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  1. Has anyone stayed in staterooms 7001 or 7003 on RC Majesty of the Seas? Wondering if this location is good. Is it a quiet room?
  2. The last few days there has been a discussion about the Majesty sailing from England to Greece to join the Empress off of a Greek island. Majesty is now north of Empress and is still sailing East. Since Majesty’s two sister ships are currently being dismantled in Turkey, it is time for a Majesty watch.
  3. (5 p.m. EDT) – Empress of the Seas and Majesty of Seas -- two of Royal Caribbean's oldest vessels – are still being tracked by Cruise Critic members who are concerned that the line plans to sell them. Royal Caribbean has strongly denied it has any plans to sell the 1990-built Empress of the Seas, and hasn't yet commented on the future of ... View the full article
  4. Looks like 'Majesty' is for sale. See: https://wp.me/pfRKD-8Ab
  5. Two Sovereign Class ships have been scrapped: will Majesty be saved by future Cuba cruising?
  6. Rumours from Portsmouth UK that Majesty of the Seas is currently there and might be homeporting there for next year. Anyone heard anything?
  7. We sailed on the Majesty Jan 18-25, 2020. For disclosure, we love the big ships and have sailed primarily Oasis class the past several years. We decided to sail on the Majesty for 3 reasons. 1 - To try a smaller ship. 2 - To sail out of New Orleans since it is the closest drive from our home near Nashville. 3 - Ports of Coco Cay and Key West were two we have not been to. Our biggest concern going on the Majesty was its size… one of the smallest ship in the fleet. We were concerned about the entertainment and if there would be enough to do on the ship. But we boarded with an open mind and knew any cruise can be fun if you have a good attitude. We arrived at the port the morning of our cruise. We definitely prefer Port Everglades or Port Canaveral. The road at the port terminal in New Orleans was more congested with people being dropped off and people trying to park. The parking lot (Julian Street) was convenient to the terminal as it is right across the street. The only other note is the walk to the terminal from the parking lot crosses several railroad tracks. I wondered if anyone had every lost a suitcase wheel as these were pretty bumpy tracks. We arrived shortly after boarding had begun (about 11:30) and it wasn’t too long of a wait to get checked in. We checked out the ship and had a bite to eat in the Windjammer while we waited for the cabins to be ready which was about 12:50pm. Our cabin was on deck 9 and was one of the larger Outside View cabins. We always cruise in balcony cabins as I can get claustrophobic at times. However, the only balcony cabins on Majesty are in suites and it was not worth the price. Cruise Critic definitely helped me when choosing the cabin as I used the information others had posted about the best cabins on deck 9 to avoid the lifeboats blocking the view. We were in cabin 9532 and had a great view as the smaller boat (not a full life boat) was outside our window. The cabin was nicer than I had expected. Plenty of space and the shower with the curtain vs the curved glass doors of those on Oasis class was larger. There was not great shelving in the bathroom to put things, but not a huge deal. I only found 2 electrical plugs in the cabin at the desk. But I had brought a 3-way plug splitter and a USB 4 port charger for our electronic devices so that was fine. I will break down the remainder of this review by topic. Dining / Restaurants: Coming from Oasis class we knew this would be a big difference. We enjoy dining at specialty restaurants 3-4 nights on a 7 night cruise. Majesty has very little options for dining and this was the first cruise in a long time we ate in the Main Dining Room (MDR) almost every night (skipped one night). The food was typical MDR food and the waiters did seem a bit more attentive (maybe fewer guests to take care of versus the Oasis MDR). We usually do My Time Dining and eat at a table just for the 2 of us. The first night on Majesty we were taken to our table that seats 8 and thought “Oh no”. We had had some bad experiences with shared tables in the past. But I’m happy to report that we had the best table mates ever. 3 great couples (2 older and one younger) and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinners with them every night. This helped make up for the lack of dining choices available on this ship. We did most of our breakfast and lunch meals in the Windjammer while on board. Typical Windjammer experience. It is pretty small, but they do a good job of providing as many options as possible. Tried one day eating lunch in the MDR but they seemed very over-worked / confused. Our meals came at different times (my wife’s arrived 10 minutes after mine). The food was cold and service very poor that meal. The Oasis class has additional free food such as Boardwalk Dogs, Wipeout Cafe, and the Park Cafe. I really missed the Kummelweck sandwich… the roast beef sandwich from the Park Cafe. Entertainment: Unfortunately, this was a huge disappointment for us. There is so much more variety of shows on the larger ships and the Majesty really provided only one decent night of entertainment for us (singer / dancer Tony Tillman). We missed a comedian on the first night and I heard he was pretty good so that would have been 2 good shows. The next 3 nights were not enjoyable for us at all. The Royal Caribbean dancers and then 2 nights of the Royal Caribbean orchestra. The 2nd night of the orchestra was due to us missing Nassau so our Juggler / comedian could not board our ship. In comparison, on the typical Oasis class sailing we enjoy the Broadway show, Cirque Du Soleil type of show, headliner show, ice skating show, Aqua Theater show, and comedy shows. Something really great almost every night of the cruise. Note… sailing on the Oasis class does entail additional planning. You must make reservations for shows ahead of time or you may not get to see them (especially the comedy shows). The same with Specialty restaurants. Swimming Pools: We were disappointed in the pool / hot tubs. I had read where Majesty had 2 pools and one was adults only. This was not the case (unless I somehow missed a hidden pool). While there were not many kids on this sailing, they all liked the hot tubs. It was hard to get a seat at times with all the kids playing in the hot tubs. I heard many comments from passengers that they needed an adults only pool / hot tub area. Other ships have separate pools and hot tubs for adults only and we have found they strictly enforce it. Bars / Lounges: We really only used the Schooner bar lounge and Majesty’s is very nice. We tried to go up to the Viking Crown Lounge for a quiet place to read, but it was always very cold so we never stayed. As I mentioned in another thread, the nightly Diamond event (food & drinks) had been held in the Viking Crown Lounge but they discontinued this the week we sailed. Bad timing for us. We enjoy the nightly Diamond event on other ships to chat with people before dinner. The good news is I ate less as I tend to nibble during these nightly events and we still met great people while hanging out in the Schooner Bar before dinner. Ports: We were excited to try 2 new ports on this trip. Key West and Coco Cay. Key West was a great walking port. We did the “touristy” things… walked down by Hemingway House and to the Southernmost Point buoy. Then checked out some of the shopping and of course had some key lime pie. Walked about 4 miles and had a great visit to Key West. Not sure I would need to ever go back. It is a typical cruise port town with lots of souvenir type stores. Coco Cay was a relaxing day at the beach. There were plenty of loungers and umbrellas. Just get there early to get one up front at the beach. Temperature was low 70’s and pretty windy and the water in the gulf and at the pools was quite cold (it was January after all). We did not do the water park. I don’t know how feasible it would be, but having the pool heated would be a big bonus. Most people avoided the water due to how cold it was. I can’t imagine how cold it must have been to be in the water park with the cold water and strong winds. The food was very good at the buffet station. I did enjoy one of my indulgences… funnel cakes!!! I may have even had 2 of them while on Coco Cay. They are located at the Snack Shack. The Beach Club was not open yet and it looked like there was a lot of work left to do. We will be back to Coco Cay in April and December this year. We have reservations at the Beach Club in December for something new to try. Unfortunately, the windy weather prevented us from going to Nassau after Coco Cay. This was fine with us as Nassau along with Cozumel are our 2 least favorite ports. We were docked next to Mariner in Coco Cay and they made it to Nassau that night. I’m not sure why we could not make it… maybe Royal didn’t have another port spot available for overnight. The captain made some comment about not having enough time / speed of the ship in regards to making it too Nassau. Maybe we could not get there as fast as Mariner to beat the higher winds that we’re coming. Anyway, we went back to Key West for our Nassau replacement port. That ended up being a bad choice. We arrived later than expected as the captain said he did not make as good of speed as he had hoped. We arrived about 11:00am but then everyone on board had to go through Customs since we had visited a foreign port (Coco Cay) and then returned to a US port. What a frustrating day as they kept pushing back the times for the customs check. We finally had ours at about 2:00pm. It was also frustrating that Majesty docked at the further pier requiring a 10-15 minute open air shuttle into Key West. It was colder and very windy so many of us skipped getting off the ship, especially since we cleared customs so late. The main pier right at the downtown area of Key West would have been much more convenient and it sat empty all day. I would have preferred it if we had sailed a more southerly route for a warmer “at sea” day than returning to a late, cold, and windy 2nd day in Key West. The last 2 days of our sailing were “at sea” days. The first was great… warm and sunny. Great day to hang out by the pool most of the day and relax. The 2nd day was much colder and windy so it was an inside day. Did a few trivia events and watched some of the Australian Open. I wish they would show a movie inside in the theater on the colder days as they have done on Oasis class. They showed them only outside on the big screen and some nights it was pretty cold & windy. A significant concern to consider when sailing on a smaller ship is its ability to make changes to ports due to weather conditions. It seems Majesty is considerably smaller and cannot sail as fast as the larger ships so its range is limited. If you encounter bad weather and have to re-route, there are few ports to choose from. Attention from Staff: I read many comments about the smaller ships have better staff / more attention from staff. We maybe had a little extra attention at dinner, but otherwise the staff was no different on this ship. I had one negative interaction with one of the cruise activity staff. I had heard rumors that we did not have the juggler / comedian on board so while we were all waiting for this in the theater, I approached him to ask about it. He said, “if you picked up an updated activity sheet at the desk this morning you would see he is not scheduled”. I replied that he was on the cruise compass that was delivered to our room and he was till on the Royal App. He replied that the paper copy at the desk is always the most up to date and seemed very annoyed I was even questioning him. They really could have done a better job of communicating this. Heck, print out on a piece of paper and put it at the entrance to the theater that night explaining the change in entertainment. Unfortunately, when they announced to the room that the juggler was missing and they wold have night 2 of the orchestra playing, over 1/2 the room got up and left. I felt bad for the orchestra. Internet / technology: We purchased the slower of the 2 internet packages and it worked fine for most of the trip. The speeds were slower than on Oasis class for the same lower tier internet. We shared one access and it was easy to switch between users. I did miss not being able to check our accounts on the TV in the room. We also could not check it on our Royal app. So a couple of times during the week we had the Guest Services desk print out our statement so we could check for any errors. All was good. Getting around the ship: The ship is much smaller so it was easy to get around. However, I actually found it more difficult to get an elevator on the Majesty than the Oasis class. I also found it surprising there is no elevator to deck 12 where Johnny Rockets, Sorentos, and the Cafe are located. One man in a scooter was complaining he was denied access to those areas. I did not hang around to see if there was another elevator somewhere (maybe a service elevator) they found for him to use. As for crowd comparisons, this seemed about equal to the Oasis class. Fewer passengers on Majesty, but a lot fewer common areas to spread out in. We find Oasis class handles the additional passengers very well with the larger Promenade deck, Central Park, Boardwalk, and additional pools. The Windjammer seemed a little less crowded on Majesty than the Oasis class. The Majesty also blocked off the central stairway some times when they were playing music in that area. This was a bit frustrating as they did this a couple of times at dinner time and made it more difficult to easily move between decks. Disembarking: Wow, it seemed everyone wanted to get off the ship early. We went down to deck 4 about 30 minutes before they opened up for disembarking. There were probably 200-300 people in line in front of us (maybe more). The line went from the gangway in deck 4 down to the main dining room, all the way around the back of the main dining room and all the way back across the ship to the front elevator bay. That elevator bay area was jammed full of people. But once it got moving, it went pretty smoothly. Kids Activities: We did not have kids with us so can' review those services. Summary: Overall, the cruise was about as we expected. We would not sail on Majesty again and would drive the extra 3-1/2 hours to Port Canaveral for a bigger ship. But now we can say we tried one of the smallest ships.
  8. Terrible situation for crew onboard these ships !! https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/05/articles/disease/63-days-stuck-at-sea-protest-erupts-on-royal-caribbeans-majesty-of-the-seas/
  9. Just received this email from RCL. I realize the letter says may be associated with the cruise, but I figure they must be pretty sure, right?? Dear Majesty of the Seas Guest, Royal Caribbean International is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 that may be associated with travel aboard the Majesty of the Seas in February 29th, 2020. To maximize the health of our guests and crew, Royal Caribbean International has implemented enhanced sanitation, health screenings and conservative travel restrictions. We understand the concerns shared by all our guests and their families, and are confident that these steps implemented will maximize safety and satisfaction. In order to prevent additional illness and identify anyone else who may have been diagnosed with COVID-19 after traveling aboard the Majesty of the Seas, we ask the following: Our ultimate goal is to ensure the health and safety of our guests and crew and to lessen the impact of COVID-19. So, if you have already traveled aboard the Majesty of the Seas and get sick in the following 14 days after your cruise: Seek medical attention to determine if you are at risk of contracting COVID-19. Follow the guidance of your health care professional and take a COVID-19 test. If you test positive for COVID-19, ask your doctor to report your illness to your local or state health department as soon as possible after your diagnosis. Both Royal Caribbean and CDC are working to protect the health of the guests and crew aboard the Majesty of the Seas and we are confident that we are handling the situation the best way possible. If you have questions about COVID-19, you may contact your local or state health department. You can also learn more about COVID-19 at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html. For travel-related questions, please contact us at 1-800-256-6649 or if you’re outside of the US, please find the appropriate number here. Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  10. I've found myself extremely bored during the lockdown and started looking at old itineraries for a piece I'm writing about the Empress of the Seas. I came across a Hong King website with this Majesty itinerary from 1999 listed: http://www.tiglion.com/cruise/cruise/1999/rc/majes132.htm It appears the ship would disembark passengers in Playa del Carmen and then sail the short distance across to Cozumel the same morning. I'm assuming this was for a number of excursions on the mainland and then passengers would be brought back to Cozumel to board later in the day. Does anyone remember this happening? If so, any idea when it stopped?
  11. Has anyone stayed in this cabin... it Has a totally different shape. kind of unique we booked it...I wondered if anybody has any pictures or any reviews on it. Thanking you in advance[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. I just received another invoice from RCI for the April 11 Majesty cruise. They changed the itinerary and instead of embarkation in NOLA on April 11 it lists "Gulfport Technical Stop" as the port for both April 11 and 12, with a departure time of 9pm on April 12. I know that Majesty is currently at an anchorage off the coast of Mississippi. I also have no hope that this cruise will happen, and actually laughed out loud when I read the new itinerary but it's curious that they sent this out. At the same time I received a cancellation notice from RoyalUp for the same cruise saying my bid was canceled because of a change to the reservation. IT glitches gone wild? Who knows anymore?
  13. We are hoping to be able to cruise in june on majesty of the seas anyone got tips or advice on what to check out only cruised on oasis class before
  14. Took this last minute great deal a couple weeks ago new orleans 7 day round trip. Pros of the Majesty Great promenade deck, you can walk the whole ship seeing the ocean every step of the way, the food (Cajun themed) was delicious (jumbo peel and eat shrimp was served 2 different nights at the buffet) embarkation was unbelievable (never in all my cruising did we board so quick and efficient), sports court was open 24 hours a day (nice!) Saw people bringing cases of water and soda on board - great that royal allows this. Cons of the Majesty Theatre was to small and odd shaped hardly a good seat in the house, stage was so tiny it made the awful production shows even worse, and if you think the production shows were bad well at least you had this other main theatre entertainment a cover band (eagles), a comedian with 20 year old jokes, and an "entertainer" that was once kicked out of the real world house on mtv for being such a jerk. I booked last minute and was awarded 8pm dining with strangers (so we never ate at the dining hall, not gonna listen to some joker for 7 dining nights go on and on about being the president/director of widgets and how important he is) about 50 percent of our cruising has been ncl we like to eat by ourselves when we want, well that was not gonna happen and the maitre dei stated we could not change (my fault I know I booked that cruise knowing this was the only option but it would have been a nice touch to change us to anytime dining). The food was great at the buffet however royal was letting people cut their own cake, how unsanitary is that (licking fingers etc) There was not any sherbet on the cruise very disappointing. Ports - Grand Bahama - we did not bother to get off the ship, Nassau - we did not bother to get off the ship, Key West 9:30am - 2:30pm, sure could have used a few more hours at the only decent port on the cruise. Overall food was better than NCL, the majesty is an old tub and we would sail it again if the price is right. Entertainment was horrific.
  15. Rumor has it the Diamond Lounge was going away in 2020. Anyone on the Majesty this week or departing tomorrow (Jan 5th) who can verify if the Diamond Lounge has been retired. We are sailing on Majesty in 2 weeks and curious if we will have a lounge or not. Thank You
  16. We were on the February 8, 2020 sailing of the Majesty of the Seas. We chose this cruise due to low cost and being a small ship. This was my sixth cruise. My previous cruises have been on the Disney Magic and the Norwegian Escape. I loved the Disney magic but hated the Norwegian escape. It’s just too big. I found the Majesty to be much more similar to the Disney magic (minus all the Disney stuff of course.) we have no interest in all of the big features on the ship. Embarkation was a mess due to the late arrival. The line was unbelievable going all the way to the far far end of the building and then snaking back around. But considering the situation I guess it wasn’t that bad as it took us about an hour and a half from the time we got in line until the time we boarded. My travel party was myself and my BFF, both 55-ish-year-old women. Our main goals were to sit in a lounger in the sun with a drink and a book. The cruise was a seven day Key West and Bahamas leaving from New Orleans. On first impression the outside of the Majesty looked tired and worn. But inside was perfectly fine. Loved the small size of the ship and how quick and easy it was to get anywhere. The only complaints I have was that the food in the buffet was absolutely awful (and I’m not that picky), there were very limited options for food outside of main dining times, and there wasn’t a huge variety of activities going on on sea days, or at least not a lot that interested us. Main dining room food was good but not exceptional. The buffet was passable for breakfast and lunch but just absolutely horrible for dinner. Severe lack of variety, things that didn’t seem to work together, and flavorless or cold food. The café had strange hours and never seemed to be open when I wanted something from there but what I did have there was very good. The only other place to get food outside of main dining hours was the pizza place and that’s not what I usually wanted. Was also surprised by the lack of lines at the coffee shop. We were able to get our Starbucks every morning without much wait at all. I will never sail out of the Gulf in the winter time again. The ship was delayed getting into port on embarkation day until about 1 PM so boarding and sail away was late. The delay was due to bad weather in the Gulf. Our first day was a sea day and it was cold and windy. I figured that was just the remnants of the same storm. But our last sea day coming back into the Gulf was even colder and more windy. Had that last sea day been nice enough to be outside we wouldn’t of even noticed the lack of activity said appeal this. Loved Simon playing piano in the Schooner bar in the evenings. Over all the bars and lounges seems spacious with decent bar service. We never did encounter a line to get a drink really at any venue or bar. We only saw a few shows in the theater and they were just OK. We were in a spacious oceanview, cabin 9024. I was pleasantly surprised with the cabin. Even being a spacious ocean view it was smaller than any cabin I’ve had on any other ship - even insides. But I knew that going in. Storage space was fantastic. Probably more than I’ve had on any other ship. Although there was really no storage space in the bathroom there were wonderful little shelves built in on cabinets on either side of the mirror by the desk and that was the perfect place to keep all of my make up and other miscellaneous toiletries. We actually had storage spaces that we didn’t end up needing to use. The bathroom was better than I expected. It was small but the shower was adequate and no issues with the shower curtain not staying in place or anything like that. As with most of this cabin category we did have a lifeboat below our room. It did not impede our view unless we wanted to look straight down. We absolutely loved Coco Cay. We did buy the beach club day pass. I mainly did that because I found an exceptional price of $39 and I was fearful of crowds. As it turned out we were the only ship in port that day so that wouldn’t have been an issue. We were originally scheduled to be there with I believe the Navigator but it’s itinerary got changed. The lunch in the beach club was fantastic. We were able to snag a para loungers right at the waterfront and we spent the day sitting there drinking and reading. Although the ocean was a bit chilly we were able to get in and be perfectly comfortable and enjoy a little time floating around. The floats are at no additional charge in Beach club area. We didn’t arrive in Nassau until 2 PM so that kind of made that a wasted port. At that hour it didn’t seem to make sense to pay for a beach so we just walked around Atlantis after finding a four dollar per person shared cab and did actually enjoy walking around Atlantis. We walked through The Dig and that was actually quite interesting. We did enjoy playing a little bit in the casino but I was very disappointed with a number of machines that weren’t functioning by the end of the cruise. I personally like Quick Hit and there was a bank of six of the type I like. One was down from the beginning of the cruise and by the end of the cruise two others were down, including my favorite one. They quit taking money and the tech pulled up the error message that said the bill slot was full and they couldn’t do anything about it. Doesn’t make sense to me. But I did end up breaking even in the casino for the cruise so that’s good! Disembarkation was a breeze. We did self disembark. However they never called for self disembark so the first announcement we heard was when they called for the first group. It took a few minutes to get an elevator but then we were off quickly. We had prearranged somebody to pick us up and had to wait about 15 minutes on him. In total it was about an hour and a half from leaving our state room at 8:15 to arriving at the airport. A crewmember did say that the line to get off the ship has been crazy earlier but when we left there was only a handful of people in front of us and it went very quickly.
  17. Let me start this off by saying I am a seasoned cruiser of over 20 cruises but have sailed only Carnival and Disney until now. I booked the feb 22 booking for a seven day Bahamas and key west on the majesty for myself, my two young kids (aged 8 and 6) and my mother in law(first time cruiser). We got a great deal and booked the four of us for an ocean view room. As the cruise got closer, I began to panic about the room as my mother in law is very claustrophobic and one of those people that said she would never enjoy a cruise. I ended up participating in the Royal up program with a strong bid for a two Bedroom suite. I was notified less than 18 hours from sailing my bid was unsuccessful. I was worried for NOTHING. Was the room tiny? Yes. Was it unclean? No. Was it survivable for 7 days? Absolutely. I didn’t have extreme expectations. I’m happy with friendly, good service and banquet type food that I didn’t have to prepare or clean. Interestingly, I am a very good cook and a food snob. I’m from New Orleans originally and expect a lot out of food quality. The majesty did not disappoint. I do think that the food quality and taste was better than Disney. The specialty dining on Disney is out of this world but the day to day is kinda ho hum for me. The chefs table on Carnival is fantastic and I gotta say I was impressed with even the buffet on toyal Caribbean ( not a buffet fan usually). The service was not Disney standards, but neither was the price... in a lot of ways it came very close and I do dare say succeeded my expectations. My 8 year old ordered steak and my wait staff cut up his food, just like Disney did. I liked the idea of a two day room cleaning, unlike carnival asking you to choose one. The service could not have been better on Royal and my hesitant mother in law enjoyed the heck out of it. It will definitely not be the last royal I book. I was pleasantly surprised. I think if your expectations are to have a relaxed time with great food and service, this is the right cruise. This cruise snob highly recommends it! Let me know if y’all have any questions. Also, perfect day rivals Disney’s castaway. I was very, very impressed
  18. Hubs and I are on the Majesty on March 21. We have an interior room mid ship on deck 4. We have contemplated putting in a bid for an ocean view since it's only $20 a person. Hubs mentioned that we could get a "worse" location and that is his reason for not doing it. I kind of feel like we should. BUT here is my question.... if we bid and are accepted, and then decide to use the 48 hour sail with confidence program- what happens? Would we know that we have been given the upgrade by the 48 hour window? Can you cancel a cruise with a pending bid? I'd love your thoughts on this situation.
  19. We are sailing out of NOLA on the Majesty next week. We are Diamond, close to Diamond Plus and have never had the upgrade fairy come to visit. We have never sailed any cruise line without sailing in a balcony. Im a bit claustrophobic and worried about not having a balcony on Majesty. Is Royal still giving surprise upgrades. I am hoping beyond hope for a suite w a balcony. I know the chance is very small but at least, I have a bit of hope... Thoughts??
  20. What nights are formal nights on the Majesty of the Seas sailing from New Orleans - the one that goes to Key West, Nassau and Cocoa Cay? Wondering if one of them is on the Nassau day?
  21. Does majesty of the seas have a diamond lounge? or do you just get the three voucher drinks?? .
  22. Our ship the majesty of the seas was late into port in New Orleans and they said they will give up to $200 a person for ticket changes. American Airlines wouldn’t let me change my ticket or paid for a change a sit was a web ticket. I didn’t have insurance. So I bought new tickets to get back home for more than $500 a person. Now rccl is saying that American said they honored the tickets and allowed changes so they are paying anything for our tickets. Anyone else having problems, or was successfully reimbursed? Thanks, mary
  23. We are sailing on March 21. How often do they change the entertainment? I read some reviews (more current and older) and wondered how accurate it would be to my cruise. Also how often do they change the MDR menus? And does anyone have pictures they can share? I’d love to see them. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  24. We are sailing on March 21. How often do they change the entertainment? I read some reviews (more current and older) and wondered how accurate it would be to my cruise. Also how often do they change the MDR menus? And does anyone have pictures they can share? I’d love to see them. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  25. Does anyone know who is playing in the piano bar on the Majesty? We board next Saturday in NOLA. Thanks!
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