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Found 162 results

  1. I am very familiar with the suite perks on Quantum and Oasis class ships. However, what are the perks on Navigator? For instance, with a suite on Oasis/Quantum class you can go to Coastal Kitchen for breakfast through dinner (lunch on embarkation). What are the options...if any for Navigator?
  2. What are the Suite perks for Navigator of the seas? I know that they are not the same as the Oasis class and Quantum class, but I need to get an idea of the differences.
  3. Do they still do the Bon Voyage Parade on the Navigator of the Seas on a 4 night cruise? If so what time? TIA
  4. My 23 year old son and I sailed on the Navigator to celebrate his cum laude graduation. We had a fantastic time! DAY 1 Embarkation in Miami We flew in to Fort Lauderdale the night before and stayed at the Rodeway Inn. (great hotel for a great price!). In the morning, Jiffy Jeff Shuttle picked us up and drove us to POM. We were through the terminal and on the ship before noon. Easy process! We enjoyed lunch in the Windjammer then headed to our cabin. We had an inside on deck 8 aft (8669). Surprise...our luggage was already waiting for us! The cabin was very spacious for an inside, although the bathroom was tiny. Lots of storage. Very quiet most of the time but for our neighbor who was a habitual door slammer. We chose MTD and had the same waitstaff each night. Malcin and Mark took very good care of us! We enjoyed our meals very much. The first night headliner comedy show was funny. We loved the 70's Disco Party as well. DAY 2 CocoCay So amazing! We had a clamshell reserved on South Beach. Very glad for the shade as the sun was intense. Fantastic weather the day we visited. We enjoyed literally sitting in the water and relaxing for hours. Food was good...loved the grilled vegetable salad. Of course we had the famous CocoLoco! Yummy. I wanted to stay longer! It was a "perfect day!" We saw the Ballroom Fever production show, which was fairly good. Loved the progression of dance styles throughout the show. Capped our day off with a movie on deck. DAY 3 Nassau We walked up to the Watlings Distillery for a tour and tasting. Nice way to kill some time. Then we went to the Graycliff Hotel for afternoon tea. Did some shopping on Bay Street then headed back to the ship. A nice nap that day! The headliner show that night, The Company Men, was THE BEST show I have ever seen on any ship. Every song was fantastic and their energy was amazing. DAY 4 At Sea This was the only day we had trouble finding seats on deck. The weather was gorgeous, so everyone wanted to be outside. We had lunch at Jamie's Italian. THe pasta was so good! We ordered the eggplant parm, which was good, but not a traditional presentation. The desserts were amazing...DS loved his tiramisu. THE GOOD: Solarium area, Cafe Promenade had great snacks, food was very good in all venues we tried, ship was clean and staff friendly. Musicians were incredible...house band and the piano bar especially. Cabin was well cared for by Martin. THE SO SO: Cruise director and staff were virtually invisible. We only heard from the CD at the start of shows or through announcements...never saw him out and about. Staff were only around during events. The RC app is good, but many time the events listed didn't match up with the Compass. THE BAD: only one negative...as we were disembarking, we were made to go back in to Guest Services because our bill hadn't been settled. What? I set up our onboard accounts with a credit card. Apparently, they never added my son to my account, so they had him listed as a cash account. This wasn't evident from the statement we received in our cabin that morning. We were never asked to come to Guest Services the night before to take care of this. Being pulled out of line was embarrassing, and the GS staff treated me like I was a criminal. Inexcusable when it was THEIR mistake. Happy to answer any questions! Margie
  5. Good morning. I’m sitting in the solarium enjoying my last day on the Navigator. Actually we’re docked In Nassau but we decided to stay on this time and enjoy the ship. This has been a great cruise. Our first back to back. I really like the ship and the amped up features. I had several questions that the good folks here were kind enough to answer. I thought I’d try to give back and share our experiences. Please bear with me. I’m typing this on my phone. Please excuse any typos.
  6. Specially For COELIAC AWARENESS WEEK - My thoughts on cruising Gluten Free with the new Unlimited Dining Package (This first post has info on Coeliacs Disease - feel free to skip it of course) On the first of April this year, what appeared at first to be a really rubbish April fool's joke turned out to be a bit of a disaster. A crane fell on our cruise ship Oasis and our TA cruise was cancelled shortly after. It's always nice though when something good comes out of something not so good and that's where this lovely cruise on Navigator of The Seas comes in. We were lucky enough to grab a cabin on Navigator on a sailing within our original vacation dates, as hubby couldn't get other dates this late in the game. At the time we just wanted somewhere to vacay our weary heads and make the best of a less than ideal situation. I was thrilled to find out after we were all booked that Navigator had been all spruced up very recently - and even more thrilled to find Hooked and El Loco Fresh had been added to the ship. We tried these out on Symphony last year and loved them. So I'm a bit of a foody. Love trying new things, exploring flavours and dishes. Which is made a teensy bit more difficult because I have coeliac disease. I'm writing this on the flight over to Miami, and I thought I'd take a little time to explain what coeliac disease is and how it affects me every day. (Feel free to skip this next bit if you like as its not about the cruise at all) Coeliac disease is an auto immune condition and shares some common ground with other autoimmune disorders like diabetes in that it has a simple issue, but effects most areas of the body and your health. To stay healthy and happy, Diabetics need to watch the sugar, CD folk need to avoid gluten. CD mainly impacts the gut and digestion. If I eat anything with gluten in, my body sees the gluten as an enemy and attacks. Unfortunately, gluten molecules are very similar to the cells in the gut, and as a result, my body attacks the gut, eating away at the lining which is crucial for absorbing any nutrients. So on top of getting the immediate horrid gut pain, diarrhoea and nausea, the long term effect is basically malnutrition, and even longer term sees a vastly increased risk of stomach and bowel cancer. People often think CD is an allergy to gluten. Some just think it's an intolerance like some have to dairy. Whilst most people get that you can't eat gluten, it's hard to fully understand what that means and even where gluten is found in foods. Some people think avoiding gluten is healthy (it's not really, tho it might help some people with a slight sensitivity who get bloated with breads and pasta) and many think it's a fad. People who need Gluten Free food are often seen as fussy and picky. And you know, some people who eat gluten free are faddy, fussy and picky. It's not the same for folk with Coeliac disease. Every time I eat, I need to be aware of what I'm eating. I need to take special care at home to avoid cross contamination because not everyone at home is GF so gluten is around. It's not that hard these days with so much GF foods available in supermarkets. And the good thing is that it's made me eat more healthily and cook from scratch more. But that's at home. Wherever i go, whenever I eat outside the home, I'm at risk. And it's a pain. If you think it's annoying to be held up in a restaurant because someone is asking about GF foods, imagine being *that* person every single time you go out. I've gotten better at it, but it's a real bind being that person, feeling people's eyes on you, hearing the sighs of your server when you ask, seeing the annoyance in people around you when all you really want to do is just avoid the fuss. Life with coeliac diseases is all fuss sometimes and it gets wearing very quickly. And all that is before we even get to the physical effects. I'm going to be reviewing this cruise as a coeliac, looking at the provision for special diets and letting others know the good, bad and ugly parts of cruising Gluten Free. I have the Unlimited dining package for this cruise, so I'll be looking particularly at how the speciality restaurants on board cope with a teeny bit of fuss from me. Hopefully what I share will help others with CD and also be helpful in general for those who might need to also be "that person" where food is concerned.
  7. We were on the Navigator last week and were stumped by the pool closures mid afternoon. There were plenty people enjoying the pools and the band playing. They closed one then the other. The band continued to play while everyone left. We were in the Crown Lounge watching and wondering. Anyone.
  8. We have voucher we will be redeeming for a 2 person inside cabin (need to clarify if virtual view or promenade view included) and wondering which ones are best or which to avoid. We have never sailed Royal Caribbean before. Thanks
  9. I was on the NOS before and enjoyed the afternoon tea. Do they still offer it? Is it only on sea days or is that something we can enjoy if we decide not to stay in port all day? Thanks!
  10. Can someone please post the Cruise Compass for the Navigator of the Seas 4-night Nassau and Coco Cay. TYI!
  11. I have sailed Carnival and NCL in the past year. I found both to have the hot tubs overflowing with children. I am booked on the Navigator in September and just curious...
  12. My sister pretty much serves everyone at home.. we will probably splurge a little on room service and was hoping to see what options there are? Thanks!
  13. Can anybody recommend a place for my son to propose to his girlfriend while on the ship?
  14. The first day was very disorganized, especially when boarding the ship. At the port, things were fine and fast. There were many people to sign us in and lead us to the ship. I was surprised at how many port people were working. However, once we exited the ramp onto the ship, people were lined up waiting to enter the doors on Deck 4. There were two entrances and both were crowded. There was no apparent reason. Many who bought the Key membership had no clue where to drop their hand luggage. This crowding seemed very unnecessary and was the first of several examples of disorganization.
  15. Does anyone have copies of the food that is offered in Playmakers or the Bamboo Room on Navigator? Thanks
  16. I just booked a cruise on navigator of the sea and read the reviews which seem not at the best. Have the reviews gotten any better since the revamp of the shop and it’s fullu operational now?
  17. Has anybody been on the Navigator for the 4 night to the Bahamas since the refurb? I would love to see a copy of the cruise compass if anyone has them. Does it have a formal night and which night is it? Do you have to check out pool towels and return them? Thanks in advance for any information.
  18. Hi All Can anyone confirm that Navigator of the Seas NO LONGER offers free dry and wet sauna (mens or womens) as part of the gym? I believe that after the recent AMPLIFIED refurbishment the Gym has been moved Aft to what was the children's Adventure Zone and now no longer offers any form of Sauna facility? is this correct? Many Thanks
  19. Going on the Radiance of the Seas in a couple of weeks and the Navigator of the Seas the following month, I would like to know if there are body wash dispensers besides the ones for the shampoo? TIA
  20. Most of the time I book interior or balcony so Im not really familiar with the suit's benefits quick questions - do we get a reserved spot near the pool -I read that you can order from the MDR so you dont have to visit it but how about for lunch? -Are seats reserved for the shows? Thank you
  21. A previous poster showed the signs. I was wondering if have a waterproof pouch and a large pocket if there are any issues with taking phone in your pocket or riding with waterproof sandles or water shoes? Thanks.
  22. I know it was unexpected and wondered if it turned out ok in the end? Were they "fair" with the cabanas in that those that had reserved first got to keep them and they cancelled only where overbooked? Or canceled all cabanas and had to repurchase at a higher price?
  23. Hello Everyone! In just 3 short hours my alarm will be going off to let me know that it's time to get up and finishing packing. Instead of going to sleep, I'm starting our review! I mean...hey...I can always sleep on the drive down, right? A little bit about our crew...This is our third year travelling together for Spring Break. There are 6 of us total, comprising 3 couples. We all work for the same school district, and have been counting down to this cruise for over a year! For the second year in a row, we are being joined by two of our students' families...the same two students as last year...none of it planned. What are the chances?!? They think they're going to embarass us, but little do they know I packed a speedo. I'm not going to wear it, becuase it's not a cute look, but they don't have to know that just yet. We will be doing a 9-night Southern Caribbean itinerary, stoping in Labadee and the ABCs. All of the stops are new to the others, and Labadee and Bonaire are new to DH and me. We've booked excursions everywhere but Curacao. I'll get more specific later. DH and I made Diamond following our cruise over New Years, so this will be our first sailing with access to the Diamond Lounge and drink vouchers. We are staying in a Center Aft JS, our favorite category so far, and our favorite location. RC announced that Navigator would be "Amped" after we booked, and we are very excited for some of the new venues. With it only being the 3rd cruise out of dry dock, please ask any questions you may have, and I will do everything I can to get you an answer. I'm personally beyond excited for the water slides, which are apparently both open! I hope you enjoy following along! We're a crazy group, and I guarantee a good time! You can also find more pictures and video by following us on Instagram, @queensonthehighseas Only 14.5 hours until sail away!
  24. I haven't seen a lot of postings about the Navigator of the Seas. This will be our first time on that ship for a 5 day cruise ( Belize and Cozumel). Any info about the ship that you'd like to share?
  25. I have noticed on the recent Cruise Compass's. There has not been a formal night on the 3 night cruise to Cococay and Nassau. Can anyone confirm that this correct.
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