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  1. Hi all. Looking at booking stateroom 10320 for NZ ex Sydney 2022. Any recommendations would be helpful. I understand it is a smaller stateroom with larger balcony area. Does the room feel small as opposed to the other grand loft central rooms? Any advice on the owners loft suite? Do you miss out of the wonderful views from this room being on starboard side of the ship? thanks in advance 😊
  2. Currently we are booked in 7630 and 7622 connecting obstructed view cabins for Alaska this summer. We don’t need the connecting but at the time they were the best side by side cabins available on deck 7. I don’t think obstructions will be an issue on deck 7 and quite frankly I’m not sure why deck 7 cabins are listed as obstructed as they aren’t on the other Q class ships. One thing we like is having paired cabins...cabins that have the doors side by side in the same small recess Looking today there there are 3 other pairs that are a possibility 7254 and 7258
  3. So yesterday we booked the Quantum leaving on June 21, 2021. We sailed on the Anthem to Bermuda and loved that ship, so we know we'll like the Quantum. But what is confusing is the price difference. The Ovation cruise on June 18th was $1000+ more than the same cabin on the Ovation. Any ideas as to why?
  4. Our family of 6 has a 2 Bedroom Grand Suite booked on Ovation of the Seas for an Alaska cruise next year. For the past couple weeks it shows in our cruise planner the we have purchased the Deluxe Drink package. However we have not. Is anyone aware if there is a glitch or is this a perk of that type of stateroom? Thanks
  5. Hi, we are a senior couple so not interested in the childrens or family activities that these large ships offer, but having said that we would like to experience the rest of what these ships offer. We are looking at Alaska for 2021 and both of these ships will be options. I knw there are smaller ships (i.e. Radiance which we have sailed on 8 times) but thought it might be a nice change to experience one of the "biggies"! I am very interested in everyones input (pros and cons) on these 2 ships - so my question is: WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE, AND WHY? Thanks for your help.
  6. We were first time cruisers and had been looking forward to our July 26, 2019, cruise for many months - and it did not disappoint. We had an amazing time. We loved the ship, the rooms, the staff and the activities. The scenery was stunning but note: we did NOT get close enough to see Dawes Glacier because there was too much ice, which was disappointing. Still the Endicott Arm is spectacular. We saw lots of whales from the ship and tons of bald eagles in Juneau. We heard a lot of experienced cruisers unhappy about the elevators, the crowds and "upselling" and the food. But overall we give the c
  7. Not only can they NOT do New Zealand for next three months, but they can't do Alaska either. Unless the PVA is turned over for 3 months allowing them to go to Seattle which has its own issues too. Gee should be interesting. I mean the FLA and East coast ships might fare better but the Pacific area is gonna really hurt the company. Feel bad for the Officers and crew and all the passengers who had TA and trips. Wondering if Australia will allow them to cruise around Australia? Time will tell. Take care down under you two great ships that I have been on both.
  8. Have they canceled Alaska for July on the Ovation.
  9. (not my video ... credit to "cruises adventures") Sigh.... My guess is we'll never see a Quantum Class ship come into Vancouver again. Below is (extremely) low tide, a photo from North Vancouver's Ambleside Park. Ovation sailed into Vancouver a night early at around 6pm'ish in order to get the lowest tide possible to get under the Lion's Gate Bridge. Note this bridge is almost the same span height as the Bridge of Americas on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal... funnels clearly retracted on the video, a rare site. I haven't seen @twangster on
  10. I am only finding sailings for Ovation of the Seas til March 2021. Any news as to what they are doing with this ship?
  11. Has anyone heard any updates regarding Ovation Alaska cruises in July? I was looking at cruise planner online via app, and it said the July 3 cruise was canceled.
  12. I am making a booking on Ovation of the Seas in an obstructed view balcony cabin. Cabins available are 7702, 6660 and 6290. Could anyone please advise which would be the best of these cabins or suggest another obstructed view.
  13. How badly does it smell from cigarettes? I believe there is a nonsmoking section, but smoke generally lingers.
  14. Just curious is there much difference between these 2 ships. Is 1 better than the other. Trying to line my ducks up for 2021.
  15. Ovation of the Seas, 11 Nights departing from Sydney Australia to New Zealand Feb 2, 2020 For many years I avoided Alaska cruises on the premise that bikinis are better than parkas. Then I finally did an Alaskan cruise. Just wow! Why did I wait so long? That experience got me looking even farther from home and I realized the same could be said for Australia and New Zealand. Learning from Alaska I decided to just do it. YOLO! I've always wanted to visit both Australia and New Zealand so hopefully this will be a rehearsal for more cruising down under.
  16. Good morning fellow cruisers. I was just going through the RCCL app looking at menus for our upcoming Alaska Ovation cruise in July 2020. I was able to review all MDR menus and did not see lobster listed. Does anybody have any first hand information regarding availability of lobster in MDR on Ovation Alaska cruises? Many thanks!
  17. We are on Anthem in a few weeks, and we have a balcony room that has the sofa bed for the third person. Here's my question: How does the bed fold out of the couch? Does anyone have any pictures? What I REALLY want to do with the couch is slide a toddler bed rail into "the crack" in the sofa where I think the bed comes out of the couch....and not actually unfold the whole couch into a bed. Is this possible? Just trying to come up with the best,most space saving sleeping arrangement for my toddler.
  18. Does the Ovation have a self help laundry?If not does anyone have a list of he cost please ?
  19. Hi, First, apologies if this is a duplicate post. I typed this last night and thought I had submitted it.. but I can't find it now so I don't think it went through on my phone. Does anyone know, roughly, the hours of the casino on the Ovation on Alaskan trips?? Are they open most of the time, or do they close when docked like ships do on Caribbean itineraries? I am not sure of how the laws work in the Pacific. Just curious. Thanks!
  20. All, I was wondering if anyone has received any update from RCI or their travel agent regarding this particular sailing. Our family of four is booked on this cruise, and given that Canada is now shuttering its ports to the cruise ship industry till July, I was wondering if this cruise would still go on or be modified; it would be hard to imagine how it could be modified to fit within the rules that require at least one non-US port unless it stops in Mexico! Obviously we have the option to get the FCC but I think we’d just prefer to have the trip cancelled by R
  21. So it's been a while, but we finally made another video. This time we went to Alaska on Ovation of the Seas and the good times were no different! Hope you Enjoy!
  22. Considering Booking Junior Suite on Ovation to Alaska (July 2021)- round trip from Seattle but can't find an itinerary map. Is one side better to book than the other for viewing? It seems that the JS's on the starboard side are mostly already booked so is that side better? Another question- if I book the JS now with NRD, can I downgrade later to a balcony if need be? (If I need to save some costs). So difficult to choose this far out and NRD makes me nervous! The RD cost is $1000 CAD 😞
  23. Sailing out of Hawaii in May on Ovation and really excited. We have sailed quite a few RCI ships over the years and tend to always get the Ultimate Drink package. One thing we have noticed is that the drink prices do seem to vary from ship to ship and the package 'limit' can also change. On Quantum a few years back the 'limit' was $12 and most cocktails on menu were $14!!!!! $2 upcharge on many drinks and we were actually charged. Kim Crawford wine (a favourite of ours) also seems to be hit and miss - some ships its in the package and some not... So, just wondering if a
  24. I currently have an ocean view balcony room on deck 13 (cabin 13572) for my Alaskan Cruise in July on Ovation of the Seas. We are planning on spending a significant amount of time on our balcony to enjoy the scenery and to be more secluded from the crowds that will be on the open decks. I just read that most of the balconies on deck 13 have poles/posts that connect to the bridge and ultimately end up obstructing views. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am considering changing decks and would like to hear from others that have had a balcony on deck 13 and if they felt these beams/po
  25. Is there anywhere on board that serves potato chips? (i.e. Lays or similar) If so, is it complimentary or fee based??
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