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  1. OK I have been reading Lots of really bad review about Symphony of the seas: I have book for November 30 and cant go and rebook for one of the other boat . I am now worried. So looking for people that can tell if the food and service has improved or not? or is it really bad? MDR - Food is it still bad? Buffet is it still Bad? Restaurants wasted of money? no luggage valet? so sorry this boat is going of Miami Am I missing anything? Is this boat new with lots of things to work out? I really love everything on the Oasis I was so hoping for that again Just looking for your experiences and tips with anything your think I should know? Thanks everyone
  2. Just received an email saying boarding for my upcoming Symphony cruise is going to be delayed until after 1pm. 5,000 people in 2.5 hours sounds like it's going to be a bit chaotic! We have 'The Key' booked - any ideas what they might do for the lunch? I understand it's usually only available until 1.30...? Dear Guest, We would like to provide you with important information for your upcoming Symphony of the Seas cruise departing on October 26th, 2019. The U.S. Coast Guard will be conducting a mandatory routine inspection onboard before boarding process may begin. As a result, check-in for your cruise will now take place between 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM. If you’ve already completed your check-in online, and it was scheduled between 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, please arrive to the cruise terminal after 1:00 PM. If you haven’t done so already, download the Royal Caribbean International App. It’s free on the App Store or the Play Store! Then check in through the app or online at www.royalcaribbean.com/onlinecheckin. Once checked-in, save your SetSail Pass to your mobile device or print it out for everyone in your party. You can do this up to 72-hours prior to your sailing. As seating in the terminal is very limited, we kindly ask guests to arrive to the cruise terminal after 1:00 PM. We thank you for your time and cooperation and look forward to welcoming you onboard Symphony of the Seas next Saturday! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  3. ...can anyone answer these questions? Last Oasis class we did was Allure over spring break a few years ago - am I correct in assuming that Symphony in mid-January will be a little less overrun with kids? Is Samana, Dominican Republic a crappy port? (We're looking for awesome beaches) What about Costa Maya, Mexico? We will hit up Nachi Cochum in Cozumel and would love to find something like that in Costa Maya. Will we miss Giovanni's Table and Central Park 150? Will the service be great?
  4. I know we have used Luggage Valet on Allure and Harmony, we are sailing on Symphony in November and are wondering if it is available on Symphony? Thanks!
  5. There are so many Harmony of the Seas reviews but I don’t see any for Symphony. Wonder why? Maybe I don’t know where to access them? I know the main Symphony of the see cruise critic review. Anywhere else? Thank you all!
  6. So I tend to run cold and always bring a sweater or something light with me to dinner during the summer in case the air conditioning is cranking and makes me uncomfortably cold. How cold do they keep the inside of the Symphony? You know what I mean, right? Have any of you who have sailed her ever thought to yourselves, “it’s cold in here”? Trying to finish my packing! Thank you!
  7. Does Symphony offer any small photo package pre cuise? Anything like 10 photo's for $150 or something similar? Anyone know the cost of individual 8x10s or 5x7s on Symphony. We would not want anything more than 10.
  8. Has anyone traveled on a Royal Caribbean Presidents Cruise before? My Husband and I are on the Symphony the week before and considering doing a B2B. Is the high cost of this cruise worth it? What is unique compared to other cruises? We are double diamond members. Thanks!
  9. Is there an offering for "Chefs table" dining on the Eastern sailing on Symphony OTS?
  10. How/where do you make reservations for laser tag on Symphony?
  11. Hi everyone, sailing Symphony of the Seas arriving back in Miami Feb 22, 2020. I was originally scheduled for 11:15 am flight out of Miami but Delta just changed our flight to 3pm out of Miami. I can change for free since Delta changed flight and I can do flight out of Fort Lauderdale at 12pm if I want. I am thinking just keeping Miami at 3pm departure since uber will be less and I don't have to rush or stress to get to Fort Lauderdale. Wondering what is latest I can leave the boat. Would 11am be too late. Wondering what time the stewards will make you leave room and what time I can get breakfast until. Ideally would like to leave room at 9-10 am and then head to breakfast if possible and leave ship at 11am. Is that unrealistic? Or should I go for earlier Fort Lauderdale flight? Thoughts?
  12. We sailed on the Allure of the Seas in 2018 and there was a family comedy show. I do not see this on the cruise planner or on the Compass versions that I have been able to see. Is this still a thing on Symphony Western Caribbean itineraries??
  13. I don't know when the shows were first opened for reservation for our mid-Dec 2019 cruise but I was able to reserve seats yesterday. One thing I notice the late start for some of the show. Hairspray is either 10:30 PM or 3:15 in the afternoon, Flight is 10:45 PM, Hiro is 10:30 PM. Did I reserve too late and the performance earlier in the evening are filled?
  14. Does the Symphony have Crown Royal Apple stocked? The last 2 cruises we did, I remember the ship not having it. Edit: I should have clarified. I'm wondering if you can get it with the drink package.
  15. Ola beaches. I’m Bach, with two Mexican ports while sailing on Symphony.... see what I did there? LOL With almost a 3 week hiatus after our Hurricane Dorian extended sailing, Lisa and I are back. We fly Friday and cruise Saturday. More cruise details tomorrow.
  16. Hello! When we booked on the Symphony we mistakenly chose a Neighborhood Balcony guarantee - has anyone stayed in one of these before? Our documents state that we will be on the 10th deck. What should we expect? Should we look to royal up to a regular balcony? This will be our first time on a larger ship. Thanks!
  17. So we are planners...it is in our DNA. Where do I find the overall schedule of ALL the entertainment that is for the January 25th sailing of Symphony OTS? Looking to create an options grid for the 6 of us that are sailing so we can see ALL the entertainment.
  18. As the title says, I am wondering what Symphony of The Seas recent disembarkation times have roughly been. I am trying to book a certain flight but, I think it may be too much of a risk. Thanks in advance 🙂
  19. Hi all, i have an opportunity to upgrade to a CLS (ocean view)on my cruise in Nov. I wanted to know those of you who have been in CLS’, was more movement in the back of the ship, more noise or anything I need to be wary of? I’m a light sleeper and want to make sure it’s quiet at night. let me know your experiences please. Happy Cruising!
  20. I have looked and looked everywhere I can think of to get information or pictures of the library area on Symphony of the Seas and I cannot find it anywhere! My grandson keeps asking me for this info and we sail on sat the 12th and can’t find it for him. Anyone with pics, info , where to look etc would be much appreciated!
  21. We are on the Indy, docked the same day at Coco Cay as Symphony in July 2020. We dock at 7, and the Symphony at 10. We have water park passes booked, so we will plan to do the park early (before Symphony arrives) and then perhaps go back later when I anticipate most people may go back to their ships after 3 or so. In between we will either chill someplace on the island, or potentially even go back to the ship for a break from the sun. Do people share the same opinion as me it will be very crowded especially during late morning/early afternoon, such that especially if we come and go (for example, we may go back to the ship for a short while) finding seating will be a challenge? If so, I may try to book a cabin or beach bed. Also, does anyone know that if I book something, and then go back tot he ship, that I can go back onto the island and use the same Cabana?
  22. Today I paid off my January cruise on Symphony of the Seas. I've have tried numerous times to complete the online check-in information and to schedule activities but to no avail. 1. When will I be able to do so? (previously I've been able to do so way ahead of cruise) 2. How much does it cost to do the Zip line? Thanks!
  23. I did search, I really did, but I could not find what I was looking for 😞 I thought that I had put it in my favorites too, but, apparently not. Does anyone have cruise compasses for Symphony of The Seas that they could send me a link to. Thanks in advance 🙂
  24. I have been looking at prior Compasses and don’t see any movies at the Aqua Theater. Has anyone been on Symphony lately and found movies during the cruise? It looks like they were running them when Symphony was first put in service. Are they running something else on the screens there when Hiro isn’t happening? Thank you!!
  25. I never post reviews, but I thought I would do so this time as I had the unique opportunity to cruise with a total newbie. So, I thought I would present this from both perspectives. So, please welcome my fellow reviewer PAWeatherGirl who is helping me out with this review. We did sail in a Sky level suite to give this review some context (Crown Loft suite). Anyways, here we go: Pre cruise Sky level suites get a pair of concierges to handle their requests. A little over a week before the trip, we were contacted by Jackie and Rahul inquiring what they could setup for us. I grabbed two things: a cabana on Labadee and a three night specialty dining package. The concierge made both reservations for me which meant no waiting in line to make them on ship which was nice. We made dinner reservations for 7pm which in retrospect was a little early; I should have checked the sunset times (something we both enjoy watching) before making the reservations as 7 is right at sunset time. Note I did not make Coastal Kitchen reservations before getting on board. One thing to note: I was trying to surprise PAWeatherGirl with the suite. The concierge email went to both of us. Oh well 😁 Arrival and Check In The new Terminal A is pretty (she didn't think much of it as she does not like modern architecture). Traffic was a bear, but what can you do with that many people getting on at once. We got on at about 11am and things were efficient. Up the suite elevator, a quick photo with a tablet wielding staff member and we were directed to the gangway. Once onboard, we headed directly to the suite lounge as we wanted to throw our bags somewhere. This was a big surprise and something I did not read on CC. Coastal Kitchen served sit down lunch starting at noon and had a substantial buffet prior to that. However, the big surprise is that the concierge sat down with each group of guests and explained the benefits of Sky class and asked what they can do right there and then. By the time we had our meeting and ate a sit down lunch, our cabin was ready. Checked bags arrived just before sail away. Cabin Wow. We both loved the space and airyness of the suite. The two story window gave amazing views of the sea/port/wherever. The balcony was also great - it held two loungers and a small table and still had plenty of space. For those of you planning to fill the room up, there was the advantage of having two bathrooms in this suite one on the loft with a tub shower combo and one on the main floor with just a standard ship shower (although it was tiled). We used the bathrooms as his and hers - the trip downstairs could be a pain but the stairway lighting was all that was needed to get there. There were two TVs in the room, one downstairs and one that could be pulled down from the ceiling using the remote (NOTE: use the up down arrows near the top of the upstairs remote to expose/hide the TV upstairs). There was a lot of closet and dresser storage with hanging closets both on the loft level and near the door and downstairs bathroom. Cabin service was provided by a two person team, Neil and Ghani. These two were always in the hall at service time watching as suites were vacated and moving to provide service as soon as they could. Both were excellent attendants and provided superior service as (I) expected. PAWeatherGirl also got a whole bunch of towel animals which she loved (newbies 😁) Our only complaint were the buttons. 7 days and we still were pressing buttons until we found the one that did what we wanted. Labels please! Concierges I have been in suites before both on RCCL and X (where a butler was provided). I have had good service in the past, but the service here provided by Jackie and Rahul was beyond anything I have ever had previously. Maybe I was just using them more (especially given the ports which I will discuss in a bit), but the only thing they were unable to do was change a reservation for Wonderland to the second formal night (which was not a big surprise). Otherwise, they always found a way. As it is close to noon here at the airport, I am going to grab something to eat. I'll provide the second part of the review later. I'll also let PAWeatherGirl provide some of her photos as she is the picture taker. 😉
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