeur out of Baltimore in March 2021 and are wondering what is the future of the Grandeur OTS.
  3. Grandeur is/was scheduled to go to Pullmantur in the 2nd quarter of 2021. With all Pullmantur ships being scrapped, will she still leave Royal? Is she the first ship of a new Pullmantur, or will she stay with Royal. Not hearing anything from Royal about the future of the Grandeur.
  4. (12 p.m. EDT) -- Royal Caribbean has confirmed that the 1996-built Grandeur of the Seas will remain a part of the company's cruise fleet. The Vision Class ship, affectionately known as "Lady G" by Cruise Critic members and fans around the world, was originally scheduled to move over to Spanish subsidiary Pullmantur in the spring. Those ... View the full article
  5. https://cruisefever.net/royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-staying-in-the-fleet/?fbclid=IwAR3bI16MgU1dcWwDu-qU5RE2Ys4oObQyMUDEEYttZVbHRP0Dp-88DiwCzwE
  6. I apologize in advance if this has been addressed somewhere. Can someone tell me what perks/benefits are associated with a Junior Suite on Grandeur (besides more space). I think I read extra C& A points and robes for use in room. Anything else? TIA!
  7. We have a book cruise on Grandeur OTS in late September sailing out of Baltimore. (5 nights) What are the odds or peoples thoughts if that will happen?
  8. While on the Mar 7, 2020 sailing on the Grandeur of the Seas, we were offered 100% refund or 125% FCC since we weren’t able to go to the majority of the ports on our itinerary. We applied on Mar 22, 2020 for the 100% refund and were told it we would receive thE refund, but would take 30 days. We have yet to receive our refund. Has anyone that was on this sailing who applied for the refund received credit on their credit card?
  9. I had originally gotten an oceanview cabin through a casino website for our July 9th Grandeur cruise. It was for myself & my husband free, just taxes, my teen girls discounted rate plus taxes. We then paid a discounted rate to upgrade all of us to spacious oceanview, as the prices dropped significantly once coronavirus hit worldwide & cruise industry ground to a halt. I know there is a chance we may not sail at all on July 9th, we are still hoping for the best though. We are being told we can pay $420 total, for all 4 of us to upgrade to the junior suite now, from out spacious balcony. Not sure if that is worth it now though, having looked at videos online of the cabins. They look pretty similar. The cruise is meant to be 10 days 9 nights if it goes ahead as planned & is not cut shorter too, if that makes a difference. Would you pay that to upgrade to a junior suite? Is it worth the $420. What is different in the junior suite to the spacious balcony. Oh & yes, myself, my hubby and our then 15yr old girls (they turn 15yrs old on Sunday!) are sharing a cabin together. They are good kids, and have no problem with being with mom & dad. 😉 But of course extra space is always good!
  10. Greetings—Dragon of the Seas and DH here from central Virginia. [Agnes and Alan] We are doing a B2B on the Grandeur of the Seas and we invite you to join us. . . . and wish us luck. I often do a live thread if we are taking a cruise that we have not done before. [i.e. new ports, B2B, TA, etc.] Since we sailed Grandeur last Spring for a B2B with a similar itinerary I had decided not to do a live thread this time. I was not sure people would be interested in hearing about the Grandeur since she is being sold. However, the whole coronavirus situation has changed my mind. I know I am reading everything I can to get more information. So, here I am to share what it is like to sail in uncertain times. DH and I are looking forward to lazy sea days, warm temperatures and sunny beaches. We leave from Baltimore, MD on Saturday March 7, 2020 and return on March 27, 2020. The first cruise is a Southern Caribbean cruise and the second cruise is a Southeastern US and Bahamas cruise that includes Coco Cay. [More on the itineraries later.] First let me say that we are relatively healthy sixty somethings that do not have any of the underlying conditions that would put us at a greater risk. We always get a flu shot and have had the pneumonia shot. We realize none of that would keep us from getting the virus if there is an outbreak on the ship. I am not a germaphobe and have not made it a practice to wipe down my cabin on arrival. However, I am going to wipe down the phone, door handles, nightstand and chair back when we arrive in the cabin on Saturday. The TV remote will get Lysol spray and be put in a ziplock bag for a few hours. I have purchased hand sanitizer, pre-packaged individual sanitizer wipes, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, antibiotic hand soap to put by the bathroom sink and extra meds. I have also decided I am not shaking hands with anyone this cruise. I know all of this may be a little extreme, but it does make me feel as if I have some control over my own situation.
  11. Getting underway with Grandeur of the Seas! 12 day cruise to the Caribbean. Our stops have been modified to Puerto Rico, St Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, and St Kitts and Nevis. Make sure to check out DragonoftheSeas' live for their B2B on the Grandeur! Already I have forgotten a few things--my Japanese textbooks, a pair of sunglasses (🙈), and a few other small things. Oh well. We will survive, and persevere! With the more intensive check ins, there was a bit of delay. The hand sanitizers are very aggressive (appreciated, but I just did it 10 feet back!). Boarding was pushed back an hour from 11AM to 12PM. We bought The Key, which was supposed to come with Chop's lunch at the MDR from 11:30-1:30. Unfortunately they didn't adjust the mealtime--understandable, since they have to prep for dinner. The woman at the entry way signed us up for a Chop's lunch tomorrow instead which was lovely 😃 we have been exploring the ship for most of the afternoon. Captain Patrick just wrapped up our drill and we are about to make weigh. We are staying in the Chesapeake overnight to wait out waves from a big storm up the coast. We aren't heading into the Atlantic until tomorrow evening! 😲 Vacation had started!
  12. Any (Recent) recommendations on where to stay the nigh before?
  13. What night of the 5 night sailing will be the formal night?
  14. I have been expecting to receive notification that this cruise is cancelled, but instead just received notice that the itinerary has been changed from New England to Bermuda and Nassau. I'd say that at this point, that's probably wishful thinking on Royal's part. They are offering us three options, which seems fair. 1. Keep the booking and receive onboard credit 2. Opt for 125% Future Cruise Credit 3. Receive a full refund. I think we'll opt for the refund and wait for things to stabilize before cruising again.
  15. Going on the Grandeur in July - just booked today!!!! I think most of these questions are pretty broad & relate to Royal in general though. Do they always do themed nights at one of the clubs on board the ship? How do you know before the cruise if they are going to do them & what they are? Like 80s night etc. Any examples of theme nights & yes, do they always do a theme night? Silly question, but does Royal do bingo on board? lol I like to waste my money on bingo. Yes I say that, as I have never won big on any of the cruises I have taken with other cruise lines, but I still love to play bingo!!! If so, how often do they have games? Is it paper or electronic boards? What kind of game shows do they have on the ship, and how often do they do those games? Trivia games... do they do those fairly often? What kind of trivia games, are there prizes, is it serious business or just for fun? Solarium is on the Grandeur correct? What time does that open in the morning & does it really get full very quickly? It says 16+ But do they keep the 18-21yr old 'kids' in check or not? Can you go early and 'reserve' a spot, then go grab breakfast, and come back, or do you have to be sitting on your seat at all times? What if you are alone, and want to wander off to a trivia session, then come back? I guess you'd have to give up your seat right? Yes, so many questions. They sound so silly, sorry. Buffet area. What free drinks does it have during the day for free? The soda machines that you can use if you buy the soda package with the special 'chip' cup. Are there many of those soda machines placed around the ship? 'Cafe Select Coffee Card' I think would included iced lattes? That is the only 'premium' coffee I drink really, but I do like to drink that every day. I was planning to just get the basic soda package for myself as I don't drink alcohol, but didn't think the 'Refreshment' package was worth it as I really am not into mocktails or juices. That being said, are the iced lattes a decent size? The card is good for 15, it also says 50% off individually purchased coffees. If I used the card on 15 iced lattes. Could I then get 50% off future iced lattes? Izumi, is that just a sushi restaurant, or is it hibachi too? If just sushi, can you order sushi to go, or is that just sit down? If it is sit down, can you just order one thing, or is it a set meal (appetizer, plus entree, and dessert)? Was confusing looking at dining options online. I know my 2 daughters love sushi, but don't want them spending a fortune there! lol Spa - there are no services, such as facials that a 15yr old could get done? It shows a 'fruity facial' & one for acne, but then says the minimum age is 18yrs old! SO MANY QUESTIONS... so sorry. But if anyone can answer just one or two of these that would be wonderful. Thank you!
  16. It’s been a while since we’ve sailed on the Grandeur, do all the balcony cabins on deck 7 have the bed next to the balcony door? If the beds are not all in the same location, is there a way to figure out if the bed in 7552 is next to the balcony door?
  17. Our first cruise and would like to know for free beverages, like water, iced tea, etc. where do you get these if you just want to fill a water bottle and lounge on the deck? We are taking our own water bottles but not sure how this is done.
  18. Does anyone know why the itinerary is different for this particular cruise. The general itinerary info list Baltimore, Boston., Portland, Bar Harbor, St John, Halifax, Baltimore, but the 17th itinerary has Boston and Portland so we go to Portland first, then to Boston, then to Bar Harbor. Seems odd to have to backtrack just for this date.
  19. Does anyone know if the sofa in the handicap accessible rooms on the Grandeur are a sofa bed or just a seat? If not a sofa bed, are they long enough to sleep on? Thanks!
  20. We are docking for one day April 1, 2020 at Port Canaveral when on Grandeur. Cannot find any info on what terminal we will be docking at for the day. A few years ago, we had docked at CT3 for the day when on the Grandeur. Also what rental car company would be near by? I know there was a Payless Car Rental within walking distance from CT3 but it is now permanently closed.
  21. Hi there, only 2nd time on Royal, and first time with my family (first time I traveled without them, and with a large group). We will be sailing on Grandeur of the Seas. There will be, me, my husband, and our twin girls aged 14yrs old. We are not in the cabin too much, girls like to go off around the ship, I am into the activities, husband does enjoy sitting on the balcony relaxing though, if we do have a balcony, and definitely prefers a balcony. We normally book balconies on cruises. I received an offer through a website, where I could get a large ocean view (last one left, and is reserved under my name right now!) for all 4 of us, for $1350 It is on the 2nd deck, towards the back (not an ideal location at all, but a very good price). Or for $1200 more we could have a 3B balcony (which doing a mock booking online it seems would be on deck 7). I am torn. Pros, cons, which would you choose & why? Neither one comes with any perks. It is a 9 night cruise, so a decent amount of time too, if that makes a difference. I am thinking oceanview, as then that is a quite a chunk of change to use on board. Husband is torn as he does like the balcony. Girls are just excited to go on a cruise again. LOL
  22. Seems like a flu outbreak on a recent GOS cruise. https://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-hs-royal-carribean-flu-20200228-ljm5pew5yfbepowttxgmlnej7i-story.html
  23. Who is the next cruise director on Grandeur of the Seas?
  24. We will be on our first Grandeur cruise shortly and we had some questions. We're not novice cruisers, but we're not sure how a couple of things work with Grandeur. Would appreciate any responses. Thank you in advance. 1. We will be traveling with four other people and would like to dine together. One couple has booked thru a TA and I don't think they will be able to link them with us. Do you think we could speak to maitre'd after boarding and arrange for a table for six? 2. Are there restrictions on how you can use your OBC on the Grandeur? Thank you.
  25. My cruise savvy sister told me it is her understanding that RC will be replacing the Grandeur sometime soon. Anyone have any more information? Thanks!
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