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Found 230 results

  1. Oddly, the Royal app shows my Nov 2 cruise on Mariner as being cancelled. The website says it's still on. I'm so confused.
  2. Does anyone know if Royal now plans on opening bookings for Mariner of the Seas departing Nov 6th & 9th 2020?
  3. Welcome to my review! I usually write very detailed day by day reviews...and likely will end up doing the same here...everyone might just be amazed with how much I can write about a 3-night cruise...but if you have read any of my previous reviews...then you won't be surprised at all. DH and I have a newly empty nest. DS went off to college this past September. He's a "fresher" at the Royal Academy of Music. Anyone who read my Alaska review may remember that he is a composer...we had moved to Winston-Salem, NC for him to attend the high school program at UNC School of the Arts for his junior and senior years. When we moved to NC, we figured we would only be there for two years...and sure enough...DH got a new position with his same company...and we moved to Orlando this past June. The UK school doesn't have a Thanksgiving break. 🤔 DS's school has terms though...so he has three terms per year and then he gets nice long breaks between terms. His last day of term was November 29, but due to international flight pricing and also giving him a chance to breathe and hang out after term ends (school has a 100% attendance policy...there are NO excused absences)...we don't get our DS back until December 4. But we get to keep him until January 2. So what does an empty nest couple living in Florida do to pass the time and not be sad while all alone on Thanksgiving? Book a cruise of course. Wanting to save DH's vacation time for around the holidays...we were looking for a cruise that would let him go back to work on Monday. Yes. It's sad to think about...DH is, in fact, at work right now...the day we got off the ship. But this is what living in Florida was supposed to be for us...one of the reasons why it was appealing to move here. The thought of "last minute" cruises that wouldn't eat away at DH's vacation bank. Two itineraries worked for us. There was a 4-night cruise that sailed ON Thanksgiving Day out of Miami? Or Port Everglades? And there was the Mariner 3-night sailing the day after Thanksgiving. I watched the pricing on both cruises for weeks. I looked at the inventory. The 4-night was actually cheaper than the 3-night, but living and working in Orlando, proximity and a decent enough price won out...and after figuring that the cost had gone down as much as it would...and seeing the inventory on the ship dwindle...we booked Mariner on October 10. I will share that we did indeed hit the sweet spot in the pricing...and from that date forward, the price increased again. We decided to get the cheapest room we could, while still picking our room. We tried a forward stateroom on our most recent cruise...the most forward stateroom on the ship. DH said never again...I didn't want to be assigned a forward stateroom, so not willing to take the chance on the guarantee. For the first time ever, we booked an inside stateroom! 7455...which is aft but not too far aft...and located in the smack middle of the ship...down a hallway that only accesses the other inside stateroom down that center line of the ship. No white space around the stateroom. Our all in cost was $817.80 with $25 OBC booked directly with the fabulous RCCL website. The 3-day weekend Mariners seem to be the same or more expensive than the 4-day Mariners. Probably more demand. I admit that this price was a bit more than I was hoping to spend on a weekend cruise...in my mind I was imagining more of a $500 last minute weekend cruise...but figured that proximity to a major holiday played a part in the fact that this cruise would not reach the lower levels that I have seen other weekends go for. We had My Time Dining. We did not book any beverage package. We did not book any specialty dining and had no plans for specialty dining. We DID, however, book the group Flowrider lesson on Day 1 at 7:15 PM. Day 2...Nassau. We got off the ship! And we had a great time. Day 3...CocoCay! We got off the ship AGAIN...and AGAIN...we had a great time. I'm telling you right now that we had a great time. This was a great weekend getaway for us...and now I'm going to write all about it while I wait two more nights for my one and only DS to come home for the holidays. I absolutely intended to write this review even before we set sail. I took many photos with the intention of sharing them here. I am quite observant...Lately, there have been a few Mariner reviews...but I don't think we did the typical...so I do think I have some new information to share with the collective. LOL.
  4. I'm not going to do a full review - But I thought I'd post a paragraph of our experience, answer any questions and maybe post a few pictures from the trip. This was our 4th annual 2nd cruise of the year, road trip to Port Canaveral. These road trip cruises, during hurricane season are an addition to our annual cruise around our anniversary in late April/early May. Two on Majesty, one on Enchanment, and now have done Mariner. The cruise also timed with "The Pirates reunion cruise" A bunch of people who sailed Mariner together this time of year when she was in Port Canaveral years ago. We met several of them online before and during the cruise. A lot of them were people we had cruised with before and other people. Having this many friends/acquaintances on board. Made for a fun time. Cruise this time of year means being on hurricane watch from June till sailing. This year Dorian was our big news story and of course bigger for the people of Freeport and Grand Bahama island and other nearby islands. About a week before our trip, we got an email saying we were giving up a sea day and we were going to Freeport, dropping off aid/supplies and ferrying people from Freeport to Nassau. Mariner did exactly this the cruise(s) before ours, but found it not needed for our trip, so on boarding we got the word, the itinerary was back to its original schedule. Our Road trip down from Ohio to PC was a little more adventurous than I hoped for, but nothing bad, but I thought I'd share for someone's benefit. We planned on driving from Columbus, Ohio to Valdosta, GA on day one (Saturday), about 800 miles. 30 miles into our trip, we had to divert about 40 miles because of an overturned semi under the overpass of the highway. No problem, that is what we left Saturday for a Monday cruise!. The next problem was my own doing. My 2016 Explorer is in great shape and I put some extra PM into the vehicle for this road trip. I knew the car was going to need a new battery this fall to get through another winter, but didn't think it would be a problem for this trip. Well, I was wrong. We stopped at a gas station near Perry, GA (about 150 miles from our intended stop) and the car wouldn't start. Thanks to help from a Perry Police Officer and a nearby Auto Zone, we were back on our way and at our Valdosta hotel about 90 minutes later than expected. Sunday's drive to Port Canaveral was easy and we arrived at the Radison in the port area. Love that place, love that pool! A bunch of us met for dinner at Fishlips and had a great time. Boarding Mariner at Terminal 1 is super easy, they are using the express check-in, get your seapass cards in your room. This didn't work so sell on Symphony, but no problems with Mariner. Boarding, I love the new Amp'd Mariner., love the beds in the solarium, and the extra deck chairs and cooling rinse on deck 14, I think it is near the Mariner Dunes. We stuck with traditional dining, late, and had a great team of waiters and the food was very good each night including the best ever pork chop served in the MDR. (Those are hit and miss, but great on this location! The seas were just a lttle rough on the first day, but not too bad. We arrived in Nassau on time, and I did dives with Stuart Cove's while my wife and another couple went to the Beach experience at Blue Lagoon. This was our first visit to the PERFECT DAY at Coco Cay. In previous years, we booked the Beach Beds for $150 on South Beach. They weren't available until late July or Early August and the price was now $299, double! We booked it anyway for the 4 of us in our group. At the time we booked that, the Cabanas in the waterpark were $799 for up to 6 people. I didn't think I would want to use any of the water slides because of my back condition, so we ruled this out. About a week before the trip, we heard from the people who went to Coco Cay for the first time after Dorian and heard that the conditions on South Beach were less than ideal. At the same time a fellow solo cruiser (Thanks MikeW of Tampa) that the Cabanas in the water park were selling for the same $299 we booked the beach beds for. We changed and boy are we glad we did! While on the island we walked over to South Beach and they have now crammed all the beach beds into half the space it use to have in previous years. Much of the attraction of this area is now gone for us. For this week, the shoreline was covered with a white smelly foam and we wouldn't have enjoyed the day there even without the crowding. A walk over to some new cabanas near the Jet ski area showed lots of piles of very smelly sea weed that they were still trying to clean up. I assume these conditions caused the price drops, but we are happy we switched. I turned 60 since my last cruise and I've had spinal fusion surgery years ago. I did find at least 4 water slides I could do and actually enjoy, while the others in our group enjoyed the more daring slides. I also enjoyed the wave pool and the Oasis pool area. For $299 and 6 people, this wasn't a bad value. We had great cabana service and access to plenty to eat and drink. It was close to a perfect day for us. Crowds weren't a problem for having one Voyager class ship in port. I wouldn't want to see what it looks like with an Oasis class or possibly two smaller ships in port. There were signs on some of the water slides that said, "45 minute wait from this point" We never had to wait more than 5 minutes for any slide, after the long walk up the stairs that is! Gemma was on her second cruise as acting CD filling in for the regular guy who had vacation. I thought Gemma was great! We were her first ever Love and Marriage show winners! They don't do L&M on this ship with this itinerary normally, but they had to cancel another show and she decided to add this to this cruise. I'm glad She did. It was fun! She did a good job, I would cruise with her again as CD! We skipped Quest, but I heard it was good! Disembarkation was smooth and we were on our way home by 8:am despite not arriving back into port until nearly 7am because of rough seas. (Managable by most experienced cruisers!) Any questions, feel free, I may post a few pics from home.
  5. Mariner of the Seas chartered by High Seas Rally for October 22-29 2021. It was cancelled today from Brilliance December 3-10, 2020.
  6. My husband is pretty mellow about everything except for smoke smells. He is an ex-smoker and I was never a smoker, so neither one of us want to stay in a cabin that stinks or deal with a lot of smoke around the common areas of the ship. The renovation may have changed some things, but in the Youtube video I saw, they showed smokers in one section of the Lido deck. I'm intrigued by this ship and would love your opinions. The idea of a short 4 day cruise from Port Canaveral seems quite accessible for us in several ways. Thanks in advance for any info/advice/wild rants or raves you can provide.
  7. So I booked the mariner for 2021, hopefully the cruises will be back up.... we have only sailed oasis class ships and I wanted to get other cruisers opinion that have sailed on the mariner....I know this ship is smaller and won't have the neighborhoods but is there a big difference on the smaller ships? Like for instance can you feel the waves more on the smaller ships? For those that sailed mariner please give me your thoughts.....
  8. Currently have 5 night Freedom Bermuda cruise booked for next summer. Currently have 4 night Mariner Perfect Day cruise booked for this summer. Coming with our kids (12 and 16 next summer). They don't use the kids clubs but enjoy the ships activities. We've been on Mariner but we keep missing the amplified CoCo Cay. (We have 2 other cruises with it, but who knows if we'll make those). Never been to Bermuda or on Freedom. We will either cancel Mariner OR Lift & Sift to next summer and cancel Freedom. Trying to decide what to do so have a few questions. Are reservations now required for the Sky Pad on Mariner? Last time there were not, so our kids could go on it many times. If reservations, I suspect they will only go once or twice. Aside from the Sky Pad, I assume the ships are pretty similar? CoCo Cay is definitely kid-friendly. What about Bermuda? We're not super adventurous and like to keep things simple. (i.e. if something is far away or we need 3 buses to get there, it's not for us) Thoughts? Keep Freedom or switch to Mariner? We have a nicer room on Mariner (sp balcony vs sp ocean view) for much cheaper cost.
  9. Has anyone had this stateroom? I've tried to Google to see the setup but I see a video of the same cabin number on the Navigator. Is it the same layout?
  10. We had a cruise planned with our grandkids for June on a different cruise line "Carnival". We had a nice ext. balcony in the back of the ship. Of course that was cancel due to the "virus". Planning on rebooking this time with Royal Caribbean to give the kids the experience on a larger ship. Mariner of the Seas because it's close to us, don't feel like driving down to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for 3-4 day cruise. Haven't booked anything yet, but looking at prices of rooms. Looks like for about the same price we could either book connecting balcony rooms or room 1688/1388. That's if those are available for when we book. There will be two adults and two kids 10 & 12. We have done 3 other cruises in one room before. But looking at room space as they get older. If you had a choice which room would you book?
  11. That's right friends, it's time to (pretend to) cruise again and you're all invited! I truly can't believe my two (non-existent) cruise is finally here, and I am headed back on my two favorite ships, Mariner Of The Seas And Navigator Of The Seas!! On The first Leg it will be a four night cruise out of PC on Mainer of the seas to coco cay, Nassau, and back to coco cay! And then after the first leg it is time for a quicks drive down to navigator for a quick two night cruise to coco cay! On both legs We have a Jr Suite booked for the sailing. After all, nothing is too good (especially if it's all pretend). So I hope you will join me as we "Cruise" Again!
  12. How does this room fit four people? Two adults and two kids (10 and 12). We may book these rooms. But from the pictures I have seen they don't look like they have an pull down bed from the top. Does the couch fold out to a queen?
  13. From looking at the descriptions, if you have 4 people in a balcony cabin then the 3/4 person are sharing a double sofa bed. Is this correct? So if you have 2 teens with you, they would have to share the sofa bed?
  14. Has anyone stayed in Cabin 1864 on the Mariner after the refurb? Is it a handicap accessible cabin? On the deckplan, it does not have the handicap symbol like #1814 does. #1864 looks so much larger than the other cabins but priced the same as the other spacious panoramic OVs. If you've stayed in this cabin and have pictures, would love to see them. Thanks!
  15. Hello Everyone And Welcome To Another Not Live Trip Blog. This Cruise I Booked In February And Well Originally I Was Going To Sail On The Week Of The Sixth But Due To The Price I Moved It To The Week Of The 13th. On This Sailing I Am Doing A Four Night Cruise Back To Coco Cay, And Nassau And A Sea Day. Without Further Delay Let The Blog Begin!!
  16. I am trying to share some of the videos. I hope you guys are enjoying it! Hope everyone is doing well and we will be cruising again soon! Here is our first of 2 stops at Coco Cay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL5JLoV9yMA&t=43s
  17. So I was surprised to see it come in a bit before 4:00 AM ,they just left . Looked like more than one ambulance on the pier! Hope all are ok!
  18. I will be on the Mariner of the Seas the weekend of April 24th. I have downloaded the Royal app and have already been exploring it's features. Can anyone confirm whether or not the chat/text feature is available on the Mariner through the app? I am traveling with friends/family and we have a habit of going our own way on cruises. It would be nice to be able to keep in touch on the ship as to where each of us are and what we are doing. If the chat feature is not available on the Mariner, can anyone suggest an alternative without having to purchase the Internet package? Thanks so much!
  19. Does anyone happen to know what’s open for lunch on the Mariner on embarkation day? Trying to avoid the Windjammer and not sure I want to spring for the Key! TIA!
  20. Wanted to share our video...this is the first of many to come so if you want to see them in the future just subscribe for free to our channel! Enjoyed the cruise allot went to Coco Cay twice so if you have any questions please let me know....thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGNWy0kf7FI
  21. I am trying to remember the Main Dining room menus on Mariner for the Friday to Monday cruise- I just did this in December and had the Chef's Table one night but I missed the tenderloin so I'm trying to figure out if they serve that on Saturday or Sunday - I know prime rib is Friday night. Anyone sail and remember the MDR menu? Thanks
  22. I have been doing plenty of research on my upcoming 3 night cruise to the Bahamas on the Mariner. In reading the most recent reviews, I read that their was an Abba Tribute show. This is not showing in any of the compasses I have been able to find. Can someone who has been on her recently provide me with the night, time and location of this show? Thanks so much!
  23. Does anyone know where Chefs Table is held on Mariner?
  24. Has anyone heard if/when Mariner of the Seas will get the chat feature added to the Royal app?
  25. So for about the same price I am looking at. Independence - 5 Night with CocoCay, Cruising, Labadee, Cruising Mariner - 4 Night with CocoCay, Nassau, CocoCay I did CocoCay last summer and loved it. Is it worth going to Labadee and having the extra night. How do the ships compare? On Harmony we loved Jamie's, but on Independence they have Giovanni's.
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