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  1. I'm looking for information on this cabin as it is open for our B2B sailing we have coming up. It looks like there is a big empty space beside it and while I know its not just an empty space, can anyone tell me what it is? Service area for crew? Is it a noisy cabin because of this space? Will we hear doors slamming throughout the night? I've searched for reviews online but don't see any so that might be a good thing. I don't want to book it and then find its a noisy area/cabin. TIA for any information you can give.
  2. Hi: Does anyone have the Cruise Compasses from a past Eastern Itinerary on Symphony of the Seas? Also, is it true that if you are scheduled to dine at 5:30pm, the doors close at 5:45pm and you can't get in to eat? Your asked to dine at the Windjammer or at another restaurant for dinner, has anyone heard about this? Thanks, Nae
  3. This has probably been answered and I did search without results. Will the ship allow the partitions on the Symphony on ocean balconies be opened if we have cabins next to each other?
  4. On Symphony is the MDR open for lunch on embarkation day? Is the MDR open for breakfast on debarkation morning?
  5. If I pre purchase a dining package can I make reservations as soon as they become available on line?
  6. We are traveling with a group of 30 on the Symphony of the Seas in August, 2019. Does anyone have a suggestion for something to plan as a group? Even if it is just a Happy Hour - where is a good place to meet on the ship? If we all have My Time dining can we eat together for at least 1 night? Thank you for your suggestions!
  7. (Oh wow that photo is HUGE! I might have to replace it, oops!!) We just returned from the Symphony of the Seas Eastern Caribbean sailing from 3/16/19 to 3/23/19 and I miss the ship already!! When I plan our vacations I obsessively read trip reports and LOVE reports that have LOTS of photos. I hope this will be helpful in some way to others as they plan their vacations. Or maybe you'll just admire my photos. That's OK too. I'm still getting all of my photos sorted and Cruise Compasses scanned, but hopefully I can get this review completed before I forget everything! Me: I'm from Chicago, lived here in the city all my life, and while the winters can be brutal I can't imagine living elsewhere. My main job is in education, but my side gig is related to travel . I am also taking graduate school classes online right now. Since I call the city my home, I try to plan vacations that take us away from city life. We are relatively new to cruising, with our first cruise (on DCL) about 5 years ago. What stopped me from sailing earlier? Fear of claustrophobia, fear of motion sickness, fear of boredom, fear of the ship sinking... you name it. We did a short 4 night sailing on DCL and we were hooked (get it? See what I did there? Nice nautical pun, right?). We have since done another DCL sailing (Western Caribbean), a 7 night Alaska cruise on Holland America, and now this 7 night Eastern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean. DD: DD is 15 and a freshman in high school. She LOVES Disney, especially the villains. She has had mixed feelings about the kids clubs on cruises and other resorts. DS: DS is 13, and very much 13, if you know what I mean. He likes Fortnite, Fortnite, oh and Fortnite. Ok just exaggerating a bit. Ok no I am not exaggerating at all. He does enjoy Fortnite, but he also likes music, Garage Band, and antagonizing his sister. Not very interested in sports. I was kind of apprehensive about how the kids would feel about the teen club. They weren't too fond of the tween club on DCL, but both LOVED the clubs on Holland America. Did you even know they have kids clubs on Holland America aka the Floating Nursing Home? Well they do, and my kids really enjoyed the smaller groups, which meant more interaction from the counselors. Teen clubs can be hit or miss, depending on the kids and the counselors. My kids tend to prefer fewer kids in the clubs, and, well, this was spring break so that just wasn't an option, at least not on Royal Caribbean. How this vacation came to be: It is SUCH a long and boring story. Needless to say, I had wanted to sail on Royal for a long time, I wanted to try an Oasis class ship because of all of the activities, and this one worked best with our schedule, for the most part. Our itinerary was: Day 1: Miami Day 2: At Sea Day 3: At Sea Day 4: St. Kitts Day 5: St. Thomas Day 6: At Sea Day 7: Nassau Day 8: Miami I don't really like having a port on the last full day, because it makes the day go by way too fast, but this was the best option in all other ways. Ok, that's too much backstory and not enough pictures. I promise once we get going there will be a lot more photos. I'll be adding them after I write each section for the most part, because the photos are on my phone, my regular camera, and my under water camera, and I have to pull them all in to this report. But that's a sacrifice I am willing to make, for you, because you're worth it.
  8. Cruising on Symphony for three day Bahama getaway. Does anyone have a compass for this itinerary ? We'd like to plan to get as much in as possible on the ship.
  9. We are boarding Symphony on Sat. Does anyone know where I can go to sign up for laser tag when I board? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone! Before I cruised, I scoured these boards for any and all info I could find on the Symphony so I decided to contribute and write my own for future cruisers. I took a million and one pics, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll add them as soon as I do. But for now, I just want to write my review as it's fresh in my head. We were a group of 10 - My husband and I with our three daughters - ages 9, 7, and 5. My mother, father, aunt, uncle AND mother-in-law also joined us. So we had a multigenerational group. Embarkation - The husband and I have done 7 cruises together and several were out of Miami. I have to say that this was THE FASTEST I have ever arrived at the port and walked onto the ship. At 11 AM, we were dropped off at the front, walked into the doors, went up the escalator, showed our passports and flashed our set sail passes on the RCCL app and boom. Done. After putting our carry-on luggage through the machine to get scanned we were already walking into the Promenade. It was so fast that I remember saying "That's it? We're on already?" TIME FOR OUR FIRST DRINK! Yes people, I bought the drink package. Highly recommend it if you're going to have more than a few drinks a day. Think about it - mimosa in the morning, drinks of the day by the pool, wine at dinner, and chocolate martinis after dinner. Totally worth it in my opinion. Specialty coffee is also included which I took advantage of as well. The room service coffee is "meh" at best. We all got a glass of champagne at the Rising Tide Bar, raised our glasses and cheered to the amazing week we had ahead of us. The next to-do was to get the girls registered for the kids club. We went on a Disney cruise last Spring Break and were super excited to see what this kids club was all about. (More about Disney vs RCL kids club comparison later in this post) I was nervous though because RCL splits up the age groups and Disney does not. I think the ages are 3-5 year olds, 6-8 and 9-11. Just great. I was worried all three girls would be split up and wouldn't want to go in on their own. My girls are a gang and like to stick together! As I signed them up I very politely asked if all of them could be placed into the 6-8 group and they said "no problem at all." Victory is mine! I read reviews on here regarding this very issue and have heard that it can go either way. Some of the kids club counselors say yes and some say no. This one obviously said yes and that was that. The girls were super psyched. After celebrating our victory with another glass of champagne, we met up with the rest of our family and had to make the very tough choice of where to have our first meal. Suvery says...The Solarium Bistro! I knew I didn't want to go to the Windjammer buffet because it was a mad house and I personally don't like being treated like herding cattle while I pick out my food. The Solarium was a perfect choice because it was so quiet and also had a great variety of food. We all got two tables together, ate some lunch and yes- had another drink. Before we knew it, it was already 1PM and the captain came on the loud speaker to tell us that our staterooms were ready. So there we went. We had two adjoining balconies on Deck 10 - staterooms 10-550 and 10-552. Nice and spacious as far as cabins go. Also- super clean! No stains on the carpets, the bed linens were white and bright it just overall felt clean to me. Bonus- our bags were already waiting for us outside of our rooms. I've been on cruises where we didn't receive our luggage until 4 even 5:00, so this was a treat. We quickly unpacked, let the girls play in the cabin for a bit and then it was time for the muster drill. Ughhh I dislike muster drills. Yes they are necessary and important and blah blah blah, but they are always boring. This one though wasn't bad at all. Our muster station was in the Royal Theater and we just sat and watched a cutesy movie and DONE! Easy peasy! AND air conditioned. Ever bent a muster drill outside? Yeah, that sucks. TIP- If you are interested in doing activities such as laser tag, ice-skating, or even signing up for a show - HEAD TO THE ATTIC ON DECK 4 AFTER THE MUSTER DRILL. We were one of the first people in line and were able to sign up for two sessions of laser tag, add Flight, and also find the information for ice-skating. If we hadn't done this, we would've had to wait in stand-by lines to do these activities which is never fun on a cruise when you could be doing other things! We then went up to Deck 15 for the Set-Sail party and got the drink of the day and said Bon Voyage to Miami! Since we had the first dining time at 5:30 since we have little kids, so after we got all signed up for our activities, we decided to head back to the stateroom to get ready for dinner. We had a beautiful table right next to a window in the Main Dining Room on Deck 3. Our waiter and assistant waiter were cheery and fun and did well with our girlies. The food was pretty good. I had the escargot, caesar salad, chicken marsala and creme brûlée. My husband got the prime rib and that was WAY BETTER in my opinion, so I ended up eating his. Yum! After dinner, we did some more exploring and the girls wanted to go to the kids club to check it out. After looking up their names, they were all welcomed in, asked to take off their shoes and off they went. I was totally a creeper mom and hid behind the door for a bit just to make sure they were settled before I left. Yep, they seemed fine. Now for the kids club comparison. HANDS DOWN- Disney does this the best. They practically have an entire deck dedicated to their club and there are many, many counselors walking around, playing with kids, and facilitating fun activities. I'm talking about arts and crafts, decorating cupcakes, blowing up volcanoes, dance parties, video games, EVERYTHING. Nope, RCCL doesn't hold a candle to this. They were all in one big room and it seemed like a free for all in there. Bunches and bunches of crazy kids and TWO counselors. I was pretty sure they were violating some kind of kid-to-adult ratio here. The girls still had fun though. Some days more than others. The hubby and I got a drink at On-Air, laughed at some karaoke, and headed to see our first show of the week - 1977. Tip for the shows- GET THERE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EARLY. Since there were only two of us, it wasn't too difficult to find seats together but if we had gotten there earlier, they wouldn't have been in the back! Oh well though, I was still super impressed with it. Better than any other ice-skating show I've seen on a boat. My advice? Don't miss it. We watched it until the end, scooped up our exhausted children from the kids club, and took them back to our state room to get to bed. The perk of having an adjoining room with your mother-in-law is that she babysits! MIL goes to bed early so she stayed with the girls while we went back out for the balloon drop. Let me tell you this- having three girls this age is exhausting. Most nights I'm in bed at 9:30 and up at 6. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the Balloon Drop at midnight. But the excitement got to me and we partied until those balloons came down and were all popped. I also have to note that the band was great! They sang lots of fun songs and I danced like nobody was watching. Although apparently my aunt was and recorded me. *Places hands over my red face in embarrassment.* That's what the drink package will do to you. Definitely worth staying up late for. What a great way to kick off our vacay! And that's it folks for Day 1! I'll be back for Day 2!
  11. On my upcoming Symphony cruise, I have a 12:00 PM flight from MIA. Based on this, it looks like I'll be given a disembarkation time of 7:30 AM. Do I need to actually get off this early? I'm using one of Royal's transfers. If I want to be at the airport by 10:30-10:45 AM only, would getting off closer to 8:30-9:00 be cutting it close?
  12. Wondering if anybody knows if the Symphony in cabin mini fridges have a freezer in them??? We are traveling with our 2 toddlers and wanted to freeze up our reusable ice packs to keep in our coolers while out on the islands. If no in cabin freezer - is there a way for us to get a bag full of ice cubes other than from the cabin steward?
  13. Does anyone know the head liner schedule for Symphony seas 11/30 sailing?
  14. Hello Can anyone tell me how players is on Symphony? how was the food, and did the TV's get most games NFL NBA and Soccer what is the pricing? Thanks
  15. Can anyone tell your thoughts on the restaurants on Symphony of the sea? which did you like? which did you not like? anyone that was extra special? which entree or menu item did you love ? thanks Joy
  16. Has anyone done the martini seminar at Wonderland on Symphony? How much was it and what kinds martinis were served?
  17. Anyone have menu's for the dining room for Symphony of the seas? thanks
  18. Does anyone have a copy of the room service menu for Symphony seas they could share? thank you
  19. Any pros or cons between Symphony OTS Aqua Suites 11334, 11734 or 12334?
  20. I apologize in advance for this laziness, I do know there are methods to work these things out, but I also know there are some real experts on here. So before I spend the whole day with my eyes crossed, trying to count on deckplans, can anyone tell me if any of these Symphony room numbers have the bed by the Balcony. Thanks so much. Deck 11 - 11326, 11728 Deck 12 - 12730, 12142, 12144 Deck 14 - 14278, 14148 Thanks again experts! :)
  21. Hello and Welcome! This is my 7th cruise and my 7th preview and trip report on the CC boards. I consider myself an avid cruiser, but not a critic per se. I am not trained to critique. I will report on all the things I consider to be important, and I hope you enjoy reading my report. This is our second cruise this year, and we greatly enjoyed Adventure of the Seas for the 9 day Eastern Caribbean itinerary in January. That report is linked in my signature. This is our first time on an Oasis class ship and this cruise will be a 4-day, 3-night out of Port of Miami. It is our first time cruising out of Miami, which is a 4 hour drive from our home. Who are we? My husband C and I are both busy at work 5 days a week and spend the weekends gardening, taking walks, practicing our photography, and catching up on all the chores missed during the week. When we travel, we go offline (mostly) and use that time to catch up with each other.
  22. I just got off my cruise on Symphony, I will start off by saying the ship is beautiful and it is massive!! I just want to share my story for anyone that will be cruising on symphony or any other oasis class ship that has the Abyss slide....my daughter and I decided to do the abyss and the staff gave us instructions and I followed them directly but as I begin to slide and the slide turned angles my mat shifted and It caused me to slide down the slide all the way down going 10 mph on my right arm, all I felt was burning pain the whole way down, when I got off the slide the skin was gone all the way to my elbow on my arm. My family even told me who was waiting at the bottom of the slide they actually heard the squealing sound when I was coming down which was my arm screeching down the slide. I got to my stateroom in excruciating pain, had to go down to the medical facility and file a injury report and the dr seen me cleaned the wound, bandaged it with gauze and I had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics , I was told I could not get in any water, not the pool and especially not the ocean because of bacteria, so my dreams of enjoying perfect day at Cococay the next day were ruined... I had to go back to the medical facility the next day to have it re bandaged because it was oozing and I started running a fever.... I faced so many obstacles prior to this trip and I was so excited for this cruise then this happened.. I spent the remainder of trip in pain and I cant even touch my arm and I'm sure I will have a scar when it heals....when the staff came in to talk to me after the accident report they told me these burns happen alot.... if this is happening alot there is obviously a design flaw on the abyss and royal needs to fix it....I don't know if I need to contact the corporate office to address my concern or just let it go but I just want to warn everyone especially children wear a jacket or a long sleeve shirt and hopefully you wont experience what I experienced....
  23. Cabins on deck 8 and 9 that surround Dazzles was there a lot of noise coming from the club?
  24. Does Symphony have the luggage valet program? Best thing ever. Besides the shows you have to reserve are there other ice shows? If so what are they called. Any other shows or entertainment not required to have a reservation?
  25. Does Symphony have the luggage valet program? Best thing ever. Besides the shows you have to reserve are there other ice shows? If so what are they called. Any other shows or entertainment not required to have a reservation?
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