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  1. Can someone tell me the bed placement of Cabin 14174 & 14580 on the Harmony of the Seas.
  2. Magic, kismet, even “Harmony” That’s the way to describe my relationship with my travel husband, Randy. We cruised together by chance in April 2013 and we will cruise again by design on Harmony June 2nd, when we celebrate Randy’s 30th wedding anniversary with his real wife (and love of his life, Amy) But this story is about a travel marriage, a melding of two souls who love cruising and (this is important) the planning of cruises. A bond that could not be broken by thousands of miles and was solidified by hundreds of Friday night texts. (Travel planning night in both our households) My own dear husband of more than 30 years would hear a “ping” on a Friday night and say “oh, there’s your travel husband!” Neither Amy or Jeff has much patience for travel logistics, (although, and this is important, they both love the actual cruising🤣) but Randy and I are obsessed with it! And well, you have to get your needs met where you can, and that’s how Randy and I became “travel spouses”, sharing messages such as “should I pull the trigger on this Freedom cruise?” and “the drink package is 30% off, is it time to buy? “ and “what’s the name of that guide in Roatan?” We could spend hours online dissecting the minutia of the MDR menu, sharing frustrations over the Royal Caribbean website 🙄 or editing each others content for news letters or web reviews. How did it come to this!? Well, if you’d like to hear, I’ll tell the tale, and then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when we share this review of our Harmony of the Seas 30 for 30 Anniversary cruise LIVE! (During making of this review, no actual marriages were harmed! Couples Randy and Amy <whom I also adore 😍> and Jeff and I are all still very happily married to our original spouses and plan to be, God willing, for many years to come!)
  3. Have only been in the Suite Lounge and CK on Allure and it was very nice. Bar had lots of seats and an OV view out the large windows. Looking at the pics on the Harmony the bar is faced against a wall with only 5 or 6 seats. Also it appears in the photos that I saw that the tables in CK are pretty close together. Is that true ?
  4. We will be on the Harmony in a B2B & we are not heavy drinkers & was wondering if they sell the 10 drink pkg around the 4th day?? If they do can we use any drinks we have left over from the 10 day drink pkg on the 1st week on our 2nd week?? george35
  5. I searched the forum for this, so please forgive me if I missed it. When looking at the pictures of the Harmony's closet area, it seems to be a lot smaller than the ones on other ships. We typically hang all of our evening clothes and fill up the closet pretty well. I guess we are just curious if it is a lot smaller or if the picture just makes it look that way (the part that has the hanging bar - not the shelves). Thanks!!! Holly
  6. I just signed up me, my husband, and our 23 year old son up for the all access two hour tour on the Harmony (our cruise isn't till next February). Has anyone done the tour and what did you think? We did a behind the scenes tour on a Carnival ship a good six year or so ago, really enjoyed it, and thought this might be similar. On the Carnival ship too, because of a Noro Virus outbreak, we didn't get to see the galley (and that's something my husband has always thought would be really cool to see). Also, enough time has passed that we would be interested in doing a similar behind the scenes tour again. Anyway, I'd love to hear from you if you've done this on the Harmony or one of the similar sister ships.
  7. Please help me finalize a choice- with all there's is to do on the ship I don't think we will use our balcony so don't want to spend the extra $ which can go towards other fun things. So decided on an ocean view and my TA has options on decks 7-11 all the way forward. Thoughts? Or would we better off with a interior aft on 6-8?
  8. In October of 2016 we sailed on Harmony of the Seas from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale in a Central Park balcony cabin - #14185. This cabin was very near the water slides on deck 15. I was a bit concerned that it would be noisy, but took a chance. When we sat on the balcony during the day, we could hear sounds from the pool deck – music, activity staff announcements, cheering during games – not really loud and annoying and I could enjoy sitting out there. But when we stepped inside our cabin and slid the door closed, it was instantly silent. I was pleasantly surprised that the door was that sound proof. When we booked on Harmony for June 2 of this year, I didn’t hesitate to book another Central Park balcony after our good experience. This time it was cabin 10277, several decks below the pool deck, but at the other end of the park. The noise inside the cabin was almost as loud as outside. The door seemed to not dull the sound at all. All afternoon it was loud music, pool games and cheering. Not much chance of grabbing a nap. I was really surprised at the difference in sound between the two cabins. This isn’t a complaint. I just want others to know what our experience was as they are choosing a cabin. I did not complain to anyone on board because I wouldn’t expect there was any way to solve the problem. They are not going to shut the pool deck down for one passenger, nor would I want that. I just chalked it up to lesson learned. The good thing is that there were no activities on the pool deck much beyond 6pm, so no noise at all during the evening. I’d be curious to know what other’s experiences are with sound in CP cabins by cabin number.
  9. Where can we find Omelletes On Harmony? We have heard Mini Bites, but not Windjammer. We love a good one for breakfast.... Johnny Rockets Breakfast? Have heard its not too good. Thanks folks, Harmony 9/22 full price Harmony 10/6 > Casino Royale, $1,000 quad total Brilliance 12/9 > Casino Royale, $563 quad total The Moore Family Tampa Bay
  10. Hello everyone, I have a few quick questions regarding Harmony: 1. Is there "free" texting onboard? I have heard a rumor that you might be able to via the RC app. Is this true? If not, what are our other options. 2. Can you hole punch your SeaPass card at Guest Services? Does Harmony have the kind of cards that you cannot hole punch due to the technology used in the card? If I can hole punch, will a normal hole punch from home work? I typically do not hole punch my Sea Pass, but half of our party bought lanyards and I just wanted to double check. 3. We are going to be celebrating my sister's 60th birthday. How do I get a cake sent to the MDR on the first night? Do I just request it from our waiter at the beginning of the meal? Or, do I email dining services ahead of time. Thank you! Nicole
  11. On Harmony of the Seas how long does generally take to get room service if only ordering coffee or continental breakfast?
  12. I’m looking for a cruise Compass for Harmony EASTERN only. What I’m trying to find out is what the times are traditional dining . Going in April and my TA called the agent line and was told the early is 5:00 p.m.....this sounds early but this is what he was told. There also seems to be some controversy over what time MTD starts, if you try and reserve it on line it starts at 6:30 however he was told that’s only online and it starts at 6:00. We have MTD but don’t want a 6:30 seating so I’m trying to find out for sure that the early seating is 5:00 p.m.
  13. On Harmony of the Seas, how far is it to a pool from the Solarium? If you choose to sit in the Solarium, can you leave your things on the chair and go to the pool...go back and forth? I enjoy reading in the Solarium, but also enjoy the pool.
  14. Can you order from the Diamond Drink Menu in the main dining room on Harmony of the Seas during the designated times. What about the specialty restaurants?
  15. My family just returned from Harmony out of Port Canaveral. It was an amazing trip with memories for a lifetime. Oldest daughter even got engaged on this trip! Here is a quick summary of some of the highlights and insights of what I learned. The ship is HUGE and lovely. Never felt super crowded unless a show let out or during the dance parties in the Promanade. I hope to give back to this board since I asked many questions and learned from so many other cruisers. THE GOOD Arrival was smooth - rented an AVIS car at airport on Saturday and stayed the night in Cocoa Beach. Returned the car Sunday morning to the AVIS lot in Cocoa and caught their free shuttle to the port - super easy and hastle free. IT was nice having a car the night before to tour the area, go to dinner and shop! Almost NO wait at the port - handed over luggage and swiftly went through boarding process. Boarded at 12:00 and was in the room before 1:00 p.m. Lunched at WindJammer. It was crowded but not oppressive. We had 3 cabins (9718, 9720 and 9724) near rear of ship. Loved location as it was near the end of hall and very quiet. Lot of walking but hey that is not a bad thing. More than adequate storage space for my way over-packed bag!!! 2 large suitcases easily fit under the beds.....we used them for dirty clothes throughout the week. Bathroom shower was very roomy and I especially loved the little ledge to put my foot on for shaving legs! DH is a big guy and felt comfortable in the shower. Water was always HOT and plenty of storage shelves over sink and below. Beds were comfortable but a bit firm.....(I like). If you don't like firm beds, ask for a topper. Plenty of plugs at desk and 1 next to bed. I brought an expander for bedside which added 3 USB ports and ran a 6 foot cable behind bed so we could both charge phones bedside. I asked for extra pillows an were provided them immediately. Both closets had lots of hangers so no issues there. Our attendant was wonderful and opened up the dividers between 2 of our cabins. That was really nice. SHOWS - LOVED Fine Line Dive show - a must see. We did not get reservations, but sat above it at the rock wall and had a great view. Adult Comedy - We all really enjoyed this show - it was under an hour but crowded so reservations are a must. Headliner show - juggler/comedy was amazing - great venue and family friendly. Had reservations for Grease but did not go because we were tired and having a wonderful time at Bollaro's. Meals - we were assigned MY TIME DINING. Food was very good.......staff was amazing. Only downside was the crowds trying to get in at the same time. Reservations are a must but even with reservations, we were usually waiting in line at least 10-15 min. It got better as the week went on but first night was a zoo. My advice - make all your dining reservations prior to cruise even if you don't know your plans. They are tough to get once on board. Book main dining room each night then decide if you need to cancel for alternate plans. MINI-bites was great for lunch and breakfast and Park Cafe was so relaxing for breakfast. We loved going to Sorento's Pizza around 4:00 before dinner and bringing back anti-paste plate to the room/balcony and having it with some wine we brought aboard. WE asked for extra glasses and room attendant provided. This was our favorite family time. Just sitting on the decks, drinking wine and picking at olives/cheese/meats! CHOPS - quality was so good - warm goat cheese salad was amazing!!!! Service was top notch. We got a voucher from our TA so we got one specialty dinner and this was our choice. BARS - we loved Bollaro's latin bar. Hung out there almost every night. Tried lots of unique shots/drinks.....music was so fun! Also liked the Boot and Bonnet Irish Pub. Live music was really good. Bionic BAR was a very fun novelty.....did it multiple times. Remember if mix your own drink you have to ask for ice. Our first time we forgot to add ice and got a glass full of liquor that was warm! POOLS - water slides were so fun and not horribly crowded. Max 10 min wait time. Belly-flop competition was super fun as was sexiest man contest. Sports stuff - did rock wall - BRING socks!!!! They provide climbing shoes. Very fun and wait times about 15 min. Daughter did flow rider during open times. First you MUST do the boogie-board side before you are given a wrist-band to do the stand-up surfing side. Wait time both times was 40 min. Very fun and nice bleachers to wait on and a little bar between both venus to get drinks. Face painting and balloon animals were a highlight for my grand-daughter......free on the boardwalk with about a 20 min wait. Promanade - each night featured a band and some type of dancing. We tried to stroll through each night and the kids loved it. Lots of glow stuff given away and fun bar demonstrations. Excursions - LOVED the StingRay City strip on Cocoa Cay.....quick 1 hour trip across the channel to hold/feed Stingrays......super fun would recommend. We stayed all day on Chill island and there were plenty of umbrellas and chairs to be had early in the day. Approaching noon, almost none available so stake your place early. Only about 1/2 the bungalows were used....just so expensive. Food was BBQ and typical but plentiful. Lots of bars around so drinking was easy. On St Maarten - we went off on our own via TAXI/VAN to Orient Beach and the Kon Tiki beach club. Ride for 7 was $8 dollars per person each way. Kon Tiki was fantastic.....clean beaches......$20 to rent an umbrella/table/2 loungers with cushions. Full beach service.....food was pricy but VERY high quality - Pad Thai, Tuna Poke bowl, egg rolls, Mahi Burger, etc......well worth the price. We prearranged our ride back to the boat at 3:00 and drives was there waiting for us. Best day of the trip.......Snorkel gear was available at another club down the beach but they made us purchase the masks for $10 and they were cheap crap. Bring your own if you can. Also, clothing was optional and we say plenty of ladies going topless. THere is a far section that is nude-only and we snorkeled over there and there were plenty of nude men there too! Not offended just led to some explaining to our 9 year old about customs and bodies! We found the Deluxe Drink Package - well worth the monies. We paid $52 per person. Typical day for me a not-heavy drinker: 2-4 bottles of water, 2 tropical drinks by the pool, soda at lunch, 1 wine with dinner and 1-2 drinks in the evening. I tried drinks I never would have otherwise. Did a number of really fun shots. It was nice not worrying about cost of if I liked it or not. Once I ordered a drink I hate and set it aside and ordered something new. We looked at the drink list prior to the cruise and made a list on my iphone of drinks I wanted to try. Favorite was Frozen Petrone Peach Margaritta!!!! THE BAD Cocoa Beach Suites - we stayed there Saturday night after we flew in. The outside of the building was very nice, but inside rapidly showed it had not been updated for at least 25 years. Carpets were stained badly in the rooms, the couch in the living room area was thread-bear and just awful. There were stains on the walls and the TVs were at least 15 or more years old. Last bonus - I will swear one room had bed bugs. Our daughters friend woke up with multiple bites on her legs that were not there the night before. They blistered with little white heads and when googled bed bug bites they were dead ringers. It was not expensive, $110 per night but just not worth it. No WIFI, no breakfast and just plain gross. The front desk folks were VERY friendly, but I would next time pay more and get a better hotel. Sea Pass card - we purchased Alcohol unlimited package for all 3 cabins. All the sea passes had printed UNLIMITED BEVERAGE on them. However, one of the cabins was constantly charged for drinks. I went to guest services and they agreed we purchased and credited back. She made a few calls and said they re-activated the cards. No luck.....charges from all venues kept showing up. On the third trip to gust services, they placed stickers on the cards proving they had the package. They kept having to get a supervisor because THEIR system said no package. THis was NEVER resolved and on the last night, guest services credited it all back but it was a hassle and I just cannot see why this was so hard. issues with the RC App on our phones. It was REGULARLY WRONG. It incorrectly showed schedules that were not accurate. We showed up for movie night in the aqua theater and the wrong movie was playing. It was correct on the Compass but the app was wrong. This happened at least 5-6 times and we just never used the app again. BINGO - Super expensive - to play the 3 games was $40. You got 6 paper cards, but it was really expensive. The prizes were large, ranging from 250 to 600 dollars, but you filled out cards with pens in your lap which was tough. The had ipads you could use, but our game kept getting stopped because of ipad issues. POOLS - very crowded and murky - too much sun screen. Still had fun be be aware crowds are big on sea days. We sat on deck 16 above the pools and it was much less crowded. We found a shady spot just above the kids pool area and was able to get this spot each day by 9:30 am. By 11:00 all pool deck loungers were taken. Shore Excursion at St. Thomas - Snorkeling on a FAST-CAT - Boat was PACKED to the gills.....sitting shoulder to shoulder and very crammed. Fun but would do an outside excursion again .....one that is less crowded. Main dining Room - cluster when trying to seat everyone at once. It got better but the system is not good. WindJammer for dinner - People we WAY to aggressive during Mexican night. No one wanted to give you a break and we saw people take way too much food then waste it. Really not a good experience. They servers up there were great and so friendly......its the other passengers that made our 1 dinner experience not fun. Did not experience the same level of aggression during breakfast or lunch. TIPS Stop worrying and stressing about clothes and what is acceptable. There was a total mix of clothes in the main dining room. Yes we saw shorts, yes we saw dressed, yes we saw jeans. It just is not worrying about. Wear what you are comfortable with. I wore capri pants and tops most nights. My son-in-law wore golf shorts and under-armour golf shorts with boat shoes and he fit in fine. We did one of the two Formal nights (Tuesday and Friday). About 40 percent dressed up and the rest did not and it was fine! Lots of opportunities to have ship pictures with fun back-drops. Just bring what you like and stop worrying! We used lanyards I purchased from Amazon that had removable card holders. That way we never had to take off head, just remove via clip and give to waiter. They came with the plastic luggage tags which worked GREAT!! Here is what we purchased. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C642BTK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Microfibre towels - BEST PURCHASE and most used and helpful. We purchased these XXL microfibre beach towels from Amazon. I got 7 different colors. They came in a compact bag along with a small hand towel. We used them on out loungers along with towel CLIPS (a must). It made it so easy to find our chairs. On ship days, I used ship pool towels to dry off with but laid on the microfibre towels. On excursion days, these towels were the BEST. They dried so fast in 10 min. THey were light to carry and not bulky. Cruise towels get wet and stay wet. These dried so quickly, they were the best onshore. Highly recommend: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DVM59XD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Magnetic hooks - came in really handy. Always hung our lanyards on one by the door and use others for drying towels and hanging suits on. Here is what I purchased and was happy I did: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077PWX2ZS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 GoPortCanaveral Shuttle - We pre-purchased 4 passes to go to airport after cruise for a total of $59.00. Big luxury bus. Very efficient and only about a 10 min wait in garage for bus to fill up. https://www.goport.com/services/fly-snooze-cruise.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-PGKxrPf4gIVgrfsCh1_PASoEAAYASAAEgKks_D_BwE Go to Solarium and go out onto the WINGS of the ship. They have a GLASS bottom portion you can stand on over the water. Kind of creepy but so neat. Warning - very windy. We walked our 9 year old through Solarium and out on the wing even though it is adult only. We did not stay long but she loved the experience, especially the glass bottom over the water. I hope these tips and reviews help out. ENJOY your future trips! Lisa
  16. We have a group going Oct. 6, San Juan, St. Maarten, Labadee, and want to plan our activities and reservations requests. Does anyone have the cruise compasses for this itinerary? Would also like to know when shows are offered, chocolate buffet, parades, etc. any thing will be appreciated, thanks. Linda
  17. Do all of the suites and Jr suites on Harmony have ocean balcony or do some of them have Central Park or Boardwalk.
  18. We will be sailing on Harmony of the Seas on October 20 this year. Just a couple of questions for anyone regarding the UDP and the escape room 1. I know we will be randomly assigned a time and venue for dinner the first night with the UDP. When do we find out what time and venue we are given? Also if we are not happy with the random assignment can we change it for the first night? 2. Were and when can you make your dinner reservations for the rest of the week? Can it be done at any specialty restaurant or is there a specific place it needs to be done? 3. From reading other forums it seems like we can use the UDP at Izumi Hibachi but not order sushi. Could we do the hibachi side one night and the sushi part of Izumi as dinner another night? 4. We are sailing with several family members under different reservations but we will all be getting the UDP. We would all like to eat together every night and our reservations are linked in the cruise planner. When we make our dining reservations onboard can one person take care of making the reservations for everyone or does one person from each room need to be part of the reservation process onboard? 5. Finally the escape room question - will this show up sometime on the cruise planner to be booked ahead of time or can it only be booked onboard? Thanks for any information anyone can give me.
  19. Figured this was a good time to ask as the US plays its first match at 3:00et today... Can anyone on Harmony tell me if they are showing the Women's World Cup (either in stateroom or in venues like they have done with the Men's World Cup in the past)? I know at least one poster onboard this week mentioned in another thread before they left that they would check. Several members of my 6/16 cruise, myself included, are interested. Thanks!
  20. I am sailing on the Harmony in October. I just booked the Unlimited Dining Plan today. I read through another thread on here of people comparing the Ultimate vs Unlimited but I'm still not finding all the information I would like. Anyone know the answers to these? - What restaurants are included on Harmony? - Can I get multiple appetizers? - At 150 Central, I see the beef tenderloin is for 2, do they have a version for 1 if no one else in my party wants to share it? - Can this be used on Embarkation day? - Is it hard to get reservations when we board? I'm really interested in the Hibachi since it sounds like that is now included. Any feedback on the specialty dining is also appreciated. I've never eaten at any of them. With the unlimited plan, I should be able to try all of them.
  21. Does anyone have a printable version of the Cruise Compass for May? I have a large group leaving May 2020 and we would like to look at it and try to plan ahead and set up our calendars. TIA!!!
  22. We are sailing on Harmony of the Seas on September 1, 2019 in stateroom 11636. Our Muster station is E03. We sailed in the same cabin on Oasis and our Muster Station was in the Champagne Bar but HM has the Bionic Bar in that space. Does anyone know where our Muster Station is? And is it in the Champagne Bar? We go down early for Muster using the elevators because I can't handle that many flights of steps (from Deck 11 to Deck 5) and we stay until the crowds have dispersed to go back to our stateroom via elevator.
  23. Do any of you have recent compass from Harmony Eastern itinerary? All I can find is Harmony sailing from Ft. Lauderdale with different days and ports as the next or recent sailings from Port Canaveral. I want to check them out before making reservations and activities on the plenner. 1 Sun Port Canaveral, Florida 2 Mon CocoCay, Bahamas 3 Tue At Sea 4 Wed San Juan, Puerto Rico 5 Thu Philipsburg (St. Maarten), Netherlands Antilles 6 Fri At Sea 7 Sat At Sea 8 Sun Port Canaveral, Florida
  24. Hi cruisers! Just booked our second cruise: Harmony on the Eastern leg! We book through Costco to get extra perks, so only certain rooms qualify for the deal. We spoiled ourselves on our first cruise with an ocean balcony, so there's no going back! On the cruise we just booked, there were only a few ocean balconies left, so we booked the starboard corner room of 14538. I'm curious what the view is?? The solarium is next to us, and from pictures it looks like might obstruct out view to the left of the balcony? It also looks like it's glass right there too, so can they see us from our balcony? Anyone who has booked on Oasis class ships can help; either room 14538 or 14138. Thanks in advance!
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