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  1. I have booked an Aqua Suite on deck 12, it was the only one left. Is it too high to see and enjoy the show? The wrap around balcony looks awesome. Please post some pros/cons, hopefully all pros. Thanks
  2. Ok.... from reading many trip reports ......I've read that all the specialty restaurants on deck 8 Central Park get their drinks made by the bar tender at the Trellis bar. Is this correct? All the dining: Chops, 150, Giovannis.....? If this IS true.... Can I go to the Trellis Bar and have them make me the same drinks but not go to the specialty restaurants. I would love to try some of those cocktails but usually travel with a group who enjoy MDR in the evenings together. So I haven't had the time to schedule any specialty dining, but I do have the Drink Package and would love to try some of those cocktails they serve....
  3. Hello, I am booked on Oasis next year and called and switched to what I was told was a Promenade Interior View - room 12916. My invoice says it's a Promenade Interior View as well. But looking at the deck plans, I don't see how that is even possible?? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/oasis-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2063/12
  4. The drink package price for our Oasis cruise in August, 2021 is now listed at $46. Is this a good price? I understand that they often offer good prices for drink packages on Black Friday. Are those prices usually less than $46 per day?
  5. Looking at a room on the oasis on deck 8, large balcony room, I know there is alot of traffic on that floor, any opinions, thanks
  6. Welcome to Willdra's Outrageous Oasis OTS October 21-28 Cruise! This was our 29th cruise, but our first time cruising Royal Caribbean. Did we like it, love it, or loathe it? Welp, you have to endure my very long, rambling review to find out. (No refunds on time will be given). Willdra approves this message. None of the other initials joined us on this cruise. It was only W and I. Yep, just good ole Ike and Tina. Our adult offspring were busy working and making sure that they could pay their bills, and not return to the nest. We are ok with that. W and I also wanted to sample this one on our own, since we were "cruise line jumping". I still see your shadows in my room Can't take back the love that I gave you It's to the point where I love and I hate you And I cannot change you so I must replace you (oh) Easier said than done I thought you were the one Listening to my heart instead of my head You found another one, but I am the better one I won't let you forget me Lucid Dreams-Juice WRLD Just wanted to see if you were paying attention! We heard that song a billion and 12 times on this trip. Maybe it was an omen. Or just our inability to escape pop culture. Either way, it was our theme song this time around. This brings us to Travel Day (Or Travel-Yay!!) Our goal was to wake up early so that we would get to Cocoa Beach at a good time. We wanted to get our money’s worth out of the hotel. Cha-ching. We set our alarms for 4am. I woke up at 4am. I normally wake up before my alarm on travel day, then just get up so I can take my time getting ready before I wake W up. He never wakes up early. Slacker. When my alarm went off I was not ready to get up. Felt like I’d only slept for 13 minutes. I lay there in denial until I was almost in the deadly "now we are rushing zone". It was also my birthday, so W had my gifts all laid out for me when I woke up. I showered quickly and ripped into my pile. While I was loving everything, W wandered in and got ready, then he went down for coffee. I threw the last few things in my bags then sent a text to the bellhop (AKA W) letting him know that my bags were ready to go downstairs. Shortly after that, we hit the road. We were close to our goal of leaving by 5. There was not much traffic, but there were speed traps everywhere. I'm so glad I don’t have to worry about those. I just sit in my seat taking selfies and keeping W company. My phone was blowing up with “Happy Birthdays”, which also kept me occupied.
  7. An online newspaper in the Bahamas has tweeted video of what seems to be a crane that has partially collapsed into the stern of Oasis in Freeport. (It seems that maybe it was there for a week-long wet dock?) It also seems she is listing slightly to starboard. Can't find any other details at the moment. https://twitter.com/Bahamaspress/status/1112772498427441152
  8. Anyone booked or canceled ? No September update from RCCL.
  9. Is deck 12, mid section, ok in terms of movement on Oasis class? I would normally prefer a room on a lower (anywhere form 7-10), but we don't have a lot of options if we want a room that has a sofa bed plus a Pullman.
  10. Fingers crossed our March 2021 cruise on the Oasis occurs. We booked my in-laws in one of the new panoramic OV cabins on deck 14 that were added during the Amplification of the Oasis. The cabin looks much larger than the other panoramic OV cabins on that level on the deck plan. I have been able to find a video in YouTube of one of those class of cabins in the very front of the ship that is one of the average size narrow cabins. If anyone has any photos or video they know of of either cabin 14126 or 14526 (next to the two panoramic suites), we would love to view them. Heck, I would even like to hear about the cabin if you have stayed in either of them. Any little glimmer of cruising positivity during the COVID shutdown will brighten our day.
  11. Our family ages 17-83 is sailing in April 2021....the escape room sounds like fun but we've never done one. How difficult to find the clues? Will we be able to figure it out?
  12. It's time for everyone to put on that Oasis face back on YET AGAIN as we go OOOO O'ing on the NEWLY AMPed UP Oasis of the Seas... Are you ready? got your Oasis face on??? If you weren't cruising with me earlier in the year, here is what you missed... "Live" From Harmony of the Seas. September 15-22, 2019 -Eastern Itinerary "Live" From Allure of the Seas. May 5-12, 2019 - Powerful and Mysteriously Attractive "Live" From Symphony of the Seas. February 9-16, 2019 - Trainman-2 Tribute My previous "Live" trip reports on Oasis class ships... "Live" from Oasis of the Seas, November 4-11, 2018. "Live" from Harmony of the Seas, September 8-15, 2018 "Live" from the Oasis of the Seas, November 12-19, 2017 part One "Live" from Allure of the Seas. November 17-24, 2013 If you like sarcasm, underlying puns, dry humor, cruising, pineapples, unicorns, dogs, dullness, food, crashing coastal kitchen, flip flops on formal night and booze you've come to the right place. If not, well sail along with me anyways, I like everyone. If you like a lot of food you're also in luck as my cruising friends and I will once again be taking advantage of the Unlimited Dining package and the Deluxe Beverage Package. Will admit, I'm a bit sad that a drink won't be able to be enjoyed at the Champaign Bar. If you're wanting main dining room and Windjammer experiences, its slim to none that I will be experiencing those venues. A few weeks ago when sailing on the beautiful Harmony of the Seas I never stepped foot in the following food venues: Windjammer, Park Cafe, Main Dining Room, Solarium Bistro, Promenade Cafe. Never even made it into any of those places, even for pictures. I'll try to do better this cruise, kinda like going to the gym, at least try to walk into those places and take pictures. 🙂 Our itinerary during the next 7 days and 7 nights: This is a very special cruise as Bendy Man Andy's one and only love MaureenCruiser will also be joining us on this cruise. It's been a long time waiting for us to finally cruise together. I'll also be cruising with three other friends so it will be another amazing cruise. Thought its going to be hard to beat my most recent cruise on Harmony of the seas back in September. Whoop! Whoop! A few fun things to look forward to on this cruise is lots of food at the specialty restaurants, another specialty restaurant hop, slot pull, Cozumel Bar Hop, Margaritaville, Beach Bungalow in Labadee. What kind of trouble with Maureencruiser and I get ourselves into in Cozumel on the bar hop? 2018 I ended the year with my last cruise on Oasis of the Seas. It was my goal for 2019 to cruise on all four of the beautiful Oasis sisters within one calendar year. Well this is the fourfector #4 for 2019 on the beautiful Lady Oasis as I wrap up 2019 after her new facelift, nip & tuck and her new lipstick. She will forever like her sisters be beautiful and have a special place in my heart, new lipstick and all. Three more days to go!! Welcome aboard! Sit back, relax and get ready to go cruising! Till a later time, soon to be "Live" from "Oasis of the Seas"!
  13. Today we switched our cruise to June 18, 2021 from June 14, 2020 who else has taken advantaged of the FLIP & SWITCH program Price protected
  14. Hi everyone.... I am currently sailing on Oasis in spite of my own fears. Like most people, I’ve been heavily influenced by the news and considered just canceling and waiting to rebook when the dust settled on CV.... but here I am, along with about 5000 others who made the same call. I often do LIVE reports when I cruise, but decided this time to just open a thread that I’ll update regularly and answer questions. I’ll answer the first one... I haven’t seen anyone wearing a mask. It looks and feels like any other cruise 👍🏻 I’m glad to finally turn the TV off and live in a news free zone for a week! Today is the first of 2 days at sea and there’s a deck chair with my name on it 😎
  15. Hello Everyone!! This Video Is Of Our Last Two Cruises Onboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis Of The Seas!! I Hope You Enjoy!
  16. Can anyone tell me if Oasis of the Seas has milkshakes at any of the venues and does the Unlimited Drink Package cover them? Thank you all very much.
  17. Can anyone tell me which rooms on any Oasis class ships have a hot tub on the balcony? Thanks in advance!!
  18. Hello all! In hopes of actually cruising again... when the Oasis came out of amplification.... was the new FREE onboard chat feature (via the app) installed for onboard use? Looking at a large group cruise and this would really help us decide ... thank you!!
  19. I realize we are all not cruising right now and many things may change once cruising resumes, but I have a question regarding the age at which kids can self checkout of Adventure Ocean on the Oasis (based on pre-COVID cruising). Our entire family is cruising on the Oasis in October of 2021. We are curious at what age kids can check themselves out of the new concept AO (with parental approval of course) on the Oasis? Our two granddaughters will be 6 and 9 at the time that we cruise. Our daughter wants to understand if there are changes to the self checkout ages are in the newly designed AO as compared to the previous AO. We are aware of the fact that Adventure Ocean on the Oasis is different than other ships due to the Amplification. We are also aware that on the other ships Aquanauts, Explorers and Voyagers ranged from ages 6 -11 and that with the new AO 12 year olds are included. Does this change introduce a change to the self checkout policy? Thanks in Advance and Can't wait to cruise again! -Rebecca
  20. I don't see anyone get this started yet so figured I would post!! Just moved my cruise from Oct 18, 2020 to here through L&S. I know others have as well. Looking forward to a great group. Caroline
  21. Just stumbled across this video whilst researching potential cabins for Harmony next year. https://youtu.be/ecPuLlU8mII Does anyone know if Harmony has these cabins, and if so... Are they just categorised as standard Oceanviews, and which cabins they would be on the deck plans?
  22. Good morning fellow cruisers!! I just checked, in the event our cruise will actually be happening, and the ultimate drink package is $53, for two people that came out to $875 and change.
  23. I was wondering if it was known where the crew access doors are? I'm specifically talking about deck 11, across from 11660. It was reported that there is one across 11690, but there is quite a bit of unspecified space across 11660.
  24. Hello, All: it has been quite a while since cruising Royal. We are booked on the Oasis, hoping it will sail. I see they have a thermal suite and some other things I would like to try. Does anyone know if this is an extra cost, or can anyone use? thanks!
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